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Employers Use Resumes To Assess An Applicants Ability To Organize Thoughts

Do I NEED a Resume Writer or Career Coach?? Maybe!

Not all hiring managers care. Many want to see if the individual has:

  • A steady work history
  • Results of their tasks
  • Steady progression in their career
  • The academic background theyre looking for in a new hire
  • The professional background theyre looking for in a new hire
  • Hiring managers spend no more than 7 seconds on an applicants resume. They dont have the time to ponder every sentence. They want the information presented so that we dont have to search for it. Unless youve studied resume writing and have done at least 50 resumes, you cant possibly produce an excellent product. There are not many candidates who would want to take the time to learn to do it correctly, especially if its not their field. Even if they have great qualifications, submitting a resume that doesnt highlight their most important strengths could keep them from getting an interview. Is it worth it?

    Rsum & Cover Letter Packages

    Book a consultation and let the professionals do it for you

    • Phone consultation with your dedicated writer to gather all information required for your project
    • Word & PDF documents included
    • Access to private Facebook group for career advice

    Résumés , Cover letters, Selection Criteria, LinkedIn Profiles.. they all take time and cut into your time! We know you lead a busy life and your time is precious. Working with our team, you will be guided in the right direction, spending time on the tasks that actually make a difference to you getting hired and achieving career fulfillment.

    Professional Resume Writing Editing Coaching & Outplacement Services

    If you are serious about your career, you need to take advantage of our affordable Career Services!

    Outplacement Services

    A career can take an unexpected turn at any moment. If you are suddenly faced with having to downsize your workforce, you can rely on our Outplacement Services to help your displaced employees seek new jobs and save you money in unemployment! As one of the most trusted and affordable virtual Outplacement Companies, we provide Professional Resume Writing Services and Career Coaching to help employees transition while meeting the needs of your organization. Its a win-win for everyone!

    Our Outplacement Consultants provide personalized Career Services. We will work with your company to create a customized Outplacement Contract and cover all aspects of your employees needs. With Evolution Coaching, we are the solution for both employees and companies alike!

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    A Professional Career Coach And Resume Writer May Help An Inferior Candidate Get The Job

    Only if its for a position where writing is one of the main tasks, and probably not even then. Lets use common sense. An IT professional has years of experience in programming, software, systems security, etc. If that experience matches the job requirements, that individual will be called in for an interview. Having a professional resume writer arrange the data so that a hiring manager focuses on it immediately is whats important here. The core skills are the same. A professional career coach resume writer cant and wont manufacture data so that someone gets hired.

    Cover Letters Are Dead

    Sridevi Ravichandran

    Over the years, some recruiters have admitted to me that they only skim cover letters. Or read them only if the resume is a good fit. Either way, it cant hurt to write a cover letter that is short, succinct and relevant. Make sure to call out achievements specific to that company/job to which youre applying. And cite specific company values, projects, programs, events or news that resonate with you. In short, customize the letter so it demonstrates why you want to work for that company, and what specific value/impact you bring to the table for that job. You don’t necessarily have to rewrite the whole letter for each individual job application, but make sure that the hook is sufficiently customized.

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    Your Resume Doesnt Have To Be Perfect Really

    Nobody is perfect. But for some reason we think our resumes should be. Your resume doesnt have to be the best-written document in all the land it only needs to be good enough. Please dont tell my clients this. Or do many of them already know this. The resume has to be good enough to whet the recruiters appetite so they pick up the phone to inquire for more information.

    Resume Writing & Career Coaching

    New Career Insights provides customized resume writing and career coaching services to job seekers and those who want to move their career to the next level!

    I am an expert resume writer and career coach who professionally designs and writes attention grabbing resumes that increase call backs and job offers.

    Understanding the details of what employers seek and what resumes get noticed is expertise I provide so you receive distinctive advantage over the competition.

    In-depth personalized one to one career coaching and resume writing services are available via video, phone or in person in Cleveland, Ohio.

    Caring about my clients career success and overall happiness is paramount! Let me help you stand out from the competition and achieve your career goals!

    Katherine Katie Stack

    Contact Katie Stack, Resume Writer & Career Coach at 440-503-9585 and or email to set up an appointment.

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    Dont Believe Anything You Hear About The Job Search Except Maybe A Few Things Like Don’t Be An A$$ And Your Resume Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

    If you ask five random people to share their thoughts on what it takes to land a new job, chances are youll elicit five different responses. Some common trends might emerge, but often the information is conflicting, irrelevant, overly theoretical, or simply overwhelming.

    Information overload is real. Barf. Some of us spend too much time reading about landing a new job and not enough time going after it. Most of us will agree that there is no lack of information online. In fact, quite the opposite. Theres too much s#%@ out there! Plenty of articles, buzzy lists, fast-moving videos, and fancy infographics about how to develop your career, polish your resume, finesse your LinkedIn profile, and ace your next job interview. But how is one to sift through the mountains of advice? And then, how to take that knowledge and actually apply it to your own life? Humans are remarkably silly creatures. We have all this knowledge and we find incredible ways to ignore it, resist it, or forget about it. As a human who occasionally falls into such traps of hypocrisy, I speak from experience.

    However, as a resume writer, career coach, and personal brand strategist, I spend my days helping clients articulate their professional stories in the hopes of securing promotions, job interviews, or in some cases the envy of their colleagues. Truly. Some of my clients just want to show off. Fine by me.

    Fast Fact: A Recruiter Takes 6

    Career coach offers resume writing tips for those suddenly out of work

    Our team of professional résumé writers have collectively viewed over 80,000 résumés and cover letters! We are all former recruiters with a combined 40 years of experience in the field. Not only have we interviewed tens of thousands of job seekers, written and advertised job vacancies that have received in excess of 500 applications . We have proactively sourced sought-after candidates via LinkedIn for a varying roles across the corporate and operational environments . We know what works and what doesnt. When venturing into résumé writing, Sally has surveyed many recruiters and hiring managers to affirm the consistent theme of what makes a great résumé and cover letter..

    Are you ready to learn the tricks of the trade to get hired? Ready for your next opportunity? A promotion, transfer or a complete career change? Do you want to make sure you put your best foot forward so can you can land the job you actually want?

    Let us help you, to look good on paper and put your best foot forward. Check out our Résumé & Cover Letter Packages below, or for extra support view our career coaching programs here.

    Book a chat with our team to discuss which package best suits you.

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    How To Vet Top Career Coach And Professional Resume Writer Lists

    Founder, career coach, and professional resume writer behind My goal is simple: to help people find jobs they LOVE.


    You are on the hunt for a career coach, LinkedIn coach, or executive resume writer and come across a Top 10 Career Coaches, Top 10 LinkedIn Coaches or Top 10 Executive Resume Writers article. How do you vet these top lists? What is fact and what is opinion with online marketing? How do you choose a quality career coach or executive resume writer?

    Here are three things to keep in mind when reading these top lists and choosing a career professional:

    1. Look at the article source.

    The key factor when reviewing these Top 10 listicles is the original author of the article. You can immediately discredit the article and the source if the author includes themselves on the list. There is a stark difference between third-party articles by a Fortune 500 company and self-produced articles used for self-promotion.

    I have been included on several lists. Some were legitimate while others were simply created by fellow coaches attempting to use my social media following to expand their online reach.

    Leverage Your Power Think Outside The Rectangular Prism

    Do what you can, no more, and no less.

    During an interview, dont answer questions passively. Ask the interviewer plenty of good questions. Stay engaged. Dont be a forgettable interviewee.

    In your resume, make sure your brand is clear, succinct and compelling.

    In your networking, make sure youre building a strong web of contacts, not just in one niche industry, but across the board. This will keep your mind sharp and open to a multitude of opportunities. If youre, say, a software developer, dont just attend conferences with other software developers. Go beyond. You might be the only software developer at that chicken farmer convention, but your brain will explode with business ideas and opportunities. Whats second nature and easy for you is not always easy for other people, and there are so many creative ways for you to leverage your talent in the world. Do not box yourself in. Dont do it. In the words of Morpheus: free your mind.

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    Q: Which Coach/service Do I Need

    This depends on your needs. We get that your situation is unique, and it can be confusing trying to figure out whats going to help you the most. You can learn about all of our services on their individual pages. We also have a great article that will help you decide which coach and service is right for you. If you still need help figuring it out, dont worry! You can talk directly to one of our career advisors who can work with you to find the right coach for your exact situationjust email or use the chat tool at the bottom of the page.

    Well help you find the perfect match.

    Q: Why Are Some Coaches More Expensive Than Others

    Nathan Adams

    Muse coaches are broken down into three price levels: Mentor, Coach, and Master Coach. All of our coaches have been vetted and are backed by the Muse, but they each offer something different.

    Mentors have fewer years of experience, but specialize in various areas and offer services at an affordable price point for those on a budget.

    Coaches are great for mid-career professionals who are looking for an experienced coach to help them take the next step.

    Master Coaches have the most experience, typically working with senior leaders and executives. Theyve helped hundreds of clients over the years.

    In addition to the experience of the coach, some services offer you more time or interactions with your coach as the level increases. These differences are listed on individual service pages.

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    Career Coaching Philosophy To Set You Apart

    Each of us has unique strengths and skills that bring value to an employer. Identifying our specific strengths and using keywords to grab attention, will enable us to stand out from the rest. Its up to us to take charge of our own career, and we must showcase our skills, particularly our accomplishments, as we seek greater career opportunities. I work with each client personally to ascertain career aspirations and implement a plan to build attention grabbing résumés and/or fine tune distinct interview skills for career advancement. You let me know your needs, and we will build a plan to meet your goals.

    Take Your Skills To The Next Level And Build A Profitable Business

    Do you help others write their résumé and wonder if you can earn some money on the side or turn your side hustle into a full time job? Or, are you a career coach that wants to up your résumé writing game so you can better help your clients?

    The Senior Professional Résumé Writer certification is made for people just like you. People who want to dive deep into what makes a résumé eye catching to recruiters and hiring managers, learn techniques that are applicable across multiple industries, and discover how to format your documents like a pro so people will want to read your clients résumés.

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    Rsum Writing & Linkedin Profile Building

    You may be one step away from your dream job. An effective résumé uses targeted terms to pass automated checks, is engaging for human hiring managers to read, and is focused on tangible results. Every package includes:

    ATS résumé

    An ATS résumé you can easily copy/paste when applying for jobs, targeted at the keywords employers are looking for.


    Quality résumé design that helps you stand out from résumés created using free online templates.


    An SEO optimized profile, in storytelling format, that captures interest and attracts recruiters, plus a world of strategies to maximize your online presence and networking.


    Youll also receive an ATS-optimized cover letter and a custom graphic designed cover letter you can use as a template for each job application.


    I am an immigrant and this amazing coach helped me with my first résumé ever! She was patient and kind and got the best of me. I strongly recommend her. I couldnt have done it without her. I got an interview and the job with the résumé Erica wrote for me in a manager position.

    Electrical Engineering Manager // Fortna

    Dont Agonize Over Things You Cant Control But Do Control The Most Important Thing: Your Brand

    How To Create A Functional Resume & Showcase Your Skills | Indeed Career Tips

    You cant control global pandemics, natural disasters, or major economic downturns .

    One thing you can control, however, is your own brand message. You get to decide how you appear on the resume, on your LinkedIn, and any other social media / portfolio presence. Whats your main brand story? Your tag line? Your slogan? Your value. And is it consistent across all your digital platforms? Or are you embarking on an uphill and very fragmented job search because you’re trying to be everything to everyone? I’ve been there. It doesn’t work.

    You should have at least a rough idea of your value as a professional. Where do you excel? What are you most proud of? What is your magic sauce? Where have you made the biggest contributions and impact in the last, say, five years? If you dont know how to brand yourself, ask a former boss you respect, or your best friend. Ask them to tell you what youre good at. And maybe ask them where you kinda suck. The latter wont appear on your resume, but it might give food for thought.

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    Authenticity Is Critical Just Be Yourself

    During interviews and networking interactions, be yourself. Sure, a professional, polished, articulate and confident version of yourself, but be yourself at the core. A savvy recruiter or hiring manager can see through the facade, so don’t waste your own time, or theirs.

    And if you think you can’t be yourself because you think you’re not a good communicator or you happen to have low self-esteem, then should you be yourself? Well, then confidence is probably the first thing you might want to work on, no? Improving your confidence can impact every aspect of your professional and personal life.

    During phone screenings or in-person interviews, dont be vague. Be unique. Uniquely you. Recruiters arent dumb. They can read between the lines. When they ask you what is your greatest weakness, if they hear Im a perfectionist one more time, their eyes will roll out of their sockets.

    Come up with a more realistic example. You should know your own weaknesses. Personally, I excel at client relations , but I suck at Excel.My strength is people. My weakness is Excel. Which is fine, because I have accounting software to take care of financial matters, and it doesnt impact my effectiveness in my line of work. Im not a know-it-all.

    Why Use Altitude Rsum Writing


    I meet with you, listen to you on a deep level, and walk you through powerful questions to help you uncover the gems that best highlight your career.

    The résumé can only be effective if we uncover what is meaningful for that company in that role and the keywords the company is looking for.


    I dont stop until I feel I have uncovered all I can from you. We all have an amazing story to be uncovered. We are so much more than we realize!

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    Top Resume Writers And Editors

    Teresa Griffith
    Senior Resume Editor & Resume Writer

    Teresa graduated from Washburn University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and English. Her first job out of college was at Sprint, where she advanced from

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    administrative assistant to brand manager. While not related to her major, her career there provided a solid background in branding, marketing, and corporate communications. Today, she leverages those skills, along with her writing skills, to help clients market themselves to prospective employers. Teresas experience also includes copywriting and copyediting for a range of clients, developing digital and print marketing collateral, creating WordPress websites, and teaching business English to non-native speakers. When shes not wordsmithing, Teresa enjoys spending time with her family of foster fails and working with her three horses. She credits the horses with having taught her the value of non-verbal communication skills .

    Nathan MoseleySenior Resume Editor & Resume Writer

    Nathan Moseley received his MFA in writing from Sarah Lawrence College and his BA in English from Kennesaw State University. He has worked as a translation editor

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