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Elements Of An Individual Development Plan

How to Help Your Employees Create Career Development Plans | Transform Your Workplace

These are the elements of an individual development plan:

  • Goal description: This is where you state the specific goals you want to achieve through professional development.

  • Action steps: Here, you outline the specific activities to reach your goals.

  • Measurable definition of success: You want to describe the things that show you’ve achieved your goals. This makes it easier for you and your employer to determine whether you’re becoming a better team member by following the development plan.

  • Resources needed: In this section, mention the resources required to achieve your goals. These can be training materials, in-house coaching or mentorship, certifications and their costs.

  • Target date: This covers the start date of your plan, milestones and deadlines to track your progress and when you intend to conclude your activities.


A Lack Of Required Skill

It becomes necessary for the employee as well as the employer to cope up with the changing times. Be it an employee or an employer they need to update themselves with the new growing knowledge in their particular fields. Enrolling in a course or a degree or certifications can help them upgrade their skill-set.

Identify Your Strengths And Weaknesses

The best way to use an individual development plan is to first take a critical look at yourself to identify your strengths and weaknesses. It might be difficult to assess yourself objectively, so consider talking to co-workers or supervisors who can provide honest feedback on areas where you can use some improvement. That way, you can pinpoint the specific areas to devote your professional growth efforts to enhance development.

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Top 4 Employee Development Plan Examples

In this article, we will provide 4 employee development plan examples, so any manager can start and use them to see immediate results.

There are few things that slow productivity as much as feeling stuck professionally. An employee development plan offers an avenue for the long-term development of professional skills. But these programs dont just benefit employees, they also benefit the organization itself.

When properly implemented, employee development programs can improve organizational culture, employee performance, employee engagement, organizational successes and more. As employers, it is in your best interest to invest in empowering employees and drive and growth from within the organization.

Gallup found that when companies strategically invest in employee development, they report 11% greater profitability and they are two times more likely to retain their employees. And this makes sense: pursuing career growth opportunities is cited as the number one reason people leave their jobs.

Read on as we delve into the different types of employee development plans, how to create your own employee development program, the ways in which employee development impacts business continuity, and much more.

Competency Assessment For Employee Development

5 Individual Career Development Plan Template

This five-page competency assessment document covers three core competencies, which can then be used as part of your employees professional development plans.

With Venngages intuitive drag-and-drop editor, its easy to resize any area or add more fields to your human resource communications. Simply select the shape and drag to resize it to your desired specifications.

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What Is An Employee Development Plan: A Definition

First, lets outline what a development plan for employees is not. Its not a Performance Improvement Plan, which outlines weaknesses and improvement areas for an underperforming employee. A development plan charts a path for an employees career growth within the company. Its an investment in the employees training, education, and career development, a robust plan that companies organize and arrange in conjunction with the employee.

Universally regarded as a highly-effective tool that noticeably improves employee and company performance, they are made available to all members of the organization. However, each development plan is unique and tailored to each employees capabilities, interests, and needs, in line with the organizations goals.

Bonus: Continuous Learning Approach

Try to build a learning culture in the organization . The main goal is to promote and encourage continuous development and training.

  • Create communication channels for learning and development: Social learning is a powerful tool, one such example being the team collaboration tool Slack, which can also create personal education/learning channels and share useful information.
  • Encourage employees to share useful articles and books.
  • Allow your employees to select courses that they think will benefit them and compensate them by paying for these courses.
  • Hold lunch presentations or discussions on a monthly basis. Provide food and have one of the employees share something about new technologies, something that they recently learned at the conference or course.
  • Mentoring is also a great way to promote a learning culture. Offer opportunities for employees to choose the topics they want to learn about and help them find a mentor who has experience and can help them.
  • Be open to employees ideas oftentimes, they know much better than management what courses or conferences they need to take/attend to improve productivity/performance.
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    Connect On The Employees Career Goals And Desires

    Its important to remember that this process isnt only about what the employee could do its also about what they want to do. With the self-assessment in hand, the employee and manager should engage in a discussion about the employees personal ambitions.

    Great marketing projects begin and end with Confluence

    Example topics to cover:

    • Is their goal to move into a management position?
    • Do they want to explore a different area of the business or hone a new skill?
    • Are they eager to take on some different responsibilities, like representing the company at more speaking functions?

    Development means something different to everyone, so encourage the employee and manager to connect on exactly what sort of growth theyre aiming to pursue. Thats context theyll need as they map out the development plan.

    Step 3

    S Of Career Development

    Career Development Plan

    As it is a life-long and continuous process, career development is a growing and everchanging manner that provides employees with a plan about their growth and development in their careers. Below are the methods of career development that are essential to all workers.

    TrainingTask/job rotationsCoachingMentoringWorkshopsSimulationsSelf-study

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    Stage 3 Aligning Employer & Employee Needs

    Its time to start analysing whether the employees ambitions and the companys needs align. Ultimately, the development plan needs to work for both the company and the employee.

    And even if the needs dont align, there are still ways that you can support the growth and development of their employee, keeping the employee motivated and engaged, but setting them up for a position elsewhere in the future.

    What Is An Individual Development Plan For Leadership

    An individual development plan for leadership is much like an individual development plan, however, with differing goals and action plans than the standard. Because a development plan for leadership may start within leadership positions or for other employees, goals, action plans, strengths and development opportunities can differ between leaders and non-leaders. Some differences include:

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    Career Development Plan Template

    Ready to take your career to the next level? The career development template demystifies the process. It helps you assess your strengths and growth areas, identify opportunities to develop your skills, and set achievable, measurable professional goals. Youll be on your way up in no time with a little help from your manager, of course.

    Identify Employees For Career And Leadership Growth

    Individual Career Development Plan Template New Individual Development ...

    Identify those employees who are eager to learn and looking for growth potential. Focus your initial efforts on those employees, not only building current skills but also investing in leadership and management training when they are ready.

    Another bonus? Employees who are on the fence about staying with your company may be more motivated to stay when they realize that you are committed to helping them develop their personal career goals. This helps you retain your most talented employees!

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    Stage 2 Exploring Options

    The second stage of the Career Development Plan comprises analyzing the gap and examining the appropriate career options.

    1. The gap

    To complete the gap evaluation process, you need to research your goal career intensively. You can consult leading professionals at your workplace or in other circles you might have access to for the appropriate advice.

    A Increased Retention And Low Turnover

    An effective employee training and development program is crucial to keep your employees satisfied and to retain them with the company. Providing employees adequate training gives them the skills they will need in the future to take up more responsibilities.

    This is great for the employee as well as the organization since the employee gets promotion opportunities and the organization gets to retain their top talents.

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    Why Is Career Progression Important

    Some workers know the exact answer to the interview question where do you see yourself in 5 years?. But for some workers, the future isnt so clear. In fact, for 60% of UK professionals, career development is an important part of a job offer, and that includes more than just promotions and pay raises.

    Employees in 2022 want the following options:

    • The opportunity to gain more industry knowledge
    • Developing and expanding their skillset
    • Feeling satisfied and fulfilled with their career

    What Is The Goal Of Employee Development

    Employee Development Plan

    The goal of employee development is to support an employee to work smart and produce high-quality work. Employee development is to help employees improve their performance by offering various training programs to enhance their skills and gain new knowledge. Employee development should be focused on introducing new skills or concepts, rather than reviewing or reinforcing what they already know.

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    How To Implement Development Plans

    You can use a set procedure for implementing individual development plans for your employees. This can start with your own development plan, which you can then apply to your employees as a guide for their own organized improvement. By following these steps, you can implement precise development plans for employees of all types:

    • Prepare for your conversations with staff members
    • Meet with each of your employees
    • Help them formulate their own development plan template

    Reviewing & Monitoring Results

    The question that needs answering here is, How did our Development Plan influence the processes?

    Only 8% of CEOs currently see the business impact and only 4% see ROI of Learning & Development

    This is NOT the result were going for! However, plans that are poorly constructed, vague or lack follow-through often net these results.

    Change this by nailing down what improvements came about as a result of employee development. Understand that creating the plan is just the beginning it must be implemented and reviewed to have lasting value!

    Monitoring results: This must be done for individual employees, and for the department as well. Things to monitor include:

    • Have individual development and department targets been met?
    • Has employee performance improved as a result of the development plan?
    • Have problems or challenges been solved?
    • Has the plan delivered as expected?
    • If there are shortcomings either pertaining to individual employee development, or in the plan itself, what were the reasons and how do you resolve them?

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    Example #: The Comprehensive Employee Development Plan

    The comprehensive 3-year employee development plan combines both of the employee development plan examples mentioned above. Breaking down goals and milestones by specific timeframes, it includes the:

    • Training and development needs of employees

    • Competencies and skills required to progress

    • Milestones to reach or actions steps to accomplish

    • Any resources required that are specific to the development plan

    Prepare For Your Conversations With Staff Members

    Employee Development Plan Examples â business form letter template

    Give each employee a development plan questionnaire. These forms ask employees to identify:

    • Things that inspire and motivate them
    • Passions, skills and talents
    • Opportunities for development

    Review your employees answers and use performance reviews and other materials to prepare for individual discussions. Your goal is to relate your understanding of the employee to ways they can achieve their goals and help your company as well.

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    How To Create An Employee Career Development Path Plan Or Strategy

    Page Updated on March 7, 2022

    As a manager or employer, ensuring that you have in place a career development plan for each employee is important! Ensuring that each employee has a clear career path and is aware of the opportunities open to them, tends to incentivize employees, reduces employee stress, and helps you to keep skilled employees long-term.

    The problem though as a manager is how best to develop an employee career path strategy. And how can you do this in a time-effective manner given you have lots of people to manage and are short of time? This post below is for you!

    What Is An Employee Development Plan

    An employee development plan is a collaborative, actionable list of steps that an employee completes to meet their desired career goals. Employee development plans often include both short- and long-term goals that the employee will work toward. Goals could include developing new skills, earning a certification or getting a promotion.

    As an employee progresses in their career, they can update their professional development plan to suit their current situation with your input. A development plan is ideally something your employee modifies over time as their experience and goals change, with your role being to offer guidance along the way.

    The specific steps of an employee development plan will vary depending on the goals of your company and your employees. Creating a personal development plan for employees requires that you consider both the goals and readiness of the employee for development. Breaking down professional goals and the individual progress toward them allows management to understand progress while also identifying any barriers standing in the way of an employees development.

    A new graduate wishing to become a sales manager may have the following steps in their professional development plan:

  • Apply for sales manager positions
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    Use A Skills Gap Analysis To Determine Organizational Needs

    In their Future of Jobs Report , the World Economic Forum stated that by 2022 almost 54% of all workers will need to update or learn new skills thanks to digitalization and the rapid evolution of technology.

    Without the right competencies and skills, your workforce and organization is vulnerable to change and poorly positioned to adapt. Thats why your first step when creating an employee development plan should be to start with a skills gap analysis.A successful analysis will give you data-driven insight into:

    • Job roles that need to be redesigned

    • Employees that need to be trained, developed and promoted

    • The right skills and experiences you should prioritize when hiring

    When designing an employee development program, these insights allow you to work backward from your organizations overall objectives and long-term mission.

    The Nitty Gritty On Employee Development Plans

    What to Put Into a Career Development Plan

    An employee development plan is a documented strategy for how an employee will grow and advance within your company .

    Ultimately, the core purpose of documenting this plan is so that:

  • Theres an increased level of accountability for follow through, with one study showing that writing down our goals makes us up to 42% more likely to achieve them
  • Theres transparency between all relevant parties about the future plans for an employee
  • Most often, the employee and their manager create, agree on, and execute the plan together, with the manager guiding their direct report through each step. But as the HR team, its your job to support the employee development plan by:

    • Preparing both the employee and the manager for productive growth conversations
    • Streamlining and templatizing the process so its as straightforward as possible
    • Promoting available growth and development opportunities within your organization

    Well cover each of those responsibilities in detail a little later, but to start, lets take a look at the general steps that are involved in creating a formal employee development plan. These steps will help prepare you to answer any questions from managers within your organization.

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    Consider Your Business Goals

    First, consider what individual skills are desired from each employee to help you meet your business goals, while also taking into account a realistic timeline for developing these goals. It can be useful to list the current strengths of each individual so you have an idea of which skills you can build upon. Consider both short- and long-term goals when creating an employee development plan.

    Build Career Milestones With A General Timeline To Set Expectations

    Coming up with lofty career goals can be fun, but its useless without a plan. For that, a manager will want to help the employee break longer-term goals down into achievable milestones. But sometimes, coming up with these milestones can feel like walking a tightrope. These shouldnt be goals that are too challenging, or they risk discouraging an employee from achieving them. Next, managers should have employees identify a rough timeline for how long they think these steps will take to complete. Lets take a mid-level content marketer, for example. This employee wants a management position that oversees content, affiliate, and paid marketing channels, and shed like that role within the next five years. This employee will need to pass through the following roles for a predefined amount of time.

  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Begin training in affiliate partnerships
  • Assistant to the Digital Marketing Manager
  • Includes training in pay-per-click marketing
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • This is a simplified example of a road map that covers all the positions from a mid-level content marketer to a Digital Marketing Manager. It also includes the amount of time the employee can expect to stay in each position. During certain phases, also notice additional training is required at specific steps .

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