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How Is An Online College Different From An On

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An accredited online college offers the same valuable and respected degrees that an on-campus college offers. The main difference is that online colleges offer you flexibility in your program. For example, you don’t have to go to campus and sit in a classroom. You can move faster through courses. You are largely independent in your education. These are benefits that help many students pursue degrees who may not be able to attend an on-campus college.

Grant Forecast Of Funding

Which grants are inviting applications for new awards?

The grants that are inviting applications for new awards are listed in our Forecast of Funding Opportunities. This document lists virtually all programs and competitions under which the Department has invited or expects to invite applications for new awards and provides actual or estimated deadline dates for the transmittal of applications under these programs. The lists are in the form of charts — organized according to the Department’s principal program offices — and include programs and competitions we have previously announced, as well as those we plan to announce at a later date.

Compliance With Special Education Services

I have attempted to contact my state department of education to report that my child’s school and the district were not in compliance with special education laws. How does the federal government work with states to ensure compliance?

Educational programs for children with disabilities and for infants and toddlers and their families are supported through grants to states under Parts B and C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act . The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs monitors those programs to make sure they are administered in ways that are consistent with federal requirements. In addition, OSEP has designated customer service specialists and state contacts for each state. The staff helps people understand IDEA requirements and access appropriate dispute resolution mechanisms. If you need assistance, please contact the OSEP customer service specialist or state contact assigned to your state.

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When Will The Nyc Scholarship Accounts Be Available

NYC Kids RISE will notify schools and families when their students accounts are available to be viewed and activated. Schools will be receiving additional information in the coming weeks on additional professional learning opportunities around the Save for College Program, including how to help families view and activate accounts and how to implement Spring Semester Milestone Events. Participating families will receive a Welcome Email and Welcome Kit via postal mail with instructions and information once their accounts are ready to be activated and viewed.

Is This Program Truly At Your Own Pace


WGU offers flexible pacing, meaning you can move through courses at a pace that meets your learning style and knowledge level. Students can go as fast as they can but not as slowly. Students are required to complete a minimum number of competency units per term to meet on-time progress. However, if you choose to study at 3 am daily, that we can accommodate.

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Teacher Certification Programs In New York City

The following colleges and universities offer teacher certification programs in New York City that can qualify you for a teaching certificate or, if you are already certified, an additional endorsement. You can also read more about programs statewide on our New York schools page.

  • College of Mount Saint Vincent
  • College of Staten Island
  • Metropolitan College of New York
  • New York City College of Technology
  • New York University
  • Yeshiva University

Are Online Universities Expensive

Typically online universities are able to offer less expensive tuition compared to brick and mortar universities. This is often because there are less building maintenance requirements, staffing needs, living expenses for students, etc. At WGU for example, tuition for an undergraduate program is approximately $3,500 for a six-month term. This is much lower than most online and traditional degree programs.

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Private And Charter School Teacher Requirements In New York City

Private and charter schools in NYC have individualized requirements for teacher applicants. In most cases, you will need at least a bachelors degree and some experience working with children to be eligible, although a masters degree, teaching experience, or state certification will significantly improve your chances of finding a job in this type of school. Private and charter schools operate independently of the public school system, although charter schools receive public funding. If you are interested in teaching jobs in these types of schools, contact individual schools directly for information on hiring requirements.

National Blue Ribbon Schools

Eric Adams calls NYC DOE one of the greatest embarrassments in our city

What is the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program?

Established in 1982, the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes public and non-public elementary, middle, and high schools based on their overall academic excellence or their progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups. The Department invites National Blue Ribbon School nominations from the top education official in all States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Department of Defense Education Activity and the Bureau of Indian Education. Private schools are nominated by the Council for American Private Education . All schools, representing the full diversity of American schools, including charter schools, magnet/choice schools, Title I schools, parochial, and independent schools are eligible in one of two performance categories, based on all student scores, subgroup student scores and graduation rates:

  • Exemplary High Performing Schools are among their state’s highest performing schools in Reading/English and Mathematics as measured by state assessments or nationally normed tests.
  • Exemplary Achievement Gap Closing Schools have made the greatest advances in closing achievement gaps between a school’s subgroups and all students in Reading/English and Mathematics as measured by state assessments.
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    File A Complaint With Fsa

    How can I file a complaint related to Federal Student Aid?

    The U.S. Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid Feedback System allows constituents to file complaints concerning federal aid. If you are dissatisfied with your experience in the federal student aid process, you can submit a complaint, send us a suggestion, or report a suspicious activity or an alleged scam on behalf of yourself or someone else. If you believe the resolution of a prior complaint was in error or you disagree with the resolution, you can ask to file a dispute with the Federal Student Aid Ombudsman Group. You may call them at 1-877-557-7525.

    What If English Isn’t My First Language

    WGU seeks to ensure that students can engage in WGU coursework using both written and spoken English, as the language of instruction and evaluation at WGU is English. If English is not your native language, you will need to demonstrate English language proficiency.

    English language proficiency may be demonstrated by any of the following methods:

  • Successfully completing WGU Academy.
  • A score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language of 80 or higher, with all subsections scored at High-Intermediate or above, .
  • A score of 6.0 or higher on the IELTS Academic test .
  • Obtaining a post-secondary degree from, or successful completion of, at least one year of post-secondary coursework in a degree-program at an accredited United States institution of higher education in which the primary language of instruction and evaluation is English regardless of the post-secondary institutions location.
  • Obtaining a high school diploma from an accredited U.S. high school in which the primary language of instruction is English.
  • Having an active teaching license from a U.S. state.
  • Speak to an Enrollment Counselor to get additional information.

    Please note: applicants to Nursing Programs that lead to, or require, nursing licensure may only satisfy the English language proficiency requirement with a passing TOEFL iBT score.

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    What If A Family Wants To Change Their Students Participation After Their Opt

    After a students opt-out period ends, parents can still choose to cancel or re-enroll their student in the program. We can think of these actions broadly as changing the childs participation status.

    If the opt-out period has ended, a parent who wants to change their students participation status has two options:

  • Make the change within the NYC Schools Account. This is the preferred way for parents to opt out, re-enroll or cancel. After logging in to NYCSA, the parent would:
  • Look at the main screen with all of the tiles
  • Review program information and
  • Choose from the relevant options available towards the bottom of the page.
  • Parents who do not use NYC Schools Account can complete and return a signed Participation Status Change form . If a custodial parent signs and returns one of these forms, the action should be logged within ATS as described within this ATS Wiki page.
    • District Participation Status Change Form available in:

    Contact Schools Directly To Apply For Open Jobs

    Nyc department of education application

    If your application is accepted, you will be eligible to apply for open jobs using the New Teacher Finder tool on the application website, applying to schools directly, or attending recruitment events. Schools in New York City make hiring decisions individually therefore, you will need to contact each school independently to apply for open jobs. Schools may also contact you and invite you to attend job fairs or interviews using the online portal system.

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    Every Student Succeeds Act

    What is the Every Student Succeeds Act and how can I get a copy of the law?

    The Every Student Succeeds Act reauthorizes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act , the Nation’s education law and longstanding commitment to equal opportunity for all students. ESSA builds on key areas of progress in recent years, made possible by the efforts of educators, communities, parents, and students across the country.

    Missing Students + Unfilled Jobs = Economic Warning Signs

    Throughout the pandemic, millions of children disengaged from school. Large numbers of high school students went to work to help support families reeling from the pandemic-induced recession, as their parents low-paying jobs disappeared. Others stayed home to supervise younger siblings or simply stopped attending, remotely or in person. Even after schools started to reopen, absenteeism surged. At the same time, well-paid white-collar employees were able to work from home, and their children shifted to online classes. Those jobs have largely survived the pandemic, but many of the low-skilled positions have not come back. Currently, according to Bureau of Labor statistics supplied by Walton, the U.S. has 10.4 million unfilled jobs, and more than 8.4 million unemployed Americans are seeking work.

    In August, The 74 published a series of stories examining the ways in which COVID exacerbated economic and educational inequities, accelerating trends that have widened the chasm between the haves and have-nots in five communities.

    Renos initiative is a marked contrast from traditional so-called vo-tech programs that tracked students into classes with little advanced academic content. And in the decade since it began, CTE programs nationwide have begun shifting toward preparing students for both college and careers.

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    Professional And Occupational Licensing

    How do I obtain my professional or occupational license ?

    State licensing and regulatory boards are responsible for licensing and regulating most professions. For more information, please contact the appropriate State Licensing and Certification Agency. You can also visit License Finder to find out which careers require a license and get contact information for the licensure process in your state. The state labor authorities can inform you on whether further certifications are needed for your profession.

    What Will Be Needed For Admissions

    How HE3AT is harnessing Microsoft Teams at the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE)

    It depends on the program you are interested in pursuing. Some programs will have additional requirements however, the general admissions process is as follows:

  • Complete the enrollment application
  • Contact Enrollment at 866-225-5948 to go over the program and admissions process specific to your desired degree program
  • Submit official transcripts
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    How Does Tuition Work At Wgu

    WGU’s tuition is a flat rate that is charged every six months. You can take as many courses as you are able in that six-month termwith no extra cost. You simply pay for the term and do as much work as you can or want to during that time. This means that finishing faster helps you save moneya major benefit you won’t find at other schools.

    Who Is Qualified For This Program

    Kindergarten and first grade students who

    • begin kindergarten or first grade during the 2022-23 academic year, and
    • are enrolled in a NYC Public School, including participating charter schools.

    Pilot School Students in Grades K-5

    Because the program was piloted in School District 30 starting in 2017, every kindergarten through fifth-grade student in a pilot school is eligible. Pilot schools include schools within the geographic boundaries of Community School District 30, including the District 75 sites and Charter Schools. These schools are listed below.

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    Nyc Department Of Education Office Of Adult And Continuing Education

    OACE offers over 900 tuition-free educational courses for adults 21 and over. Adults who do not have a US high school diploma or equivalent are eligible.

    Career and Technical Education

    Technical, trade, construction, and entrepreneurial skills are offered through this program.

    Some areas of study include the following:

    More information is available in their course catalog.

    Information in the catalog includes areas of instruction/study, placement requirements, extra associated fees, training locations, course prerequisites, and certification information.

    Health Careers

    Health careers are in high demand. OACE is there to get you going in this prosperous and abundant career field.

    Therefore, they offer a Certified Nurses Assistant program. CNA is a part-time program designed to teach students about Nurse Aide Theory.

    Furthermore, the program focuses on ample hands-on experience.

    Participants engage in supervised long-term clinical experience in an actual facility.

    This is where you will have the opportunity to put your knowledge from the program to work.

    Once you complete this training program you are eligible to take the NY State Nurse Assistant exam. If you pass you become a certified NA.

    Education Standards And Curriculum

    Program Eligibility

    How can I find out about national education standards and curricula?

    Some national professional or educational policy organizations have suggested standards and curricula, but there are no federal national standards for any academic area. Education is mainly a state and local responsibility in the United States. When the U.S. Department of Education was created, Congress made clear that the secretary of education and other Department officials be prohibited from imposing “any direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system.” . It is left to the states to create standards while States and local agencies develop curricula. To determine specific standards or curricula in your State, please contact your state department of education.

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    Protection Of Pupil Rights Amendment

    Does my child’s school need consent to conduct a survey?

    The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment is a federal law that affords certain rights to parents of minor students with regard to surveys that ask questions of a personal nature. Briefly, the law requires that schools obtain written consent from parents before minor students are required to participate in any U.S. Department of Education funded survey, analysis, or evaluation that reveals information concerning the following areas:

  • Political affiliations
  • New York City Teacher Certification Requirements

    If you have a bachelors degree and completed teacher preparation from a recognized New York state program or a similar program in another state, you can apply for a traditional certificate. New teachers will be issued an Initial Certificate, while experienced teachers may be eligible for the Professional Certificate. Take a look at our New York certification page for more information.

    If you did not complete teacher preparation as part of your bachelors degree program, you can complete this requirement while you teach through a New York alternative certification program. These types of certificates include the Transitional A certificate for career and technical education teachers with experience but no degree or the Transitional B certificate for teaching fellows who are eligible to earn the certificate while they teach through programs such as the New York Teaching Collaborative, which places teachers in the highest-need schools. Our New York alternative certification page has more information about these options.

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    How Do Parents/guardians Opt Out Of The Nyc Scholarship Account And What Is The School’s Role

    As of the 2022-23 school year, all DOE kindergarten students are eligible to join the Save for College Program and receive an allocation of $100 in an NYC Scholarship Account all schools with kindergarten and/or first-grade classes are required to ensure families are aware of the program. Share the Introductory Video, Program Basics, and Program FAQ with kindergarten and new first grade families as a part of the launch of the school year.

    Parents/guardians have the opportunity to opt out of receiving an NYC Scholarship Account. The opt out date may differ between students and is based on when the student was enrolled in school. The opt out process will begin in November 2022 for the 2022-23 school year. You will receive more information about opt-out letters and processes in the coming weeks.

    After the opt-out process starts in November 2022, parents/guardians who wish to change their childs participation status by opting-out have two options:

  • Parents can change their childs participation status within the NYC Schools Account. This is the preferred way for parents to opt out, re-enroll or cancel. After logging in to NYCSA, the parent should look at the main screen with all of the tiles. The parent can click on the Postsecondary Planning” tile, then click on the button on the next page that says NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program. After this they can review program information and will have relevant options available towards the bottom of the page.
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