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What Are The Disadvantages Of Being A Dog Groomer

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There are disadvantages to getting to work with dogs all the time that you may not have considered. Youll be working long hours and often on weekends, for one thing. Also, youve got things like safety certificates and licensing to keep up with if you want to run a primo shop.

Youll also need insure, youll be on your feet a lot, and its virtually guaranteed that some of your regular furry customers are going to be a bit on the grumpy side when you are trying to do your job.

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Its not all rainbows, but if you go into it expecting hard work then you might just find that you love your job.

Attend A Dog Grooming School

Enrolling in a formal training program has its advantages career-wise.

So if you seriously want to become a dog groomer, a program with 400 to 650 hours is a good bet.

Not only is the program accredited, but you can learn hands-on grooming sessions in class.

On the other hand, if your locality has no program available, you can enroll online.

But note that you may not have hands-on training there.

So it may not be worth it.

What Careers Are Similar To Pet Groomers

Below are a few careers, which involve working with animals and are similar to a pet groomer.

Veterinary Tech Assistant:Veterinary techs assistant veterinarians in caring for animals. Their responsibilities may include preparing animals for procedures, collecting lab samples, and giving medications. Vet tech training programs usually take two years to complete.

Wildlife Rehabilitator: A wildlife rehabilitator works with animals typically found in the wild that are injured. They provide first aid, medical care, and rehabilitation so the animal can be returned to the wild. Usually, a four-year degree in ecology or biology along with an apprenticeship working in a wildlife rehab agency is required to enter the field.

Animal Trainer: Animal trainers work with various types of animals to get them to develop positive behaviors or certain skills. For example, an animal trainer may train dogs for therapy pets or to work in law enforcement agencies. There is not a specific degree or career track to become an animal trainer. Most people learn on the job.

Zoologist: A zoologist studies animals including their behaviors, characteristics, and their impact on humans. Although some jobs may be available for people who have a bachelors degree in zoology, most zoologists have at least a graduate degree in the field.

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Can You Make Good Money As A Dog Groomer

Yes, you can make good money as a dog groomer, with some businesses making $75,000 up to $100,000 per year. A lot is going to depend on you, of course. If you love dogs and you are good at your job, then the word will definitely spread.

Just think of it this way. Many people have their own favorite hairstylist and they are perfectly willing to pay extra because they know that they will leave looking their best. People also love their pets and want this for them as well and YOU could be the one that makes this happen!

Dog Groomer Work Environment

Four Paws Groom School

Dog groomers work in a variety of settings, including animal shelters, pet stores, kennels, and grooming salons. They may also work in mobile grooming units, which are vans that are specially equipped with all the supplies and equipment needed to groom dogs. Mobile groomers travel to their clients homes or places of business to groom their dogs. Groomers typically work a regular 40-hour week, although they may work evenings and weekends to accommodate their clients schedules. They may also work overtime during busy periods, such as holidays. Groomers typically work with a variety of dog breeds and must be able to handle dogs of all sizes and temperaments.

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Dog Grooming Training At The College Of Animal Welfare

Our accredited dog grooming qualifications will get you started on the right foot and give you the confidence to undertake a range of bathing and grooming techniques.

Our programmes are run at our centres in Huntingdon , Leeds , Wigan . Working with our qualified groomers in our state-of-the-art dog grooming suites, the emphasis placed upon practical training throughout the course gives learners the knowledge, skills and experience needed to stand out in an increasingly competitive job market and progress within the industry.

As one of the largest providers of dog grooming training in the UK, we can offer you the opportunity to train alongside a community of like-minded students who all share a passion for dogs and a desire to join an exciting and rewarding profession. Visit for more details about our courses.

Dog Grooming Seminars and Live Demos

We also run a range of grooming seminars throughout the year to help dog groomers continue to develop their professional skills and knowledge. Visit for more information.

The Ultimate Guide To A Career In Dog Grooming

If you have a passion for animal welfare and are looking for a career that comes with the possibility of becoming your own boss, then dog grooming might be the perfect profession for you! Check out our guide to a career in dog grooming, and learn more about the job role, training options and career progression.

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Learn Styles And Trims Suitable For Different Breeds

This is going to be a big part of the training program.

You will learn the different styles suitable for each dog breed.

Some basic styles and trims are:

The American Kennel Club has created a standard for the grooming profiles of different dog breeds.

These profiles often change, so make sure to stay up-to-date on their latest standards.

Despite that, owners are still the ones who make the ultimate stylistic decision.

How To Get The Job

Pet Stylist (Groomer), Career Video from


Look at resources such as Indeed, SimplyHired, and iHireVeterinary for the latest job postings, which may include positions at veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, and pet stores.


Contact animal care facilities, such as veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and breeders to inquire about volunteer work as a groomer. Check out Free For All, which has a search feature for locating volunteer work in your area.


Get guidance by working as an assistant to an experienced dog groomer.

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Certificate Iii In Animal Care Services

A nationally recognised qualification in pet grooming will teach you how to properly groom dogs and companion animals. You also learn how to effectively communicate with your team, as well as customer service skills. Learn how to wash and brush dogs, understand breeds and their different requirements, as well as how to ensure the general wellbeing of your animals and much more.

Job Outlook And Growth For Dog/pet Groomers

Per the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, animal care is expected to grow up to 34% by 2030.

The reason mainly stems from pet owners willing to pay a lot of money to take care of their pets.

Also, because of the number of households living with service/companion animals, the need for animal care has increased.

As a result, it greatly affected the dog/pet grooming business.

Another factor is the number of retirees over the next couple of years.

And so, many employers will look for new hires to take over and help out in their stores.

Overall, the job prospects look good.

So you wont have to worry about unemployment any time soon.

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Dog Groomer Job Duties

Dog groomers have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

  • Bathing dogs to remove dirt, grease, oil, and other contaminants from their fur
  • Brushing and combing the dogs fur to remove mats and tangles
  • Drying the dog using blow-dryers, brushes, or towels
  • Trimming nails and cleaning ears, eyes, paws, and teeth as needed
  • Grooming dogs for shows or competitions using clippers, scissors, or electric razors
  • Brushing out fur and trimming hair on legs and feet to help prevent matting
  • Cleaning the dogs ears by removing wax buildup with a cotton swab or ear cleaner solution
  • Shaving the dogs face, neck, tail, and legs as needed to keep them in good condition
  • Bathing the dog and applying special conditioning treatments as directed by the owner or veterinarian

What Is The Job Outlook For Pet Groomers


According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, approximately 37 percent of households in the United States have a dog, which is good news for groomers. A survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association found that pet ownership continues to increase and has shown an upward trend for the past 20 years.

As pet ownership increases so does the need for professional groomers. According to the BLS, employment for non-farm animals service workers, such as groomers, is expected to increase by about 29 percent through 2031. That increase is faster than the average for other occupations. Mobile groomers may especially be in demand as owners look for quicker and more convenient ways to get their pets groomed.

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What Is The Tuition For Animal Behavior College

Tuition for the Animal Behavior College for dog grooming is $1260 per course, with 5 courses required for certification, totaling $6300 USD for all courses involved. Specialized certifications are also available, requiring only 3 courses and an overall tuition cost of approximately $3780 USD.

ABC has been around for about 20 years, which makes this a great place to start if you are wanting an education in dog grooming that will be not only extensive, but also recognized in the grooming community.

Pet Grooming By The Numbers:

  • According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the employment outlook for animal care and service workers is projected to grow 16 percent over the next decade much faster than the average for all occupations. Employment growth along with high job turnover should result in very good job prospects.
  • The pet grooming and boarding market has virtually doubled in size over the last decade, from 4.56 Billion in 2009 to 8.38 Billion in 2019, according to Statista.
  • In 2022, about $9.5 billion was spent on services like grooming and boarding.
  • According to the APPA, 23 million people added a pet to their family during COVID-19.
  • Today, 70% of US Households have a pet .
  • According to PetGroomer.coms annual survey, a majority of Groomers earn $35k to over $65k.

These trends make the potential for success in pet grooming highly likely when combined with a great education and opportunities for continued skill development. In pet grooming, once you have a happy customer, youre likely to keep a happy customer for life. The more breed profiles you know, and the better your speed and technique, the more happy customers youll have, and the more profitable your solo or salon team will become. Thats why at Paragon, Education is Everything.

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Is Being A Dog Groomer Hard

Being a dog groomer is definitely fun but its not the easiest job in the world. You will be on your feet a lot and likely grooming 6 to 8 dogs per day if youve built up a solid customer base.

This will include things like bathing, drying, and trimming the dogs hair and nails at its very basic, and not all of those dogs are necessarily going to be eager to let you do that. If you can take the heat, however, and if you love dogs then this might just be the perfect career for you.

Dog Groomer Salary & Outlook

Pet/ Animal Groomer career – A day in the work life

Dog groomers salaries vary depending on their level of education and experience, the size of the company they work for, and the geographic location of their job.

  • Median Annual Salary: $49,500
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $64,500

The employment of dog groomers is expected to grow much faster than average over the next decade.

Dog grooming will continue to be a popular career choice for those who want to work with animals and be their best friend or companion. In addition, pet owners are willing to pay more money to have their dogs groomed in a clean environment by someone who is knowledgeable about canine anatomy and behavior.

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Volunteer At A Shelter

Shelter animals had a rough life.

So the one thing they really need is someone to take care of them.

Someone who sees to their basic needs.

You can:

  • Get some experience with different breeds of dogs
  • Receive advice on dealing with large, sick, or aggressive dogs
  • Help with bathing and grooming dogs
  • Have a better idea of whether this line of work is for you

Love Seeing The Dogs’ Reactions Knowing You’re Responsible For Them Feeling Great

What are the best parts of the job?

Seeing how happy you can make both dogs and owners after a grooming session. Some dogs are so proud of themselves afterwards, you can tell they must feel great based on their body language. It’s also rewarding to see the owners’ appreciation for the care you put into making the dogs look and feel great.

What’s the most challenging part?

Dealing with dogs that have behavioural issues and owners that arent accepting of it. This can be dangerous if the dog is reactive, risking injury to the groomer and the dog.

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Dog Groomer Job Requirements

Dog groomers typically need to have the following background:

Education: Dog groomers typically need a high school diploma or GED certificate. Some groomers choose to pursue an associate or bachelors degree in animal science or a similar field. These programs typically include courses in animal behavior, animal nutrition, animal anatomy and physiology, and animal husbandry.

Training & Experience: Dog groomers typically receive on-the-job training from their employers. This training may last for a few weeks to a few months and may include instruction on the following:

Bathing and drying techniques

Grooming techniques for specific breeds

Bathing and drying equipment

Dog groomers may also receive instruction on the products and tools they will use.

Certifications & Licenses: Some states require dog groomers to obtain a grooming license. These licenses allow professionals to practice their trade legally within their state. The process for obtaining a license varies by state, so check the requirements in your area.

How To Become A Pet Groomer

My Honest Review of QCâs Dog Grooming Course

If you’re interested in becoming a pet groomer, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. We’ve determined that 24.7% of pet groomers have a bachelor’s degree. In terms of higher education levels, we found that 1.2% of pet groomers have master’s degrees. Even though some pet groomers have a college degree, it’s possible to become one with only a high school degree or GED.

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Where Does A Pet Groomer Work

Pet groomers work in a variety of settings including pet stores, professional grooming businesses, and kennels. Groomers may also find work in animal shelters and veterinary clinics. Some groomers also work in mobile clinics. Mobile groomers travel to clients homes to care for their pets. Many groomers also own their own business operating a mobile grooming service.

Some groomers specialize and work with specific breeds. For instance, groomers may choose to work with only sporting breeds. Other groomers specialize and only provide grooming for show dogs.

Pet groomers who work for a salon or kennel may work a typical 8-hour shift. Both full and part-time jobs are available. Mobile groomers that make house calls may have varied hours to accommodate their customers schedule. For example, early evening and weekend work may be necessary to meet the needs of the clients.

Why Dog Grooming Is Important

Dog Grooming does much more than make your dog look and smell good. A dog with no hair in its eyes, clean fur and skin, clipped nails and brushed teeth all make for a pet that is comfortable and better behaved.

Discover the benefits of taking your furry friends to the grooming salon:

Dog groomers familiarise themselves with your dogs coat and body, which means they can pick up on when something looks or smells out of the ordinary. They carry out basic health checks and look out for signs of infection.

With consistent grooming, you are better educated on any potential problems you may want to bring up to your veterinary surgeon. It could also help lower veterinary bills, as regular grooming can prevent disease and catch many health issues before they become an emergency.

Grooming eliminates discomfort in many ways, and reduces the risk of eye, ear, skin, teeth and nail infections, ensuring your pet is free from pain and disease. For example, by taking your dog to the grooming salon on a regular basis, you can help prevent problems such as:

Dog grooming is a chance for your furry friend to spend some one-on-one time with others, and builds up your dogs trust as grooming becomes a positive experience and dog groomers can ease them through situations that may be uncomfortable for them, such as cleaning their ears.

As your pet becomes more comfortable and used to being handled , visits to the vets may become easier too.

Dog Grooming Services at The College of Animal Welfare

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Where This Data Comes From

Median salary

We use the median salary over the average because its more realistic unusually high or low salaries dont skew the median. It shows the true middle point, which is what your typical worker in this job earns.

This figure is from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Its the official median full-time adult salary for non-managers, before tax.

: Australian Bureau of Statistics, ABS Survey of Employee Earnings and Hours , Customised Report

Projected job growth

Job growth projections, using data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. These calculations were made before COVID-19 and may not accurately reflect the labour market. Use these numbers as a general guide only.

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