Money And Career Tarot Spread


Three Card Tarot Spread For Finances

AQUARIUS **MONEY & CAREER** OCTOBER Tarot & Oracle Card Reading
  • My financial challenge. Are they emotional, a result of work done, emotional turmoil or passion-based decisions?
  • My financial strengths. Its comforting to know what youre doing right, so you can focus your attention on what will give you the most impact.
  • Where will I find my abundance? Where should you be watching for opportunities? How will your actions facilitate this?
  • Card 3 The Challenges Ahead

    The final card represents challenges. What issues have you been having at work? This could be with co-workers or the position in general. Issues can happen even if youre in a position you love. If youve been feeling indecisive, Four of Cups may appear.

    This card represents boredom and wishful thinking. You may be in a place where you dont know what to do next. You might want more variety in your day to day job or find yourself needing a larger change.

    Strength is a more straightforward card its appearance here can mean that youre being overbearing or not leaving room for mistakes. If you manage others, think about your behavior towards them and see if there are any changes you need to make.

    These last two cards make up the bottom of our pyramid. Theyre the pieces that hold you up everyday while youre at work. See how these cards work together. Your talents can help you with your challenges, and the challenges can help you figure out the next goal to work towards. You can use this reading again and again to check on your career!

    Ways To Read The Three Card Tarot Spread For Money

    Whether you need more income, want to save money, clear out your debt, retire early, or make wise choices about your investments, your tarot cards and this three card spread have got you covered.

    Of course, Im not a financial adviser, and neither are your tarot cards. The cards help YOU make better decisions, by helping you to see and investigate all of your options with clarity.

    I am excited to share this post with you today because I have worked very hard on healing my own financial beliefs and habits with the help of my tarot cards, and I cant wait to share that with you.

    So, in this video, were going to cover seven different ways you can use the Three-Card Tarot Spread in a tarot reading specifically about money. Keep reading for the full post

    But first if you want to take this seriously download the free PDF printable to record your tarot readings. This tarot journaling page not only has space to record your three-card tarot spread readings, but it also gives you eight different ways to interpret the cards for readings about money, love, and all sorts of situations.

    Just enter your email below to download your copy before we go any further:

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    Talk To An Expert And Feel Clear About Your Relationship Fast

    Simply cut the Tarot deck into two equal-sized parcels and turn one of them on its head. The reversed cards represent a no answer, while the upright cards mean yes.. Shuffle and mix the reversed and upright cards together.

    Daw a single Tarot card. If it is upright, its a yes, and if its reversed, its a no.

    Tarot Spread For Career And Finance Direction

    10 card Career and Money Tarot Spread Angel Cards and Fortune

    This is another tarot spread for career advice that deals with options and decision-making. Whether you have a ton of options, just a few or no direction at all, this layout will help point you toward a path.

    It will highlight where youre at, where you want to be and the options before you, even the ones you dont see. Youll uncover your feelings toward these decisions, what you should consider and whats likely the best choice for you.

    Well also look forward into what qualities you can learn to help you be more successful in the area of career and finance. And also, what lessons youll learn from this crossroad situation.

    Card Placement Meanings:

  • Where you currently are in your career
  • Where you want to be in your career
  • Your options for your career
  • Are there any hidden options youre not considering?
  • Your feelings around your options
  • The option youre considering the most
  • Something important to consider in regard to your options
  • The likely best decision for you
  • The qualities to expand on to be successful
  • The ultimate outcome of your decision
  • A lesson to learn from this situation
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    How To Perform A Career Tarot Spread

    Settle into a comfortable seated position. If youd like to create more of a ritual space, light a green candle or waft patchouli incense around the area these are both meant to represent money, wealth, and the domain of career.

    Shuffle your cards and visualize yourself in your current position. Be sure to not filter out any emotions, good or bad. If you are unemployed or looking to make a career change, imagine what youd rather be doing.

    When you feel like youve shuffled enough, split the deck into three piles. Choose the top card off of each pile. Place the first card in the center of your workspace, with the second and third below it in a pyramid shape.

    Flip them over to begin the reading!

    Can You Do Tarot Spreads For Yourself

    Many people do tarot readings for themselves. This spread is a simple three card spread that allows you to get familiar with reading and the card meanings. Career is something lots of people deal with, and its normal to have questions about it.

    Remember when doing a career reading to try and remain impartial. It can be difficult if a card alludes to challenges that you create, or show a version of yourself that you dont like.

    The cards are tools to help you become your best self. Taking the tarot cards suggestions may help you come out on top at work. Theyre worth listening to!

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    What The Tarot Cards Mean In This Career Reading

    Youre going to spend much of your life working, so you might as well enjoy yourself while youre there! How do you know that youve got the right job or whether its time to look for something else?

    Here are the questions you will be focusing on in your reading today.

    Card 1: Will money be coming into my life very soon?

    This is where you set your career intentions. If you are wondering, Am I going to get the job? or Will I get the promotion I deserve? then this is where you will find some answers. When asking your question, we suggest being specific, down to saying aloud your company name.

    In this position, this card will show your chances and give you a general yes or no answer on your prospects.

    If this is a positive card full of abundance and good fortune, then you can rest assured that things are working in your favor towards money and wealth.

    On the other hand, if this card is less than ideal, dont take it too much to heart. Its showing you that theres still work to do or that there is something out there more suited for you. Pay close attention to this card.

    Theres usually no quick fix for resolving money matters and career choices, but the Tarot can help you make your decisions.

    Card 2: What career opportunities do I need to consider more closely?

    Depending on the answer to the first card, this Tarot card will help show you the next steps. The second card in this spread opens up your options and allows you to see them.

    Money Tarot Reading Meaning

    Cancer, Locked Away Success // Money & Career Oct 1-15 Tarot Reading

    First Card This card represents your current financial situation and reflects your current relationship to money.Second Card This card represents your core beliefs about money and reflects your ideas and feelings.Third Card This card represents the past influences of your relationship with money. It also reflects how your past has shaped your ideas and feelings about your money.Fourth Card This card represents your spiritual relationship to your money. This card often reflects the important lessons you need to learn about your relationship to your money.Fifth Card This card represents the action you need to take to change your current financial situation, including both the spiritual and emotional changes that need to be implemented

    Use this Money Tarot Spread for all money and financial moves to help you as a guide for a happier and more prosperous life.

    Learn more about all the Tarot Spreads >

    The legacy content and tarot card image on this page is from the abandoned site Tarot Reading Psychic, for educational purposes.

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    One Card Money Spread

    One of the simplest spreads I like to give people is to draw a card. I love this spread because it can help the most advanced tarot reader or a complete beginner. I also think that one card money spreads helps you to learn to focus and listen to your intuition.

    Sometimes the more advanced spreads can create mass confusion and make tarot readings stressful. Tarot readings should be a fun and enlightening experience.

  • Focus on your question.
  • Apply the wisdom to your question.
  • Lets say you asked how to grow your finances and pulled the king of cups. At first, it may not make sense to you. However, here is how you can interpret the king of cups and how it applies to growing your finances:

    The king of cups represents a person who is a master of emotions. They do not let their emotions get the best of them. Yet they are intuitive enough to trust where their emotions are leading them.

    The king of cups may be asking you to take a step back and evaluate your emotional health. There could be something such as hurt from a friend or a lover in the past that needs to be released.

    Sometimes what happens is emotional pain from our past is still infecting our current situation. Unknowingly, when emotions affect us that we havent healed, theyll start affecting our physical body. This includes our financial health as well!

    Celtic Cross Tarot Spread/ Layout Position Meaning Explained

    It is the most commonly used tarot card spreads by many tarot readers for predicting the fate of an individual. this tarot spread is commonly used in for specific queries and questions and also the overall process and the result of that particular section of question from which can be known from 10 cards spread in Celtic cross tarot reading.

    The Celtic cross layout is of 10 card layout denoting different conditions and aspects of life.

    Card 1:- is The Present situation or condition of the querent.

    Card 2:- is all about immediate challenges the querent is facing or just going to face.

    card 3:- is about the past events and happenings which lead up to present situation

    card 4:- is all about near-future events going to occur in coming 3 to 4 weeks.

    Card 5:- deals with querent goals, ambition, thought process and the outcome of work or goal querent is working towards.

    Card 6:- represents and deals with the subconscious mind of the querent as it reflects the underlying layer, tone, and trend associated with the present situation of the querent.

    Card 7:- This card bestows advice and seeks and demands native or querent attention towards all the happenings of past and present in querent life in recent times and presents a remedy, a solution, and recommendations to deal with current challenges with a distinctive approach.

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    The Top 10 Tarot Spreads For Love & Relationships

    If youre looking for guidance in your love life, these tarot spreads can be very helpful. They are specifically designed to explore different aspects of relationships and can provide insights into your own feelings as well as your partners.

    From exploring the potential of a new relationship to working through challenges in an existing one, these tarot spreads can provide guidance and clarity when you need it most.

    Tarot Card Spreads For Love Job/ Business Career Success

    Tarot Challenges Round

    Tarot Card Spreads For Love, Job/ Business, Career, Success, Celtic Cross, 2 cards, 3 cards, 5 cards, 6cards, 7 cards, 10 cards: A tarot card spread is nothing but just different types of methods to lay down cards at the time of reading to predict someones future or answer someones question. There are various types of spreads in tarot card reading, and in many cases, the reader also develops his/ her own spread later in the advanced stage. As a learner of tarot reading should always follow some standard spread system to answer the question of a questioner. Here I am going to mention some common but very useful tarot spreads that can be used at the time of reading.

    They are:

    • The Love Compatibility/ Truelove Spread
    • The Career Path Spread

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    The Benefits Of Using Tarot Spreads

    There are many benefits to using tarot spreads. Spreads can help you to focus your reading on a specific question or topic, which can be very helpful if youre feeling stuck or uncertain about what to do next.

    They can also provide additional insight and clarity into a situation. Tarot spreads can also be used as a tool for self-exploration, helping you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your motivations.

    Ultimately, using tarot spreads can help you to get more out of your readings, and provide you with guidance and direction when you need it most.

    Tarot Spreads For Beginners

    If youre new to tarot readings or just looking to add some variety to your current practice, spreads are a great way to do so.

    Tarot spreads are simply layouts that you can use to focus your reading on a specific question or topic. There are countless different spreads available, each with its own purpose and meaning. To help you get started, weve compiled a list of the top 10 tarot spreads for beginners.

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    Money Spread Tarot Guide: How To Gain Perspective On Your Finances With Tarot

    Are you struggling with finances? Is your bank account more empty than your fridge at the moment? Dont worry this money spread tarot guide will show you how to read cards to improve your finances.

    It was 2020, and I had just become certified in tarot life coaching. I felt confident, and in love, with the path I was on.

    However, launching a tarot coaching business, especially in the current economy, had cards I was not yet ready to flip over.

    With help from the tarot, willpower to create my dream life as a tarot life coach, and a lot of faith that the Universe had a plan. I started making sales and improving my finances.

    Now Im going to show you in this money spread tarot guide how you can create abundance with your tarot deck.

    Read on to learn more about using tarot to improve money and access six powerful tarot spreads. This guide will help keep your cash flow moving and your finances improving.

    Grab your favorite deck, a quiet place where you can focus, and a journal, and lets heal our financial woes.

    Three Card Spread For Career And Finance Reflection

    SCORPIO **MONEY & CAREER** OCTOBER Tarot & Oracle Card Reading
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • What am I doing right? Some unbiased feedback on what you are doing right and wrong. Get ready to potentially hear something you dont want to hear.
  • What do I need to do next? advice on what action you should .
  • Interested in adding some books to your personal tarot library? Check out these Tarot Books on Career and Finance:

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    Career Tarot Spreads To Guide Your Work Life

    Tarot is an amazing spiritual tool that can provide us with guidance in so many different areas of our life. When we read the cards, we are able to understand our situation better and learn how we can make things better. In this article, I want to create a career Tarot spread guide. I will include a few different Tarot spreads that are great for both beginner and expert readers that will help you make career decisions and provide you with guidance.

    I will be using the Modern Witch Tarot deck by Lisa Sterle in this article, but you can use any deck you want for these spreads!

    Tarot Spreads For Guidance

    This career tarot spread can help give you guidance in situations where you feel stuck. If you have a specific problem or question in mind, meditate on it while shuffling the cards. When you do the reading, see how each card can apply specifically to your situation.

    You may be a different person when this problem arises. The stress of it all can make you lean into talents you didnt know you had. And the biggest challenge of all could have a different point of view than youre currently seeing. Reading the cards with that in mind can help you start fixing the problems ASAP.

    You may do this reading whenever a problem arises at work. If you want to do it more regularly, once a quarter or before large projects can help you prepare yourself. Journaling this reading can keep it fresh in your mind. That also helps with your understanding of the cards, making each reading stronger.

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    Card Tarot Spread For Career And Money

    Are you looking for some spiritual guidance surrounding your finances without all of the confusion and clouded messages? This is the tarot spread for you!

    I much prefer doing spreads that are short and sweet when it comes to career/money versus a larger spread such as the celtic cross, as oftentimes my clients can have a lot of anxiety and other challenging emotions tied to the topic. Healing your relationship to money is a story for another day, so I never want to exacerbate those feelings by providing too much information and causing analysis paralysis. After all, tarot is just a tool that is used to make your own inner guidance more tangible, and the answers that we are all searching for can be found inside of us. Generally when a reading resonates, it is an a-ha moment for the client whom is recalling the times that they already thought what the tarot is telling them and just needed a confirmation!

    Now let’s get into the spread, shall we?

    1. Career/Financial Goal

    2. Obstacles

    This card signifies any obstacles that the querent may come up against on their journey to their reaching their goal or desires. Even traditionally benevolent cards have their shadow sides, so it is important to take note of any deeper meaning here. Obstacles are simply growing pains, though, and if you are met with resistance it may be a test from the universe.

    3. Final Outcome

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