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The Easiest Majors That Pay Really Well

Easy jobs that pay well do exist. So think about your own goals for now and the future. What would make a job easy for you? Keep exploring the vocational possibilities and see which ones might match. It’s simple to do. Just enter your zip code below to discover nearby schools offering convenient training for all kinds of fun and interesting careers!

Software Or Interactive Media Developer

Although many people don’t view this career as super easy, some professionals in this field do. They find it easy because it utilizes their natural strengths: patience, a passion for learning, and a penchant for solving problems, arranging things in a logical order, and making things as efficient as possible. Computer programming can feel easy once you have a comfortable grasp of the programming languages you most enjoy using. And mobile application development can feel like a stimulating challenge, even when deadlines are involved. For the right kind of person, writing code and developing apps, games, or software can be extremely enjoyable and non-stressful.

  • Median yearly pay: $79,997
  • Top-end pay: $119,995

What Makes A Career Easy

An easy career is usually one that doesnt require you to have many technical skills. In fact, you might only need communication skills for the job. For many easy careers, you likely wont need a college degree, since the company will provide on-the-job training.

Moreover, taking up an easy career often means you dont need to have previous professional experience or much formal training. Since easy careers usually mean starting in an entry-level position, youll usually get hired quickly. Another bonus of these career opportunities is a flexible schedule, and some positions will even allow you to set your own schedule.

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Check With Your Favorite Businesses

Do you have a favorite store, coffee shop, gym, or salon where youre a regular? Check to see if they are hiring. Customers can make the best employees, and youll have an in with the hiring manager. If you’re interested in working from home, there are part-time jobs available in many different sectors.

Digital Project Manager / Web Project Manager

The 15 Best

Project managers are the Type A organizers who keep web development or other tech-related teams on track. That might mean interfacing with clients if you wind up working at a digital agency or web design firm, but also includes day-to-day coordinating between web designers, web developers, and other stakeholders. PMs tend to run a lot of meetings and write a lot of recap emails, so great presentation and communication skills arent just a plus, theyre a must.

Ideal skills :

When youre further down the project management career path, there are formal courses on project management , but if youre new to tech, a junior project manager role heavily relies on interpersonal skills and organizational abilities.

That said, since youll be working on a tech team, a working knowledge of HTML and CSS as well as other web design and graphic design platforms is a great advantage . If your firm builds sites on WordPress or another CMS, they may want you to be able to step in and help clients with smaller projects like page formatting or content uploads. Lastly, its great to have a working knowledge of various project management platforms like Basecamp, Jira, Slack, etc.

Median Salary: $82,110

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Top 31 Jobs That Require Little Or No Experience

Not all jobs require extensive experience or years of postsecondary education . Some entry-level jobs pay quite well, and many offer paid on-the-job training or apprenticeships too.

Using data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics , we surveyed hundreds of high-paying jobs that dont require a four-year college degree to build this list of the best-paid entry-level jobs for U.S. workers.

For the most part, this list favors positions with manageable on-the-job training requirements and faster-than-average growth potential. In other words, employers are creating these positions faster than the overall job growth rate.

Marketing Associate National Average Salary: $49779 Per Year

A marketing associate is an entry-level marketing professional. Also called a marketing administrative assistant or an assistant account executive, a marketing associate supports the efforts of marketing managers or directors. They assist marketing teams or related departments with planning and completing projects.

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Easiest Tech Jobs To Get Into

Career GuideFinding a Job18 Easiest Tech Jobs To Get IntoBy Indeed Editorial TeamSeptember 23, 2021The technology industry is filled with largely experience-based jobs. Many of these jobs require minimal formal education, such as an associate degree or a certificate program. If you can demonstrate your ability to carry out the duties, you can qualify for a tech job that pays well. In this article, we discuss 18 of the easiest tech jobs to get into, including their primary responsibilities and average salaries. Easiest tech jobs to get intoMany tech professionals start out as self-taught and then earn a formal education along the way. They typically seek this education when theyre ready for a promotion or a related career path that may be a better match for their personal interests and skills. They continue learning via a traditional degree, a certificate program or taking courses in areas they want to gain additional knowledge in. Here are 18 tech jobs that are easy to get into:1. Computer technicianNational average salary: $15.

What Makes A College Major Easy

The EASIEST College Majors With HIGH Salaries!

As weve pointed out, easy is a subjective term. Whether or not a particular major is easy depends on your aptitude, experience, and interests. This will, of course, vary greatly from one person to the next.

One way we can get a sense of how easy a major might be overall is by looking at how well most of the students in that major are doing. If a lot of students are doing well in a field, it may be because it is easier than in other fields.

The University of Las Vegashas compiled a list of degree productivity, showing how many degrees were awarded and the average graduating GPA for each major.

Here are some of the fields with the highest average GPAs:

College Major
Nutrition Sciences 3.40

A variety of things could contribute to the higher GPA scores in these majors. The fact that many students perform well in an area at one school doesnt necessarily mean that is the case at all schools. But this data does offer a point of comparison when trying to identify easy college majors.

Some other factors that may make a college major easy include:

  • Work that cannot be objectively evaluated
  • Fewer hours spent on homework/papers/studying
  • More group projects, rather than requiring individual students to be accountable for their own success

While none of these criteria guarantees that a major is easy, each offers a point of comparison that can help identify majors that are easier for a majority of students.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Sales Agent Financial Services

If you aspire to be Suze Orman and have a knack for numbers, a career touting financial services might be your calling. From making stock and bond investment recommendations to helping clients set retirement goals, you could be the go-to gal or guy for money matters. Monster reports about 34,819 listings in the last six months for one of the best paying careers with a median salary of $55,600. Youll need an MBA in business or finance to crunch those numbers so get busy.

The Best Career Change Jobs

The right career change job might depend on your reason for making a change. Some people may prefer to work more with numbers, whereas others may want to start a career that allows them to be more social. Whatever your reason for wanting to shift careers, there are a variety of lucrative jobs available. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

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Of All The Jobs That Make A Lot Of Money: Which Is Right For You

Having a list is one thing, picking the right job is a lot harder.

If I was giving highschool me some advice, Id tell him to find a high paying job thats the best fit. Some jobs are extremely stressful like an investment banker. Others are more routine like an accountant. Theres dozens of different criteria that make up a true dream job.

The best way to figure out which job is the best fit is to develop friendships with people in that field. If you genuinely enjoy spending time with them, thats a promising sign.

Also look for entry-level roles in those fields to try them yourself. Most of these jobs can be started later on if you discover that a particular path wont work out.

Freelance Photographer Average Annual Salary: $52305

Infographic: The Best Careers For Your Personality Type

Achieving a position as a freelance photographer is a dream for many hopeful amateurs with a camera. Their job includes discussing photographygoals with clients, shooting within these guidelines, and editing the results for the best outcome. A degree of some level in a photography-related subject helps build the knowledge that a freelance photographer needs, but it is not required.

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Cosmetologist Or Hair Stylist

Cosmetologists my only make around $23,000 on paper, but keep in mind this is an all-cash business, which means a lot of your earnings will come through tips and how much drive you have to earn a living. There are a lot of cosmetologists and hair stylists out there, who earn quite a bit more than the official number, and a lot of that money is non-taxable . Were not telling you to slight the government. In case theyre reading this, WE WOULD NEVER DO THAT. But, its something to think about.

Best Technology Jobs Of 2022

These are the best technology jobs in America.

What is the best career fit for me? Take our assessment now. Finding your dream job starts with knowing what makes you the way you are. Software developers need to be innovative, creative and, of course, technical in order to succeed in this field. They might write new code or fix bugs in code to make it work better. Read MoreData scientists use technology to glean insights from large amounts of data they collect. Read MoreOur increasingly digital workplace demands more IT managers, who coordinate computer-related activities for an organization. Duties include analyzing and recommending computer needs, installing and maintaining computer hardware and software, securing an offices network and electronic documents and searching for new technologies and upgrade opportunities. Read MoreAs concern about cybersecurity grows, so does the demand for information security analysts. It is the duty of these professionals to prepare and carry out security measures that protect a companys computer networks and systems.

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Learn About 10 Of The Easiest Jobs You Can Get In A Foreign Country If You Want A Career That Allows You To Travel And Work Abroad In An Overseas Nation

Numerous jobs are available if you’re interested in working in a foreign country. It’s essential to research what you’ll need to perform work outside your country of citizenship, such as a visa and valid passport. With this information, you can search for jobs that suit your skills and interests. Consider the following careers you can pursue in a foreign country.

“If you do your research, it’s possible to find a job in the country of your choice if it’s open to foreign workers.”

What Are The Highest Paying Easy Jobs

25 Best Jobs In The World And Their Salaries
  • Personal Shopper Jobs
  • Flight Attendant Jobs
  • Electrician Jobs.

If youre beginning in your career or making a change in fields, its helpful to know which opportunities offer the greatest earning potential. While your income will likely increase throughout your career, starting with a good-paying job is an ideal place to begin.

The best way to discover easy, high-paying jobs that might be right for you is to focus on your strongest interests, and things you are passionate about. Remember that your definition of easy may differ greatly from others. There is really no such thing as an objectively easy job.Easy depends on each persons preferences and experiences. For one person, the easiest job may involve few responsibilities, whereas, for another person, it may involve many important tasks and activities.

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What Are The Highest

According to data that FinanceBuzz compiled from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Occupational Information Network , some low-stress jobs that typically yield a six-figure salary include mathematician, software developer, political scientist, physicist, chemical engineer, astronomer, and economist. Keep in mind, though, that these aren’t necessarily stress-free jobs based on O*NET data, they typically require a low stress tolerance.

Other jobs that require a low stress tolerance and typically pay in the high-five-figure range include art directors, with a median annual salary of $100,890 statisticians, with a median annual salary of $95,570 operations research analysts, who earn a median of $82,360 annually and audiologists, who make a median of $78,950 a year.

Good Careers You Can Get Without A Degree

Thinking about the future can be a stressful endeavor if youre not sure what you want to do with the rest of your life. The key is to first question whatever anyone tells you. Try without fear of failure, and know that each thing that doesnt work will bring you one step closer to what does. Conventional wisdom may tell you that you need to graduate high school, go to college, get your bachelors, then masters, and finally, a PhD. While there is nothing wrong with this path, dont make the mistake of thinking its the route you should take. Each student is different, and as youre about to see, you can find a great career without racking up the student loan debt and having any fancy degrees. That doesnt mean your path will be easier, though, so make sure that you plan to extend your education beyond high school, whatever you do. Here are 50 Good Careers You Can Get Without a Degree to help you along.

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Here Is A Comprehensive List Of Healthcare And Medical Job Titles

List of over 200 healthcare and medical job titles, plus more sample job titles for many different occupations, career fields, and types of jobs.

Without planning and administrative input, it would be difficult for doctors and other medical professionals to deliver their services. Some people in administrative roles are responsible for scheduling appointments, while others may be in charge of running an office, nursing home, or hospital. Some job titles include:

Electrician Average Annual Salary: $49000

10 jobs that will make you happy AND rich

People dont realize how much they rely on the lighting systems in their homes and workplaces until they stop working. Thats where a local electrician steps in to save the day. Their job is to maintain the functioning of commercial and residential electrical, lighting, and wiring systems.

Beyond a high school diploma, individuals interested in becoming electricians need to attend a vocational school to complete a licensing course. Once these requirements are met, an electrician apprenticeship of anywhere from 3-5 years is necessary.

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Web Developer Or Designer

Creating and maintaining user-friendly websites requires a specialized set of skills. But it’s amazing how “easy” it can feel to be a web designer or developer when you’ve mastered the tools of the jobâthings like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Photoshop. Solving design or technical challenges can give you the feeling of being “in the zone” or “in your element,” which just makes everything else feel less complicated. Plus, this field is perfect for people who want the freedom of self-employment.

  • Median yearly pay: $62,400
  • Top-end pay: $92,997 or more

The Easiest Paying Jobs

An easy paycheck can be appealing to almost anyone in the workforce. Various factors determine the ease of a job, including its location, hours, required skills, and the amount of effort involved. You can find easy jobs in many industries, from technology to customer service. Discover 26 of the easiest jobs to discover one that matches your talents and interests.

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Easy Jobs That Pay Well And Offer Low Stress

Easy jobs that pay well come in a lot of categories since everyone has their own idea of what “easy” really means when it comes to work. Depending on the person, an easy job might be defined by one or more factors such as:

  • Low stress levels
  • How enjoyable the main tasks are
  • Minimal contact with the public
  • Few, if any, deadlines or other time pressures
  • Minimal criticism
  • Physical comfort or few physical demands
  • Short hours or no on-call or overtime demands
  • Small workloads or lots of downtime
  • A lack of critical or life-or-death decision-making
  • Low educational requirements
  • Little, if any, need to think deeply
  • How quickly the necessary skills can be mastered
  • Few responsibilities

To examine how easy jobs seem, it helps to know if you’re hoping to simplify the physical, mental, or emotional aspects of your work life . People experience stress in different ways and have different needs in a career depending on their strengths and weaknesses. Following, you’ll find easy careers that pay well and can offer simplicity in unique ways.

Wage data is current as of October 16, 2021, and is based on the Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics program estimates.

United Nations Online Courses

How to Choose the Right Career Path in 7 Simple Steps

If you are interested in working for the United Nations, we highly recommend the online course United Nations Jobs Guide. Its a great overview of the UN recruitment system and includes valuable tips for anyone looking to build a career within the United Nations. Follow the link to the courses page.

We also think the United Nations CV and Cover Letter online course is a must for anyone looking to get a job in the UN. It goes through exactly what is needed when applying for a UN position and provides guidance on what exactly to include. It also shows students what the UN recruitment process is like. Follow the link to get full details on the course.

An important step for those wanting to work for the United Nations is to get a strong understanding of how the UN works, and what its global role is. We recommend the online course Global Diplomacy: The United Nations in the World offered by SOAS in London. Not only does it give a fantastic overview of the UN the fact it is offered by SOAS one of the top colleges in the world for international relations studies, makes it a great addition to the CV of anyone applying for a job at the UN. Click the link for more information.

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