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Aside from a higher nursing degree, such as an MSN or PhD in Nursing, and an active RN license, additional certifications are often not required for work as a research nurse. However, some nurse researcher positions prefer candidates who have earned the Certified Clinical Research Professional certification offered by the Society for Clinical Research Associates. In order to be eligible for this certification, candidates must have a minimum of two years’ experience working in clinical research. The Association of Clinical Research Professionals also offers several certifications in clinical research, including the Clinical Research Associate Certification, the Clinical Research Coordinator Certification and the Association of Clinical Research Professionals â Certified Professional Credential. These certifications have varying eligibility requirements but generally include a number of hours of professional experience in clinical research and an active RN license.

The Career Of Nursing: A Career In Nursing

Nursing is not just a career its a very board profession. In nursing there are many job opportunities. There are different types of nursing jobs that a person can do depending on the specialty that he/she feel comfortable with. Patients come to the hospital for help and they are trusting us to help them feel better and heal them. In healthcare things changes every day so its our job to find out whats different from today and tomorrow to give our patients the best treatment possible. Nursing is

My Career Goal Is To Become A Registered Nurse

My career goal is to become a registered nurse. While I have not currently picked a concentration, I am leaning towards pediatrics or labor and delivery. Going to NYIT would help me with this goal because I would be able to earn my bachelor degree in nursing and then take the NCLEX and hopefully become a licensed, registered nurse. I want to become a nurse in order to help people. Ever since I was a child I have wanted to make a difference and help others who are in need.

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Career Research Paper On Nursing

Are you looking for a career research paper on nursing? Today is your lucky day because we have the solution to your problem. Nursing is one of the most challenging and time-consuming courses. It is not for the faint of heart! Despite all your time and money investment in nursing, it is difficult to allocate your limited time to classwork and practicals. And it is even daunting when you have pending assignments! You will need help with your nursing career research paper, which you can only find at!

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  • Is Nursing A Promising Career

    � Why choose nursing essay. Essay about Why Students Choose Nursing ...

    Nursing is a career that allows providers to work in an environment where they can make a difference in how people live their lives. Nurses are the most critical member of the healthcare team, and their knowledge, skills, and relationship with patients will largely determine ones health. Nursing is also a lucrative job with high earning potential.

    Nursing is a likely option for anyone who wants to help others and benefit from this noble profession. Nursing is one of the fastest-growing professions in America and the world. The USA is currently experiencing a nursing shortage, which means that if you want to work in this field, its best to start now. Also, remember to get help from our career research paper on nursing services for any questions or assignments regarding nursing careers.

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    Research Nurse Salary & Employment

    The Society of Clinical Research Associates reported a median salary for research nurses of $72,009 in their SoCRA 2015 Salary Survey. Salary levels for nurse researchers can vary based on the type of employer, geographic location and the nurse’s education and experience level. Healthcare research is a growing field, so the career outlook is bright for RNs interested in pursuing an advanced degree and a career in research.

    Importance Of Career In Nursing

    No matter where life takes us, there are always obstacles everywhere we turn. This iswhere motivation takes its course and leads us to the right path in reaching our true potential. Coming from a student who was always on top of her school work in high school, I thoughtcollege was a place that set me up for failure. But I was wrong because this is a place where I canchallenge myself and find that incentive in getting me past my struggles. Although there aremany responsibilities to take care of, I am able to push myself simply because of one thing:motivation.

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    My Transition To College

    This dream has become reality through my determination and hard work. I am graduating at the top of my class and have already been admitted to the nursing program at Gonzaga. At college I will be continuing this trend and assisting to be better and help others. As a nurse I will be a member of a team that aspires everyday to heal and help children recover. The Bette Vanbeber scholarship will not just be awarded to me, but to the many people

    Nursing Career Research Paper Example

    Top Nursing Research Topics to Help a Medical Student Succeed

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    Assignment 1: What Does a Nursing Career Mean to You?


    In professional nursing, acquiring insight into core values and beliefs regarding nursing practice and the commitment to excellence in patient care is critical for success. Many different experiences support independence and focused analysis to make decisions that are in the best interest of all patients. Adversity and important challenges have provided tools that are necessary to make informed decisions regarding patient care and nursing practice as a whole. Earning Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing supports personal and professional growth to achieve the desired results. It is important to develop the appropriate skillset to provide care and treatment to patients in community-based settings and other environments to improve the scope of nursing practice over time, using such alternatives as preventative medicine and vaccinations to achieve the desired results.



    International Council of Nurses. Scope of Nursing Practice. Retrieved from

    Lachman, V.D. . Applying the ethics of care to your nursing practice. MedSurg Nursing, 21, 112-116.

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    Career Goals For Nursing

    Career Goal I have a few career goals such as becoming an ER registered nurse and a nurse practitioner but fist I want to be an ER registered nurse. For a long time now I could just envision myself in the blue scrub running out to the ambulance as the EMT rushed the patient into the hospital. And successfully collaborating with a team of people to save someone’s life.

    Hot Topics In Nursing

    These evidence based nursing topics are hot. They are trending right now. Consequently, it makes a lot of sense to write an essay on any of these topics:

  • Private nursing homes are the best choice.
  • Online training is excellent for future nurses.
  • What is art therapy and how does it work?
  • The benefits of music theraphy.
  • We are seeing a reduction in experienced nurses.
  • Nurses are doing more than ever before.
  • Analyzing the gender pay gap in nursing.
  • Lets take a closer look at Holistic Care.
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    How The Career Of A Nurse Is Growing Rapidly In Modern Times

    The massive increase in the number of diseases as we move towards a technology-driven world is very obvious. That is why the number of nurses required in comparison to the previous time is very high. That is why there are so many scopes of students in this career. But at the same time, we cannot say that every person who is pursuing nursing as his career is going to secure a good job for him. This is because not everyone is that efficient in his duties and only those students are kept by the hospitals who know the nursing skills very well.

    What Is A Nursing Research Paper

    Sample Nursing Research Proposal Paper

    A nursing research paper is a piece of academic writing about a specific topic relevant to nursing that you may need to complete while in a nursing program. This academic paper usually shows that you can conduct research and that you have a firm understanding of special topics in the field that you want to pursue. It can also help you familiarize yourself with future specializations in nursing.

    These research papers can be essential components of your degree and a large part of your grade. You may need to complete this paper to graduate.

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    How To Choose A Good Topic For Nursing Research

    When students need help writing college research paper, it all comes down to good topic choice that would be unique, as well as strong enough to receive positive feedback from strict college professor. Majority of Healthcare students find it challenging to narrow it down to something that can be written without repeating something that has already been done before and not getting into plagiarism trap. Proper research topic should include analysis of even most popular medical issues with good proposal of what changes could be introduced.

    Likewise, even when doing literature review on Autism, it is possible to choose resources that are not typical and stay on top of innovations. Choosing suitable nursing research topic, one has to look through list of available ideas and focus on problems that can be approached differently by making personal contribution valuable. Use works by famous nursing theorists, support own thoughts with accurate citations, making final paper qualitative elements prevail over quantitative.

    The Influence Of A Career In Nursing

    Our society today is based off of technology and gives us the views of people in a negative and a positive way. The Media affects people ‘s beliefs on different subjects because what they see is what they believe and impairs their judgement of other professionals. Instead of looking at all the negative comments and images of nurses there are positive to theses people in this career. In an article from Public Perceptions of Nursing Careers: The Influence of the Media and Nursing Shortages they said that watching a tv show that is about nursing that viewers compared to non-viewers were more likely to have considered a career in nursing. It was 69% vs. 57% .

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    My Experiences In A Nursing Career

    NursingNursing is an art: and if it is to be made an art, It requires an exclusive devotion as hard a preparation, as any painter´s or sculptor´s work for what is the having to do with dead canvas or dead marble, compared with having to do with the living body, the temple of God´s spirit? It is one of the Fine Arts: I had almost said, the finest of Fine Arts. Spoken by a true nurse, Florence Nightingale a pioneer of nursing and a reformer of hospital sanitation methods.I have many goals

    What Are The Roles And Duties Of A Research Nurse

    From Bedside Nursing to Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator – How to Make the Transition FAST
    • Design and implement research studies
    • Observe patient care of treatment or procedures, and collect and analyze data, including managing databases
    • Report findings of research, which may include presenting findings at industry conferences, meetings and other speaking engagements
    • Write grant applications to secure funding for studies
    • Write articles and research reports in nursing or medical professional journals or other publications
    • Assist in the recruitment of participants for studies and provide direct patient care for participants

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    Reasons Why Is Nursing A Good Career Benefits That You Can Enjoy

    Sometimes just to like some options is not enough. You need to have additional reasons for choosing a certain path. Thus, why choose nursing as a career goal? There are plenty of points that make you want this profession even more.

    Among the main reasons you end up on a nursing career path, you can make an income. It is not only about the amount you may earn but can guarantee to provide it steady. It makes planning life from the economic side much easier. Besides, the longer you stay at one organization, the better pay you will receive.

    Another reason why many select it is the possibility to choose a working environment. Hospitals have different departments. Your career allows deciding and even easily switch to a different place. It allows trying yourself on various tasks. Such flexibility in a nursing career helps to find the most suitable position, which is the most comfortable for you.

    Every career has its dependency on the economy. However, people always get ill. Nursing career guarantees to provide employment, even in difficult times. Another reason to choose a nursing career is online education. Various modern courses offer remote learning. You may move on in your nursing career and obtain higher degrees.

    What Are The Education Requirements For Research Nurses

    The majority of nurse researchers have an advanced nursing degree, usually an MSN and occasionally a PhD in Nursing. In addition to earning an RN license, research nurses need to obtain specialized training in informatics, data collection, scientific research and research equipment as well as experience writing grant proposals, research reports and scholarly articles. Earning a PhD is optional for most positions as a research nurse, but might be required to conduct certain types of research.

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    How To Become A Nurse Researcher

    Becoming a nurse researcher requires developing skills in research methodology, informatics, statistics, and nursing itself.

    Graduate with a bachelor of science in nursing or an associate degree in nursing .
    Pass the NCLEX-RN exam to receive registered nurse licensure.
    Begin research.
    Apply to an accredited MSN, doctor of nursing practice , or doctor of philosophy in nursing program.
    Earn an MSN, DNP, or Ph.D.
    Apply for certification.

    Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

    Career research paper nursing

    If you like children and you want to make a difference, there are some pediatric nursing research topics you can write about right now. Here are some of the topics we consider to be the best candidates for an A+ paper:

  • What causes ADHD in children?
  • Fighting against child obesity: top 3 methods.
  • The ethics of pediatric care nurses.
  • The link between vaccination and authism.
  • What causes seizures in children?
  • Social media and its effects on childrens psychology.
  • The best treatment for speech disorders.
  • What causes antibiotic resistance in children?
  • Does healthy eating really prevent obesity?
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    What Writing Style Do Nurses Use

    Nursing is a profession that requires the development of practical communicative skills. Nurses often write to deliver information and do this consistently through a particular writing style.

    Nurses use a variety of writing styles. Some nurses prefer medical jargon, and others are comfortable with unique techniques, such as an informal tone. For example, one nurse might write about their patients pain in a more detail-oriented way for the reader to understand how it feels. In contrast, another nurse might focus on the mitigating activities that the patient can take to reduce pain.

    Nurses are professional writers and are required to write for various audiences. In addition to written reports to doctors, nurses write newsletters, brochures, public relations, and other materials used in marketing campaigns. Some nurses use more formal language, while others choose a more casual tone when writing for a specific audience. The writing style usually bases on the message desired by the reader.

    Career Research Paper On Nursing: What Is Meant By Nursing Research

    Nursing research is defined as the process of collecting, analyzing, and sharing findings that are relevant to nursing. This includes studies in healthcare-related quality improvement, clinical effectiveness, and population health management.

    One can also define nursing research as the process of systematic inquiry into the effectiveness, efficiency, appropriateness, and outcomes of nursing care. It also includes comparing nursing research with other medical research within a health system to determine what works best for patients and healthcare providers.

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    What Is A Research Nurse

    Research nurses conduct scientific research into various aspects of health, including illnesses, treatment plans, pharmaceuticals and healthcare methods, with the ultimate goals of improving healthcare services and patient outcomes. Also known as nurse researchers, research nurses design and implement scientific studies, analyze data and report their findings to other nurses, doctors and medical researchers. A career path that requires an advanced degree and additional training in research methodology and tools, research nurses play a critical role in developing new, potentially life-saving medical treatments and practices.

    Theme I: Interpersonal Capabilities


    According to the participants, interpersonal capabilities are necessary for promotion in nursing, and nurses with such skills are more likely to be promoted. These characteristics were organized into four subthemes, including interaction: ladder for progression,sensitivity to hospital problems,being a good mentor, and sensitivity toward ethical issues.

    4.1.1. Interaction: Ladder for Progression

    According to the participants, a nurses ability to establish good interactions with their colleagues and other people in the organization has a great effect on the process of career advancement. Expressions such as appropriate interaction, good communication, and appropriate relationships were frequently articulated by the participants, and were considered to be important professional capabilities in career advancement. One head nurse commented, A basic criterion for nurses career advancement in our hospital is their ability to establish good communications . She believed that it was a persons communication skills that paved the road for the emergence of their other capabilities.

    4.1.2. Sensitivity to Hospital Problems

    4.1.3. Being a Good Mentor

    4.1.4. Sensitivity to Ethical Issues

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