Why Are You Currently Exploring Career Opportunities


Here Are Several Pitfalls To Avoid

Career Opportunities: Right to mate (HD CLIP)

Disparaging current/previous employer or manager

Avoid blaming or speaking ill of your current/former employer as part of your answer.

You may think expressing frustration about your bosss micromanaging style will gain some empathy with a recruiter/interviewer .

But this type of response can make you look immature, reactive, and negative.

Being too literal

I once had a client who was interested in a higher-paying role at a new company. When asked during an interview why she was considering leaving her current job, she blurted out, I deserve more money. Theres no doubt my peers at other companies are making $20K more than I am!

While this may have been true, the better approach, in this case, would have been to speak to her value as a high performer and desire to join an organization that recognizes and rewards top talent.

Being too vague

Brushing off this question by giving a flippant or vague answer can also be a red flag to an interviewer.

Responding with one-liners like, Well, who isnt looking for a new job right now, or Its just time for a change might elicit an awkward chuckle, but it wont help you build rapport or trust.

Err on the side of authenticity vs. humor when answering this question.

Being specific about what matters to you invites the listener to understand your values better and, ultimately, whether youll be a fit for the role and company.

Beware the follow-up trap

Anastasiia Khlopova

IT Recruiter, Jooble

When You Want Flexibility In The Job

You have some family responsibilities, or you are bored with traditional nine-to-five job timing, so now you want a flexible work hour. For applying for a new job, you should present yourself as a responsible person who wants flexible work hours. You want flexible work hours because you need them, not for enjoying daily life. You have to present yourself in such a way that you need flexible work hours because you are a responsible person.

For example:

I want flexible work hours to take care of my family. My previous company didnt allow flexible work hours. I need flexibility in timing because work-life balance is very important in my life to take care of my family. 

Learn how to manage time effectively

Couch Your Answer In Positive Terms

One of the cardinal rules of interviewing is: Never badmouth any employer or person. At the same time, you dont want to leave the impression that theres anything wrong with your abilities or personality.

Therefore, its essential to couch your answer in positive termsyoure not leaving a negative situation instead, youre moving towards a better opportunity.

Be sure, however, that whatever factors you mention as constituting a better opportunity for you are available with the potential employer and not available at your present job.

Such factors might include:

  • A chance to use your unique skills
  • Better training
  • Opportunity for growth and advancement and the like

Other valid reasons to seek a job change are relocation or a need for a more flexible work schedule .

Dont say youre seeking a lifestyle change. That translates as I dont want to work very hard.

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Questions To Ask: Networking For Opportunities

  • What do you like most about working at this organization?
  • What kinds of projects do interns and entry level hires get involved in?
  • What is the profile of the person most recently hired at my level?
  • How long do people tend to stay at the organization?
  • What do you/hiring managers look for in candidates?
  • What skills and experience are most important?
  • Can you tell me about the hiring process you went through? OR Can you tell me about the hiring process — what does it involve?
  • Do you anticipate any openings coming up?
  • What are the most effective strategies for seeking a position in this field?
  • Can you recommend anyone else here or elsewhere to contact for insights or advice for the internship/job search?

You Have Reached The End Of Your Learning Curve

Strathclyde PhDs

When you start a new job, you enter into a period of fast-paced adaptation, followed by a period in which you learn the finer details of your work. At a certain moment, you reach a level of mastery and the pace of your learning will slow down.

In order to advance your career, you could be looking to develop skills that will complete the ones you already master or you may want to expand your experience into other industries. So you start looking for career opportunities.

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Reveal Your Will To Learn As A Strong Reason

Considering how Im a firm believer of continuous learning, I can use all the knowledge my new peers and leaders will offer me here for personal and professional growth.

These lines reveal how you love learning and are looking forward to learning from your peers and leaders.

Everyone loves to have employees who believe in constant learning. This way, they know that they are hiring employees who are constantly working towards being better versions of themselves.

Will Cannon

Dont Use A Clich Response

I can always tell when a candidate is unsure of their response to this key question. Nine times out of ten, theyll revert to the old clichéIm looking for a new challenge.

I work with a huge variety of clients looking for IT talent, whether thats an SME or a global conglomerate, and I cant stress enough the number of times that this response results in the following sort of feedback from my clients:

  • I dont think they were being honest.
  • They seem unsure why they want to leave their current employer.
  • I dont think they really know why they want to work for us.

Thats not to say that looking for a new role due to not being challenged in your current position is a bad thing there are just alternative ways to phrase it.

For instance, as an IT recruiter, I often speak with IT professionals who like their current employers but feel that their skill set is becoming stagnant.

Saying something like, I want to keep my skill set up to date with current technologies, will give the interviewer the impression that you are a proactive individual who cares about your career progression.

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Work In A Larger Organization/team

A candidate may desire to work on larger projects and gain exposure to a higher turnover business.

Finance and accounting roles in an industry under £2m will have a very different focus and work requirements than a company with over £50m turnover. Junior finance candidates may wish to experience both types of businesses to improve their knowledge and skills.

Other factors to consider are:

  • Never speak negatively about your current employer. Even if your reason for leaving is bad management, you should never mention this in any communication with your potential new employer.
  • Refrain from saying that you are looking to move purely based on salary. This can make you look fickle, and an employer doesnt want to hear this. Salary should, of course, be spoken about, but it is advised to incorporate it into a different question or conversation.
  • Head of Job Market Research, JobSearcher

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    • How To Answer The Question, Why Are You Looking For A New Job?

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    Best Way To Answer The Question Why Are You Looking For A New Job

    During the interview preparation phase, when youre crafting your responses to the potential question you might be asked, its best to have a systematic framework to construct each answer. So, below Ill be outlining 3 tips to help guide you toward a stellar reply.

    #1: Be honest, but make sure to keep it diplomatic and upbeat.

    You should always be honest in job interviews so be prepared to share the truth of the matter, even if its a less-than-ideal scenario. However, if youre in an unfavorable circumstance , you can still put a positive spin on things by taking a glass is half-full approach.

    Dont ever speak ill of your current/former employer or convey disappointment regarding your previous role. Instead, provide a brief, objective explanation of the situation, then immediately follow it with a few positive notes. For example, perhaps despite getting laid off, you still learned a lot or had the opportunity to work alongside some very bright people.

    On the other hand, if your current position has been very rewarding and youre leaving purely out of ambition, begin by highlighting why youre grateful for the experience. Then, segue into your primary motivation for leaving that job in search of a new position .

    #2: Call attention to your skills.

    A great response to why are you looking for a new job? doesnt just describe your motivations. You should also use the question as a chance to showcase why youd be a great fit for the position.

    Top Reasons For Job Change

    • When you dont like your company
    • When you want to move for higher pay
    • When you dont like the work in the company
    • When you are looking for more opportunities
    • When you have personal reasons
    • When you want to pursue other goals
    • When you want flexibility in the job
    • When you get some other better job
    • When you have to travel too much for your current job location
    • When you get fired
    • When company culture/ethics is not proper
    • When you have disputes with teammates
    • When you have to relocate to another city/state/country
    • When theres a change in the job description
    • When you dont get timely training and development

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    Discuss How The New Position Appeared To Offer More Opportunities

    The first time I was asked this was when I was interviewing for the second position at the campus where I already had a job.

    The first was Development Assistant, where I assisted the director with fundraising activities. These included planning fundraising lunches, and dinners for donors, including corporations and foundations, arranging meetings with potential donors, etc. I had worked in this position for over a year and enjoyed it.

    Then my supervisor got a promotion and left to work at a different school. I kept the office running for a couple of months until a new director came aboard.

    A few weeks later, I saw a position on the same campus, but at a different school that would have been a promotion and seemed more managerial.

    It required skills that I had honed in my 17 years in the military . Skills such as:

    So when I was asked the above question for the new position, which required the candidate to manage the day to date office operations, supervise clerical staff and students, etc., I answered.

    I also added that this particular position appeared to offer more opportunities for me to learn and grow at the university .

    I was hired, promoted to a higher grade, worked and enjoyed this position, and liked my supervisor, who became more like family for over 13 years until the research grants that funded my salary ran out. .

    Dragos Badea

    How You Know Its Time To Leave Your Job


    Before considering a switch from one job to another, its crucial to know why you want to make the change. Companies want to know why it is a good idea to invest in you, said Bonnie Ward, career advisor with Southern New Hampshire University , so its just as important for you to know why they should invest in you, too.

    Dont just run away from one bad fit to another potential bad fit. You need to know what you are moving to and why, said Ward.

    It’s also important to tell your story. For example, one student’s partner “received a promotion that required a move to the opposite coast, and they needed to voluntarily resign from their position and seek new employment in the new area,” Ward said.

    Should You Leave a Job if You Are Unhappy?

    Maybe youve been unhappy at your job for a long time. Perhaps youve been dreaming of a career in another field for years or, maybe, you are simply ready for a change. Once you know your ‘why,’ its time to decide your ‘when.’

    As you consider a change, focus on your goals. Look for solutions to issues now, but also keep a pulse on what the decision could mean for you years down the road, said Lauren Stahl, MBA, career advisor at SNHU.

    Before making the leap to something new, consider how you might take steps to alleviate some of the negatives.

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    Sample Answers: Why Are You Interested In This Position

    Sample answer #1:

    I feel that my proven track record leading multi-functional teams makes me an excellent match for the job requirements. Also, the role excites me because I love the idea of helping to develop cutting-edge software products and I know I could start delivering results from Day 1.

    Why we like it:

    This answer manages to sell the candidate while addressing what they like about the job. They lead with the fact that their experience makes them a great fit for the job requirements. They continue by stating that the role excites them. This is good. Dont be coy about whether you want the job or not. Show some enthusiasm.

    Sample answer #2:

    My 6-year-long experience in tech recruitment makes me the perfect candidate because I already know the ins and outs of the hiring process. People are what makes a company great and Id be more than happy to assemble a team of top-notch developers for your business. I also like the fact that you support internal promotion, which could help me become an HR team leader down the line, which has always been my goal.

    Why we like it:

    This is an experienced candidate who knows exactly what a company needs and how to make it happen. They also show the right attitude by putting people first. In addition, they display the ambition to move up the ladder in the future, and its always good to have determined and proactive people on the team.

    Sample answer #3:

    Why we like it:

    Sample answer #4:

    Why we like it:

    Sample answer #1:

    How To Answer Why Are You Looking For A New Job

    When explaining why youre looking for a new position, be direct and upfront.

    You should state your response in a very clear, matter-of-fact way, and dont try to dodge the question!

    However, dont stress out and act like this question is a big deal. The goal is to answer quickly and then move on with the conversation!

    Dont panic and dont be apologetic. Its normal to search for jobs, whether you were recently laid off or are simply looking for a better opportunity while still employed. Theres nothing to apologize for. The interviewer simply wants to know your story.

    Next, Ill share a list of good reasons you can use to explain why youre job searching! These arent the only acceptable answers, but hopefully, this gives you some idea of the wide range of answers you can use.

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    Start With A Positive Word About Your Current Workplace Or Job

    It might be tempting to say that you’re looking for a new job because your current position is unbearable, or the company doesn’t deserve you – but focus on the positive. Name a couple of helpful skills you have learned or a part of your job that you enjoy and how the work has helped you grow.

    If there isnt a job-related portion of your employment you enjoy, mention something like the sense of community, great coworkers, a flexible schedule, or a great manager.

    Its A Business Opportunity

    Career Opportunities After MBA | Career Options After MBA | MBA Career Paths | Simplilearn

    Starting a job as a virtual bookkeeper lets you work as a freelancer, but it also gives you an opportunity to start your own business.

    Once you gain your footing in this industry, you can transition from being a service provider to being an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, youll be able to enjoy the 3F Lifestyle more:

    • The freedom to live your life as a partner and parent
    • Time for your family
    • Enough income to keep your finances in good shape

    You can have all these while managing a bookkeeping business of your own. Thats how much you can grow with a virtual bookkeeping career.

    Its amazing how many benefits and opportunities virtual bookkeeping can open for stay-at-home moms and dads. Even if you start with entry-level virtual bookkeeping jobs, with diligence and perseverance, you can grow in this career.

    Eventually, you can venture out and launch your own bookkeeping business!

    What are the challenges that hinder you from pursuing a career in virtual bookkeeping? Wed love to know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Jumping Ship Be Ready To Answer This Stumper In Your Next Interview

    If youre currently employed and interviewing at other companies, you can count on being asked why youre looking for a new job. Show up unprepared to answer this, and you could fall into the trap of trash-talking your employer simply for lack of a better response.

    Ace this common query by following these five totally valid responses hiring managers actually like to hear.

    Why Interviewers Ask Why Are You Looking For A New Job

    It should go without saying that theres no reason to give the hiring manager any kind of line. They know that, for one reason or another, you need a new job, and that odds are its not because you absolutely loved your last place.

    So its important to be as honest as possible with whoevers interviewing you since theyll know right away if youre lying. From just a basic state, you want to tell the truth, because if all you have to tell your new employer is that your last job was totally satisfying to you in every way, theyll probably think youre a liar.

    Even worse, they might think youre telling the truth, in which case youd be an idiot to them after all, who in their right mind leaves a job that they love and where all their needs are being met?

    Hiring managers and recruiters dont need to know too many of the sordid details of your last disastrous job. Instead, they want to hear how the job youre applying for is perfect for you as with all questions and answers during the interview process.

    So lets say that youre looking for a new job because you werent getting paid enough and your previous co-workers were morons. Heres our basic, totally honest answer:

    Im leaving because Im not getting paid enough and my co-workers are morons.

    Huh. Doesnt exactly roll off the tongue yet, but well shape it up.

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