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What Past Participants Found Useful:

Women Returners Programme – Successful Career Development with Virtual Internships

I put into practice the skills and techniques I learnt from this programme and I got the new role I had always wanted. I would fully recommend this course to anyone.I felt inspired hearing from women whove overcome challenges. I realised I wasnt alone holding myself back, but Im the only person who can change my situation.Engaging, empowering and energetic. A recipe for success in helping women to be authentic and achieve their full potential.Loved the Womens Development Programme, it made me think about my career within the service and what I am able to achieve.I am a Firefighter on development and this programme has been very beneficial. Going for promotion will definitely be an option for me as I now have the tools and confidence to do that.

What Black Women Want Most From Work

91% Ability to Flourish | 89% Ability to Excel | 85% Ability to reach for meaning and purpose | 81% Ability to earn well | 73% Ability to empower others
Source: Center Talent for Innovation | Read Summary

Black women are far less likely to get help navigating organizational politics and balancing work and personal lives, and managers are less likely to promote their accomplishments. The same dynamic holds true for access to managers: only about a third of Black women socialize with their manager outside of work, compared to about half of white women. Women of color are much more interested in becoming top executives than white women are. Black women with leadership ambitions are particularly interested in paving the way for others and having a positive impact on company culture.

Source: Women in the Workplace Report – Lean In and McKinsey & Company | Read Report

Looking For A New Opportunity

In both PWCs Future of Work report and additional research done on what women want in the workplace, career development was cited as one of the top five benefits people look for from a workplace. Women want to know they will be able to grow, develop and meet their ambitions.

In order to build an engaged workforce with a pipeline of talented leaders, companies need to focus on their career development strategy. And knowing how important it is to employees, development pathways are critical to retention.

One of our Endorsed Employers, Coles Supermarkets, understands the importance of developing their people. We spoke to them about their development program and heard from some of their employees about their experiences.

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Women In Academia: Personal & Career Development

The aim of the programme is to enable each of the participants to discover more about themselves through interacting with other highly talented female academics in a challenging but pleasant environment and build their networks.

Key topics of the programme are: leadership, effective communicating, leveraging your networks, and navigating the political playing field. During the programme participants will explore best practices, share insights, learn about the latest research, compare experiences, and discuss their ideas and challenges with each other.

Since the programme is highly practical, participants can put what they have learned into practice immediately. During the programme guest speakers from within Erasmus executive board level will be invited to share ideas and get into discussion with the participants. Speed meetings with Erasmus professors will be an important part of the programme to broaden the participants network.

The outcomes of the programme will facilitate highly talented women to:

Please note: This programme will only continue with sufficient participants.

Ways To Promote Career Progression For Women


With FTSE companies recently been set new government targets for a minimum of 33% of women in board level positions over the next five years, the issue of the number of women in leadership positions remains as prominent as ever.

We run a Womens Leadership Programme to help more companies of all sizes and sectors to proactively gain the guidance and support needed to create workplaces which encourage womens senior careers. However, the best performing businesses achieve high performing teams because they attract, retain and develop the best talent at all levels, regardless of gender.

The tips below are from our Womens Leadership Programme, but are just as relevant for mens career progression as they are for women. They all relate to removing any potential barriers to retaining the best people in an organisation and to ensuring there is scope for them to progress to senior levels. Our aim is to inspire organisations to create rewarding work environments where all barriers to progression are removed and where everyone is able to work in a way which makes them feel productive and engaged. With the job market having become more buoyant, people are now more confident about switching companies. So when organisations have attracted skilled employees, its vital they do all they can to keep them, and to encourage them to progress within the organisation.

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How Smap Supports Women

The SMAP is designed specifically to attract and retain women into store leadership positions. Women are supported and trained so they are ready for leadership positions and have plenty of on the job training.

SMAP features include:

  • A six month fully-funded program to allow sufficient time for participants to understand Coles and the specific technical elements of a store managers role, including key systems and processes, without the expectation of autonomous performance from day one.
  • A support network consisting of Line Manager, Buddy, and the Emerging Talent team in addition to having the peer-to-peer support of the other members of the cohort.
  • Opportunity to experience multiple store settings and locations to help create a network and build credibility with other team members before taking on a formal leadership position.
  • Centrally coordinated training and development.

Women come out of SMAP well-rounded, with the technical skills, network and growth mindset to support their careers as Store Managers.

Coles Store Manager Accelerator Program

Coles have a Store Manager Accelerator Program , specifically to bring in high-performing women from outside the organization and build a pipeline of women ready to undertake leadership positions in stores.

Many store managers come through a traditional career path, working their way up within the store. But Nina Pollard , Head of Talent Management, shares that there are limited numbers of women who have taken this traditional career path to store manager, meaning women can be underrepresented in these store-based leadership positions. Making the SMAP an inspiring solution.

Additionally, there are a large number of processes and systems that are used in-store and are normally learned on the job. So, external candidates can have a technical knowledge gap that needs to be filled. Nina says,

The SMAP program gives candidates an opportunity to learn these systems and processes in an accelerated manner and be better equipped to take on leadership roles within the store.

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Women’s Reproductive Health Research Career Development Program

The Women’s Reproductive Health Research Career Development program emphasizes research relevant to obstetrics and gynecology and related subspecialties, including maternal-fetal medicine, gynecologic oncology, reproductive endocrinology, infertility, adolescent gynecology, and urogynecology.

ORWH co-sponsors the WRHR Career Development program with the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Grants are available to obstetrician-gynecologists who have recently completed postgraduate clinical training and will soon start basic, translational, and/or clinical research relevant to women’s reproductive health. There are 17 active WRHR centers in departments of obstetrics and gynecology throughout the country. Since 1998, more than 190 researchers have participated in the WRHR program.

For more information and a listing of current sites, visit the WRHR Career Development Program.

Dr Roberta Bondar Stem Career Development Program

AccelHERate Women Leadership Development programme

The Dr. Roberta Bondar STEM Career Development Program is an opportunity for women, nonbinary people, and gender diverse people working in science, technology, engineering or mathematics to network with industry leaders and peers to get a behind-the-scenes look at the science and tech industries in Canada.

Support and lack of developing a professional network are often cited as barriers for women, nonbinary people, and gender diverse people entering and remaining in STEM careers. Participants of the Dr. Roberta Bondar Career Development Program benefit from developing strong relationships with like-minded participants and leaders working in traditionally male-dominated fields.

The program allows participants to expand their knowledge of public, private and academic sectors, gain new perspectives and have direct access to leaders in the public and private sectors.

What is it?

This is a career development program that aims to inspire participants to move forward in STEM fields, and to eventually transition into scientific and management leadership in the Canadian STEM domain.

For a year, a group of 20 participants from the public sector, the private sector, and academia participate in bi-monthly virtual sessions to expand their knowledge of public, private and academic sectors, and connect with leaders in government and private organizations. This program is co-created and participant driven to aim to ensure maximum effectiveness of participation.

Who Can apply?

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Tailor The Leadership Program For All Levels

Armed with this data, you can start to build out a development program that speaks to the needs of the women in your organization. There are a few best practices to keep in mind during this process:

Women dont all want the same thing. There are many ways to attract, retain, and develop women in leadership at all levels. The path to success begins by understanding that all women do not want the same thing. One woman may have the goal of reaching a C-suite position while another may prefer to manage small teams.

The most successful programs allow for individual goal setting. Given these different goals, your womens development program needs to be flexible. For example, offering leadership coaching as part of your program allows women to establish and track progress on their own goals instead of trying to fit their goals into a one-size-fits-all program.

Consider a 70/20/10 learning model. A program designed for lasting impact is based on a 70/20/10 model of learning: 70% challenging assignments , 20% other people, and 10% coursework and training. This formula offers women opportunities to learn and helps organizations create lasting cultural and behavioral change.

App To Pair The Greatness That Already Is Bcwn

So excited to use this new app. Ive been engaged with the organization for quite a while, which has been a wonderful experience. I always leave the in-person events refreshed and encouraged. Having the app in your pocket now is icing on the cake. The app is easy to navigate, clean and sleek. The community is positive and inviting.

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Taking Women On The Journey

We know that women want to work where they have opportunities to learn, grow and progress their careers. Coles understand that too, along with all the benefits of having women in leadership positions. Their SMAP is one way they attract and develop women, but they also have a track record of promoting women internally. To find out more about SMAP and Coles other benefits, see their Endorsed Employer page here.

Do you want to see how far your career could go with Coles?

HR and DEI updates

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Explore Your Working Practices

Implementation detailsEmployment Acceleration / Career Development ...

Its equally vital for both male and female employees to strike the delicate balance between work and home life to be able to effectively manage their careers and to excel. This helps employees to stay healthy generally, plus feel engaged and focused at work, and able to make lasting contributions to their organisations. Review your organisations practices around flexible working to provide opportunities for employees to successfully juggle work and family life. A recent CIPD report found that 72% of employers believed implementing flexible working practices had a positive impact on staff engagement. And make sure you demonstrate a clear, positive policy on shared parental leave. This new legislation was put in place to help drive gender equality in the workplace, eliminate discrimination around maternity leave and to build employee engagement.

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What Have Past Participants Found Most Useful

“The Springboard Programme helped me to realise that we are all in the same ship. It made me think about being assertive and the different ways of reaching my goals.”“A great opportunity to meet other great women, share experiences and problems and find solutions. A great tool in order to learn more about yourself and also improve yourself. I had a great time and it was very useful for my future career and the way I see life and work.”

Wfs Womens Development Programme

Our Womens Development Programme is a bespoke programme to help women identify clear, practical and realistic steps to develop self-confidence in their professional and personal lives. Facilitators Jenny Pollock and Emma Shute of Women to Work, explore topics including taking control and challenging limiting beliefs, and how to identify strategies to build personal resilience. The programme consists of three half-day workshops over three months. Workshops take place remotely with the potential for one workshop to be held in-person.

Discounted rates for WFS Corporate Members .

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Why Work For Un Women

  • A leading global gender equality entity Innovative programmes and in-depth expertise make UN Women a one-stop global centre for advancing gender equality.
  • A brilliant and diverse community of gender equality advocates Eighty per cent of UN Women posts are located in the field. Join more than 2,000 people, representing more than 150 different nationalities, working on challenging, global and highly rewarding initiatives.
  • Real and meaningful work to empower women and girls around the world UN Women works with governments and civil society to design and implement laws, policies, programmes and services to enable women and girls to claim their rights and expand their opportunities.

Find out more about UN Womens global approach to achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women. Join us!

In this section

Who Is This Program For

Oxford Women’s Leadership Development Programme | Trailer

Any woman determined to develop her personal and professional path will benefit from international peer learning, in a safe environment of open exchange where she can make her dreams come true.

Indeed, we strongly believe that the composition of a cross-generational and international womens group is the ideal environment for mutual learning, exchange and growth.

Womens Leadership Development Program participants will have the possibility to share their stories and dreams, and a vision of common humanity despite their differences. Through the digital and in person immersive learning environments, women can develop their global sustainable leadership abilities.

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Four Strategic Career Development Tips For Women

Its the start of the new year and youre looking for some inspiration. Could your career development plan use help to gain momentum? Women who report being successful and satisfied in their careers often engage in proactive planning. Once theyve decided on their goals, they establish an approach to accomplish the goals. Below are some tips for strategic career development for women.

  • Find good mentors and role models. Look for a role model a few levels higher in your organization or field and build a relationship. Forge mentor relationships with several people and continue to do so throughout your career, even when you reach the leadership level.
  • Do the work. Volunteer to complete challenging projects and assignments. One of the best ways to advance your career is to identify an organizational problem and propose a solution. You will not only increase your visibility as a problem solver in the organization, but you might also expand your skills in the process.
  • Develop your skills. Whether through informal training or certification, keep your technical and management skills current and learn about emerging knowledge areas. Commit to learning and being a sponge for information it will set you apart and make you an invaluable resource to any team. Tapping into your talents and your natural strengths will make you infinitely more successful in your role, as well as happier and more engaged.
  • Achieve Buy In From Senior Team Members

    An organisations culture and values needs to flow from the top level down. Its essential to get senior-level buy in for developing a workplace culture which provides clear progression opportunities. The aim is to create an environment where all employee development needs are met and where they feel inspired by opportunities, rather than limited by a lack of options or support.

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    Identify The Problem Areas

    The first step is to identify if and where theres a problem within the organization. To do this, collect relevant demographic data on promotions, attrition rates, and salaries at your company. Once you have access to this information, compare and contrast this data to national benchmarks from sources like the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Payscale, and Status Of Women In The States. This will help you better understand the unique challenges within your organization.

    We also encourage HR teams to conduct qualitative research to understand the perception of whats happening within your organization and compare those findings to whats actually happening. All of this information will help you target where the problem areas are and focus your womens development program on improving those specific points.

    Project Womens Career Development Program

    Procter and Gamble Women Entrepreneurs Development Program (WEDP ...

    During 2009-2015, Pro Business Nord implements the Project Womens Career Development Program in the North of the Republic of Moldova with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development , within the grant CA # 121-A-00-09-00703-00

    The program identifies, trains, and finds employment opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged women in the Northern part of Moldova. By the end of the project, the WCDP will empower about 700 socially-disadvantaged and vulnerable beneficiaries. Of these, at least 500 beneficiaries will be directly assisted in obtaining employment.


    Goal: Development of a new social enterprise model for a sustainable Womens Career Development Program in the Northern part of Moldova.

    The Womens Career Development Program is innovative because it combines two components into a whole:Objective I: To empower at least 700 vulnerable women with the capabilities to make independent strategic life choices and improve their economic welfareObjective II: To ensure independent and self-sustaining income generating sources, by creating and developing a new Social Enterprise, to continue the PBNs activities in the implementation of this community-benefiting Program.

    Activities for Reaching Our Goal and Objectives:

    Training is carried out using the latest teaching methods of distance learning on e-school.pbn.org.md.

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