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How To Identify The Most Lucrative Fields

Best Career Options after BMM | upGrad

The Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is a handy tool for finding the best career fields. It provides detailed information about hundreds of occupations, describing the work itself and the settings where people typically work.

More useful still, the OOH has a flexible search feature. You can sort jobs based on how fast theyre likely to grow, how much they pay, and the education and training needed to get the job.

This tool can show you the best-paying, fastest-growing careers open to you right now with your current education. It can also help you decide whether pursuing a college degree or other credentials is likely to pay off.

How To Change Your Career After 30

Before we list some actionable steps, take a deep breath.Think about the things you want most out of your life and career. Is your dissatisfaction just temporary, or are you 100% sure you want to make this change?

A new career wont solve all your problems, and if youre not in it for the long run, it probably wont bring the results you were looking for.

Think of it as an expedition, not a day trip. Then launch into this new adventure with the first step:

Evaluate your current strengths and skills

Your previous experiences and personal strengths can benefit you greatly in any new profession, so dont feel like youre starting completely from scratch.

Note what your strengths are and what you really enjoy doing.The things that put you in a flow state and energize you should be part of your new career. This could be anything from mapping out project plans to creative problem-solving or translating client needs to colleagues.

Explore the options you have

Its never too late to make a career change. Nothing shows this better than the story of our alumni, Mihai Stefan, who changed careers twice in his life and graduated from Codecool at the age of 65: Besides photography, programming has been an area that interested me, and not having enough time to study stopped me from taking my interest to the next level. Luckily, its never too late to do what you love. Today, with easy access to information, everything is possible if there is courage, will, and determination.

Make A List Of Potential Careers

Create a list of occupations you want to learn more about. Between the careers you were already thinking of and the results of the career aptitude test or self-assessment tool, you should have plenty of occupations to explore. Make sure to include occupations that appeal to you, ones that came from the career test or self-assessment tool and any professions you don’t know much about but would like to explore further.

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Why Is Meaningful Work Important

Since so much of our time is spent either at work, traveling to and from work, or thinking about work, it inevitably plays a huge role in our lives. If you feel bored or unsatisfied with how you spend large parts of the day, it can take a serious toll on your physical and mental health. You may feel burned out and frustrated, anxious, depressed, or unable to enjoy time at home knowing that another workday lies ahead.

Having to concentrate for long periods on tasks you find mundane, repetitive, or unsatisfying can cause high levels of stress. Whats more, if you dont find your work meaningful and rewarding, its hard to generate the effort and enthusiasm necessary to advance in your job or career. As well as feeling happy and satisfied, you are far more likely to achieve success in an occupation that you feel passionate about.

How To Become A Journalist

What Are the Best Career Options After 12th (with Infographic)

An undergraduate degree is a minimum requirement for a position at a media house. Although a degree in journalism will only improve your skillset and knowledge, a degree in related courses such as public relations or even English literature is accepted by many universities.

What are the PCMB career options that you have in mind? Tell us in the comments below!

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Choose A Career That Is Suitable For You

This concludes the list of careers that are widely sought-after in India today. A lot of these professions can be easily pursued with the help of short-term courses that are available online. Do your research well and find out which of these career options in India are more suitable for your interests.

Check out our Community on Intellipaats website if you have any further questions.

What Does A Forensic Scientist Do

Forensic science can be defined as the application of scientific knowledge and methods in a variety of crime-related settings. The central aim of this science is to discover and study physical evidence through testing and evaluation.

As a forensic scientist, you would:

  • Collect evidence from crime scenes
  • Preserve, categorise and analyse evidence
  • Interpret the data gathered
  • Determine the cause of a crime
  • Analyse evidence to develop theories on the crime
  • Forensic pathologists, forensic science technicians and forensic analysts are some of the most interesting career options in forensic science. Some of these professions would require you to pursue a medical course and train in residency.

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    Bachelor Of Business Administration

    Thinking about what to do after 12th commerce and interested in business administration? Want to get into business administration right from the beginning? The BBA is a common choice amongst students after theyve completed their class 12th having studied commerce. It is a three-year undergraduate program where students obtain an education based on the principles of business and its administration.

    Business aspects and methodologies are taught from the very beginning, and students learn methods of corporate operations and laws in functionality. This option is suited for students who have decided to join companies or run their businesses from a very starting phase of their careers and want all the expertise and skills to be taught right from where it starts.

    Courses Offered By Upgrad

    Career Options after BCA | upGrad

    There are various certifications in varied fields that are tailor-made to formulate a thriving career. It provides for the development of skills and expertise required with each industry. These courses concentrate and aim to prepare the students career by training them in talent sessions, aptitude tests as well as interview preparation. Following are some of the best courses for graduate students that upGrad offers:

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    Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Expert

    AI and ML experts are in huge demand, and its continuously increasing. AI and ML find applications in various industries, including finance, health, medicine, education, manufacturing, etc. According , AI and ML roles are among the top emerging jobs in India.

    Even though the demand for such professionals is very high, theres a massive shortage of skilled and talented AI/ML experts. Thats why its the best time to take up this skill. Moreover, it shows that AI and ML are among the best career options for next decade. The AI sector is relatively new, and over time, it will become more competitive.

    To become an AI or ML expert, youll need to become proficient in programming, logic, and multiple concepts of computer science. You can take a PG course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enhance your chances of bagging this role. It would help you stand out in the crowd and advance your career quickly.

    You can also check out IIT DelhisMachine Learning Programin association with upGrad. IIT Delhi is one of the most prestigious institutions in India. With more the 500+ In-house faculty members which are the best in the subject matters.

    The course will make you familiar with various technical concepts of AI and ML, such as Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning, Exploratory Data Analytics, and Data Science.

    How Can I Gain New Career Skills

    Utilize your current position. Look for on-the-job training or opportunities to work on projects that develop new skills. See if your employer will pay part of your tuition costs.

    Identify resources in the community. Find out about programs in your community. Community colleges or libraries often offer low cost opportunities to strengthen skills such as computing, basic accounting, or business development. Local chambers of commerce, small business administrations, or state job development programs are also excellent resources.

    Take classes. Some fields require specific education or skills, such as an additional degree or specific training. Dont automatically rule out more education as impossible. Many fields have accelerated programs if you already have some education, or you may be able to take night classes or complete part-time schooling so that you can continue to work. Some companies even offer tuition reimbursements if you stay at the company after you finish your education.

    Volunteer or work as an intern. Some career skills can be acquired by volunteering or completing an internship. This has the added benefit of getting you in contact with people in your chosen field.

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    What Does A Journalist Do

    Choose The Best Career Option For You

    A journalist is responsible for unbiased reporting of all that is happening across the world. Journalism is an umbrella term for a field that offers numerous career options. You could choose to work either for television, radio, print , or digital media.

    One of the important qualities a journalist must possess is good research skills. While reporting on an issue, a journalist must be informed enough to investigate and analyse the issue to report an unbiased story. A good journalist would also have excellent conversational skills that enable them to conduct impactful interviews and collect vital information.

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    Follow A Smart Career Strategy


    The second step in the process is to follow a smart career strategy. Today, every job is temporary, and we know that school has taught us everything except how to manage our careers.

    Now that the marketplace is always changing, you can’t build a 5, 10, or 20-year career plan. You can really only do one or two years out at a time. Your career strategy has to be agile, but it has to be very succinct and focused at the same time.

    So, at any given time, you should know exactly what you’re trying to achieve, both in your career overall and specifically with regard to relevant skills that you’re trying to grow and leverage.

    What you don’t want to do is plateau. Again, I’ve seen a lot of seasoned workers in their fifties and sixties who got to a certain level in their career and thought, “This is good enough my skills are good enough.” Meanwhile, the whole world around them was changing.

    This kind of works like a bell curve. They go up, they plateau, and they start to go down. Now all of a sudden they’re trying to get any job they canbut they’ve also outpriced themselves in the market.

    So your job is to always keep focusing on growing your skills, and being able to tell the world specifically what you’re doing to upskill every single year.

    What Are My Transferable Career Skills

    To discover your transferable career skills, consider the following:

    Dont limit yourself to just your experiences at work. When you are thinking about your skills, consider all types of activities including volunteering, hobbies, and life experiences. For example, even if you dont have formal leadership or program planning experience, founding a book club or organizing a toy drive are ways that you have been putting these skills into practice.

    List your accomplishments that might fit. Dont worry about formatting these skills for a resume at this point. You just want to start thinking about the skills you have. It can be a tremendous confidence booster to realize all of the talents youve developed.

    Brainstorm with trusted friends, colleagues, or mentors. They may be able to identify transferable skills youve overlooked or help you better articulate these skills in the future.

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    Great Career Fields For The Future

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    At high school and college graduations, youll often hear speakers urging young people to follow their passion. The idea is that if you get a job you love, youll work harder at it, and success and prosperity will follow.

    But in real life, it doesnt always work out that way. If the job you love is in a declining field, such as journalism, you could spend years struggling just to find and keep a job. And even when you have one, youll find it hard to pay the bills if it doesnt pay a living wage.

    Increasingly, career experts are recommending a different approach. Instead of pursuing your passion, try to develop a passion for a job you can do well. And if you can, choose one that pays a good salary and is in a growing field. That way, instead of having to run after job opportunities, you can have employers running after you.

    Pro tip: Before you apply for your next job, make sure your resume stands out to hiring managers. TopResume allows you to upload your resume for a free expert review by one of their professional writers.

    average return of 397%

    What If Ive Already Lost My Job

    Top 8 Career Paths with Less/No Coding | Yaswanth |GeeksforGeeks

    Being unemployed or underemployed can be tremendously stressful. It can increase the pressure of meeting mortgage payments, rent, and other financial obligations. You may feel ashamed for not working, or feel that the loss of your job has stripped you of your identity, both at home and at work. This is especially true if you have worked in the same field for a very long time.

    However, unemployment can also have a bright side. It gives you the chance to reflect on your career path. If youve been considering a new field, now is the time to research the options and see what might be the right fit for you. You may end up in a much stronger position than if you had originally kept your job.

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    How To Choose A Career

  • 4. Set achievable goals
  • If you’re stuck for job ideas and knowing where your skills might best be served, it’s worth taking the time to come up with a career development plan – simply follow these four steps to choosing a career

    A career plan is a strategy you’ll continuously develop to manage your learning and progression throughout your working life. Consisting of four stages, its purpose is to help you visualise the actions you need to take to achieve your career goals, and how to put these actions into practice.

    The four stages of a career plan are:

  • identify your skills and interests
  • explore career ideas
  • make a decision
  • set achievable goals.
  • Career planning is important for a number of reasons – having a career development plan in place reduces the risk of you making impulsive decisions, and it helps you to recognise when you’re ready to look for new opportunities and develop new skills.

    This model can be used by anyone – from school leavers to students, graduates and career changers.

    Learn more about what the process involves and how to map out your career journey.

    Student Career Guide 2021/22

    Cyber Security Expert Career

    While the internet has transformed almost every business by adding a lot of convenience to our lives, it has also made businesses and individuals more vulnerable to malicious practices. Almost every month theres news of a top company account getting hacked or crucial details getting accessed by hackers. Considering the amount of financial and personal information stored in data centres worldwide, their protection is crucial. Cyber security professionals take measures to protect these systems and minimize the possibility of such incidents.

    Cyber security experts manage everything that relates to the security of their companys computer system security. They ensure that the vulnerabilities of their systems and data are tested regularly. If any loophole is detected, measures are taken to fix them. Cyber security professionals are experts in networking technology with the latest information on tools and techniques used in the domain.

    Cyberwarfare is an ongoing activity that is far from its end. The demand for such professionals is bound to grow. If you wish to be in this high demand job in future, itll be beneficial if you study for a degree in computer networks. There are several certifications in ethical hacking that give you exposure in the field.

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