Wayne County Schools Career Center


Wayne County Schools Career Center

WCSCC Vital Connections 2021 Day 2
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Wayne County Career Center is great for high school studentsinterested in free career training and college prep at the same time.

Located in Smithville, Ohio, Wayne County Career Center’s career andtechnical academics prepare students to move on to careers in such fieldsas animal care, engineering, teaching, carpentry and business.

However, WCCC students may also continue to take college prep courses inthe liberal arts, sciences, history and math, and ultimately obtain theirdiploma from their home high school.

Students may maintain their extracurricular involvement with their homehigh school as well by remaining involved in their home school’s clubsand sports activities.

WCCC’s programs, which are attended by hundreds of students from 12 areahigh schools, are free of charge. Students pay occasional lab fees, butno tuition. For those who may need it, WCCC financial aid is available tothose who qualify the form of federal, local or institutional grants aswell as student loans.

Additionally, Wayne County Career Center offers career education programsand certificates for adults. These include certification in healthfields, maintenance and computers.

Online courses are offered for all students across all fields of study.

Additional services offered at Wayne County Career Center include freecareer counseling and job search workshops.

Wayne County Career Center

Size200,000 sf

The Wayne County Schools Career Center was completed in a 6-phase, 3-year construction renovation and addition with co-funding dollars from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission. The total renovations and additions encompassed 185,000 sf of the existing Career Center building, as well as the renovation of the 5,500 sf “Old School House” Restaurant and Bakery Kitchen into an Administration / Board of Education Building. Through creative planning, a newly-renovated 7,600 sf Adult Education Center was constructed as swing space for academic classrooms/career tech labs during the 3 year renovation and addition.

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