Online Career Games For Elementary Students


Goal Setting With Mentor Texts

Jobs I Can Have When I Grow Up | Highlights Kids | Kids Videos

Career biographies, nonfiction books, and children’s picture books are great resources to use in any unit, but especially in one about career exploration. Choose books that explore everything from agricultural careers to media to healthcare and everything in between. Help students set realistic goals relating to career exploration.

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Engaging Lessons In The 17 Career Clusters

Pathful Junior consists of interactive, multimedia lessons featuring animated characters, career exploration videos, and engaging activities built to reinforce learning. Each lesson details careers in one of the following 17 clusters:

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Architecture and Construction

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

The SIIA CODiE Awards celebrate the best software products and services in business and education technology while recognizing corporate philanthropic excellence. Pathful Junior is honored to have been selected as a CODiE Award finalist in the highly competitive category, Best PK-12 Education Cloud-Based Solution.

My Future Is So Bright

Career interviews and guest speakers may be a great introduction to your career development and exploration unit. This adorable craft would also be a great addition to this unit! Have students state what they want to be, take their photos, and create this cute, little poster to hang in your room!

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Middle And High School Online Educational Games

Who doesnt like candy? Buy and sell sweet treats in this game that helps students grasp concepts related to price and purchasing.

Helps with: Math

Use this fun boating game to learn and practice concepts related to grids and quadrants. Race along the X and Y axes to get to the finish line as fast as you can!

Helps with: Math

This information website provides all sorts of interactive ways to learn about cells! Interactive models, puzzles, and more all help tell the story of this building block of life.

Helps with: Science

NASA is designing a new space station and needs your help! Learn fascinating information about space and what its like to live there as you answer questions to help build a new space station.

Helps with: Science

Helps with: All subjects

This guessing game uses maps and photos from around the world to educate kids on world locations as well as historical landmarks and famous cities. User-made quizzes add to the guessing fun!

Helps with: Geography, Social Studies

Build A Tool Center Idea

Online Board Game Template (Editable Google Slides) in 2020

When studying future career options, students will need to know more about the tools that needed in various careers. These printable cards give students the opportunity to create the tools, using play doh. This is a way to explore exciting careers so students can see more in depth about what occurs within that field.

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Activities For Younger Students

Pre-Career Day Activities

  • My First Resume – Task students with creating their first resume using proper formatting and simple headings such as jobs they like to do at home, awards from school or other extracurricular activities and special skills they might have.
  • Jobs on Wheels – Younger students might enjoy learning about equipment, tools and vehicles associated with specific careers. A great book to share is Whose Vehicle is This? by Sharon Katz Cooper.
  • Career Bulletin Board – Use a chalkboard sign and take black and white pictures of students holding up their future career dreams to create a When I Grow Up bulletin board collage. Genius Tip: Need more bulletin board inspiration for the year? Browse these 100 bulletin board ideas.
  • Poster Research Project – Ask students to create a research-based poster of a career interest and use it to decorate classroom or hallway walls.
  • Future Dreams Pennant Banner – To broaden the scope beyond just career goals, ask for magazine donations and have each student create a pennant with cut-out pictures of future job ideas, travel and even a house they would like to live in and words that express their life goals. When the pennants are complete, you can string them all together into a banner to decorate the classroom.
  • Vocational Dress Up Day – Pick a day before your career day to allow students to dress up or bring a small prop that relates to a career. Include time in the day to share with the class or grade level, if appropriate.
  • Career Sites For Kids

    Michele is a mom and aunt that has 15 years experience in children’s progamming coordinating daily activities, swim programs, and lesson planning for kids.

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    Exploring as many careers for kids as possible can help you narrow down which field you’d like to work in one day. Combine your strengths and interests with great books, online resources, and career quizzes to start your journey on a career path.

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    Fun Career Activities To Engage Your High School Students

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    How many times do we skip over the career development aspect of our roles as high school counselors because it seems too tedious, or we feel like we dont have the time to do career activities? When we find time to work with our high school students around careers, we want to make sure what were doing is effective and meaningful.

    Maybe youve hosted a large scale career fair before? Maybe it was in-person or maybe it was virtual! Im sure either one was an AMAZING opportunity for all of your students! Lets think more about what made an event like that engaging and take that down to a smaller level within your school!

    The right career activity can make ALL the difference! How do you make careers interesting and fun? Make them relatable! Make them engaging! Get students involved by having them ask and answer questions. The more they can practice, the more confident they will become with career exploration, career readiness, and career development!

    Here are 4 fun career activities that you can incorporate into your individual counseling, your classroom lessons, or your small group lessons to engage your high school students around careers!

    Career Day Ideas And Activities

    Launch Kids Into Career Possibilities with Kuder Galaxy®

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    If the goal of education is to prepare students for the future, then nothing brings this reality home more than hosting a career day at your school. You can start simple, make it personalized for your community of learners and build your program year by year. Here are 50 career day ideas and activities to get your students excited and engaged.

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    Help Your Students Play

    Historically, Bridges has hosted the Career Exploration Day, an annual special event offering more than 2,500 high school students from 28 local school districts a unique way to meet business professionals and explore careers. Due to Covid-19, Bridges will again not be hosting this event in 2022. Instead, Bridges is offering students an opportunity to explore the hundreds of careers available to them and to better understand local career options.

    Watch this short video to learn how this new website works and how to incorporate it into your classroom or career-readiness activities. If you have additional questions, contact .

    How to use this site

    Visit and help students register or log in.

    • Register: The first time students go to the site, have them scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click on the “Create your log in & password here!” link. Once students complete the simple registration form, they will automatically be taken to the Career Board page. This is the “game board” of our virtual experience.
    • Play! Click on any industry name to learn more about that industry.
    • Encourage students to play any Career Skills Activity they find on a career page.
    • Ask students to track their activity using our Game Card
  • Live: A schedule of live streaming activities to participate in is featured on the LIVE page.
  • Suggest that students to visit the Career Help page to identify their skills and interests
  • Enhance Student Learning by:

    Using this website as:

    Virtual Classroom Icebreakers And Social

    26. For a mindfulness activity you can do virtually, try this kid-friendly meditation as a class.

    27. Use this growth mindset activity guide to practice a positive psychological skill with your students.

    28. Hold a virtual show and tell as an opportunity for your students to share something that means a lot to them.

    29. Hold a quarantine dance party! Turn on your Zoom cameras, play some upbeat music, and dance your hearts out.

    30. This D-icebreakers activity is perfect for sharing along with a virtual dice tool .

    31. Use this list of check-in questions to make sure your students feel supported and well while theyre away from the classroom.

    32. For an activity that encourages teamwork skills, set up one of these free digital escape rooms.

    33. Play a Zoom-modified game of Guess Who using your classrooms favorite fictional charactersor book characters you have learned about this year.

    34. Split your students into groups and share these discussion prompts to help them get to know their classmates, even if they have not met in person.

    35. Set up a remote scavenger hunt and hold a competition to see which student can complete their list first.

    36. For virtual fitness activities that can help your students get their wiggles out, follow a GoNoodle video together.

    37. Hold a virtual spirit weekbecause you can still have school pride while you are apart.

    38. To teach students healthy eating and fitness skills, these motivation minute videos can be a helpful resource.

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    Fun Career Activities For Elementary Students

    October 7, 2022// by Brittney Hallmark

    It is never too early to start thinking about career choices, but since we are working with elementary students, let’s keep it fun! Let students explore career aspirations and career basics to help students know the broad scope of different careers that exist in the world. Check out these 20 fun career exploration lessons, ideas about careers, and career games for elementary students.

    What Do I Do Again

    College Awareness Activities and PowerPoint This set is perfect for ...

    Allow your students to mingle while engaging them in a “What Do I Do Again?” game. To prepare, write an assortment of different careers on index cards. When the students arrive in class, line them up and tape one index card to each student’s forehead without letting that student see the job listed. Once all the cards have been taped to the students foreheads, let them mingle. Tell the students to walk around the room and talk with their friends, and ask yes-or-no questions that might help them figure out the careers on their cards. Have the students raise their hands when they think they know what their cards say. Reward the first several students who determine which career is on their card.


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    Not Sure Where To Start

    Check out the Career Interest Quiz or the Multiple Intelligence Surveys to learn more about yourself and your interests. Use this to help you research different jobs or careers that may follow your interests.

    Career Interest Quiz This is a career interest survey based on pictures and only takes about five minutes to do.

    Multiple Intelligence Survey For Older Students

    Types of Smarts Description of the different types of Smarts or Intelligences for Kids.

    Career Exploration For Kids Free Career Assessments

    First up, lets talk about how to get your kids and students actually interested in career exploration activities.

    Theres no better way to pique a students interest than to find out what THEY are most interested in learning about.

    One way to do this is to start off your unit of study with free career assessments.

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    Games For Teaching About Careers


    Along with learning the necessary skills to enter a career, school age children must also learn about a variety of careers so they can make an informed choice as to what they might want to become. Teachers can educate their students by engaging them in games. These games enable students to learn while they play, making learning about careers a joy.

    Explore this article

    How To Research Income Information

    Jobs and Occupations Game – Guess the Job | Games for Kids

    While it used to be difficult to figure out income averages for a career or job type, its quite simple nowadays thanks to some seriously great, free, resources provided by the Department of Labor.

    Heres a one-stop salary finder, where you enter the occupation and your location to get an idea of the average pay.

    It also offers a listing of professions, so students can click around by career cluster and just explore.

    Psst: another important thing to make students aware of through research? Are career projections. In other words, is an industry or job path they want to pursue growing, or are the jobs getting scarcer? Heres a great resource from Workforce Solutions that shares percentages for various careers.

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    Claim Your Future Financial Education And Career Exploration Like Youve Never Seen It

    Claim Your Future® is a proven, engaging educational game that encourages students to explore career pathways, financial decision making, and the future return on investment of post-secondary education and training. Developed by the Finance Authority of Maine, CYF began as a classroom game kit, but has since expanded into a digital experience to meet the needs of a changing educational landscape.

    Since its launch, CYF has been played in over 90 countries by hundreds of thousands of students representing every state in the U.S.

    Between the disruptions of the pandemic and current financial uncertainty, advancing financial education has never been more importantespecially for young people. And as a game built to be played in all educational settings, CYF is adaptable and ideal for remote learning, hybrid classrooms, and independent lessons. Its exactly the tool that educators and students need, right now. Through the game, students learn life skills, and begin to understand the strong connection between the choices they make today and their opportunities in the future. They will also learn that higher education leads to more career options and higher-paying jobs.

    Created by the Finance Authority of Maine , Maines higher education agency, Claim Your Future has been improving financial capabilities for Maine people for over a decade.

    Ideas For Organizing Career Day

  • Form a Committee – Recruit helpers to organize your day and bounce ideas around, because planning a good career day takes a village. If you have multiple grade levels participating be sure everyone is represented.
  • Set a Date – Pick a date that works well with your school and community calendars by considering test dates, school breaks and group events. Also, make sure to set a start and end time for the day.
  • Choose a Format – Determine how your presenters will interact with students. Speakers can visit individual classrooms or homeroom classes can rotate to speaker locations. Students can even break up into smaller groups to conduct short interviews with presenters in a speed dating style. Genius Tip: Create a career day presenter sign up to coordinate the different sessions throughout the day.
  • Consider Career Interests – Engage students by rotating them to speakers based on specific career interests. This can be more work up front but is extremely valuable for older students.
  • Involve the Community – Be sure to invite your superintendent, members of the school board, community relations folks and a photographer from a local paper. Use this community event to get the word out about your school!
  • Coordinate Rooms – Determine how many classrooms will be available to use including common areas such as the library, cafeteria and computer lab. Once you decide on the presentation style , begin to make a master list of how many presenters you will need.
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    Whose Vehicle Is This Drawing Activity

    This activity is also a sort of game. Show students a photo or picture of a vehicle and have them draw someone in a career that matches the vehicle. A creative way to allow career exploration, add some nonfiction books that match these careers so students can read more about them.

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    Career Exploration For Students

    The Inspired Counselor: Career Exploration Lessons

    What all is involved in career exploration for students?

    To be honest, theres a lot to cover here.

    You want to provide fun and engaging activities for topics like:

    • Understanding Careers: The foundational blocks of understanding how a person earns money, having a job versus working on a career, how to develop your career, etc.
    • Career Interest Assessments: Which careers intersect a childs natural abilities and a childs interests?
    • Career Investigation: What does a day look like when holding down a job in one of those career fields that interests a student? Whats the salary like? This can include activities in the classroom, research, and also shadowing.
    • Skill Identification and Development: What skills do they need to pursue a job that interests them? What level of education would they need?
    • Understanding How to Get Hired: Things like interviews, creating a resume, job searches, etc. are critical for students to know how to do.
    • Career Stepping Stones: What steps can the student take right now in order to set themselves just a few steps closer to getting into that career field , type of afterschool/weekend jobs)?
    • Income and Paycheck Management: Discussing how to not only manage a paycheck from a real-job, but also how to manage your career so that your income more than matches current cost of living needs. Also, going over paycheck taxes, pay type , insurance, workplace retirement contributions, and other deductions.

    Whew that list wasnt meant to overwhelm you.

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