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Dog trainers have distinct personalities. They tend to be investigative individuals, which means theyre intellectual, introspective, and inquisitive. They are curious, methodical, rational, analytical, and logical. Some of them are also social, meaning theyre kind, generous, cooperative, patient, caring, helpful, empathetic, tactful, and friendly.

Does this sound like you? Take our free career test to find out if dog trainer is one of your top career matches.

Dog Obedience Trainer Certification

Individual states do not require dog obedience trainers to pass a certification test or obtain a license in order to begin working in this profession. However, certifications lend more credibility to dog trainers as they are a way of solidifying their overall knowledge base and experience. To become certified, one must complete the standards set by the facility or association that is issuing the certification. Since there is no universal certification, the requirements differ according to each individual dog obedience trainer program.

Certifications are knowledge based, but typically require a certain amount of actual experience in the area of actually training dogs. Since dog training is a hands-on profession, it helps to have some actual experience. This experience is offered through many training programs. Selecting a certification program is up to each individual, although it helps to choose one that is well rounded. Some of the certification agencies available for dog obedience trainers include:

Certification programs do not last particularly long and are typically completed between six months and a year. There are no prior educational requirements needed to begin a certification program. Apprenticeships are also available, although that option usually requires establishing a relationship with a specific business that features this type of service.

Does Brain Training For Dogs Work

Brain Training For Dogs works extremely well, bringing out your dogs natural intelligence. By going through the fun games and scientific methods, your dogs capability to learn will quickly improve, and hell become smarter.

Hell be happier, healthier, and much better behaved as you form a strong bond with your dog.

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What Are Dog Trainers Like

Based on our pool of users, dog trainers tend to be predominately investigative people. Everything about the job, in fact, supports this finding. Throughout their work day, dog trainers rely on their powers of observation and investigation to determine what is causing a dog to act in an undesirable way.

Dog Trainers are also known as:Dog Obedience Trainer

Dog Obedience Trainer Career Diploma Program

online dog training diploma

Prepare for a career as a Dog Obedience Trainer at home, at your own pace.

There are certain skills you need to begin a career as a Dog Obedience Trainer or Instructor. The Penn Foster Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor Program helps you learn them quickly and conveniently. Youll learn:

  • To understand dog behavior, communication, and use of the senses.
  • How to influence dog behavior using conditioning and reinforcement.
  • Housetraining, crate training, hunting training, and basic veterinary issues.
  • How to deal with behavior problems and teach competition obedience.

Learn how to become a dog trainer at home no classroom needed! This Penn Foster distance learning program is like having your own personal dog trainer school!

Start a rewarding, new career in a growing field.

Why complete a Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor program? With the right credentials, you can:

  • Prepare dogs for security or law-enforcement work.
  • Teach pet owners the art of handling their animals.
  • Work for an established training center, or start your own business!
  • As dogs take on more active roles in law enforcement, search and rescue, security, and human assistance that means more opportunity for you!

AFFORDABLEWith our affordable tuition costs, easy payment plans, and 0% interest, we can help you fit education into your budget.


Fit your education into your busy schedule. Access your studies at home or on the go from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.


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Who Is Adrienne Farricelli

Adrienne Farricelli, CPDT-KA, is an expert certified dog trainer and author of The Obedience Answer Book,

CPDT-KA stands for Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed. She is certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

For over 10 years, shes helped thousands of individuals eliminate bad behaviors from their dogs by revealing to them how to bring out their hidden intelligence.

Her ethos is force-free training, and she promotes positive reinforcement training in her course.

Adrienne has written for and been included in many well-known publications and papers, such as USA Today.

She lives in Arizona and has 2 rottweilers called Einstein and Petra.

Should I Become A Dog Trainer

When asked why they want to become a dog trainer, many individuals considering the career respond with, I love dogs. While thats a great start, it is not enough because working as a dog trainer means primarily working with dog owners and teaching them how to train their dogs. So, dog trainers are also people trainers! This dual mandate calls for a specific skill set that includes:

A love of learning Compassion Physical stamina

If you have the skill set, then read on and learn about what practising dog trainers say are the best parts of their job:

Daily interaction with dogs and their owners you get to help other dog lovers better understand their pets Every day is different the work exposes you to a wide variety of canine and human temperaments No degree required there are no educational barriers to entering this career Flexible schedule you can choose to work regular hours or evenings or weekends Part-time career option Option to be your own boss and set your own fees Opportunities to specialize options include working with a specific breed or specializing in a particular kind of training: agility, service dog, law enforcement, show dog, hunting dog Opportunity to use problem-solving skills dog training is about figuring out how to elicit desired behaviors and correct negative habits Increasing demand for services spending on pets is expected to continue on an upward trend

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Dog Obedience Trainer Salary And Job Prospects

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies dog obedience trainers under the distinction of animal trainers. Their average annual wage, as a group, as of May 2019, is $36,240. However, dog obedience trainers often earn annual salaries that are higher than those of other animal trainers. The average annual salary for dog obedience trainers in some states exceed the national average, with some going over $40,000 annually. Dog obedience trainers have high earning potential, which is typically determined by the type of facility and level of experience of the trainer. Top-end dog obedience trainers can expect to earn as much as $53,000 on a yearly basis.

Many dog obedience services demand a generous hourly rate. Private clients normally pay hourly rates starting at $30, but they can also go all the way up to $150 per hour. Dog obedience trainers looking to maximize their financial earning potential can seek out private instruction as a means of pulling in a lucrative yearly salary.

Do We Recommend Brain Training For Dogs Our Verdict

Guest Service Agent Training Online | Penn Foster

Overall, we think Brain Training For Dogs is an exceptional program, offering terrific value and available for a bargain price. Whats best is it uses absolutely nothing more than positive reinforcement approaches!

Adrienne Farricelli is a well-known expert on how dogs act and how to train them, and her years of experience are plainly evident throughout the course.

Youll get hands-on experience from a highly trained instructor who has been doing this for years. Its a proven method that works.

Adriennes approaches will help you and your dog grow, develop skills, and challenge yourself physically and mentally.

Simply force-free, science-based, and kind training methods that involve play are used in the program, and they work! Plus, theyll work with dogs of any age!

It provides clear, lasting solutions for lots of issues you may experience with your dog.

The program is designed and set out so that it increases in fun and difficulty as the course advances. The training exercises are enjoyable with challenging games and puzzles that your pet needs to learn.

You and your dog will achieve more through entertaining and engaging brain-boosting games and never get bored. And you have a stronger bond with your dog than ever before.

There is a lots of helpful, simple-to-understand information in the course. In addition, your dogs brain will end up being more open to mastering new things with the proper mental exercise and training.

Have fun!

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Dog Obedience Training Faqs

Can I make a career out of dog training?

Its entirely possible to make a career out of dog training, whether you start your own training business or work for a pet store or dog training facility. With more and more people considering their furry friends to be close members of the family, their pets health and wellness is a priority. For dog owners, ensuring that their dog is trained and doesnt show bad behavior is a vital part of raising a happy animal.

Are dog trainers in demand?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 29% increase in available jobs in dog training by 2031.* That means theres no better time than now to start preparing for a career as a dog trainer.

What does being dog trainer involve?

Dog training courses cover essential topics such as how dogs learn, conditioning, housetraining, and more. Through understanding the personality and social behavior of these animals, trainers are able to effectively plan out progressive training programs for clients.

Will taking this course help me train my dog?

The course is designed to prepare students to train all manners of dogs, as well as to understand the different veterinary issues, behavioral problems, or training methods that work best with specific breeds. Penn Foster’s Online Dog Training Program can prepare you to train your own dog, though skills learned in the program may not be applicable to training other household pets.

Office Locations

Polishing Up Your Training

More top suggestions for refining the programs training, consisting of:

How to make your dog obey you even when there is no food in sight.

The demystifying truth behind hand signals.

An easy technique for using verbal cues to improve obedience.

Tips on how to reduce the frequency of rewards while at the same time increasing the level of your dogs compliance.

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What Is Brain Training For Dogs

Brain Training For Dogs is a distinct online dog training program by Adrienne Farricelli created to help owners teach their dogs how to obey commands, follow instructions, and learn tricks, all from the convenience of their homes.

Brain Training For Dogs isnt just about making your dog smarter. Its also about helping him evolve his problem-solving skills.

So, your dog will be mentally stimulated while bonding with you, learning proper behavior, and ending up being a well-behaved family member.

There is a strong focus on utilizing force-free training methods in this program. This largely comes from games you play with your dog to enhance particular training principles and goals.

Playing the games demonstrated in this canine course is a terrific method to enhance your family pets cognitive abilities.

Dog Obedience Instructor Training For Your Employees

accredited online dog training courses

The Dog Obedience Instructor Training Program prepares workers to take on roles as dog trainers or instructors in your organization. Whether youre a thriving veterinary practice or pet grooming business, having skilled dog trainers on-hand allows you to provide additional services to clients, increasing your bottom line. By providing in-depth, flexible training for your workforce, you can also improve employee retention, develop a talent pipeline, and attract top job applicants.

  • Prepares workers for a career as an entry-level dog obedience trainer.
  • Includes wraparound learner support and access to instructors and coaches, ensuring your workers successfully progress through the training and excel on-the-job.

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Accredited Career Diploma Programs

Having the right skills is vitally important in todays competitive job market. Penn Fosters online diploma programs teach up-to-date career skills that will prepare you for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Youll learn much more than the latest techniques. Youll also learn about opportunities in your chosen field and get important tips on achieving your career goals. Our staff is continually monitoring advances in the field and updating our online diploma programs to reflect the most modern methods used in todays workplace.

Penn Foster Career School is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission , which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation . Penn Foster Career School is regionally accredited by the Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Penn Foster College has met the high standards of integrity and performance set by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education Accrediting Commission , which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation

So dont just think about a new career make it happen! All of us at Penn Foster look forward to helping you get the career training you need. Find the online career diploma program that interest you and take the next step toward a brighter tomorrow.

Brain Training For Dogs Why Its Better Than The Rest

Have you ever wondered why dogs love playing fetch or tugging at their owners legs? Well, they are in fact mastering new abilities through play. And now, thanks to scientific research, we can train our animals to end up being smarter.

If you are looking for ways to improve your dogs cognitive skills, you should really check out Brain Training for Dogs. This program guarantees to teach dogs brand-new behaviors through brain stimulation.

Dogs may well be mans best friend and some of the most intelligent animals in the animal kingdom. Still, they can at the same time be messy, troublesome creatures who are prone to bad behavior.

This could lead to all sorts of problems around the home if they dont get the proper training.

Life with your dog is much simpler and more enjoyable when theyve been house trained, will follow commands, and can do tricks.

The thing is, a dogs bad behavior isnt a problem with the dog but rather with us, the owners.

According to a 2018 study, behavioral problems are among the most typical reasons for premature death in dogs. In addition, when owners use discipline or force to train their dogs, their behavior issues are more likely to get worse.

The research study additionally found that how individuals treat their dogs considerably has an effect on the dogs behavior and the health of both the owner and the pet.

If your dog is acting up, its quite likely because of an absence of training. Both the dog and the owner suffer when this happens.

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Why Is Brain Training For Dogs Different From Other Programs

This program is unlike other inferior training programs, which utilize harsh approaches such as force instead of positive reinforcement. Such methods could be thought about either dangerous or cruel.

Force and dominance are dated and ineffective approaches to dog training. They dont take into account the latest scientific research findings about how dogs learn. Rather, they focus on stopping bad behaviors instead of resolving their hidden causes.

Dominance training can cause as many behavioral issues as it resolves. For example, it destroys trust between you and your dog, decreases confidence, and might cause learned helplessness.

Whereas positive reinforcement, using treats, engages with your dog mentally and teaches you how to set your dog for success in each training session. Your dog will actively want to train and learn with you and will learn a lot quicker.

So there is a clear difference between old dominance or punishment-based dog training and reward-based dog training.

That evidence-based, using the most recent research in dog behavior and a free-from-coercion approach is behind all of Adrienne Farricellis training.

Her method can fix problems other programs may fail on. These include potty training, handling aggressiveness, jumping, digging, whining, chewing, extreme barking, impulse control, hyperactivity, and lots of other concerns.

What Is The Workplace Of A Dog Trainer Like

Learn How to Become a Veterinary Technician Online | Penn Foster College

Many dog trainers are self-employed, or work for a small business, often owned by a head trainer. Sometimes other pet-related businesses hire dog trainers, such as veterinarians, shelters, groomers, and pet stores. Sometimes trainers are hired by local city or county recreation departments, 4H clubs, or other community groups.

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Here At K9 Legend We Are Known For Fixing Problems

It has become a very clear fact that Tally is the Dog Trainer that other trainers recommend for dogs that show aggressive, reactive, fearful or anxious behavioral problems that have been unable to be addressed successfully elsewhere. He doesnt just work to correct behavior problems, his goal is to prevent such from happening. Tally loves to be proactive instead of reactive so if you have a new puppy or dog, it is strongly suggested that you contact him today.

Dog Obedience Trainer And Instructor Online Trade Schools In 2021

Dogs are our best friends in the animal kingdom, right? Domesticated canines have been our human companions for thousands of years. Not only have these amazing creatures become our faithful friends, but they have also been and remain key actors in agriculture, search and rescue, police investigation, and personal protection. The old saying still holds true. But, a good friend must show good manners! For our canine friends, this requires training and obedience. Dog Obedience Trainers help keep us on good terms with our best non-human friends. This list provides some outstanding examples of online Dog Obedience Training programs.

How can you learn to train a dog through an online program, you ask? Good question! Dog obedience courses in a 100% online format are rare. However, there are a few available. Because dog obedience training is so hands-on, online instruction needs to be complemented with practice on your own and with your dog.

What do Dog Obedience Trainers or Instructors do?Generally, dog obedience trainers instruct dog handlers on the proper ways to handle their canine. They often teach basic and fundamental commands, as well as, other training techniques. Show dogs and therapy dogs are also often prepared by professionals who specialize in canine care and training.

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