What Are Career And Technical Education Classes


Marketing Sales & Service

Career and Technical Education Programs Prepare Students for Future Success

Popular Careers: Marketing Specialist, Sales Representative, Data Analyst

They deal with different parts of the customer experience, but theyre all essential in keeping a company viable.

kicks off the customer experience by turning curious parties into sales leads.

Sales takes that lead and works with them to turn them into a paying customer.

Service makes sure that customer stays happy and sticks with the company for as long as possible.

In that respect, every company needs employees who represent each of these three areas.

CTE preps students for the basics in each of these specialties and helps them combine their skills to form a successful customer experience.

Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics

Popular Careers: Mechanic, CAD Specialist, Engineering Technologies

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is one of the hottest occupational topics in America, covering everything from shop class to vehicle design.

STEM is so popular for the same reason as health science there are a lot of STEM-related careers, but very few people to fill them.

As a result, CTE STEM graduates have golden opportunities to earn high salaries with low levels of competition from other STEM graduates.

In other words, there are plenty of STEM opportunities to go around.

STEM graduates can move into machinery, computer applications, and even high-level engineering especially if they pursue advanced degrees after their time in CTE.

The sky is the limit for STEM students, and the world needs their expertise.

Government & Public Administration

Popular Careers: Administrative Assistant, Project Manager, Zoning Specialist

Government & public administration covers the current setup of governments, how citizens interact with governments, and how governments maintain order.

Typically, that means CTE students learn about local governments. Taxes, parks, budgeting, councils these locally-oriented governmental issues all require someone with background knowledge.

Thats the kind of information CTE students learn when they start the government track.

This career path can earn a lot of money for students, but it can also bring a lot of stress.

The stress comes from the fact that many government positions including those at the local level are elected positions.

That means students with higher aspirations about working in local government will also need to participate in politics and popularity contests.

While the government CTE track may not tell students how to market themselves to get the most votes, it will launch them into government work in general.

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Business Management & Administration

Popular Careers: Human Resources, Data Entry, Business Management

Business is one of the most commonly-taught courses in CTE because of its versatility.

A background in business prepares CTE students with a leg-up in almost every career path, especially management.

While CTE doesnt delve into business as deeply as a Bachelors or Masters degree, it provides the foundational knowledge someone needs to help businesses grow or even start a business of their own!

Business management and administration is also an area where CTE students can earn certifications to prove their knowledge. This isnt as common as certifications in health science, but theyre still valuable additions to any students resume.

These certifications include:

Weve had teachers tell us they use Business& ITCenter21 for tons of different reasons, but they all come back to prepping students for real-world careers.

In fact, Busines& ITCenter21 has an entire career readiness curriculum thats designed to catapult students from the classroom to the office.

That helps teachers get their students ready for their first major career move. Plus, it lets teachers save time in terms of planning, grading, follow-up, and more.

In a nutshell, Business& ITCenter21 makes students and teachers succeed. Learn More about Business& ITCenter21 >

Business is just the beginning though. There are more tracks that deal with common office work, and theyre much more specialized than just business.

Cte Us Presidential Scholars Program

Landry, Lashanda

Minnesota can nominate five students to be Presidential Scholars in CTE based on their experiences and achievement in the classroom, work-based learning , social-emotional learning , and community involvement. Nominations must come from school staff, not the individual student. Nominations were due December 1, 2021. Access the federal program website for more information or contact .

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Cte Resources & Essentials

Depending on your schools CTE courses, you might have some or all of Washingtons student leadership organizations available to you.

Review the CTSOs Fact Sheet provides details and contact information for each of the eight recognized student organizations.

CTE promotes and supports locally-based middle and high school programs that provide 21st-century, academic and technical skills for all students. CTE classes can often fulfill academic credits required for high school graduation and some classes are even good for tuition-free college credit.

We have compiled a list of resources to keep you up to date and on the right track with CTE.

How Can I Be A Career & Technology Education Candidate

Career and Technical Education is designed for all students. Start asking questions about CTE in the ninth grade and explore technical program you find interesting. You may begin CTE courses as early as your sophomore year. *Exceptions may apply

Register for the required high school courses to earn articulated college credit. You need to complete the entire program with a grade of B or better for Charles and St. Mary’s county programs and 80% or better for Calvert County programs.

Articulate credits within two years of high school graduation to CSM.

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A Career That Is Nothing To Bark At

Malcolm Vernem credits his success as a veterinary technician to his coursework in high school. I feel with the knowledge I obtained from the animal science program, I was well prepared for the fast paced field of veterinary medicine. The class not only allowed me to gain knowledge about the career, but also gave me great confidence in both the workplace and in school. The animal science program is a two-year program that enables students to study animals and gain experience in the field of veterinary science. Topics include animal anatomy, animal behavior, handling techniques, nutrition, disease pathology, sanitation, and disease control.

Richmond Hill Career Colleges And Trade Schools

CTE 101

Richmond Hill, Ontario Career Colleges and Trade Schools in Ontario, Canada. Information provided includes contact information, description, admissions, tuition fees, financial aid and programs available for each career-based school in Richmond Hill.

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What Is Career And Technical Education And Why Does It Matter

The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the labor market have caused significant anxiety for many college students and their parents. According to labor market analytics company Burning Glass, entry-level college hiring fell 45 percent since the start of the pandemic. This sharp decrease compounds existing concerns regarding higher educations return on investment. Is college worth the cost when there is no guarantee of a well-paying job upon graduation?

College graduates continue to out-earn their peers who earned a high school diploma, but theres a growing recognition that all students need better preparation for the workforce. With labor shortages in many high-skill, high-wage industries, post-college success depends more on the skills youve developed than the school you attended or the major you pursued.

Law Public Safety & Security

Popular Careers: Criminal Justice, Paralegal, Law Enforcement

Law, public safety, & security focuses on emergency services and all legal-based occupations.

In general, law is well-known as a profitable career path. While thats not a great reason for someone to learn law in the first place, its a definite motivator for CTE students who want to work as paralegals or legal bookkeepers.

On top of that, this career path is a great start for students who want to branch into criminal justice, particularly law enforcement.

They may require a Bachelors degree in some police jurisdictions, but a CTE background at least gives a student a head start on pursuing their dreams.

At the very least, CTE gives students the chance to work in other capacities of legal occupations, including clerical work.

Thats an excellent starting place for anyone looking to get more involved in law, and it pays well enough to keep additional education on the table.

But even if a student doesnt want to pursue further education, they still have lots of options at their fingertips by following the CTE track for law, public safety, & security.

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The Definition Of Career & Technical Education

Well explore our own definition of CTE that we supplied at the top of the page.

Career and technical education is the practice of teaching skills-based careers to students in middle school, high school, and post-secondary institutions.

At AES, we believe this is the most accurate definition of CTE because it highlights CTEs unique qualities and why its important.

First, CTE is focused on skills. This differs from traditional and university-based education, which is based on theory.

CTE includes some theory, but thats typically only seen in introductory materials.

Practice, hands-on experience, and application tests make up the bulk of CTE. This is important because CTE careers require workers to have experience in their field before starting a career.

After all, many CTE tracks take students to careers that can save lives. Health science, government, law, agriculture, and construction especially relate to others health and safety.

Because of that, CTE instructors often focus more on practice and improvement instead of textbook memorization.

Second, CTE is applicable to almost every educational age range. This is because students can understand fundamentals of any career as early as sixth grade, and they can build essential skills well into adulthood.

Thats why youll find CTE tracks offered in middle schools, high schools, and post-secondary institutions.

That gives CTE two advantages that you cant find in many other education fields:

  • CTE is highly-specific
  • For Business Supporters Or Cte Teachers

    Cte Course

    Consider speaking to students in their schools, organizing field trips to your worksites, and establishing apprenticeship and internship opportunities. If youre interested in learning more, contact your local school districts Career and Technical Education Director or main administrative office.

    CTE teaching gives you a chance to make a difference in preparing our children for meaningful, living-wage jobs in a variety of fields – to pass along your expertise and excitement to a new generation. If you are interested in CTE teaching, visit the Certification page for more information.

    Deadline: November 4 at 5:00pm.Submission: Email completed applications and any questions to the .

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    Cte Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is the Purpose of Career and Technical Education ?

    CTE provides all students access to high-quality, rigorous career-focused programs that result in attainment of credentials with labor market value. The structured training each student receives gives him or her the tools needed to be successful in a career after high school and/or further his or her postsecondary education, whether technical school, two-year college, or four-year college. Each student is encouraged to explore various CTE Career Pathways and to develop the essential skills to feel competent in entering today’s competitive job market.

    What Are CTE Career Pathways?

    A Career Pathway is a sequence of courses within a student’s area of interest that connects to career interests and serves as an educational road map, leading to a credential. Utah has developed 35 CTE Career Pathways, that align with the national Career Clusters.

    What Subject Areas Are Covered by CTE?

    From agriculture to engineering to health science to manufacturing. CTE offers 35 CTE Career Pathways within 13 CTE Career Clusters.

    Is CTE Only for Students Who Are Not College-Bound?

    No. Career and Technical Education is essential for all students, providing them with a foundation of academic knowledge and essential technical skills. CTE courses and programs introduce students to career options and assist them in making informed educational choices.

    How Is CTE Funded?

    Where Is CTE Offered?

    How Is CTE Offered?

    How Many CTE Students Are in Utah?

    Agriculture Food & Natural Resources

    Popular Careers: Agricultural Inspector, Agronomist, Wildlife Administrator

    Agriculture, food, & natural resources teaches CTE students about how human life is sustained around the world.

    This allows graduates to pursue a wide range of careers, as agriculture is an enormous field.

    These students can go on to become farmers themselves but thats only the most obvious career. They can also work as inspectors, lab technicians, administrators, and researchers.

    Depending on the work environment a CTE student enjoys, they can really do anything their heart desires with an agriculture background.

    Do they want to work outside? Theres plenty of hands-on, clear-skies work that needs done around the United States.

    Do they prefer the indoors? Laboratories constantly test different parts of agriculture like soil and building emissions for compliance.

    The wide-ranging field of agriculture is a great choice for any CTE student. It may not be for everyone, but its a solid career path.

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    New York State Education Department

    In an effort to provide clear alignment between common career and technical education courses and their associated SCED codes, several new CTE course codes have been developed and added to the course catalog. These course codes should be used by districts or BOCES that offer the courses listed below:


    Career and Financial Management


    Design and Drawing for Production


    Career Exploration Internship Program *


    Cooperative Career and Technical Education Work Experience *


    General Education Work Experience Program *


    Particular Topics in Professional Diving


    *Please note, for the Perkins Program Quality Indicator for Work-Based Learning , the work-based learning course codes above do not serve to identify students as having completed 54 hours of work-based learning. Perkins recipients must continue to use the 22202W course code to indicate completion of the 54 hours in addition to the work-based learning codes listed above. The New York State Comprehensive Course Catalog has been updated to reflect the additional courses.

    If you have any questions regarding the new SCED codes, please contact the Office of Career and Technical Education at or the Office of Information Reporting Services.

    What’s The Best Way To Teach Cte Classes

    What is Career and Technical Education (CTE)?

    CTE can be taught in a variety of ways, but over the years we’ve found it works best when used with blended learning.

    Blended learning is an education strategy that features multiple teaching methods to help students learn more effectively than one method on its own.

  • Use multiple types of instructional materials
  • Incorporate technology for reinforcement
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    Potential For Mixed Impact On Disparities: Supported By Some Evidence

    There is some evidence that career and technical education programs can have mixed impacts on disparities in high school completion and employment outcomes, decreasing disparities between students from families with high and low incomes but increasing disparities between male and female students. Students from families with low incomes enroll and benefit more from CTE courses compared to students from families with higher incomes3, 6, 11. However, some studies show that male students participate in and benefit from the programs more than female students3, 11, 12. Students with disabilities who participate in CTE programs are more likely to graduate on-time from high school and be employed than students with disabilities who dont participate2, 14, 15. A report on students enrolled in CTE programs in 2020 across 40 states indicates that white students took CTE courses more than non-white students and Black and Hispanic students had less access to programs focused on STEM fields, which often lead to high paying jobs28.

    Cte Works For All Students

  • Middle School students participating in career exploration programs are more likely to develop an achievable educational and career path in high school.
  • High School students involved in CTE are more engaged, perform better academically, and graduate at higher rates.
  • College students enrolled in CTE programs are more likely to complete a post-secondary degree/certificate, earn more on average than other associate degree programs, and are prepared for in-demand jobs.
  • Businesses benefit directly as CTE programs address the needs of high-growth industries and help close the skills gap.
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    Industry Standards Rating Tool

    Your role in providing input and support in aligning industry-recognized standards to provide meaningful educational, job and career pathways represents a very valuable contribution. Thalea Longhurst, State Director, Career and Technical Education


    How can you make a difference in education? Get yourself set up as a standards rater. Industry leaders and educators need to work together now more than ever. There are millions of jobs that need to be filled, and students need the knowledge and skills in order to fill the positions and get started on a successful career.

    This project connects industry leaders and educators and provides a way for industry to rate the importance of the knowledge and skills contained in courses offered for a particular industry and skill level. When industry and government align to develop the workforce, the community benefits. Its a win-win to place high school students on the fast-track to careers while lowering unemployment and strengthening the economy.

    Industry Recognized Standards across Career Clusters

    21st Century Skills

    Utah K-12 Computer Science Grant


    Application window closed.

    Computer Science “Access for All”

    Accounts for all funds received. Due June 30, 2022.


    Why Is Cte Important

    What Is a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO)?

    In 2009, Sonoma Countys Innovation Council report on Economic Development highlighted the need to build a world-class workforce based on educational achievement and career training as a top priority. At the Federal level, leaders concerned that the national workforce was losing its global competitiveness identified a critical need to improve STEM education and other skills training required to succeed in the 21st Century workforce. At the same time, employers were sharing their frustration that there was a significant gap between skills required to do their jobs and the current training received by students in the educational system.

    Career Technical Education programs deliver many benefits, here are just a few:

    • Connect classroom instruction with applied knowledge and skills to solve real world problems
    • Build important skills in creativity, collaboration, and communication
    • Foster high school and post-secondary partnerships to provide a clear pathway to certifications and degrees
    • Prepare students to be both college AND career ready
    • Teach students technical and life skills that help them become productive citizens of our local economy, ultimately ensuring the long term health and economic competitiveness of our nation

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