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Choosing A Career: 7 Ways To Explore Your Options

What degree or job/career should you choose? The RIASEC model explained (career advice)

The average person spends around one-third of their life working, so itâs no surprise that many people want to find a career that will be a good fit for them. Choosing a career first means learning as much as you can about yourself, your goals, and the larger context of work. Use the list below to help you begin that process.

What Career Should I Study Which Of These Worked For You

I am considering studying: Programming, Web Development, Artificial Intelligence Engineering, Computer Engineering or Video Game Development.

I am still a student, but I don’t want to be left behind considering future professions and studies. Perhaps it is relevant to clarify that I am from Argentina, and I do not belong to a privileged economy.

Programming I know that you can get a job and I would like to belong to a company but I don’t know how convenient it is.

I also consider studying at the only university in the country that teaches Artificial Intelligence. I have no idea what the outcome of this is, the opportunity or kind of jobs either, but I can’t deny that “AI Engineering” sounds EXTREMELY cool. The kind of thing that gets you excited about the title even though you don’t know what it means. The problem: it is the only private university on this list.

I could study video game development, but I am aware of the great competition, the existing crunch and how complicated it would be to be an indie developer. Although I think about the possibility of turning it into a hobby.

I also like web development a lot, it’s what I like the most about programming, but is the job opportunity good?

I was considering studying computer engineering, but besides the fact that I don’t have much faith in myself, computer science as such doesn’t fascinate me, maybe I’m just wasting time before changing… Or the opposite, maybe I just don’t know it well and I like in the end

What’s The Best Career For The Future

While there is no single best career for the future, there are many deciding factors in figuring out how you want to spend your working life. You may be motivated by earning potential or by finding a job that complements your skill set.

With the job market rapidly changing due to technological advances and the knock-on effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be curious about the latest predictions for reliable future careers.

As our economy changes, so too do the skills and jobs in demand for the workforce.

It is also important to look at future trends and in-demand jobs when deciding what to study or considering a career change.

At Victoria University , we set you up for your future career with a range of courses that you can study at TAFE, degree or postgraduate level.

Were also ranked number one for employability and are in the top 3% of universities in the world.

Read on to discover the best careers for the future in Australia, and why you should consider studying at VU.

Discover the best future careers in Australia for graduates.

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Is Medicine Right For You

Studying medicine is a big commitment, so its important to find out as much as possible before you apply.

  • use our Explore roles pages to see the range of doctor roles and discover what each involves
  • discuss your career ideas with your teachers, personal tutor and careers adviser if there is one at your school or college
  • also speak with your family and friends, but remember that your career should be your decision not anyone elses
  • attend open days. These can be found on our events pages, where you can filter for ‘doctors’ to find the medical school open days
  • take any opportunity you have to go to talks about medical careers
  • some medical schools run summer schools or taster courses. Information will be on medical school websites. They last from one day to a week and are usually held in the spring or summer before you apply. Places fill up quickly, so book early
  • medical training is subject to change as a result of recommendations made in the Shape of Training review. Always check for up-to-date information
  • Careers That Require A Specific Degree Subject

    Career goals Essay


    You usually need an engineering degree. There are a few opportunities for those with closely related degrees, eg maths, physics and materials science.

    Medicine, nursing, dentistry and related fields

    You need a degree in the relevant subject to pursue a career in any of the above specialisms. For example, medicine , nursing osteopathy and so on.


    Undergraduate qualifications include sciences, applied sciences and related degrees. Maths is also a valuable degree for some scientific careers, particularly those related to physics or engineering.

    Veterinary science

    You will need a degree in veterinary science.

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    Is Bsc A Good Career Option

    When considering academic degrees after class 12th, B.Sc. is a good career option and a popular choice among aspirants who aim to advance their careers in Science and Technology. Unlike other degrees, the course duration is just three years, making it all the more desirable. You also have a vast range of subjects to choose from and thus more career options. The list includes Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Mathematics, Microbiology, Nursing, Animation, Hospitality, Agriculture, Economics, and Geography.

    Best 14 Jobs Of The Future: The Most In

    Discover our predictions for the top 14 jobs of the future and find the right online courses to take for each career path.

    The world is evolving, and becoming ever more digital, but what does that mean for your education and career? In this article, we dive into 14 jobs set to thrive in the future. So, whether youre fresh out of school or university, or looking to switch careers, this article is for you.

    Discover which new jobs will be around for decades to come, and find out which career paths are in danger of extinction. With your newfound knowledge, youll be better placed to plan your education and training in order to reap long-term benefits. Heres to the future!

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    Which Degree Do You Need For Which Career

    Quick links for this article

    You might be surprised to find that you dont always need a degree subject connected to the career you want. Let TARGETcareers shatter some of the long-held myths about what degrees you need for the world of work.

    REMEMBER: most employers will ask for at least five grade A*C GCSEs including maths and English .

    What You Can Do With A Cybersecurity Degree

    Geology Career Part I: Should You Study Geology?

    As Subramanya pointed out, the rise of cyberthreats has resulted in a specialized field of computer science. But, as the internet of things becomes commonplace, smart devices like appliances, lightbulbs, clothing, and other items that you can control with an app and wi-fi access also bring a level of risk.

    Everything connected to the internet has a security vulnerability, he says, adding that today there are many more aspects of security to think about than there used to be. For example, he explains how cryptography, or the act of data encryption, was once the big focus of protecting and communicating sensitive information.

    This means companies of all sizes need to consider the safety of data, which, for example, often includes personal customer information. When hacks happen, thousands of people worry about their data being compromised or falling into the wrong hands. This has led to a greater need than ever for companies to build trust with consumers and, as a result, the sharp rise in the demand for skilled workers in information security.

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    What You Can Do With An Information Systems Degree

    This type of degree, Subramanya says, is not as math-focused. An information systems program prepares graduates for a system administrator role, among many other options. The BLS states the national average salary for system administrators is $81,100.

    Information systems doesnt involve software development its about managing big software for a corporation, says Subramanya. This could be at the company level, such as managing the in-house systems, or on the customer-end, working on the programs that allow companies to communicate with users.

    Data is a big part of how companies make decisions, but someone has to manage that information. A database administrator is another position an information systems degree could lead to. According to the BLS, this field is expected to grow 11 percent through 2016, which is faster than the average occupation the national average salary is $87,020. Database administrators can find work in a variety of places, but companies and organizations with especially large amounts of data such as universities, hospitals, or insurance firms may have the most opportunities.

    How To Choose The Right University To Study Abroad

    Choosing the right university to study abroad is one of the first most important decisions a young adult needs to make. The following tips might be useful:

    1. University Location and Internationality

    Do you want to be close to home, in a neighboring city or in an entirely new country? There may be a comfort level to staying in your city or state, but studying abroad is a chance to experience the world in a brand new way. Linked to the location, the percentage of international students is also to be considered here, as we become an increasingly global economy and that can have a significant impact on ones career.

    2. University Size

    The size of a school can impact everything from your social life to academic and internship opportunities. Smaller college campuses, offer a greater sense of community and less competition for classes, internships, and other clubs and/or amenities. You will not only get to know all your classmates, you will also be more than just a face in the crowd to teachers and advisers who, in larger schools, can easily get overwhelmed and lose track of who is who.

    3. Field of Study & Employability

    While choosing a major, employability is an important consideration. If college has always been a route to better jobs, some majors are better equipped than others to encourage your entry into the working world. Networking opportunities, professional projects, internships, career fairs are all elements that can set you off to a good start.

    4. Academic Reputation

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    Which Computer Science Career Is Right For Me

    Nearly every employee in every company in every industry relies on computer technology in some way. In everyday life, we also depend on digital resources for important tasks, from checking our bank balance while on a morning walk to ordering lunch at a kiosk.

    With all of this advancing technology comes a greater need for professionals who can keep servers, systems, and software working. If youre one of the many people interested in this growing field, you might be wondering, Which computer science career is right for me? Its a big question because theres so much to choose from. Once you have an idea of which areas interest you most, you can prepare for that career with the best computer science degree that fits your needs.

    Lets take a look at some of the career options.

    Cosmetologist Or Hair Stylist

    Game Designer Education Requirements

    Cosmetologists my only make around $23,000 on paper, but keep in mind this is an all-cash business, which means a lot of your earnings will come through tips and how much drive you have to earn a living. There are a lot of cosmetologists and hair stylists out there, who earn quite a bit more than the official number, and a lot of that money is non-taxable . Were not telling you to slight the government. In case theyre reading this, WE WOULD NEVER DO THAT. But, its something to think about.

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    Seek Out Professional Resources

    In addition to thinking through the areas mentioned above on your own, you can also turn to various career resources for more guided help.

    College career center: If youâre still in college, take advantage of the career resources your college or university may offer. You may be able to meet with a counselor or advisor trained to help you transition from college to a career.

    Career coach: You can find a career coach trained to help clients learn more about what kinds of work would best suit them. Career coaches are an additional expense, so make sure to research their credentials, experience, and background to make sure they will be a good fit for your needs.

    What Are The Advantages Of Studying Abroad

    1. Learn a new language

    Learning a new language can be an enriching experience from all points of view. Business and commerce, even for SMEs , are increasingly international in scope.

    Mastering a foreign language can make you a more attractive candidate for an interesting job. Besides the professional and economic rewards, knowing a foreign language brings a lot personal satisfaction, broadens your sources of information and cultural experience.

    2. Learn to adapt to a new culture and environment

    One of the biggest advantages of studying abroad for many international students is the chance to become immersed in a totally different environment.

    The world is changing rapidly and people are increasingly mobile, either by choice or by necessity. Even people who have always lived in the same place all their lives can see the socio-cultural environment changing around them.

    If you want to be successful in your chosen career, you will have to become adaptable to change and to diverse cultures.

    Living in a foreign culture will train your adaptability. For instance, while living abroad youll be able to try new foods, hear traditional music, have a go at local activities and explore everything else your host culture has to offer.

    3. Make new friends

    4. International travel

    5. Personal development

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    What Are The Best Programs That Allow You To Study Abroad

    What you want to study will have a big impact on your choice of university. Some big universities have almost all subjects but if you are interested in a specific topic you want to apply for a specialized school.But what if you dont know what you want to study? Then go back and think about what you want to achieve, what career you want to have.

    If you are planning to take an entire degree program abroad you need to put a lot of thought into what you want to study. Here are some things you should consider:

    Subway And Streetcar Operators

    Where to start my career in Software Testing? What should I Learn?

    To enter this occupation, you will need at least a high school diploma and several months of OTJ training. These positions are mostly government jobs, which mean they usually come with solid benefits, and youll get to travel a lot, though it may not be particularly exciting since youre seeing the same parts of a city over and over again. Still, the $56,880 median salary is enough to make up for it.

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    Free Career Test Video Transcript

    Your future is waiting for you. What will you choose to become? How do you want to live your life? What career is right for you? This free career test is for students and adults to help you discover your career interests because there are thousands of careers to choose from and each is just as unique as you! Give us just a minute to explain how the free career tests on this site work so you can take full advantage of the free career exploration resources this site has to offer.

    First, there is zero cost to access your full, free career test results. Your career interest results are immediate, and youll receive a unique link to access your results in the future. When you access your free career test results, be sure to email your unique link to yourself, your teacher or parent, or copy it somewhere. Just dont lose it. Were a student-friendly resource, so we dont collect your email address or require you to register to see your results now or in the future. Because we dont collect or save your personal information, we will not know which test results belong to you. If you lose the unique link to your career test results, we will not be able to retrieve it for you in the future. If this happens, youll have to retake the free career test again. But dont worry, theyre all really quick to take.

    There are two last points to call out.

    RethinkOldSchool, Inc.

    What You Can Do With An Information Technology Management Degree

    Information technology, commonly called IT, has become the heart of organizations of all sizes. In an IT management degree program, youd prepare to help companies figure out their technology needs and then implement and manage those plans. Coursework here would include database administration, systems analysis, and quality assurance. This type of program also focuses on project management as well as providing support to users.

    One career option for graduates of this type of an IT management degree program is computer and information systems manager. In this position, you help plan and direct computer-related tasks within a company or organization. This field, according to the BLS, has a national average salary of $139,220 per year and is expected to grow faster than the average career, at 12 percent between now and 2026.

    Another occupation related to this field is a computer and information systems analyst. According to the BLS, the national average annual salary for this type of position is $95,510. Its not just a well-paying career, but its also one on the rise. The BLS says demand is estimated to grow 28 percent through 2026, making it one of the fastest-growing areas of IT, as well as any occupation in general.

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