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Why Some Mds Are Choosing Nonclinical Physician Jobs

CREATIVE ALTERNATIVE CAREER FOR DOCTORS: The Best Non-Clinical Job for Physicians No One Talks About

Some physicians know pretty early on that they dont want to go the traditional practice route. That was the case for Dr. Sylvie Stacy, Preventive Medicine Physician and founder of an online community dedicated to helping medical professionals create fulfilling careers.

I really enjoy the science of medicine, but didnt feel that seeing and treating patients all day was a good fit for me, Dr. Stacy explains. I often felt like treating individual patients wasnt putting a dent in the larger health problems that the population faces.

I really enjoy the science of medicine, but didnt feel that seeing and treating patients all day was a good fit for me.

Some physicians become interested in nonclinical work later in their careers. It could be for any number of reasons. Dr. Stacy says she found herself meeting a lot of doctors who were seeking an alternative to traditional practice or simply a way to bolster their income, which is part of what motivated her to start her website.

The good news is there are a lot of options. Physicians dont have to limit themselves to clinical practice if that isnt where their interests lie.

Transcript: Episode 68 Creating A Nonclinical Resume With Laura Mckain

Hey there, I’m Marjorie Stiegler and you’re listening to The Career Rx Podcast, where we tackle the important things they don’t teach you in medical school. Like how to treat your career, like the business it really is, with strategies to accelerate the kind of success that you want, because you deserve a career you love, and a career that loves you back. Are you ready? Let’s get into it.

Okay, welcome back, everybody to the career prescription. furthering on my interview series with some special guests this summer, I’m so thrilled today, to have Dr. Laura McKain with me, you may know her from physician, Nonclinical Career Hunters, the ever growing Facebook group, but Laura is here to help me in my mission to make sure that you my physician audience know that your career is a business and you can take it in absolutely any direction you choose, if you just treat it that way, right. And if you really approach it from that mindset that your limits, that you have no limits that you have a limitless endless possibilities worldwide open oyster, but of course the ticket to getting wherever you might want to go, I hinges around being able to to brand yourself, sell yourself and a lot of that has to do with a resume. And Laura is very, very expert in physician resume. So it’s one of the reasons I brought her on the show, one of the things we’ll talk about, among others. Laura, welcome so much to the show. Thanks for joining me.

Why Doctors Are Leaving Medicine

Increasingly, doctors are not happy with their jobs. Blame it on a troubled healthcare system, longer hours with minimal pay increases, heavy documentation, increasing higher education costs, or post-pandemic stress. But the truth is, doctors are citing burnout at the highest rates in history.

Rather than dwell on a troubled system and feel regretful about career choice, its time to get empowered, leverage your medical expertise, and harness your skills and passion into a career that fulfills both personally and professionally. A medical degree and medical experience is a valued asset in the private sector, and there are multitudes of alternative career options out there for burned out physicians.

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Medical Director Of A Clinic/hospital

The medical director in any organization has an important role and often oversees all facets including being responsible for quality outcomes and patient satisfaction ratings among other duties. These positions offer what may seem like unlimited possibilities which can help you use your skillset comfortably without overworking yourself too much due to the variety found here such as managing budgets, overseeing staff members, or even coordinating with other physicians who are in the organization.

Resources For Physicians Leaving Medicine

What Is the New Clinicians Career Cooperative?

The non-clinical careers for physicians conference is an annual conference for physicians looking to switch careers. Sponsored by SEAK , this lawyer-bred organization helps providers get the process of career change moving. While its somewhat focused on the intersection of medicine and law, there are also resources for more general non-clinical career pursuits. Site resources include a non-clinical career job board, guides to alternative physician careers, and a blog with articles for physicians interested in exploring other options.

Physicians on Fire is a personal finance website devoted to helping high-income professionals achieve financial independence and the option to retire early. This website includes a wealth of knowledge for physicians on topics from how to work part-time or half-time, best credit cards, investing advice, and more. Check out the Sunday Best series for a digest of the best articles from the past week.

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Find Your Fit In Medicine

Not every MD is meant to work in a hospital or clinic. With so many nonclinical physician jobs available, thats not a problem. Even if you intend on starting in a clinical role, its nice to know you have options should you have a change of heart in the future.

That said, you still need to attend medical school to become a doctoreven if you dont plan to regularly work with patients. That means you need to apply to programs and gain acceptance first. Find out what youll need to do to prepare by reading our article, A Sneak Peek at the Medical School Application Process.


Working With Heather Ultimately Helped Me Leave My Job In Corporate Healthcare And Find A Path That Was Much More Fulfilling

My career was going reasonably well but I couldnt shake this nagging feeling I could do better or at least find a better long-term career fit.

I was able to find a surgery job that better aligned with my goals and professional interests. Additionally, Heather helped me start a consulting business which has allowed me to pursue a true passion: helping medical students, residents, and attendings surgeons navigate the challenges of high-stakes standardized exams.

If you are reading this as a Type A surgeon who doesnt think coaching is for you, I would encourage you to give Heather a shot. Im very glad I did!

– Jay MacGregor, MD

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In Todays Episode You Will Hear From Dr John Jurica About Physician Non

Its a two and half page sheet with the 70 non-clinical careers that Im aware of. Theres actually more than 70 but it has a resource for each. So if you havent had your mind blown yet about whats out there, thats the easiest thing to do. -John V. Jurica, MD, MPH, CPE

In todays episode, Dr. Jen Barna talks to Dr. John Jurica about non-clinical careers.

John Jurica is a board-certified family physician who began doing non-clinical side jobs early in his career as UM physician advisor and occupational medicine medical director. He then transitioned to hospital administration, first as VP for Medical Affairs, and then as Chief Medical Officer. Today, he shares his wealth of knowledge about non-clinical careers for physicians as well as sharing his own journey as a physician and how he transitioned into non-clinical careers. If you are interested in a non-clinical career or a side gig, this is the episode for you. Dr. Jurica also offers our listeners some helpful resources which are listed below!

  • Check out a free list of 70 nontraditional jobs, each with an associated resource, at
  • Visit Dr. Juricas Nonclinical Career Academy: and as a special for our listeners, Dr. Jurica is offering 20% off of any course using the coupon code: TWENTYOFF

You can connect with Dr. Jurica at the Nonclinical Physicians website:

Join our community by clicking here.

Physician Non Clinical Jobs

5 Non-Clinical Careers for Doctors & Medical Students
  • New York, NY 10001 $35 – $42 an hour
    Urgently hiring Hiring multiple candidates
  • Energetic personality and previous Radiologic Technologist experience in a fast paced and high-patient volume clinical setting is preferred.
  • Ability to supervise, advise and train clinical professionals and/or students in area of expertise.
  • Knowledge of relevant drugs and non-pharmaceutical patient
  • Receives physician orders for medications and administers them as prescribed.
  • Provides care in a non-judgmental, non-discriminatory manner that is sensitive to
  • Full-time +1Monday to Friday
  • An internship program involves broadly based clinical practice in which physicians acquire experience in treating a variety of medical problems under
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    Scenario 1:

    Liam is a board-certified physician, and he has been in the field for about three years. Hes looking to expand his career prospects outside of clinical work because while it fulfills him emotionally and intellectually, there are only so many hours in the day that he can take care of other peoplehe wants to be able to do more with this skill set than just help patients recover from their illnesses.

    Liam browses through different non-clinical jobs for doctors on lookforzebras job board and finds some listings that fit what hes looking for! One listing sticks out as an opportunity where he could use both his medical experience alongside administrative management skills: Chief Medical Officer at ___. After researching _____ and reading about the benefits of serving as a Chief Medical Officer, he decides to contact _____ for more information.

    Scenario 2:

    John is a medical graduate with no clinical experience and is looking to use his medical knowledge in a nonclinical setting. He wants to explore different nonclinical jobs for doctors and while he has no idea where to start after some research, John finds a quiz to learn the best non clinical job for him and soon after that finds an opening at ______.

    Scenario 3:

    Scenario 4:

    She browses through different non-medicinal jobs for doctors on lookforzebras job board and finds some listings that might fit what shes looking for!

    Scenario 5:

    Bonus Scenario:

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    My Journey Into Medical Industry

    As doctors we play a vital role in delivering healthcare to patients on a daily basis. What many people may not realise is that these same skills can be applied to making new treatments & medical devices available to patients when they need them most.

    Non-clinical doctors play an important role in ensuring the safety & performance of medical devices and drugs. Learn how to apply your skills in supporting ongoing life science innovation.

    What Are The Best Ways To Find Nonclinical Md Jobs

    Venatorx Pharmaceuticals

    Published on February 4, 2019 | Last Updated on June 29, 2022 by

    Q:Any advice on how best to find nonclinical MD positions? Eg, online companies , or are there headhunters who work more in that realm? Thanks much!

    A:Yes, I do have some advice! Unfortunately, theres not a single magic clearinghouse of all the best nonclinical jobs. But there are a bunch of great resources.

    To use them as effectively as possible, have a solid idea of what youre seeking before you go looking too far. The world of nonclinical jobs for physicians is quite broad. You need to know more about what you want than just something nonclinical. Once youve done some soul-searching and initial research, youll be able to best identify which of the approaches below is your best bet to get started.

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    How To Become A Certified Medical Monitor:

    MD, MBBS, FMG, IMG are eligible to apply for the certification and for these non clinical physician jobs . These health care professionals will be able to get adequate knowledge and experience to deal with the clinical trials. These professionals would have the ability to deal with the adverse events occurring during the trials. After medical monitor training and certifications chances of their hiring by CROâs would increase. Unmatched MDs can pursue this as a phenomenal career path .

    CCRPS is here to provide one of the most-advanced courses related to medical monitor:

    I Am Forever Grateful To Heather For Helping Me To Recognize I Am More Than Just My Md

    Heather helped me understand that I am more than just a doctor and that my experiences in clinical medicine are valuable in so many arenas. As a result I realized that there are other ways to use my background, still be able to help people and continue to challenge myself and grow. To that end I discovered coaching – specifically health coaching. I am on my journey becoming a health coach and truly loving it!

    – Gail Miller, MD

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    Pharmaceutical And Medical Device Industries

    Perhaps you feel most at home when conducting research. Or it could be you find you thrive most when working on a pharmacy and therapeutics committee. While centered on medicine, these interests clearly lend themselves to a behind-the-scenes role.

    A job in drug development or drug safety within the pharmaceutical industry could be a fit.

    A job in drug development or drug safety within the pharmaceutical industry could be a fit, Dr. Stacy offers.

    How The Medical Matchmaker Provides A Solution To Burnout

    “I QUIT!” | Alternative Career Options for Med Students, Residents, & Doctors

    Lara Hochman, MD is a Family Medicine physician and the Medical Matchmaker. She is an advocate for fellow physicians well-being in the face of rising burnout and dissatisfaction. Her own experiences led her to discover the ways physicians lose autonomy, and how to reclaim their focus on helping patients. She founded Happy Day Health, a boutique physician matchmaking agency to match doctors with well-run, physician-owned private practices where they can avoid burnout and enjoy practicing again. Lara received her medical degree from the University of Texas. She completed her Family Medicine residency at S. Anthony North Hospital in residency in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. You will find links mentioned in the episode at =============== You can support this podcast by making a small monthly or annual donation. To learn more, go to You can now join the most comprehensive Community for all clinicians looking for a nontraditional career at NewScr!pt. Get an updated edition of the FREE GUIDE to 10 Nonclinical Careers at Get a list of 70 nontraditional jobs at Check out a FREE WEBINAR called Best Options for an Interesting and Secure Nonclinical Job at

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    Outside The Fold: Exploring Nonclinical Work Opportunities For Physicians

    Career Resources articles posted on NEJM CareerCenter are produced by freelance health care writers as an advertising service of the publishing division of the Massachusetts Medical Society and should not be construed as coming from the New England Journal of Medicine, nor do they represent the views of the New England Journal of Medicine or the Massachusetts Medical Society.

    By Bonnie Darves, a Seattle-based freelance health care writer

    Most physicians go into medicine fully expecting to spend their careers in patient care, and the vast majority do just that for three decades or so. Some physicians, however, might decide that they want to expand or alter their horizons or even leave clinical practice altogether by pursuing other types of work. Twenty years ago, it might have been difficult to make a major transition from patient care to nonclinical work. Thats not the case anymore. Within the health care realm generally, there are many kinds of nonclinical work available, and much of that work can be done on either a part-time or full-time basis.

    Following interests to find nonclinical opportunities

    Nisha Mehta, MD, a radiologist in Charlotte, North Carolina, like Dr. Ali, turned the concept of exploring nonclinical opportunities into her own business. She founded and operates a Facebook forum called Physician Side Gigs, a three-year-old venture that now has 38,500 physician members.

    Be prepared for pushback

    Salary Of A Medical Monitor

    Salary of medical monitor varies due to different factors including education, certifications, additional skills, number of experience years in profession.

    The average salary of a medical monitor is 155,000$ and salary usually ranges from 87,000$- 398,000 .

    The national average for CRA is $65-119k which is different than medical monitors working in the pharmaceutical companies.

    There are so many opportunities in the clinical research industry. At the site level, some are study coordinator, principal investigator, sub investigator, research assistant. At the CRO level there are CRA’s, CTA’s, CMA’s, medical monitors, project managers. At a Sponsor level there are dozens more. What is good about many of these, is one’s ability to “level up” over time into more desirable and higher paying positions.

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    Alternative Career Ideas For Burned Out Physicians

    Explore creative career ideas for physicians seeking flexibility, personal fulfillment, a non-clinical job, or simply a better work-life balance.

    More doctors are choosing not to follow the typical physician career path. Alternative career paths for physicians could look like a doctor completing residency and moving abroad to practice with an NGO, then coming home to do non-profit consulting. Or a physician inventor leaving the medical practice to patent an idea and then sell it to a global conglomerate. Or a mom MD leaving medicine to start a family and rejoining practice on a part-time basis as a writer and telemedicine consultant.

    Whether you are a retiring physician, a physician looking for a second career, a physician wanting to work from home, or simply facing physician burnout and looking for a career alternative, were here to help you explore your options.

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