What Second Career Is Right For Me


Why Do You Need To Know Your Right Career Interest


After high school, the second most crucial step is to take the correct decision to shape the carrier. Few students foci are evident that where they have to carry their efforts.

But many remain in confusion whether they have to prepare for Public service or carry for Mass communication or Business. Few decide as per the parents force or follow the advice of friends.

The counselors are now more interested in guiding you about the field in which they can earn more profit. Many results have proved that counselor advice is not workable in 60% of cases, and young minds future falls due to wrong decisions.

Dont forget how much you know about your interest nobody else knows. To help all the readers and make them confident enough to move in the particular domain to succeed in their upcoming life, this Career Test has been prepared.

Start the career as per your interest and never follow anybodys advice blindly. A job followed with interest always makes you move in the right direction and open the doors of success.

Four: Learn From The Experience

Every time you make a move learn as much as you can from the people around you.

Speak to people who are already in the role that could be your next step either at that company or another company.

Find out about their experience and skill set.

An instrumental person in my switch from editor to publisher was a man called John Motion.

John was the General manager of ACP magazines when I was editor of Dolly, all those years ago.

I worked closely with John on the Dolly spin-off businesses like Dolly books and Dolly video.

He managed the licensing arrangements and I soaked up as much information from him as I could.

He taught me so much about what matters in business dealings.

As a result of my interest in that part of the business, he came to believe that I had business smarts and years down the line he gave me my first senior executive role as Publisher of Monthly magazines at Pacific Magazines.

Choose A Career Based On Who You Are As A Person

Aligning your career interests to your personality type and what you enjoy is the first step in identifying a career path. Do you enjoy video games and all things tech? Then maybe you decide to become a software engineer. Can you talk a cat off a fish cart? Then maybe a good option is to become a business development manager or entrepreneur.

Are you a philanthropist? Do you enjoy working with your hands? Or are you more intellectual? Maybe you can do many things but ultimately want to be a digital nomad and work from anywhere in the world. If you can identify who you are as a person, you can understand how you would like to spend your career. In an ideal world, that career path would match your personality and inspire you to get out of bed every day while also affording you opportunities to grow intellectually and experientially.

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Tips For Starting A New Career At 50

Starting your career over at any age can be intimidating, and as you get older, these worries can become even more prevalent. But starting a new career after 50 isnt as overwhelmingor as difficultas you might think.

Deciding what you want to do and how you want to get there is the first important step. Youll also need to figure out what you can offer a new employer and how you can show them that youre the right person for the role. Weve got some tips that can help you start your new role.


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What’s The Right Job For Me Reading Your Results

Pin on Verses
What the test does: The career test will cross-reference your answers with our careers database and provide you with a career category and an explanation.
What to expect next: The test will tell you what type of career best suits you and will give you several examples of jobs within that career.
Examples of what you’ll get: If youre best suited as a manual laborer, the test will point out that you can seek a career path as a logger, construction worker, trucker, or firefighter. If youre best suited for the service industry, it will point you in the direction of nursing, sales, and some other jobs.

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Where Do I Belong In Tech

Skills in Programming, Coding, Data Engineering, Cloud and Software engineering are in high demand right now.

  • Q1) How would your friends most likely describe you?
  • Q2) How did you feel about Maths in school?
  • Q3) Out of the list below, which statement describes you the best?
  • Q4) How do you prefer to work on projects?
  • Q5) Do you have any experience with coding?
  • Q6) How confident are you in dealing with customers?
  • Now check out your results!
  • You answered A to most questions:
  • You answered B to most questions:
  • You answered C to most questions:
  • Video advice: TOP 3 Six-Figure TECH JOBS that DO NOT Require Coding Skills or a Computer Science Degree #stem

    How Do I Come Up With An Answer To What Kind Of Job Is Right For Me

    As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to complete the what job is right for me quiz. Since completing a job quiz is fun and very useful, there is no reason not to do it. Whether you are wishing to find a perfect job for yourself or if youre just curious about learning more about yourself, completing the quiz will surely benefit you in now and in the years to come!


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    Ideas For Alternative Careers After The Age Of 50

    Whatever your experience or qualifications, theres a range of interesting opportunities out there for you. So whether youre yearning for a brand-new challenge, facing the prospect of redundancy, or simply looking for a more rewarding job, here are some ideas for a new career path in your 50s, 60s, and beyond

    Switching Careers Into It: A How

    How to Choose the Right Career Path in 7 Simple Steps

    Switching to a career in IT is within your reach, even if it may seem daunting. Anyone with the desire to get an IT job can find one that suits their unique skills, talents and interests. There’s a good chance that many of the soft skills you already have apply to a career in IT. One of the best things about IT careers is the sheer number of them. You just have to identify the right one for you and make a plan to acquire the experience and/or training you need to market yourself to hiring managers. Here are some specific steps you can take for successfully switching careers into IT.

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    You Can Gain Flexibility

    Perhaps you have children who are growing up. Maybe you want more time to travel and do the things you really love. Whatever the reason, many people are looking for more flexibility flexibility that your current role just cant give you. It could be the perfect time to find a new job in a different industry that gives you more opportunity to give you the hours you need to do the things you really love.

    Career Change Ideas At 40 50 And 60+

    One of the best places to start when imaging your next career move is to think about what work youre suited to. This could mean thinking about your life purpose, making a list of things about your current career that isnt working for you, as well as a list of things that are working and youd like more of.

    Goal-setting may be helpful. What would your dream job involve?

    • Are you looking for a position thats more challenging and stimulating?
    • One that will allow you to progress on the gains youve already made?
    • Or are you burnt out and looking for a lower-stress career for the coming decades?
    • Is your current career not financially rewarding enough?
    • Or is the money okay but doesnt allow you to make an impact?

    Theres a range of options to suit all these scenarios. Some involve building on your existing career, interests, skill set, and experience. Others may include retraining andupskilling which those in their 40s and 50s are increasingly ready to do. Remember that you may have more knowledge and transferable skills than you think.

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    What To Know When Making A Career Change At 40

    There are lots of opportunities for women starting second or new careers after 40, says Dr. Robin Buckley, CPC, a cognitive-behavioral coach, columnist for Entrepreneur.com, and founder of Insights Group Psychological & Coaching Services. When women hesitate because they are fearful of changing careers or entering the workforce after taking a break, it is important to remember the significant amount of experience they offer. Whether creating a second career and building off professional expertise, or starting a new career and building off experiential aptitude, women in both groups have significant knowledge and skills to offer.

    If youre considering making a career change or re-entering the workplace after some time away, its normal that this change in your life can bring up self-doubt and imposter syndrome . This is normal, after all, you are making a courageous change, says Kelli Thompson, leadership and career coach. A great tip to ease the fear is to focus on the facts that youve had much of your life to develop attractive skills that are transferrable to any job. Start by making a list and keeping a journal of marketable skills youve learned and what impact those skills had to people, projects or profits.

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    Is It Possible To Make A Career Change At 40

    My second this looks like a job for me meme

    Youve probably grown a lot since your first job personally and professionally. You learned how to speak up in meetings, work constructively with difficult team members, keep productive with self-talk, and reinvent yourself time and time again.

    With all of this under your belt, it makes sense that you might consider a career change. You have different needs now than before and different interests. You also know more about the possibilities. Your job might no longer be the right fit.

    Yes, it is possible to start a new career at 40 or 50, or 60, for that matter. It might take some extra effort, but its never too late to set new personal and professional goals and live a life that feels meaningful.

    BetterUp can help you find the best way forward. With support you can review your values, skills, accomplishments, and certifications and also frustrations to find the right career for your life situation now.

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    How To Hand In Your Notice

    Once you’ve received a new job offer, you’ll need to hand in your notice. Your notice is a formal letter of resignation, stating your intention to leave your current position, and you’ll typically hand it in to your line manager.

    Your notice should be succinct, positive and respectful, and include your date of departure. This will be in relation to the length of your notice period, which will typically be at least two weeks – however, this could be shorter if you’re still on probation, or longer if you’re in a senior position. Your contract should include details of how much notice you’re required to give before changing jobs.

    Be prepared to discuss your reasons for leaving with your manager. This could lead to various outcomes – for instance, you may be offered an incentive to stay, or be required to negotiate a longer notice period than you were expecting. If you’re joining a rival company, you may be placed on gardening leave and asked to leave the premises immediately.

    By law, your employer is required to issue you a P45 once you’ve handed in your notice. A P45 is a document detailing how much tax you’ve paid so far in the present tax year , made up of four parts. You’ll keep one part for your own records – the others are split between Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and your new employer. For more information, see GOV.UK – PAYE forms.

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    How To Make Your Second Career A Virtual One

    You might have noticed that many of the second careers on our list are virtual, or at least compatible with telecommuting. Thats not an accident. Work-from-home jobs were on the rise even before many employers were forced to embrace remote work.

    The landscape of remote work has shifted dramatically, said Toni Frana, team lead and career coach at remote and flexible jobs site FlexJobs, in an email interview with The Balance. Since March, remote job listings have increased every month.

    Frana advised would-be remote workers to start by considering which scheduling options work for them. Virtual careers can be full-time, part-time, or project-based.

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    How To Change Careers In Your 40s 50s And 60s

    Switching careers at any age isnt easy, and starting over at 50 can feel especially daunting. But with the right mindset, preparation and planning, youll be in a strong position to make your move. Here are some tips for making a successful career change later in life.

    Switching careers at any age isnt easy, and starting over at 50 can feel especially daunting. But with the right mindset, preparation and planning, youll be in a strong position to make your move. Here are some tips for making a successful career change later in life.

    Coronavirus And Changing Career

    How to CHOOSE the RIGHT Nursing Career path for YOU

    A September 2020 study by the Association of Accounting Technicians revealed that a fifth of workers in Britain believed that their job was at risk due to the coronavirus pandemic, while a similar proportion had been considering a career change.

    In addition, more than a quarter of the students and graduates questioned as part of a March 2021 Prospects COVID-19 survey had changed their career plans due to the pandemic, with 37% unsure about what they’ll do next.

    For those in a similar situation, you’ll be aware that changing career is something which involves a lot of thought, planning and effort. However, it’s something worth thinking about, as your job satisfaction and enjoyment levels are likely to increase in a role that you feel more passionately about.

    If you’re wondering about the practicalities of how to change careers, there are some key things to bear in mind as you mull over your next step.

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    How Are The Career Aptitude Test Results Calculated

    MyLantern.com calculates your results using the RIASEC formula. Career researcher and counseling psychologist John Holland developed RIASEC, which stands for the following personality types:

    The career aptitude test works in two steps:

  • It asks questions to uncover your unique combination of RIASEC personality traits.
  • It searches professions stored in the Occupational Information Network’s database to match your interests to an occupation.
  • List The Skills You Can Transfer

    Most likely, beginning a second career will be simpler than beginning a first one. This is so that you can take advantage of your extensive work history and your industry-relevant transferrable abilities.

    Think about how your current work has helped you develop the abilities and traits that you can use in a second career. You may already have connections in the sector and understanding of the field if you decide to pursue a new career in it. Every industry requires soft skills including adaptation, leadership, organization, and teamwork.

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    Finding A New Career After 50 With Flexjobs

    Starting a new career at or after 50 puts you in a unique situation to utilize your life experience and professional background to find a career youre passionate about.

    And when it comes to starting your job search, FlexJobs has flexible jobs in over 50 career categories. New jobs are posted daily with flexible work options such as remote work, freelance gigs, and part-time schedules. No matter what new career you want to start after 50, FlexJobs can help you find something that fits your life. Take the tour and learn how our platform can help your job search!

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    Take Stock Of Your Strengths And Weaknesses


    The first step is to evaluate your skills. If youre very self-aware, you can probably do this on your own, making a list of your strengths even if you dont think theyre career-specific as well as your weaknesses. But if youre struggling, you might consider working with a professional, like a career counselor, to help you identify them. A career counselor will probably administer a series of career tests to help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and figure out how you can best leverage them.

    At the same time, its important to correlate these skills with your interests. Just best youre good at something doesnt mean you particularly like doing it. Once youve identified these skills and interests, consider different professions in which they might apply.

    You should be open to the possibility of learning new skills. Perhaps youve discovered that your dream job utilizes a lot of your strengths, but one is missing. Dont let that deter you.

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