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This Army Job Training Program Has A 93% Success Rate

SFL-TAP…Where a Successful Transition Begins

There are a lot of programs for separating veterans looking for their first civilian job, but one Army program has the numbers to back up its success. For the soldiers who use it, the Army’s Career Skills Program has seemingly mastered what it takes to put veterans in a new post-military career.

All soldiers are required to take a five-day Transition Assistance Program class before they separate. What is unique about the Career Skills Program is that it provides training opportunities for soldiers interested in critical in-demand career fields.

After completing mandatory TAP training and up to 180 days before separating, interested soldiers can find a CSP training program in their new, chosen career field and use a permissive temporary duty assignment to attend the program, if it’s more than 50 miles from their permanent duty station.

Soldiers interested in a new job can catch apprenticeships, on-the-job training, job shadowing and internships in some 210 different Career Skills Programs. Opportunities range from auto maintenance and repair to pipefitting and welding to solar energy technology.

And it doesn’t have to have anything to do with the soldier’s military occupational specialty.

The best part of all is that since 2015, the Army has placed 21,000 transitioning soldiers in new jobs with a stunning 93% success rate. In 2019 alone, 4,782 soldiers left the military fully trained for their new full-time job — with no gap in employment.

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Dr. Phillip Gold is President/CEO of Empire Resume and has vast experience writing resumes for both professionals and service members transitioning from the military into civilian roles. He served as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force and was responsible for leading nuclear missile security. Phillip is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and holds a BA in Communications from The Ohio State University, an MS in Instructional Technology, an MBA in Finance, and a Ph.D. in Finance.

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Transition Assistance Program Centers

We are establishing Transition Assistance Program Centers on our posts, camps, and stations where Soldiers and Families can find resources to assist them in making educated decisions and sound plans during all phases of their military lives: in-service, transition, and post transition. In some cases, all related services may not be located in one building, but they will be easily identified by the TAP logo. Synchronizing the efforts of TAP – related services furthers our goal of allowing Soldiers to “Start Strong, Serve Strong, Reintegrate Strong, and Remain Strong”. TAP Centers are part of the initial phase in implementing my vision that all Soldiers are “Soldiers for Life”. As such, transition services are available to Veterans and their Family members after transitioning from active duty.

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Colorado Cybersecurity Company Partners With Fort Carson

SecureSet, an immersive cybersecurity academy in Colorado Springs, announced the launch of the Cybersecurity Career Program for active-duty Soldiers in partnership with Fort Carson as part of the organizations overall efforts to support the military and veterans.SecureSet was launched in response to the global shortfall of cybersecurity professionals who will be needed to meet the rise in sophisticated threats worldwide.

Get The Job Skills You Need To Succeed With Army Csp

Launch Your Next Career

According to the CSP opportunities map, you can get job skills from Fort Drum to Joint Base Lewis-McChord and anywhere in between working with Hiring Our Heroes, Ryder Diesel Mechanics, Delta Airlines, and more.

With the Army Career Skills Program, the opportunities are endless. Be sure to contact your local Army Education Center and SFL-TAP center to get started!

And when you need military-to-civilian resume writing, contact Empire Resume. Well help you transform your military experience, skills, and achievements into a civilian resume that generates results. We guarantee it!

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Career Skills Program Csp Administrator Sfl Tap Jobs In Kuwait

1436 Career Skills Program Csp Administrator Sfl Tap Jobs in Kuwait

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To provide site measurements In-charge of site schedule / job. Able to communicate to all level and attend site meeting. Aluminium windows &

Design and follow a complete teaching planTeach alphabet and numeracy along with personal, social and emotional skillsOrganize learning material

Greet customers.Answer customers’ questions.Locate items for customers.Monitor inventory.Ring up items for customers.Elevate feedback

2-3 years professional experience in generation interconnection design, construction, analysis, testing and commissioningProficiency in real-world

Teach students in a classroom setting, managing their work output in the classroom and behavior on a daily basis.Develop teaching and learning mat

Conducts audit surveillances in functional or operational areas as assigned Monitors program functions for compliance with the PWS & ISO 9001:2

Monitor computer networks for security issues.Investigate triaged events and incidents using SIEM technologies, Endpoint Detection and Response pl

Develop and implement HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategyBridge management and employee relations by addressi

What Is The Army Career Skills Program

CSP provides Soldiers the opportunity to participate in first-class career job training, such as pre-apprenticeships, apprenticeships, on-the-job training, employment skills training, and internships during their transition period, to improve their civilian employment options.

Soldiers who participate in the CSP have a high probability of employment. The programs flexibility and wide range of options allow Soldiers of all interests, ambitions, and backgrounds to develop the skills, credentials, and knowledge to successfully find employment and continue serving their country as private citizens.

Since its inception, the Armys CSP has done the following:

  • Provided jobs for 21,000 transitioning soldiers
  • Maintained a 93% success rate
  • Prepared 4,782 soldiers for a new job without an employment gap in 2019 alone

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Three Types Of Career Skills Programs

  • Apprenticeships Generally a combination of on-the-job training and related instruction that may be sponsored jointly by an employer and union groups, individual employers or employer association
  • Internships A type of work experience for entry-level job-seekers. Internships may be completed in federal, state or local government, or in the private sector and may consist of OJT and work experience
  • On-the-Job Training Job skills learned at a place of work while performing the actual job

Industry Partners / Employers

Fort Report Soldier SFL – TAP Graduate Success

The Department of Defense invests tens of thousands of dollars in training for its Service members. This formal training is supplemented by extensive on-the-job training and accumulated hands on experience gained throughout the Service members career. Through the SkillBridge program, you can tap into the expertise of former Service members by sponsoring internship and pre-apprenticeship opportunities through the SkillBridge program.

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Computer Aided Drafting & Design

Gain sought-after skills used in architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and manufacturing. With a focus on lab work, the curriculum prepares students to turn ideas and rough sketches into detailed, precise drawings.

Whos hiring? Central Kentucky companies like Altec and A.V. Gauge are continually seeking employees with these skills.


As a part of Computer Aided Drafting and Design , 3D modeling involves turning a virtual design into a physical object through the use of software tools. This highly specialized, highly sought-after training is used in industrial manufacturing, product development, automotive design and many more industries. Length of program: 16 weeks or less.


*Other prerequisites may be required. Some courses may require college placement exams.

Career Skills Program Coordinator

Multiple Locations – Ft. Huachuca, Ft. Irwin, JB Lewis-McChord, Schofield Barracks,

Job ID: 3980

CALIBRE Systems, Inc., an employee-owned Management Consulting and Digital Transformation company, is looking for a full-time Career Skills Program Coordinator for the U.S. Army Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program . There are positions available at Fort Irwin, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and Schofield Barracks.

The CSP Coordinator offers employment skills training opportunities to Soldiers or occasionally other service members preparing to transition from military to civilian employment through providing program planning, administrative/logistical support, and reporting within their area of responsibility in direct support of the Armys Career Skills Program . CSPAs coordinate with garrison-approved CSP employers, professional associations, unions, industry leaders, education and training providers to promote opportunities for transitioning Soldiers to yield high-value jobs or careers from initial concept to establishment of a partnership and execution, with minimal or no cost to the government.

Specific duties of the Education Counselor include but are not limited to:

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The Army Career Skills Program Affords Transitioning Service Members The Opportunity To Participate In Employment Skills Training On

CSPs are offered as a COHORT or an Individual Internship. A COHORT is an approved CSP that is hosted/sponsored at an IMCOM Garrison, which follows a scheduled program offering in a group setting of 5-50+ participants. Individual Internships are for career training opportunities with companies that do not have a COHORT approved program. Individual Internships must be approved prior to Service Member participation. Approved COHORT and Individual Internship programs must complete a rigorous approval process to ensure the best training and care will be provided to our participants. Soldiers are authorized to attend CSPs more than 50-miles from their permanent duty station in an Administrative Absence status .

CSPs are available to all transitioning Soldiers who meet eligiblity requirements, with a focus on the “at-risk” Soldiers. Soldiers are considered “at-risk” if they are between ages 18-24, are first-term enlistees, medically separating, or involuntarily separating due to force shaping per AR 600-81.

Important Things to Know When Traveling More Than 50-miles From Permanent Duty Station To Attend An Approved CSP

Event Flyers / Event Distribution List

Launch Your Next Career

Hours of Operation:

8 a.m.- 4 p.m., Mon -Fri Closed during Federal Holidays

Career Skills Program Installation Administrator

Phone: Soldier Support Center, Wing A, Rm. 233________________________________________8 a.m. – 4 p.m., M-FClosed during Federal Holidays

Sexual Assault Hotline

1 342-9647

The MEO and Harassment Hotline: 910-929-8894

THe Hotline provides 24/7 information on MEO and Harassment policies and procedures on how and where to file complaints, the behaviors that constitute discrimination and harassment, and information about the DoD Safe Helpline for sexual assault.

The hotline is an additional avenue for Soldiers to anonymously report incidents of MEO and Harassment.

When calls cannot be answered immediately the MEO professional will respond within 24 hours.


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History Of The Army Career Skills Program

The Army University Press reports that the first Army CSP was established in April 2013 at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Tacoma, Washington, with United Association Veterans in Piping, which prepares Soldiers for careers in the pipe trade.

Past CSPs have included training in welding, pipefitting, roofing, construction, and trucking. Other programs provided training in solar energy, software systems, mechatronics, conservation, and electrical careers they also provided introductions to the medical industry, police training, and corporate business.

Prior to December 2016, Soldiers could participate in a CSP within a 50-mile radius of their duty location. Today, with the availability of the administrative absence known as permissive temporary duty or job hunting leave, Soldiers can attend a CSP outside of a 50-mile radius.

Army Career Skills Program

Over 62,000 active-duty Soldiers transition into civilian life each year. If youre among the Army service members separating within 6, 12, or 18 months and youre on the job hunt, theres one program you need to know about the Army Career Skills Program .

The CSP is a hidden gem in the Armys toolbox of benefits for Soldiers. This soldier-to-civilian initiative is the Armys version of DoD SkillBridge Program. Army Career Skills Program allows you to move beyond your MOS into over 210 in-demand career fields such as auto maintenance, welding, solar energy technology, and more, while youre still serving. Who wouldnt want to be paid extra money to learn additional skills prior to leaving an organization?

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Commands / Installation Offices

Its a fact that every Service member will eventually leave the military. The vast majority will pursue careers in the civilian workforce. Their success in doing so reflects directly on what they say to their peers about the value of military service. Learn how you can help make the return to the civilian workforce as seamless as possible so the experiences Service members share with friends and family are positive ones.

The Paths Of Army Csp

SFL-TAP – Now You Know

CSPs are offered as a Cohort or Individual Internships.

A Cohort is an approved CSP that is hosted/sponsored at an Installation Management Command Garrison, which follows a scheduled program offering in a group setting of 5 to 50-plus participants. Individual Internships are for career training opportunities with companies that do not have a Cohort-approved program.

According to Education Center counselor, Shelby Hebing, The only difference between the approved and individual program is the individual is allowed to pursue an opportunity that may be more in their interests but doesnt fall into one of the approved programs.

Just in case youre into podcasts, check out the Army Career Skills Program podcast for more insight about the paths of Army CSP.

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How To Apply For Army Csp

Ready to join the CSP and get a job after the military? Weve included the steps to apply whether you go with a Cohort or Individual Internship:

For Cohorts :

  • Complete CSP Soldier Participation Memo.
  • If attending a CSP more than 50-miles from your home stations, complete DA Form 31, Request and Authority for Leave.
  • Complete any other application materials required by the provider.
  • For additional information, contact your Installation Career Skills Program Office, Transition Assistance Center, or your CSP Region Coordinator.
  • For Individual Internships :

  • Complete CSP Soldier Participation Memo.
  • Complete Individual Internship Agreement.
  • Complete DA Form 31, Request and Authority for Leave if attending a CSP more than 50-miles from home station.
  • Complete any other application materials required by the provider.
  • For additional information, contact your Installation Career Skills Program Office, Transition Assistance Center or the CSP Region Coordinator.
  • Note: A Common Access Card will be needed to view the individual programs and to apply.

    Engineering And Electronics Technology

    Develop the technical skills you need to launch an exciting career as an electronics technician, telecommunications technician, power plant operator and many others. The programs hands-on course work covers electronics, robotics, automation and more.

    Whos hiring? Companies like LG& E/KU are continually seeking employees with these skills.


    A career as an electronics tester involves performing a variety of electronic, mechanical and electromechanical tests on electronics systems to ensure proper functionality. Length of program: 16 weeks or less.


    *Other prerequisites may be required. Some courses may require college placement exams.

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    Army Career Skills Program Costs And Financial Help

    The Army CSP programs are of little to no cost for Soldiers. For programs that require funding, the Post 911 GI Bill, Montgomery GI Bill, and Credentialing Assistance can help cover costs.

    The Army Emergency Relief is also available for eligible Soldiers. As of December 1, 2021, the AER approved assistance for the Armys Career Skills Program at all installations nationwide.

    Theres no doubt the military-to-civilian transition can be challenging for some members of our military, says retired Lt. Gen. Raymond Mason, Army Emergency Relief Director. 26% of all veterans, and 47% of those who served since 9/11, said that readjusting to civilian life after years in the military can be difficult.

    This is the reason why the Armys official nonprofit, the Army Emergency Relief , committed $3 million in grants to support Soldiers approved for CSP. Assistance may be provided as a grant up to $500 for participation in a local continental United States CSP, a grant up to $1,000 for participation in a non-local Continental United States CSP or a grant up to $1,500 for Soldiers traveling from outside continental United States to participate in a CONUS CSP.

    AER assistance may cover costs related to CSP as follows:

    • Travel expenses
    • Uniforms/business attire

    Review the AER Bulletin for more guidance on the Army Emergency Relief assistance.

    Program Eases Transition To Civilian Life

    Army SFL

    On average, 500 Soldiers transition out of the military and into the civilian world each month at Fort Carson. That transition can be a tough one. Anxiety, fear and confusion can dominate life for many Soldiers in their last few months of service, especially those who attempt to manage the search for a civilian career on their own. Fortunately, programs exist at Fort Carson to help service members navigate the process of finding meaningful employment outside the military.

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    Program General Eligibility Requirements

    • A Soldier must complete at least 180 continuous days on active duty and is expected to be discharged or released from active duty within 180 days of starting CSP
    • Participation by a Soldier is self-initiated and approved by the first field grade commander authorized to impose non-judicial punishment in the Soldier’s chain of command
    • The approval authority may terminate a Soldier’s participation in CSP based on mission requirements. Upon notification that participation is terminated, the Soldier must immediately withdraw from the program and report to their unit of assignment

    How The Csp 50

    Lets say you find an internship more than 50 miles away from your Army installation. Youd need to submit a request to attend and await approval from the proper authorities. For example, if you are stationed in Utah but receive an internship in Georgia, you may be able to participate with approval.

    However, if you choose to live more than 50 miles away from your Army post, your basic allowance for housing and cost of living allowance rates will not change with your new location. As an example, if you are stationed at Fort Benning Georgia, making Fort Benning BAH, but you decide to get a job in Seattle, you will not receive additional money for the cost of living.

    Be sure to plan accordingly on how you are going to make the out-of-state internship work before you apply for CSP.

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