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Is Being A Real Estate Developer A Good Job

Plotting a Real Estate Development Career Path

While it can be a difficult job, being a real estate developer is arguably a good job. According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual real estate developer salary in 2022 was $79,499.

However, real estate developers have the potential to make substantially more money, with the high end of this scale being $179,000 annually. But this all depends on how much work developers put into strategizing and making smart investments.

Independent real estate developers will also have the freedom to set their own hours though, again, this can change depending on their goals for financial gain.

What Do Real Estate Graduates Do

48% of land and property management graduates in employment in the UK are working as architects, chartered architectural technologists, planning officers, surveyors and construction professionals. Sales, marketing and related associate professionals, managers and proprietors in other services and managers and proprietors in agriculture related services are among the top five jobs held by these graduates.


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  • Appraiser – Appraise real property to determine its value for purchase, sales, investment, mortgage, or loan purposes.
  • Commercial Real Estate Agent – Rent, buy, or sell property for clients. Perform duties, such as study property listings, interview prospective clients, accompany clients to property site, discuss conditions of sale, and draw up real estate contracts. Includes agents who represent buyer.
  • Financial Aanlyst – Conduct quantitative analyses of information affecting investment programs of public or private institutions.
  • Real Estate Broker – Operate real estate office, or work for commercial real estate firm, overseeing real estate transactions. Other duties usually include selling real estate or renting properties and arranging loans.
  • Risk Analyst – Analyze and manage risk management issues by identifying, measuring, and making decisions on operational or enterprise risks for an organization.


Get Connected

The Real Estate Department works closely with employers to help students land jobs and internships. Be proactive in reaching out to faculty members and attending events in order to learn about potential opportunities. Join professional groups within the department, subscribe to the departments listserv, and make an effort to attend any networking events that are available.

Research the Field


Supplemental Career Research Dashboard

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Real Estate Developer Salary & Outlook

Real estate developers salaries vary depending on their level of education, years of experience, and the size and type of development project they are working on.

  • Median Annual Salary: $85,000
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $142,000

The employment of real estate developers is expected to grow at an average rate over the next decade.

Demand for housing will continue to drive demand for real estate developers, as these workers plan and oversee the construction of new residential and commercial properties. However, the decline in the cost of computing power and geographic information systems software has allowed real estate developers to more easily analyze large amounts of data and make informed decisions about projects.

Ways To Build A Career In The Real Estate Development Business

Complete Guide to Facilities Management Career Paths Smartsheet

Real Estate Development Company Providing Recession-Resilient Investment Opportunities in Workforce Rental Housing

In my daily conversations and interactions online, I get the question almost daily of how to break into the real estate development business. Whether you are just deciding on your career, or are a seasoned veteran looking to make a move, this article was written to provide value in your efforts to build a career in the development business.

Get the right college degree

While there are many paths to a career in the real estate development business, one of the first things to do is focus on the right college degree. While being a developer does not require a degree, to get the right first job, does.

The following degrees are often in the background of those who have entered the business:

  • Civil Engineering
  • City and Urban Planning

Build your networks early

Build your networks early, either during college or once you enter the business. To build your networks, and facilitate choices for your first job

Your goal here is to meet as many people as you can, and gently let them know you are seeking a position with a real estate development company, and ask if they might know of anyone. A powerful way to approach anyone is the indirect approach: Do you know of anyone who might be looking to hire or that is seeking an intern?

Get the right first job

To find companies, search in your local area:

Social Media!!

Get a development internship

Get a mentor

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Real Estate Developer Work Environment

Real estate developers typically work long hours, including evenings and weekends. They often work on more than one project at a time and must be able to juggle many tasks simultaneously. The work can be stressful and demanding, but also exciting and fast-paced. Real estate developers must be able to think creatively to solve problems and find new ways to make money in the ever-changing real estate market. They must also be able to deal with rejection and failure, as not every project will be a success.

What Is The Job Outlook For A Real Estate Appraiser

The employment outlook for real estate appraisers is expected to grow at an average rate through 2022 as demand increases from baby boomers looking to retire and scale back their work responsibilities, as well as from millennials who are entering the real estate market.

With many states facing budget shortfalls, it is likely that there will be legislation proposing to lower or even eliminate appraisal requirements for property sales. This puts more of a demand on real estate professionals such as appraisers and brokers, which means more opportunities in this field. *THE U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Real Estate Development Professional Career Path Options

An aspiring real estate developer can start out in many different fields. Some start as real estate agents who, after buying and improving properties, succeed in selling them for a profit. After a period of time, they may raise the capital necessary to work with an urban or regional planner, architect and builder to develop, build and market a project, such as a new condominium development.

Others begin their careers in construction, contracting to build homes or commercial property in existing developments and eventually taking on partners such as architects and financial asset managers who can assist them in developing their own projects.

Although some may go into real estate development as entrepreneurs, such as in the examples above, most will end up working for real estate development companies that focus on specific types of real estate, such as retail or resort development. There is also the option of working for a development consultancy that gets hired to help clients develop their own projects.

What Is A Real Estate Appraiser

Commercial Real Estate Developer Salaries, Bonuses, and Career Paths | Real Estate for Noobs 28

A real estate appraiser is a person with formal training in the application of appraisal principles and techniques. They are responsible for preparing an estimate of value, opinion, or advice about property. This includes not only real estate but the personal property , owner-occupied non-real estate , commercial businesses , and mineral rights.

The real estate appraiser provides an opinion of value that can be used by lenders to determine if a potential borrower qualifies for a loan, by individuals in making decisions to buy or sell property, and also provide information for local governments in the determination of property tax rates.

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Real Estate License Jobs In Richmond Hill On


  • Understanding of the principles of selling, leasing, and marketing commercial realestate properties.
  • Youre a confident and competitive sales professional who
  • Job Type & Duration: Part-Time, Indefinite.
  • Shift Information: Variable Monday to Sunday, Days, Afternoons, Nights.
  • Vacuums and steam cleans carpeted areas.
  • Part-timeWeekend availability +2
  • Various tasks asked for by other departments .
  • Assists in the set-up of fixtures/assets.
  • Estimated at $77.2K$97.7K a yearFull-time
  • Best Way To Structure Your Relationship With Your Ontario Real Estate Coach

    The best way to structure your association with your real estate mentor is to create mutually aligned incentives by splitting in the profits fifty-fifty so that when you make money, the mentor earns money. That way, when you win, your mentor succeeds too. And perhaps just as important, if a deal is falling apart, your coach stands to miss out that money too so they are motivated to help put the deal back together. That’s how our company works. We coach creative real estate investing across this country by splitting the profits fifty fifty with the people we mentor to ensure success is achieved. To learn more, check out our Apprentice Program or call us at 909-366-4130. If you’re interested in mastering creative real estate investing, we could be your Ontario real estate coach. But we’re a small, close-knit group so we only have a limited number of openings, we choose not to oversaturate any one area and we choose to only mentor those who are 100% committed to becoming successful creative real estate investors. So, unfortunately, we don’t accept every person that applies. But, whether or not we are able to work together, hopefully now, after reading this article, you can make a much more informed decision when searching for a Ontario real estate coach and mentor.

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    Find An Investor Or Arrange Financing

    Unless you have capital saved up, youll also need to find an investor to fund your desired project. You can find one by arranging a meeting, expressing your needs and showing them the return theyll be making by joining your project.

    If you prefer to take out a business loan, youll need to make a strong case to your lender about the stability of your business plan. They may also want information about your companys finances, your credit and any outstanding debts or bills your business currently owes.

    What Are The Responsibilities Of A Real Estate Appraiser

    How Much Does a Part

    A real estate appraiser performs a variety of professional services when they prepare their reports which include:

    • Assessing the general condition and location of the property. Identifying and estimating the value of all improvements, such as buildings , garages, pools, decks, etc., and all other structures on the property such as driveways.
    • Assessing the value of land, which is based on its location, access to utilities, and other physical features.
    • Assessment of sales comparable used for comparison purposes with your subject property.
    • Assessment of any easements , encroachments, or unusual hazards .
    • Identifying property boundaries and appraising the value of any rights or restrictions on the use of a property.
    • Recording, in detail, all features that may be important to the appraisal process.
    • Preparing detailed reports with calculations establishing your opinion of value in accordance with generally accepted appraisal standards.
    • Preparing any additional documentation required by your clients, such as Preliminary Appraisers Estimates of Value and Preliminary Underwriting Packages .
    • Maintaining current knowledge of local real estate conditions.

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    How To Become A Real Estate Developer With No Money

    You dont need to be wealthy to become a successful real estate developer. Real estate developers who invest their own money have a slight advantage when it comes to being approved for a higher loan, but theres also plenty of risk that comes with that.

    As a real estate developer, you can both apply for commercial loans and work with reputable investors. Having no money is okay, but you will need to forge relationships with these individuals and institutions to secure funding. Following our steps above on how to gain experience and come off as an expert is a huge advantage.

    Do You Need A Lot Of Cash To Get Started

    You do need capital to get into real estate development, but you dont have to have it yourself. Most real estate developers finance projects with an investor, personal or bank loan. If youve never received financing for a real estate project before, youll most likely need to work on creating a business plan to present to investors or lenders. If youre taking out a business loan, make sure you shop around to compare rates so you can get the best deal.

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    Real Estate Developer Requirements

    To work as a real estate developer, you must meet the requirements regarding education, experience and licensure. A real estate developer must hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as management, business or even engineering. Many real estate developers also have current real estate licenses in the states where they work. Any additional requirements will depend on the nature of the position you seek, such as certifications or continuing education hours.

    What Are The Different Paths Within Real Estate Development

    Commercial Real Estate Investing Career Paths (& How To Pick One)

    Real estate development jobs are tiered based on experience. Some entry-level positions include:

    • Real estate sales associate

    Top level, or executive, positions include:

    • Principal product manager
    • Chief Risk Officer
    • Director, strategic accounts

    There are many different career opportunities that fall under the real estate developer umbrella. Find a niche within real estate development, talk to people who work in that field and pursue a fitting path once youve explored your options.

    FREE Guide: Learn how to earn more with our Real Estate Agent Income Guide.

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    Career Paths For A Real Estate Developer

    While a real estate developers general responsibilities may seem straightforward, there are no limits to which aspects of development you can specialize in. While some real estate developers seem to have their hand in every part of development, others prioritize what theyre good at.

    Career paths you can follow as a real estate developer include:

    • Architectural design

    Many of the above roles fall under the umbrella of a real estate development company. While it can be enticing to be an independent real estate developer, youll have a better chance of specializing in something youre passionate about in a team setting.

    Commercial Real Estate Agent

    Commercial real estate agents are similar to residential agents, but they work in the commercial sector of the real estate industry. So, instead of houses, commercial real estate agents sell properties to businesses. Moreover, this type of real estate careers requires you to have analytical knowledge in business and finance. This is because commercial agents work with data like gross rent multipliers, capitalization rates, and internal rates of return.

    Regarding their salaries, both residential and commercial real estate agents work on commission. So, they make a percentage of the amount of real estate property in the transaction. Meaning, agents who find more leads and close more deals make more money. However, according to the National Association of Realtors® , commercial real estate agents earned twice as much as residential agents in 2017.

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    Daily Responsibilities Of A Real Estate Developer

    Real estate developers must become adjusted to a constantly demanding work environment. You will have several new challenges to deal with daily that will be hardening, exciting, and rewarding. Daily responsibilities of a real estate developer include:

    • Visiting and analyzing land plots and properties

    • Meeting with contractors and investors

    • Communicating with local organizations

    Developing Your Skills In Real Estate

    Pin on Real Estate/Property Management Software

    Attending a program like Georgetown University’s Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate will give you many applicable skills to utilize regardless of what direction you choose to go with your career. Completing a higher education real estate program will teach you to:

    • Obtain a 360-degree view of the real estate industry, exploring developmental, financial, construction, environmental, design, and corporate aspects
    • Master core concepts in real estate finance, law, markets, and accounting that are essential to success in the real estate industry
    • Develop proficiencies navigating ethical and legal scenarios as well as legal agreements that govern relationships between parties, and learn to manage projects with integrity
    • Investigate the ways that sustainability relates to ethics, economics, construction, and operations in real estate development
    • Master the intricacies of managing real estate projects for development and construction, learning industry best practices for contracts, subcontracts, cost control, and administration
    • Adopt a world-view of real estate as a global industry, requiring understanding of cultural differences between U.S. and foreign investors

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    Is Real Estate Development Hard

    Real estate development can be challenging, especially if youre an independent developer. However, many real estate developers work for a company or organization, which reduces some of the stresses associated with the job and guarantees a more stable income and benefits.

    Independent real estate developers stand to make a lot more money. However, that does include a lot more responsibility and risk on their ROI .

    Real estate developers must be:

    • Highly organized
    • Capable of working well with others
    • Financially literate
    • Expert researchers
    • Savvy with real estate marketing or capable of finding a professional to do it for them

    If all of those tasks and responsibilities sound achievable, then real estate development might be for you.

    Commercial Real Estate Development

    Commercial real estate development consists of many activities, ranging from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings, to the acquisition of raw land and the sale of improved parcels to others. Developers primarily are responsible for creating, imagining, funding, controlling, and orchestrating the entire development process from beginning to end.

    Commercial real estate developers take the greatest risks in the creation or renovation of existing real estate and respectfully can realize the greatest returns or suffer the greatest losses. Because of the intricacies involved in each type of real estate, most developers will specialize in a specific asset type or function within the development process. For example, a condo developer must be good at marketing and creating buzz around a project, while a land developer must focus on obtaining zoning approvals in order to make the project successful.

    Developers are involved in all parts of the commercial real estate industry, and deal with design, construction, regulatory approvals, financing, investment analysis, brokerage, leasing, etc. Often smaller developers will outsource many related activities such as brokerage, leasing, or construction while larger developers handle these activities in-house in an effort to create more efficiency. Entry level positions include assistant project managers or development analysts.

    Functions Within Development


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