What Are The Career Opportunities In Cyber Security


Chief Information Security Officer

An Introduction to Cybersecurity Careers

Average Salary: $165,985

The CISO oversees the IT security department. This role requires a background in IT strategy, security architecture, management, and communication. While the average salary for this role is $165,985, CISOs can make up to $229,000. The wide salary range for this role stems from factors such as the size of the organization and its security team to the executive bonus and profit-sharing structures, which can add more than $85,000 to a base salary.

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Why Should I Learn Cyber Security From Intellipaat

Although there are many cybersecurity training courses out there, our program in collaboration with E& ICT, IIT Guwahati will make you proficient in various techniques and concepts related to Cyber Security.

In this course, you will work on various projects based on the specific modules of Cyber Security. This will help you gain experience in solving Cyber Security issues that occur in the industry in the real world. Also, you will get 24-hour assistance to get rid of all your course-related queries.

After completing the whole Cyber Security program, our placement team will assist you in searching for a high-income Cyber Security jobs through mock interview sessions, resume preparation, and more. Finally, you will receive an industry-recognized Cyber Security certificate from us.

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Cyber Security Career Path : Digital Forensics And Incident Responder

Up until now, weve mostly discussed career paths that focus on preventing cyber attacks. However, the reality is that even organizations with the most robust cyber security measures in place can still be subject to cyberattacks. Once a cyberattack occurs, there is still more work to be done this is where the field of digital forensics comes into play.

Digital forensics is a field within computer science that investigates digital evidence. Its a component of investigating cybercrimes, and it involves acquiring, analyzing, and preserving data that can be used as evidence for police or in a courtroom. Digital forensic experts can investigate a cybercrime after it occurs, acquiring evidence and attempting to connect the attack to a specific individual or group of hackers. Digital forensics experts work across many law enforcement agencies, including the FBI. Digital forensics roles can involve working with many different organizations on various cyber security topics.

Digital forensics also plays an essential role in preventing future attacks. Discoveries from the forensic process can highlight vulnerabilities and help cyber security professionals prevent future security breaches. Collecting evidence and relaying findings back to an organization can help an organization improve its defenses against future attacks.

Cyber Security Career Paths To Consider

Cyber Security Career Roadmap: From Junior to Senior Roles

Want some good news about cybersecurity careers? You can choose from a variety of positions , salaries are high, and the job market is booming. In fact, a recent for cybersecurity positions in the United States yielded more than 100,000 results for top companies such as:

  • Fidelity Investments,

And since cybersecurity touches practically every industry, you could find yourself working at Bath & Body Works, Target, Duke University, the NBA, or NASCAR all companies that were recently looking to hire skilled cybersecurity professionals.

Now lets explore some of the top positions, including required skills and certifications and average salary. One note: Salary estimates are listed below, but they often vary as they are updated in real time.

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Financial And Risk Analysis

Cybercrime threatens any companys financial stability and health, which is why its important to employ skilled professionals who have the business acumen to help mitigate risk and protect a companys financial interests. Accounting, financial analysis, budgeting, risk management, financial reporting and project management are among the skills typically needed for these types of positions.

Career In Cyber Security: Skills Required Job Roles How To Get A Job

A majority of our personal and professional lives have shifted online. The work sector has especially seen a drastic shift to online spaces with remote working and hybrid workspaces becoming commonplace due to the pandemic. However, as we become more dependent on cyberspace for all aspects of our lives, we are becoming more susceptible to cyberattacks.

Individuals, businesses, and entire governments have fallen victim to online scams, ransomware, phishing, and hacking. According to an Accenture Business report, there has been a 125% year-over-year increase in the volume of cyberattacks across industries and geography and it has become a major cause for concern. As a result, according to a Verizon report, 77% organisations are expecting to increase their cybersecurity budgets to meet the obstacles of increasing cyberattacks. Ransomware attacks witnessed a surge of 105% last year. By 2025, cybercrime is expected to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually and the cybersecurity market is expected to reach a value of $478.68 billion by the year 2030.

Cybersecurity professionals are in great demand. As you can see, there is an increase in cybercrimes every day. A career in cybersecurity is as rewarding as it is equally demanding. Cybersecurity professionals are wanted in large numbers worldwide because of the vast gap between the number of existing cybersecurity professionals and the cybersecurity challenges faced daily.

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National Guard And Reserves

Members of the National Guard, or applicants that are willing and able to join the National Guard, may be eligible to apply for federal jobs located within a National Guard unit. The National Guard and Reserves set their own qualification requirements and are not subject to the appointment, pay, and classification rules in Title 5, United States Code. However, they are subject to the veterans preference discussed above.

After Completing This Cybersecurity Course What Should I Do Next

2022 Cybersecurity roadmap: How to get started?

After completing this Cyber Security training online, you can receive assistance from our Career Support team. They will help you to prepare for cybersecurity job interviews with top MNCs in this domain. The team will help to build and polish up your resume as well as get you interview ready with cybersecurity mock interviews conducted by the technical experts.

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Forensic Analysis And Incident Response

Even the best-protected businesses have occasional breaches.

For those in forensic analysis and incident response units, work starts after the worst has already occurred. These professionals analyze adverse security events to determine how a breach occurred and what needs to be done to eliminate the vulnerability.

Depending on the issue at hand, forensics specialists are also trained in how to collect evidence to be used in formal trials.

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Cybersecurity Jobs A Growth Story

Cybersecurity jobs are exciting. The fast-paced field that is perfect for anyone who loves a challenge and the thrill of problem-solving. According to data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statics , the demand for cybersecurity jobs like information security analysts will grow by as much as 31 percent over the next ten years.

When you think about it, the above average growth in cybersecurity jobs makes sense. As technology becomes more and more intertwined with everyones day to day lives, the need for experienced cybersecurity professionals increases.

And while the future cybersecurity jobs projections forecast more openings, the truth is that even today there are not enough well-qualified experts to go around.

The cybersecurity job market has grown so rapidly over the past several years, that applicants usually have lots of options.

Due to the lack of trained professionals, those who pursue a career in cybersecurity can expect plenty of opportunities, high paying salaries, and great benefits.

The cybersecurity field includes a wide range of different jobs from entry-level up to executive management and everything in between.

An entry-level security professional may find themselves working as a security analyst in a SOC . As their career progresses they may become a senior security analyst or work on an incident response team.

Those interested in programming and software design can pursue a career as a security software developer.

Build Credentials Along The Way

Cybersecurity Career Paths: Everything You Need to Know

In the IT profession, continued learning is key to advancing your career. With this in mind, you might want to enroll in the associate degree in IST or the certificate in IST programs as you work toward your bachelors degree. Many of the credits in these programs can be applied to the requirements for your bachelors degree, so that means you can benefit from Penn State’s highly respected name on your résumé even sooner. Your adviser can help you plan the best path for you to achieve your goals.

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Dsc Degree In Cyber Security

For those with a solid foundation in computer science, the D.Sc. in cyber security is an opportunity to combine their computer science emphasis with applied research in IT security. Students learn the latest techniques in specialized cyber operations activities such as reverse engineering, data collection, analysis of malicious code, and software exploitation. Graduates can bring their knowledge to intelligence, military and law enforcement organizations as well as employers in data-driven industries.

The D.Sc. in cyber security program typically takes students 3-5 years to complete and includes a dissertation. Although there are online programs, students are usually required to complete annual on-site research seminars.

Here are some of the seminars offered in a cyber security doctoral program.

Full Scope Security Testing

Review of the tools, techniques, and sources of digital information and its role in attacking and defending software systems and network environments.

Skills Gained

    • x86 assembly language

This guide offers a comprehensive review of careers in cyber security, including an overview of the steps one can take to enter this profession, as well as job outlook and earning potential.

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Career Path In Cybersecurity: How To Enter Key Skills Salary And Job Description

As more businesses move online, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is now higher than ever before.

Today, any business that wants to thrive in the market needs an online presence. While being connected to the internet brings companies closer to their clients, it also exposes their systems to malevolent actors. As a result, the demand for cybersecurity professionals has become higher than ever before. This article gives an overview of everything you need to know about making a mark in the cybersecurity domain.

Cybersecurity Education And Training

[2022] Cyber Security Career in INDIA | Certifications, Jobs, Salary

Most jobs in cybersecurity typically require a bachelors degree in cybersecurity, information technology, or computer science.

Advanced degrees, such as a Master of Science in Cybersecurity, provide more specialized training in vulnerability analysis, criminology, social science, planning security strategy, and effectively communicating with management about key cybersecurity trends. These degree programs benefit cybersecurity professionals who seek management or executive positions, as well as anyone who wants to develop security products.

In addition, cybersecurity certificate programs can benefit anyone seeking more specialized instruction in network security, digital forensics, risk management, or the legal and ethical challenges of cybersecurity. This education can help professionals to advance their cybersecurity careers in their current roles, or to begin the process of obtaining a Master of Science degree.

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Eligibility Criteria For Learning This Online Cybersecurity Program

  • Graduates with no prior IT experience
  • Working professionals in any field
  • Learners with 2 years of professional experience in the IT industry

An online cybersecurity course pre-work is offered to recent graduates and non-IT candidates to help them build foundational skills needed for the program and be at pace with learners from IT backgrounds.

Get Into Cybersecurity From Other Roles

CyberSeek identified five feeder roles that often serve as steppingstones into an IT security career because of the similarities in skill requirements and significant skill overlap with multiple core cybersecurity roles. Click below to learn more about what those career paths look like:

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Are You Ready To Become A Cybersecurity Professional

In this article, you looked at the rise in the number of cybersecurity job openings and a couple of top-paying cybersecurity jobs. You also took a look at what Simplilearn has to offer in terms of your growth in the domain of cybersecurity. So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to get certified and become a cybersecurity professional?

Do you have any questions for us concerning cybersecurity jobs? Please mention them in the comments section of this article. Our qualified experts will get back to you as soon as possible!

Is It Hard To Get A Cybersecurity Job

Thinking About A Career In Cyber Security or Ethical Hacking?

Demand for cybersecurity professionals has been consistently high in recent years, according to an analysis from Cybersecurity Ventures, and because of a lack of qualified candidates, the number of cybersecurity job openings remains high . This is good news for qualified cybersecurity job seekers, as it means that getting a job in their chosen field might not be as difficult as it might be for someone facing a job market with fewer openings than qualified job seekers.

However, while there are millions of career opportunities for qualified cybersecurity professionals , gaining the necessary job skills can be challenging. About 89 percent of cybersecurity jobs require a bachelorâs or graduate degree in addition to a few years of relevant experience. Many cybersecurity professionals gain entry into the field by working in an entry-level IT position and elevating their credentials with certifications. You can also consider a professional certificate, such as the IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate, available on Coursera, designed to help learners become job-ready.â

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Cybersecurity Job Requirements And Salary Information


When thinking about finding the right cybersecurity degree or certification, it is helpful to understand some specific cybersecurity job requirements. Each organization or company will have its own unique requirements when hiring information security professionals.

Whether a security professional is planning to work for the federal government or simply looking to land a job in the private sector, a criminal background check and drug test will most likely be required. If there is something on a professionals record, its always best to be upfront with the potential employer rather than have it come out during the background check.

Career Path To Follow

Cyber Security has become business-critical for every organization. Therefore, with a certification in Cyber Security and Analysis you can land on your dream job and start working with the top organizations of the world. Companies specializing in IT or cybersecurity are constantly hiring skilled Cyber Security professionals. Numerous public and private companies are in urgent need for these professionals for their IT or cybersecurity departments. Skilled professionals find employment opportunities in various companies like EMC, Akamai, Citrix, Virtusa, HCL, Vmware.

Therefore, weve discussed everything about Cyber Security but the major part includes the career path that one should follow to begin their career in cyber security. You need not worry we have the right solution for you! You should begin your career by taking up online courses and some practice tests to build your confidence in this field You can take up our very famous Certification course on cyber security, Certified cyber security analyst, which is recognized by the Government of India and will add value to your resume and increase your career opportunities as well.

Take your certification course today and begin your career with Vskills! Take Free Practice Test today!

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