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How To Know If Your Identity Has Been Stolen:

Texas Workforce Commission trying to help Vista College students after school abruptly closes

The best way to make sure your identity hasnt been stolen is constant vigilance. There are some telltale signs someone has stolen your identity and is using it for fraudulent purposes. Here are some actions you can take to monitor for identity theft.

  • Track the bills you owe and their bill dates. If you stop getting a bill, it might be a sign someone has changed the billing address.
  • Review all bills, charges and bank statements to look for anything that seems suspicious or out of the ordinary.
  • Check your credit reports.
  • Consider using identity monitoring services.

Different Paths For Job And Skills Training

There are many different ways to get job and skills training. Here are some more programs that promote training for workforce development:

Employers and job seekers alike can leverage the benefits of these programs. To find out about training opportunities in your area contact your local Workforce Solutions Office!

What To Be On The Lookout For

First, TWC reminds Texans to never give out social security numbers, account logins, bank information, payment or even addresses on any social media platform, even in direct messages to TWC. TWC never conducts business on social media, so if anyone claiming to represent the agency contacts you asking for private information, do not respond. This is a good sign you have been targeted by someone trying to steal your identity.

Second, only conduct business through TWCs official unemployment portal or phone number. Over the last few months, multiple fake TWC pages have been set up by scammers hoping to steal private information from people applying for unemployment benefits. Unless you can reach the page through official TWC channels, dont trust it.

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Withdrawing From Class And Refunds:

Students will receive full 100% refund of tuition if the class is canceled.

  • 100% refund less $15 matriculation fee
  • No refund – on or after 1st class date

All other classes:

  • 100% refund less $15 matriculation fee

Instructors will discuss materials and textbooks during the first class session. Books are available through the college bookstore located in the Devall Student Center or at KC-Longview for Longview Classes only. Some courses listed in the class schedule do not require textbooks or supplies. Supplies and texts are not included in the course fees unless stated in the course description. Books or supplies should not be purchased until you know exactly what the instructor will require.

Kilgore College Community Education courses enhance employment skills and offer opportunities for personal enrichment. Short-term, non-credit courses help individuals learn and improve skills for both work and leisure. For more information, visit the Community Education webpage.

The Kilgore College Workforce Development Department is proud to partner with area economic development organizations to support the following initiatives:

  • Business Retention and Expansion Projects
  • New Prospect Projects
  • Business and Community, Education, and Economic Development Educational Program Initiatives

Area partners include:

How Was My Identity Stolen

Professional Culinary Program

Perpetrators use identity information they stole from somewhere else before they file the claim with TWC. Identities are usually stolen through hacking and phishing schemes occurring outside of TWC. Major hacks of corporations, individual accounts, and increasing numbers of individuals putting sensitive identity data online have opened up millions for exposure. The Insurance Information Institute has reported that the number of identity theft complaints in America doubled in 2020.

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How Can Someone Apply For A Jet Grant

Eligible educational institutions can apply for the next phase of JET funding through a competitive grant process. The Request for Applications solicitation provides information and instruction on how to submit a proposal packet. Go to the JET Grant Program webpage to access any active or open Request for Applications solicitation. Active and previous JET RFAs can be found on the Texas state comptrollers Electronic State Business Daily Search .

Innovative Business Models Increase Restaurant Revenue Texans Indulge In Alcohol To Go

For many restaurants, innovative business models have been key to financial survival. In 2020, many of you began offering or expanded carryout, curbside pickup, and third-party delivery. Customers appreciate the convenience and expect those options to continue. Its time to make the long-term physical and technology investments in these revenue opportunities.

A new business model which resulted from the pandemic is alcohol to go. Because alcohol sales make up a large percentage of restaurant revenue, restaurant owners, with support from the Texas Restaurant Association, petitioned for the ability to sell alcohol to go. Diners love the ease and convenience of pre-made cocktails. Alcohol to go is now here to stay. Learn How to Safely Provide Alcohol to go and Delivery

Get access to: Introduction to The Pivot of the Customer Experience: Delivery, Pick Up, Waiting, and The Role of Technology in Todays Restaurant

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Customers Appreciate Safety And Crave Ambience

Many of you adjusted your interior and exterior dining space to improve safety based on what we learned about Covid-19 spread. But even as Texans began to feel more comfortable dining out and as we began to get vaccinated, many continued to crave that extra space and the ambience provided by distanced dining and outdoor dining. Theres opportunity to meet demand with long-term enhancements or expansion of your interior and exterior dining space.

Get access to:Making the Most of Your Restaurant Space

Student Occupational Awareness & Recognition

Online academy offering pathways to tech jobs after high school, college

The goal of the Student Occupational Awareness and Recognition Program is to expose, educate, and engage students in career development and career decision-making. The program provides career services to students at public middle and high schools, grades six through twelve, and students receive in-depth education and direction on career choices as well as access to the up-to-date labor market and career data. The SOAR Program offers many resources to help students to become workforce ready!

Classroom Workshops: The SOAR Program offers three primary workshops:

Labor Market OverviewsThis workshop is an overview for seventh graders of high-demand occupations with data and classroom activities related to job growth, earnings, educational programs, demographics, and more as related to careers.

Student Career Assessment and Interest ProfilerYour SOAR Career Specialist can help your eighth-grade students find out what their interests are and what kind of pathway they might want to pursue.

Employability SkillsThe Employability Skills workshop will help ninth graders identify the ways to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people, personal qualities such as a positive attitude, the ability to communicate, think critically, organize and plan, and work with a team, and more.

Other available resources include:

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Job Seeker Education & Training

Plan your future and explore career opportunities with our education and training services. Find information to continue or launch your career with training available from community colleges, technical schools, or trade schools. Our Career Preparedness services include:

  • Workshops on resumé writing, interviewing skills, and job search techniques
  • Stress management workshops and referrals for personal or crisis counseling
  • Financial management classes and credit counseling
  • Customized on-site job fairs and/or information on community job fairs
  • Labor market information on in demand jobs, wages, job trends, and prospective employers
  • Assistance in accessing government-funded retraining programs

Increase Job Placement Outcomes And Empower Students To Take Control Of Their Own Career Success With A Robust Suite Of Self

CareerPrepped is a self-help and mobile-friendly career success system that you can offer to your students and grads to help them land their dream job.

Complete 12 ED training courses to become a Certified Higher Education Professional in Teaching. CHEPs can meet their annual continuing education requirements by completing 2 courses from any training area.

Complete 12 EL training courses to become a Certified Higher Education Professional in Online Teaching. CHEPs can meet their annual continuing education requirements by completing 2 courses from any training area.

Complete 12 training courses from the list below to become a Certified Higher Education Professional in Admissions. CHEPs can meet their annual continuing education requirements by completing 2 courses from any training area.

Terms of Service

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What To Do If Youre Being Charged For Overpayments On A Fraudulent Claim

If you never made an unemployment claim, but get a notice of overpayment take the following steps:

  • Report the fraud immediately using the TWC fraud portal. Note that individuals who report suspected ID theft to TWC do not always receive a call, email, or letter in response to the information provided. However, they can be assured that the imposter claim is handled as quickly as possible to lock the claim and to prevent payment. TWC will only contact you if additional information is needed regarding the claim.
  • There is no need to respond to the overpayment letters or to file an appeal provided you did not apply for benefits. These letters will cease after TWC verifies the fraud and locks down the account.
  • If you have applied for benefits or received them recently, but are still the victim of ID theft, TWC might need more information to verify that the overpayment is connected to the fraudulent account and not to you. Please contact TWC in one of the following ways:

Be A Wizard Behind The Curtain

Getting Ready To Join The Workforce: 13 Tips For High School And ...

Behind every good AI system, there are the wizards behind the curtain. It takes a host of designers, coders, technology scientists, maintenance technicians and engineers to create, run and maintain these processes. These are in-demand, high-paying jobs and recently, TWC earmarked up to $9 million in grant funding to put more Texas workers on a path to careers in these rewarding middle skills job.

The initiative to end the middle skills gap builds on existing TWC programs and services, which are available to all Texans throughor through 180Workforce Solutions Centersaround the state.

Call your local Workforce Solutions Center to find out what middle skills training opportunities there are in your area, and check out the free AI webinar here to see how TWC is approaching in-demand careers associated with AI.

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How To Help Combat Fraud

All Texans should take steps to secure their identity online by practicing internet security best practices. Treat your TWC account and all accounts like you would your bank account. The Texas Workforce Commission will investigate every unemployment benefit claim to confirm identity and to lock accounts that are fraudulent.

If you think you have been the victim of identity theft, report it using the TWC fraud and identity theft portal at:

Private information is being shared like never before. Social networking sites routinely expose full names, addresses, birthdates and other information valuable to scammers. Combined with information stolen from data breaches, cell phone hacking or phishing scams that expose social security numbers, criminals can impersonate you online. TWC reminds Texans to use extreme caution on social media amid this dramatic increase in identity theft.

How Is My Identity Being Stolen

No TWC systems have been breached, but criminal elements can use identities stolen from Texans in an attempt to fraudulently apply for unemployment benefits. The most common ways an identity is stolen is through data breaches, hacking and phishing. Hacking of cell phones and other portable devices is now a worrying trend when it comes to identity theft. While many people have strong security on their computers, they may not have these protections on their cell phones and tablets. Remember, if you wouldnt click on a link or reply to a message on your computer, follow the same level of vigilance on your phone or tablet.

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Meet Twc Continuing Education Requirements

The chief administrative officer or owner of a career school or college, as well as admissions directors and full-time instructors are required to complete at least six hours of continuing education each year. The CCST Online Training Center is approved by the Texas Workforce Commission to provide the required continuing education.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Data

Texas Workforce Solutions – Vocational Rehab Services

Everyone should practice Internet security best practices to protect their data. What that means is keeping information that can be used to steal your identity private unless you are asked to provide it by a recognized TWC representative. If youre reaching out for help, dont post the information in a direct message or comment because once that information is available online, it becomes a target for scammers looking to steal identities. If we need this sensitive information from you, we will not ask for it through social media.

A good way to think of your personal information is like your bank account. You wouldnt post that information on social media, right? Treat your personal information in the same way. When in doubt, dont share it.

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Head Starts For Youth

The growing demand for high-skilled technical workers to fill positions associated with AI means Texas must continue to attract more students intoSTEMfields. Its important to introduce students to STEM-based training at an early age to better prepare them to compete for the high demand careers of the present and future. Our specialized industries rely on TWC programs like Camp Code, Summer Earn and Learn, Explore STEM! and the Governors Summer Merit Program to inspire young Texans to continue their studies in science and engineering fields whichgives them a head-start towards rewarding careers with competitive salaries.

Information Is The Key To Great Careers

There is no wrong turn or incorrect path to success. We need to remind students that good jobs dont only come to you by way of a 4-year college degree. Instead, we need to think outside the box and encourage young Texans to find the right fit for them because ALL degrees have merit. For some, perhaps it does make sense to pursue a classic, 4-year option, but for others maybe their goals are better accomplished through a certification or technical degree. Informing students of their options is whats important. When people know the paths they can take, the routes available to them, life-changing careers are a decision away. JET grants are a key tool TWC uses to make sure all possibilities for future careers are available to students and Texans.

Read more about JET Grants at

Identity theft is on the rise, and scammers are targeting Texans using stolen information to attempt to gain further information. Fortunately, the Texas Workforce Commission has strong protections to identify, track, and lock down fraud attempts, protecting Texas workers and the integrity of the Texas unemployment system. In most cases, we stop the fraud before a single dollar in benefits are paid out, but sometimes nefarious actors do manage to game the system and collect funds they do not deserve.

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What Are Jet Grants

JET grants make sure our workforce is trained to be ready and competitive in the Texas job market. The JET program exists to assist public community, state and technical colleges, and ISDs with purchasing and installing equipment necessary for the development of career and technical education courses or programs that lead to a license, certificate or postsecondary degree in a high-demand occupation.

Show Me The Data Where Do The Numbers Really Come From

Memberships &  Affiliations

But how do we determine how many people are in the CLF? And how do we determine how many of those are EMP and how many are UNEMP?

The U.S. Government has two principle ways of gathering information about large populations of people:

A survey involves getting information from a few people in a population and using probabilities to allow their responses to represent what is likely the case for the rest of the population.

A good example is the U.S. Governments Current Population Survey , which is conducted every month by the U.S. Census Bureau on behalf of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics . This is the main . The CPS covers a multitude of topics, including the respondents relationship to the labor force. About 60,000 households nationwide receive the CPS every month.

The labor force-related section of the CPS is 45 pages long and consists of more than 200 questions. That might seem overwhelming but sophisticated skip patterns use the responses to several questions to ensure respondents are asked only a small set of questions about themselves. Averaged over eight months of interviews, the labor force section of the CPS interview lasts about six minutes per person.

Want to see what that labor force section of the CPS looks like? Check it out here.

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Career Schools & Colleges

The Career Schools & Colleges program regulates career schools in Texas and provides information and technical assistance to schools, students and the public. Career schools and colleges are privately owned institutions that offer classroom or online training in which students are taught the skills needed to perform a particular job.

On this page:

The Career Schools & Colleges program serves:

  • Current and prospective students of career schools
  • Currently licensed schools
  • Those considering opening a career school

Job seekers and employees can find information on Career Schools & Colleges and other training options at Training & Education. Schools can explore Career Schools & Colleges and other training programs at Training Providers Resources.

When A License Is Required

If you have a business providing instruction in Texas or to Texans, including schools located in Texas providing only distance education, you must be licensed unless you are exempt from licensure or are an out-of-state distance education school.

The Texas Workforce Commission regulates most types of career schools and colleges. However, some schools such as those that train barbers, cosmetologists , massage therapists, aviation mechanics and realtors are licensed by other agencies.

The Texas Workforce Commission issues a Certificate of Approval to licensed schools. If your school is licensed, you are able to publish that your school is approved and regulated by TWC. If your school is operating without a license or exemption, you may be required to pay a penalty, pay refunds to all students or halt instruction.

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