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North High School to open new Career and Technical Education Center
  • State name latest available year: Tennessee
  • State abbr latest available year: TN
  • School name: Trezevant Career and Technology Center
  • school id nces assigned latest available year: 470014801854
  • Agency name: Shelby County
  • Location address 1: 3224 Range Line Rd
  • Location city: Memphis
  • Location zip4: 6854
  • Phone number: 9014163800
  • Agency type district: Regular local school district that is NOT a component of a supervisory union
  • School type: Vocational school
  • cbsa name district : Memphis TN-MS-AR
  • csa name district : Memphis-Forrest City TN-MS-AR
  • congressional code: 4709
  • agency id nces assigned latest availableyear: 4700148
  • county number: 47157
  • Saving Time And Personalizing The Student Experience

    Using HealthCenter21 has saved Patryce countless hours in the classroom. Instead of turning to multiple materials for each class, the resources and teaching tools in HealthCenter21 help make teaching easier and more rewarding.

    The lesson plans are therefor me to pull from, she reiterates. Plus, the automatically graded assessments make it easier for her to keep track of her students progress. I can look to see what their status is, what they’re having problems with, and what they did well with.

    With the hours she saves planning and grading each week, Patryce has the flexibility to individualize and inject creativity into her lessons.

    Now Patryce spends her planning periods picking and choosing the materials, projects, and activities that will best engage her learners.

    I was able to come up with more creative ways to present the lessons, she shares. I dont always just go directly through the modules.

    When students are engaged in various ways, they are more likely to remember critical course material when it comes time for assessments.

    Patryces students have seen the difference on a personal level, too. With additional time to devote to her classes, she can concentrate on helping students one on one and in small groups.

    It gives me a way to individualize my instruction, as well. I may have one group over here doing one thing, and I can assign AES to some other students.

    Trezevant Career And Technology Center Students Visit Baptist Memphis

    Dr. Kaushik Parsha speaks to students about the brain.

    Students from the Trezevant Career and Technology Centers HOSA program toured Baptist Memphis on Sept. 21 to learn more about our health care system and services, including stroke, EEG, physical therapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, respiratory therapy and speech therapy.

    Dr. Kaushik Parsha in Vascular Neurology spoke to the students on brain development and function. Julie Horn, neuroscience and stroke coordinator, gave a presentation on strokes.

    HOSA is a global student-led organization with a mission to empower future health professionals to become leaders in the global health community.

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    Trezevant Career And Technology Center Teachers

  • FULL-TIME EQUIVALENT TEACHER: 8,5 A full-time equivalent attempts to standardise a full-time teachers teaching load against that of a part-time teacher. The basis for the calculation are the statutory working hours and not the total or actual working hours or total or actual teaching hours.
  • Pupil/teacher ratio: 0
  • Finding A Passion For Teaching Health Science

    trezevant : Latest news, Breaking news headlines

    Like many successful CTE instructors, Patryce Gleeton didnt start her career in health science education. She began by working directly in the healthcare field, spending over a decade as a health technician in a clinical setting.

    I had never thought about teaching, Patryce recalls. It really was never anything on my radar.

    A friend from Patryces church founded a new CTE school and approached her about becoming a health science instructor. Using the knowledge she gained in healthcare, she took the opportunity to switch careers and start teaching students. Shes been with Trezevant CTC ever since, working directly with Memphis high school students for over twenty years.

    Patryces passion for education was evident from the beginning, but her lessons didnt always resonate with her students. Her school didnt have many digital resources, so she was limited in the teaching techniques she could use.

    Teaching before I used AES, Patryce says, looking back. I guess I wont necessarily use the term boring, but there were not a lot of options. It was just pretty much straight from a textbook.

    Her students were able to learn the material, but working from a textbook gave Patryce little room for creativity.

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    Tennessee Teacher Saves Time While Managing Multiple Courses

    A four-course load is something every health science teacher dreads. The long hours spent preparing for different courses. A mismatched curriculum leaves you scrambling through textbooks, trying to remember what material to teach in which class. Lost time with family and friends as you spend your evenings and weekends planning and grading.

    Every year, passionate educators, many new to their profession, are forced to cover heavy course loads. Often, this is because they are the only health science teacher in their school. This leaves them feeling alone, overwhelmed, and without others to turn to.

    One teacher who met this challengeand overcame itis Patryce Gleeton, a health science educator at Trezevant Career and Technology Center, part of Memphis-Shelby County Schools in Tennessee.

    Patryce teaches high school students at courses in every grade level:

    • Health Science Foundations
    • Clinical Internships
    • Work-Based Learning Opportunities

    Despite managing large course loads, shes still found time to add personality and creativity to her curriculum, all while meeting her standards and preparing students for important professional certifications.

    Preparing Students For Certification Success

    In 2021, Trezevant added a course focused on the NHA Certified Clinical Medical Assistant exam to their health science program. Patryce quickly discovered that the NHA test preparation materials didn’t fully prepare her students to sit for their certification exams.

    Because she and her colleagues had already successfully used HealthCenter21 in her other courses, Patryce trusted AES to help her prepare students for professional certifications.

    Now, Patryce relies on HealthCenter21 to teach and review the knowledge and skills candidates must master before taking the CCMA certification. Then she uses the NHA practice tests and study materials ahead of students sitting for their exams.

    The students have their study materials, but I use AES in the background, she summarizes. I can assign them a module because I know its on the NHA test.

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    Discovering The Blended Learning Difference

    Patryce was introduced to AES over a decade ago by her state HOSA advisor, who encouraged Patryce and her colleagues at Trezevant to consider AES for their program.

    When Trezevant purchased HealthCenter21, she quickly saw how it made her life in the classroom easier. Patryce found the curriculum system easy to use, especially when managing multiple courses simultaneously.

    Her students seemed better engaged, too, adapting quickly to the blended learning format and responding positively to using the AES system.

    I think my students like the system, Patryce reports. They like being able to go at their own pace.

    High School Students Run Bank At Trezevant Again

    Meet Lou, Data Center Technician | Amazon Web Services

    Cristian Alvarado and Arizee Tucker work at the student-run Trezevant Savings Bank at the Trezevant Career and Technology Center in Frayser Thursday, Oct. 24. Alvarado is an auditor and Tucker is a sales clerk at the bank. The responsibility we have here is going to help us to be more responsible in the future, says Alvarado.

    The student-run bank teaches students more about money and customer service, skills they will carry with them for the future.

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