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Tailor Your Resume To It

How to Switch to IT Career Successfully in 2020 | Intellipaat

Use the same language you see in job descriptions and focus on the skills/experience you have that relates to the jobs you want. Read up on how to select the right kind of resume and get the attention of more hiring managers, and when you get down to writing, make sure you highlight all of your transferable skills.

Develop Other Vital Technical And Soft Skills

A tech career typically requires extensive knowledge of computer programming, cloud computing, DevOps, and time and project management skills, depending on your chosen field. Also, soft skills like analytical and critical thinking, data management, and attention to detail are must-have skills.

Furthermore, you should be conversant with using office apps, like Microsoft Office Suite and Google Workspace, video conferencing apps like Zoom and Skype, and online collaborative software, like Asana, for project management. These skills are vital across most industries today, and a tech career requires expertise in more than a few areas.

Executive Programs From Top Universities

  • Key Skills Python, Data Science, Data Analysis, AI, GIT, MLOps, Data Wrangling, SQL, Story Telling, Machine Learning, Prediction algorithms, NLP, Model, Data visualization

  • 100 HrsOnline Class
  • Key Skills AWS, Elastic Compute, Load Balancing, Autoscaling and DNS, VPC, CloudFormation, Access Management and Monitoring Services, AWS Migration, Version Control with Git, Continuous Testing Continuous Integration Continuous Monitoring using ELK Data Virtualization Devops on AWS DevSecOps Application Deployment

    Next Cohort: 3rd Dec 20226 Months

  • Key Skills SQL, No SQL , Data Warehousing, OLAP, OLTP, ETL, Python Programming, Hadoop, Spark, Spark Streaming, AWS, Redshift, RDS, EMR, Apache Airflow, S3, S3 Glacier, Glue, Docker, Kubernetes

    Next Cohort: 4th Dec 20227 Months

  • Key Skills Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, Spark, Scala, Splunk, Mapping, Pivots, Python, Statistics, Data Science with Python, Machine Learning, PySpark, Lambda functions, MongoDB, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, ETL, Hive, AWS, Big Data Hadoop, Testing

    Next Cohort: 3rd Dec 20227 Months

  • Key Skills Leadership, Performance Measurement, Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, Big Data, Strategic Management, Data Science and Analytics, Operations and Information Management

    Next Cohort: 3rd Dec 202218 Months

  • 231 HrsOnline Class
  • Key Skills MapReduce, HDFS, Advanced Hive and Impala, Pig, Sqoop, Oozie, Flume and HBase, Spark framework and RDD, Scala and Spark SQL, Machine Learning using Spark, Spark Streaming, etc.

  • Fresher

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    What Are Adjacent Skills

    Your skills arent only versatile and valuable if theyre directly transferable to other roles. They can also prepare you to learn other, related skills faster. We call skills that are related to each other adjacent skills, because theyre next to each other, so to speak.

    For instance, if youre a social media copywriter, then content marketing could be an adjacent skill because it uses many of the same skills youve been building in your current role. An engineer can consider Python an adjacent skill to natural language processing, because knowing the former makes them predisposed to quickly pick up the latter.

    Even if you dont possess the relevant adjacent skills to switch to a career that uses them right now, the skills you do have make you a good candidate for picking up adjacent skills. As you develop these skills, youll find that the overlap between what you already know and what youre learning will accelerate how quickly you can pick up the new skill.

    Are You Willing To Invest In Yourself

    Career Change: How Do You Know When itâs Time?

    At times, it can feel difficult to justify the financial investment of going back to college to help complete a career transitionespecially if youve already earned a degree in a different field. As you examine your potential in a new career, its up to you to determine whether the investment will be worth it. But it can be helpful to consider the words of those who have walked this path before you.

    Adam Coughran began his career as a police officer, but he discovered his desire to teach when he later graduated from University of Massachusetts Global with an MA in organizational leadership. He taught at the police academy, then began speaking at conferences, recording training videos and more. Before he knew it, hed transitioned to life as owner of Standards Training Group, a training and consulting company.

    If theres one investment that, at any given time, you should never doubt or second guess, it would be the investment in yourself by way of education, training and improving, Coughran says. While you cant always quantify it in dollars and cents, you can quantify it in the process, in the people and in your way of life and quality of life after the fact.

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    Can You Afford It

    Its important to think long term about the impact a career transition could have on your financial stability. If youre hoping to change industries, you may end up starting from scratch in an entry-level position.

    I recommend people consider whether they can afford a temporary pay cut and whether theyre comfortable with a possible change in status, advises physical therapist Meredith Castin, who left patient care to pursue life as a writer and career coach.

    How To Switch To A Career In Tech: A Step

    If you are interested in a tech career but don’t know how to go about it, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

    Tech is hot nowadays, and everyone loves the changes sweeping through it. If you’re not already working in the industry, it’s normal for you to consider a career in the tech industry, especially if you are not satisfied with your current employment situation.

    Regardless of why you may want to try a new career, there are certain things you must do to transition to and succeed in the new. This article provides a step-by-step approach to guide you on your way to a new, successful tech career.

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    S To Be Taken To Enter An It Career

    In this section, lets check out the steps you need to follow to land your desired IT career.

    If you are career switching from a non-engineering background, it will be difficult for you to learn the above-mentioned technologies without having a basic understanding of programming languages. To work on any IT technology, you need to learn programming languages first. C, C++, Java, and Python are the trending programming languages, and among them, Python and Java are the most important ones. Most of all technologies these days run on Python language. So, to start with the basics, learn these programming languages, and then go on working on your desired IT path.

    Finding The Right Adjacent Skills

    How to Change Careers Into I.T. – Information Technology

    The first step to finding the right adjacent skills to develop for a career pivot is quite straightforwardwhat do you want to learn? If that feels like a big question to answer all at once, follow a process similar to the one used to discover transferable skills.

    CEO and Founder of GreatOnTheJob.com Jodi Glickman laid out a helpful system for discovering these skills in her LinkedIn Learning course on Leveraging Your Transferable Skills to Drive Your Career. Glickman recommended you start the process by asking yourself four questions:

  • What are your strengths? What do you excel at in your current role?
  • What do you enjoy? This is NOT the same as what youre good at! What do you do and the time just flies by, you dont notice the clock, Glickman asked, or what would you do as a favor to a friend?
  • What gives you energy? What skills make you feel like youre in the zone and get you excited to keep going? If you feel at the end of the day that you have nothing left to give to yourself or to others, you are in a role that is energy-depleting, Glickman explained. Youre probably not playing to your strengths and there are probably ways that you can leverage your transferable skills in a more positive and impactful way.
  • What are you known for? What do friends and family, peers and colleagues come to you for advice on? Glickman prompted. Take that information as signals that you have strengths and transferable skills that maybe you havent identified.
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    How To Make That Career Change

    Now that weve identified the key signs of an unhappy career choice, its time to look at what the next steps are to getting you out of there and into a career that embraces your passions.

    Follow these steps and youll soon be waving goodbye to that horror of a boss and saying hello to a brand, spanking new career that reminds you of the person we all used to know and love. Weve created an even more thorough guide to successfully change careers.

    Start By Asking Why You Want To Quit Your Current Job

    Is it the culture of the organization, is it the people you work with, or is there something else bogging you down? Like me, you might also discover that you love your job, but you want to build something new or experiment with a different sector. It is critical to be radically honest with yourself and think things through.

    I decided to conduct an experiment to figure out my career transition. For the past four years, I worked on building Network Capital on nights and over weekends. I took two weeks off from work to focus solely on this task. That is when I realized that I could make so much more progress on my side-hustle with focused effort.

    That focused effort not only energized me, but also propelled a whole bunch of new product roadmaps. In fact, I came up with the idea of launching cohort-based-fellowships during that time. That was my why and it made me realize that I enjoyed dedicating most of my waking hours to my side-hustle, even though I loved my day job.

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    How Do I Get Started Switching From Health Care To It

    To get from here to there, think about your goals and your timetable.

    • As a first step, take our free career quiz to see what IT career matches your skills and interests. Remember, your health care career didn’t happen overnight, and neither will your IT career, but with patience and attention to detail, you’ll be able to navigate the change.
    • Research what training/education you will need to get into IT. Perhaps it’s as simple as taking a class or two at the local community college. Talk to people in the field doing what it is you think you’d like to do to learn how they got there.
    • Make sure you are getting the experience you need on a small scale by volunteering your time and expertise with a charity or teaching a class at your local library for people that want to feel more comfortable using computers. If you want to start your career as a coder, for example, perhaps start building your web portfolio and polishing your skills.
    • Don’t forget, you likely already have many of the skills necessary to work in IT, such as attention to detail and communication. Certifications and training can get you the rest of the way to achieve your IT career goals.

    Next Steps: Where You Go From Here

    How to switch jobs or career path
  • Read through our blog and forums to learn more about the different careers in tech.
  • Sign up for a programming course to start building your skills. Or, jump right into a career path to learn everything you’ll need to know all at once and start building projects to feature in your portfolio.
  • Reach out to other learners in our forums or Chapters to find a mentor.
  • Check out our Career Center for tips from tech recruiters and interview prep resources.Browse through our Learner Stories to find people who found new purpose and meaning after changing careers.
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    Con: You Havent Talked To Anyone About This Decision

    Dont switch jobs without talking to the people you trust. Some of these people, like your partner, need to know when and how you plan on switching jobs, as this will impact your household income. If you dont know what to do, talking about it with a trusted friend, partner, parent or mentor can be helpful.

    Do not, however, talk to your boss or even co-workers about switching jobs. The last thing you want is to inadvertently start office gossip about how youre planning to leave the company and be approached by your manager for an explanation.

    Connect With Strong Influencers And Gain Personal Champions


    Get on Twitter and .

    Success! Now check your email to confirm your subscription.

    Reach out to people who work at your dream companies. Ask them if theyd be up for chatting over coffee. Let them know that you want to have an informational interview.

    Your goal is to find out what its really like to work for that company. Share why you want to work there and ask them for any advice on scoring a position.

    Here are some questions you can ask:

    • Do you remember what the interview process was like?
    • Can you share helpful resources?
    • Do you have any recommended books?
    • Would you make an introduction to anyone else?

    Get as much information as possible about the person, the workplace, and the company.

    Then, as soon as you get home from your meeting, send a follow-up email.

    Reiterate key takeaways from the conversation. Give particular emphasis on any advice given and how you plan to follow up on itwithout writing a novel. Keep it within two paragraphs or less.

    Heres the most important part:

    Actually take their advice and let them know your results. Do this within 7 days.

    This will demonstrate that you are truly passionate about working for the company. And that you are a go-getter who follows through. Which will earn you even more respect from new connections.

    You can continue to build that respect by following up every few weeks with articles they might find interesting or news of your continued progress.

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    Networking With Professionals In The New Field To Make Meaningful Connections

    Now that you’ve done your research and have a good idea of what it takes to succeed in the new field, it’s time to make some real connections. Your next step is networking with professionals in the industry through conferences, meetups and networking events.

    You can also network online using social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also network by volunteering, which will help you meet people who have similar interests and who may be able to help further your career.

    Want To Change Careers In 2023 Here Are 4 Tips For Navigating The Switch

    The Fastest Path Into Software Engineering – Career Change 2022

    If you’re considering switching careers and breaking into tech , now’s a great time to do so. More industries than ever now rely on people with technical skills to power their products whether we’re talking about entertainment, finance, or even healthcare.

    Obviously, changing careers can be a daunting prospect. But there are a few helpful strategies you can use to make the transition smoother. So, before you start applying for jobs, here are a few steps you may want to take to give you some structure and help you stand apart from the competition.

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    Writing An Effective Cover Letter

    The cover letter is your opportunity to sell yourself and emphasize your strengths. It’s also a great way to address the company’s unique needs by highlighting the specific qualifications you have that meet those needs.

    For example, if we’re talking about a position as an accountant, you might mention how many years of experience you have as someone who works with numbers and that you’re looking for a role where you can use these skills every day.

    Since it’s important for every cover letter to be tailored specifically for each job application, start by taking some time investigating the company or organization that posted the job listing in order to learn everything there is about who they are and what they do.

    Your Friends Dont Recognise You Anymore

    When close friends or family are noticing a marked difference in your attitude or behaviour, that youre constantly stressed, unhappy and complaining, this can be a sign that your career is not working out for you.

    They remember you when you were passionate, creative and inspired to go out and achieve and they dont recognise this person who turns up late for a beer after work with bags under their eyes and stories of a nightmare boss.

    If the people closest to you can see that your job is taking its toll on you and not making you happy, its time to take stock and start thinking about the person they used to know and how you can get back to being that person. If that means ditching the job, ditch it.


    • You have less time for family and friends and when you do youre stressed and unhappy
    • You dont have the time or energy for the things that used to make you happy

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    Consider Getting A Mentor

    You can seek out a mentor in your desired career role by joining a professional organization. A mentor can help coach you through doing what you need to do to properly make the switch to your dream career. A mentor can also help you network with the right people and set the right goals for yourself as you acquire skills and look for jobs.

    Switching Careers While Working Your Full Time Job

    News from Careers and Employability Services

    We already know that the pandemic caused the Great Resignation. When we had time to assess our careers, more workers than usual quit their jobs in search of positions that better aligned with their values.

    Something you might not have heard about the Great Resignation, however? Fifty-three percent of those who quit did so with the intention of switching careers.

    The Great Resignation is encouraging people to take the time to think about what they are really passionate about and what they want in both a job and employer, said Karen Gaski of CareerBuilder.

    While severing ties with their current companies may be possible for some, not everyone is comfortable quitting their full-time job while searching for new employment. Perhaps youre not sure what you want to do, or maybe youre a senior-level executive hoping to make a lateral move into a different field.

    So, how can you focus on switching careers while still keeping your full-time job?

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