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Best Jobs For Women Over : New Career Ideas For Older Women

Top 10 Careers for Women Over 50

Looking for jobs for women over 50? These housewife jobs for older women will help you leverage your experience, wisdom and maturity when starting a new career after 50.

Entering a new career later in life can be risky, but in todays connected world it is not unusual for older women to be looking for second career options for women or a new career at 50.

It is a common misconception that women over 50 are near retirement and should spend their time relaxing at home. Many women will tell you that they beg to differ with such an assessment as there are many jobs for women over 40.

What if you replaced the concept of retirement with that of a third act in which you can continue to create value and receive value for those things that you truly love to do, while you also establish a balance with other personally fulfilling activities you may want to do more of? asks Thomas Koulopoulos in

Your third act will not only create an ongoing revenue stream, which you can modulate up or down as needed for the rest of your life, it will also allow you to use the knowledge, wisdom, connections, and perspective that youve gained over a lifetime in a meaningful way, the article says..

Career options for women over 50 are plentiful if one chooses to look for them. In the US, highly-educated, high-powered women who opted out of corporations, starting in the nineties to raise children and take care of ailing elders, have been returning to the workforce.

Idea : Turn Your Creative Hobby Into A Career

Maybe youve been an avid photographer, illustrator, or basket-weaver in your spare time. Perhaps you love writing or playing video games. One way to get greater fulfilment is to parlay those creative expression skills into a dream job. A range of creative roles are in high demand, pay well, and can form a full-time career. You can also sell items on websites such as Etsy or markets as a side-hustle, potentially turning into a full-time gig.

Kate Forsyth Creative Director/co

Kate was a corporate communications manager at ANZ, most recently working in banking until she left in 2015 at the age of 35.

She had always wanted to start her own business, and thought that her career would be as a communications consultant, however, she was lacking one important thing: passion.

When planning her own wedding in 2013, Kate decided that she wanted to hire vintage furniture but couldnt find anyone in Victoria that offered this specific service.

This gap in the market prompted Kate to begin her vintage-hire business Good Day Rentals, with her now-husband Dave.

Kate and Dave now have a warehouse in Sunshine West, with a part time studio assistant, and a pool of casual and contract staff who help. Kate is now a full time event designer and stylist and spends almost all her time seeing clients and working on designs as well as managing her marketing and business development.

Our designs are quite unique, cutting edge and part of a real change in weddings particularly where people are doing what they want rather than cookie cutter, same same traditional stuff. So its exciting to be part of and to influence with our work.

– Kate Forsyth Creative Director/Co-founder of Good Day Rentals

Dave is now the General Manager and has also taught himself to be a craftsman. He makes a lot of furniture and props that are used for event designs and in the Good Day Rentals giant hire collection.

Making a Career Change as an Older Adult: The Complete Guide

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Starting A Second Career

There are some professions that are better suited to a late start than others. Ideally, you want to choose a new career path that will allow you to utilise some of the skills youve already honed and that doesnt require several years of study. Chron has put together a list of some different jobs that take these factors into consideration. It suggests making the most of your experience by becoming a career coach, seeing some more of the world as a tour guide or unleashing your creativity as a ghost-writer.

Chron has also chosen a few of the best professions to consider when youre looking for a second career. Its top picks include a career in the fine arts or entering home health care. Many people find that when theyre looking for a change in career, they have different priorities to the ones they had when they first entered the job market. This means that philanthropic or community-based roles tend to be particularly popular, offering a rewarding experience as well as financial benefits.

Career Change At : Sally

New Beginnings for Women: Creating the Career and Life You Want After 50

From marketing to wine making

It can be a real advantage changing careers in your 50s, says Sally Evans, who had previously worked as a marketing director for a big consulting company in Paris. A single mum of two boys, Sally decided to leave her job when her youngest was 15 to spend more time with him. When he left home, I thought, well what am I going to do now? she says.

52 years old at the time, Sally didnt want to go back into the corporate world. So she decided to do what shed always wanted. I enjoyed drinking wine, but I’d never had the time to study it, she says. After gaining qualifications through the WSET, the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, she decided she wanted to start making wine herself.

I thought, where do they make great wine? says Sally. Bordeaux. So I travelled eight hours from where I lived in the South East of France. I didn’t know anybody in Bordeaux, but I found a patch of vines with rundown buildings, and I bought them.

There are plenty more advantages to making a change in your 50s . She explains: My kids are gone, I don’t have to worry about bedtimes, homework or ferrying them around. It’s all about me now. And at 50, we’ve got all these skills that we didn’t have 30 years ago.

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Be Realistic About What You Can Achieve

At age 50, you may be planning to work for many more years before retiring. This is enough time to grow in any role, but it’s also important to remember how much time it might take to reach the kind of seniority you achieved in your current or previous career. Take some time to consider how much you can achieve in your second career and whether you’ll be happy with this in the long term.

Become A Counsellor Or Life Coach

Counselling careers are perfect for those who love offering psychological therapy or career coaching and hope to become a mental health counsellor or career coach.

Women, by their very nature, are very good listeners they have a lot of patience and often give very good advice. Therefore, women have the potential to become very good counsellors.

Women over the age of 50, especially, gain all the experience needed for this job thanks to a lifetime of dealing with family issues. Sharing your vast experience with others can really make a difference in somebodys life.

Its no surprise that counselling jobs feature very high on the list of best careers for women of all age groups. Career Counselling is one of the most sought after jobs globally with a 19% employment rate, as per Industry reports.

To become a counsellor, you will need some educational qualifications and experience in psychology, after which you can either work with an organisation, register with an online therapy website, or strike out on your own as a self-employed professional.

If you have the enthusiasm, the desire to be of service, and ICF-accredited coaching training, then life coaching is also a good profession to consider.

You can learn how to start a life coaching business or online coaching business after completing these coach certification programs.

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Career Change Ideas: Start A New Career In Your 40s 50s And 60s

In this postShow

Changing careers into your 40s and 50s is a real challenge. Still, there are plenty of financially secure, low-stress, and fulfilling career options for midlifecareer changers. Discover new career ideas that fit your needs, whether you want to step it up or dial it down.

Realising you arent happy in your current job or that you no longer have a clear direction can be scary. As an older career changer, you may feel like you dont have as much time to work your way up a new career ladder as a younger person would.

On top of that, ageism can lead to resistance and even discrimination from potential employers when you enter the job market. All this means that starting a new career can be one of your lifes most challenging and emotionally draining tasks.

The challenge becomes even more complicated if you arent sure exactly what you want to do.

Careers In Health Care

Woman Turns 50 and Starts a New Career with a Fabulous Makeover!

According to AARP, some of the fastest-growing jobs for people over 50 are in the health-care field, with 348,400 new home health aide jobs projected by 2024 and median wages of $22,600. Other similar health-care jobs that require only short-term, on-the-job training include personal and home care aide. Only moderate on-the-job training is necessary for the 138,900 new jobs as medical assistant projected by 2024.

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What Are Your Goals For A Career Change

As in any endeavour, having properly defined goals will help you to determine the best path to take.

What are you looking for in a new career? Choosing a slower less stressful position that gives you more time with family and friends may sound ideal, but youll often find that youre giving up some income and job satisfaction in the process.

Conversely, if your goal is to quit a job that is sucking the life from your soul to pursue a lifelong passion. You might be trading quality time with family and friends for job satisfaction.

Neither decision is wrong or bad, you just need to be aware of the potential pitfalls of any decision you make.

You Can Afford To Follow Your Passion

People in their 50s often have enough personal funds to start a business of their own, or to return to school and learn new career skills.

If your home is paid for and your children have finished their schooling, you may have the funds to pursue a career youre passionate about, says Weiler. After age 50, she says, many people are in a position to do something meaningful for themselves.

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Women Over : Its Not Too Late To Start

I hope this post encouraged and motivated you to consider freelance writing or writing once you retire.

I have many students in Write Your Way to Your First $1k who are doing this in their 40s, 50s and beyond.

Course student Aaron received sage advice from his father,

My dad told me that I wouldnt know what I want to be when I grow up until I was 40. I want to be a professional writer. I KNOW that now. Ill be 40 on July 13th. My goalto be paid to write by then. Any amount. I got this!!!

Its never too late to start something new and start a new day in the life as a writer!

Tell me in the comments do you have plans after retirement? Share them with me! Id love to hear them.

Please remember to pin me.

Career Change At : Lucy

Fact or Crap: Whats Real About Finding a Job After 50?

From journalism to teaching

My job was the cushiest in the world, says Lucy Kellaway, remembering her role as an associate editor and management columnist at the Financial Times. Every week, I’d think of something daft that was happening in business and write a column mocking it. I never ran out of things to make fun of it was all such fun. I was a round peg in a round hole.

But after Lucy hit 50, things started to change. I realised that I didn’t want to only do one thing all my life, says Lucy. Also the things that had drawn me to journalism the glamour and, frankly, the status had stopped meaning much to me anymore. I was no longer getting any better, and may even have started getting worse.

Lucys mum had been a brilliant teacher, but seeing her up late at night marking students work had put Lucy off. As a young woman I wanted to do a job as unlike hers as possible, she says. But when my daughter became a teacher on leaving school, and I saw how wonderful she was being with her students, I thought: I want to do that too.

Lucy spent a year saving everything she could and taking on extra freelance work before handing in her notice. I was in a lucky position, because at my advanced age I’d already paid off my mortgage and was no longer supporting my children, which meant I could afford to take a very large drop in salary, she says.

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You Wont Be Discriminated Against Because Of Your Age

While companies could previously have younger people in mind for a role, it is now illegal to discriminate against job candidates based on age. Now you can let your skills speak for themselves without worrying if your age is a negative asset to your job search.

If youre a good match for the company, chances are youll at least score a job interview. Then you can prove you have the know-how to start a new career path.

The Benefits Of Restarting Your Career At 50

There are countless benefits to restarting or changing your career at 50, including:

  • Planning for your future – Taking on a new role later in your career can be an excellent way to earn more money and plan for your future, be that making more pension contributions and planning for your retirement, paying off your mortgage or providing for your family.
  • Learning new skills – Starting a new role provides you with ample opportunities to learn new skills and refresh your existing skill set, too. This could include learning on the job or retraining completely, such as enrolling on specific training courses or qualifications.
  • Finding purpose – Working in a job you enjoy offers a sense of achievement and helps keep boredom at bay.

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Start Your Writing Career Today: Quick Steps

For women over 50, the dream of becoming a professional writer is more within reach than ever before.

Middle aged women can easily start a new career writing within a matter of weeks.

The easiest is to guest post on other blogs.

You can run a quick Google search on a topic you enjoy or have experience in with + write for us.

You can also reach out to companies to see if they are hiring.

This is and in all honestly, can be time consuming!

But the steps are simple:

  • Make a list of companies you want to write for. You can find them on Google, round up posts , and on LinkedIn
  • Check out these website and see if they have a service or product they are selling. If they do, they will need a writer to help them with their marketing material.
  • Craft an optimized pitch and send your pitch to the managing editor or content person on their team.

Finally, make sure to build up a solid writing portfolio of articles on the topic that you want to write about.

This is a page on your writer website or it can be on a portfolio site like Medium or Contently.

One of the great things about becoming a writer for women in their 50s is the amount of options that are available for writing.

You could write about a topic that you previously built a career in, write about something you are truly passionate about, or write about an entirely new interest.

While it might take some research skills and building connections to land those ideal clients, it will be well worth it in the end.

How To Change Careers

5 In-Demand Careers That Fit People Over 50

Whether youve worked a job to support your family or built up an amazing career during your working life, making a drastic career change can be very scary.

Its likely that youve spent the last 30 years or so going to school, making connections, negotiating raises, and going after promotions that you dont want to give all that up for something that may or may not work out.

Having a steady paycheck is a safety net.

That reliable income you know you can count on.

Knowing that you are going to be paid for the direct work that you put in on an hourly or salary basis is something that many people can never give up.

However, there are two sides to that coin.

While, yes, you get paid for every hour that you work which is great when you are trying to budget, you are also held back by that.

If you dont go to work, you dont get paid. You are capped at how much you can make by the company that you work for.

Sure, you might be able to negotiate a raise or find a higher-paying job, but there is a direct correlation between the time you put in and how much you work.

An employer isnt going to pay you based on the value that you bring to the company, so dont buy that line in your next employee review!

As well, for many people, a full-time job is draining their creativity.

Heres what Writeto1k student Kathy said,

When you are a freelance writer or work for yourself in some other capacity, what you make your value, and your worth are entirely up to you!

  • Search engine optimization

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