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How The Use Of Mind Mapping Can Help You In Your Career Planning

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As a careers tool, the maps can help prepare for a job interview, reach decisions about which career to enter, how to improve promotion prospects, or whether to leave a job or change direction. Mind Maps are useful at times when goals or targets are less clear.

What is the format of mind mapping?

Mind Maps were popularized by author and consultant, Tony Buzan. They use a two-dimensional structure, instead of the list format conventionally used to take notes. This makes information easier to remember, as its held in a format that our minds find easy to recall and quick to review.

Mind Maps Promote Organic Development

Joseph Campbell likened the process of mind mapping to a tree growing.

The treedoesnt know where its growing next. A branch may grow out this way, then thatway, and then another way. If you just let it be and dont have pressures fromoutside, when you look back, youll see that this has all been an organicdevelopment.

As Campbellsuggests, write down all the different ways you can accomplish your centralgoal. Creating this tree of possibilities will bring forth the one right pathfor you to achieve success.

Keep in mind the idea of organic development. No choice is a wrong choice as long as its your choice, you have thought it out carefully, and its meaningful to you.

So where did concept mapping and mind mapping come from? It was developed by the American professor and science researcher Joseph D. Novak and his team from Cornell University in the 1970s. The technique is based on the meaningful learning theory by American psychologist David Paul Ausubel. In the beginning, the maps were developed to improve and facilitate the process of learning science. In his theory Ausubel declared that

The most important single factor influencing learning is what the learner already knows.

That being said, when creating mind-maps its always best to start with what you know and branch out from there.

Tips For Using Mind Maps In Project Management

Consider these tips for making project management mind maps:

  • Focus on recording all your ideas. Instead of concentrating on the layout of your mind map, focus on recording all your thoughts and ideas related to the topic. You can revise and organize your mind map once you’ve finished listing all the crucial information.

  • Use your creativity. Using curved lines and bright colors throughout your mind map can make the information more engaging, and using a color-coded system may help you recognize patterns more easily.

  • Make more than one mind map. Consider making additional mind maps for other processes and aspects of the overall project rather than including all your ideas for the project into one mind map. This can help you keep your ideas and thoughts organized.

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Seven Steps To Creating A Mind Map

  • Start in the centre of a blank page turned sideways this gives the brain freedom to spread out in all directions and express itself more freely and naturally.
  • Use an image for your central idea this is more interesting for your brain.
  • Use colours throughout because they are exciting to the brain and add energy to creative thinking.
  • Connect your main branches to the central image and connect your second and third-level branches to the first and second levels. Your brain works by association it likes to link things together. Connecting the branches will help you understand and remember more easily.
  • Make your branches curved rather than straight. Straight lines are boring to your brain. Curved lines are more attractive and riveting to the eye.
  • Use one key word per line. A single word generates its own array of associations.
  • Use images throughout. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Why Use A Mind Map To Plan Out Your Career Goals

    Career planning template created with DropMind

    A mind map are very useful tool when strategically planning out your career goals. It can also be used as a long-range view of what needs to get done. The best part is that you can always add to your mind-map as more connections or associations toward your goal come up.

    Mind mapping could also be used as a brainstorming tool. Lets say youre looking to discover your next career move. You can write down all the possible ways you can grow in your career. Various possible directions will emerge. You can grow within your company, go to a different department, go to a different company doing the same thing, or transition to a career that you have a skillset in but are unfamiliar with the industry. You might even want to start your own business. The more you write down, the greater the possibility of getting something that really works for you.

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    Mind Maps For Career Planning

    Mind maps are the future it thing in planning and executing an interesting, multi purpose tool, and yet, unlike most other such tools, it is as easy as wearing a shoe. Agreed, it might take some time in the beginning while you are learning, but once you do, it will become a subconscious process, and without realizing, you will be classifying your thoughts and ideas in the form of a mind map, at least a virtual one. Mind map software can be equally useful for anyone for studying for a subject, as they are for someone who wants to plan out a project. Another exciting use of the mind maps is to plan out your career.

    Career Planning is a huge step in life, and you have to weigh every possibility against another carefully before deciding on a choice. While selecting the options, you might require a lot of help from your parents, friends, and especially the people who already are pursuing the career you are interested in.

    After the initial process of collecting the information, comes the part where you have to assess your chances and make the decision. This is where mind mapping can come to your help.

    1. Note down your current foundation for a career

    Make a list of all your strengths, weaknesses and other skill sets. Compare these against the requirements of your current workplace/job. Then compare them against the requirements of potential jobs in the future. Are you under, exactly or overqualified for the jobs?

    2. Know your limits, set goals accordingly:

    How To Build Your Career Master Plan With A Mind Map

    You have a purpose. You have work that you want to do in this life, work that is meaningful to you and to those who benefit from it. And yes, you have a career in you!

    Whoever you may be, whatever field of work you may find yourself, and whatever your situation right now, you can have a career so long as you have desire for one.

    Sometimes, careers go through ups and downs, sometimes life demands that we set them aside to do other things, sometimes we forget that we even have career goals and dreams.

    Well, the number one purpose of my Career Master Plan mind map is to help you build your career master plan with a mind map. It can remind you that you have a successful career in you and I want to get it out of your brain and into a mind map so you believe it too. Are you ready?

    What you see in the image above are what I call the foundational pillars of your Career Master Plan. These are the level 1 branches, and the basic exercise is to go through every single branch and come up with the answers that are true for you.

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    Develop A Plan Of Action

    Once you define the project, develop a plan of action to execute the project from start to finish. Alongside using mind mapping for specific project goals and requirements, it’s also helpful when creating a high-level product plan. You can use a new mind map to outline several project-specific ideas visually and consider each one before selecting the best course of action.

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    What If You Struggle To Come Up With Ideas

    2021 Goal Planning | Mind Mapping
    • You may know too little about the subject. When I created the mind map above, I realized that I could have learned more about various aspects of data science, so I spent 10 minutes scanning job descriptions on LinkedIn Jobs. What a great way to reveal a knowledge gap, which prompted me to learn about a field I thought I knew a lot about! Reading blogs on the subject and doing informational interviews, will also help in this regard.
    • You may be so ingrained in your own world that you need some different perspectives. Find a brainstorming partner or two. Pick someone with a different background or lots of knowledge in their field, or, someone whos creative and resourceful.
    • You may be censoring your ideas too much and trying to be too rational. Pause the process. Go do something else fun or relaxing and come back to the game. Curiosity and openness are essential in prototyping your career.

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    Mind Maps Help You See The Big Picture

    Mind mapsintegrate all your major action ideas and thoughts into one picture. They are avisual illustration of concepts and ideas as a complex structure comprised ofboxes or circles that are connected with linking words or phrases arrangedaround a central concept.

    This exercise essentially encourages day-dreaming. This is what Albert Einstein used to call thought experiments. Doing this helps create your big picture or central idea when making your mind map. After you have defined it, write down all the ideas for action you have about this central idea.

    There are a couple rules when doing this type of brain-storming:

    • Do not criticize ideas
    • Encourage producing a wide array of ideas
    • Build upon other existing ideas
    • Motivate sharing wild and unconventional ideas

    The more possibilities you can develop, the greater the probability you will find one that resonates with you.

    The Power Of Mind Maps To Build Your Career Master Plan

    This past week, I worked with one of my clients from the career coaching program to create her career master plan.

    She is a young, smart, and motivated entrepreneur finding her way in this world. She has lots of great ideas with plenty to offer the world.

    What we needed to do for her was to build her career master plan with a mind map through brainstorming, idea organization and categorization.

    We decided to accomplish this using the most powerful tool I know, a method that I have often used with clients, students as well as in my own projects, that of mind mapping!

    Mind map is a picture outside your brain of how your brain thinks inside. ~Tony BuzanTweet this quote.

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    How To Use Mind Mapping To Manage Your Career

    As someone who is working in the education and human resource field, I often encounter questions from students regarding their career plans and how to choose between different career routes. Most of the time I would try to provide them with some advices after a quick assessment of their strengths, interests, comparative advantage etc, yet I still find it uncomfortable and even a little irresponsible to give someone a specific answer in terms of where their career should go when you just meet that person 10 minutes ago. And even if I do, it’s still a hard sale because it is me who did the thinking instead of the students themselves.

    But career planning is not just for college kids or fresh grads. Admit it or not, it’s constantly lingering in our minds and as we get older and more experienced, more and more options are provided, different factors come into play, this system can get messy and difficult for our brains to deal with.

    Why not just use a Pros and Cons list? The benefit of using a Mind Map rather than a list of pros and cons is the ability to explore your feelings and thoughts instead of only logic . Extending branches to explore different options will inevitably take you to where you will know you are closer to the answer. Spending a little time making a map of how you want your career to evolve can save you weeks or even years of detour in a job or career that brings you no fulfilment.

    How Do I Create A Mind Map To Explore Career Paths

    Improve Your Career Prospects by Exploring Your Career Path

    Have you thought about where you want to take your career?

    It’s going to be a long road with many twists and turns. You might feel like the possibilities are endless…or even limited.

    It’s hard to plan for your future! It’s also normal to feel stuck. But there’s a way out.

    A mind map will help you get started on your career journey.

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    The Fantasy The Ideal And The Reality Of Career Exploration

    You might have a *fantasy* about getting to your dream career or have an *idealized* notion of what the process of career exploration looks like. The *reality* is that career exploration is often a messy and iterative process its also hard work! Bill Lindstaedt, of UCSFs Office of Career and Professional Development, has more than 15 years of experience working with students and postdocs. Here, he describes what career exploration really looks like.

    This presentation was created by the UCSF Motivating INformed Decisions Program, which was funded by the NIH BEST DP7 Common Fund award .

    How Do You Make A Clear Mind Map

    How do you mind map?

  • Write down your main idea at the center of the blank page. Starting in the center gives your brain freedom to spread out in all directions.
  • Define your sub-ideas and draw branches to them from the center.
  • Use keywords and short phrases to make your map more flexible.
  • How do I map my career path?

    How to Map Your Career Path from Scratch

  • Step 1: Create a Detailed Career Map. The first step to mapping out your career is to create a career roadmap for yourself.
  • Fill in Position Profiles.
    • Health Educator.

    How do I make a good mind map?

  • Begin with the main concept. First determine the main purpose of your mind map and write it down.
  • Add branches to the main concept. Now that you have determined the main purpose of your mind map, add branches that will outline the most basic subtopics.
  • Explore topics by adding more branches.
  • Add images and colors.
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    Tell Us What You Think

    I hope all these examples gave you a better sense of how to use mind mapping to help generate ideas to solve your career problems. I have frequently used this tool with students and clients I support, who have all reported enhanced confidence with their career prospects and clarity on their next steps.

    Are you ready to give mind mapping a try? Share your comments or questions here!

    How To Use Mind Mapping In Project Management

    Mind Map: Mapping Your Career Path – IQmatrix.com

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

    Mind mapping is a visual thinking and organization technique that can be helpful in project management. Mind maps allow you to build a network of ideas using a creative and free-form structure, which can be helpful for planning, organizing and decision making. Understanding how to use mind mapping in project management can help you implement your ideas and achieve successful project outcomes.

    In this article, we discuss what mind mapping is in project management, describe the steps to create mind maps and offer tips to help you use this technique effectively.

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    What Should I Mind Map Out

    Everyones career mind map will be slightly different. I would start off with your career in the middle. Perhaps you have one already in mind. If youre a doctor and see yourself remaining in that field, then Doctor would go in the very center. If youre undecided, you can just leave Career in the middle.

    In my example, my career is CultiVitae. I plan on continuing to build out my services and this blog, so thats what goes in the very center.

    Next, are sub-topics. Some helpful areas you can map out are listed below. Not everything will pertain to you, but heres a pretty good list to start with if its important for you to think about.

    • Short-Term Goals
    • Long-Term Goals .
    • Non-Negotiables
    • Education/Credentials
    • Monetary Rewards
    • Intrinsic Rewards

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    Mind Mapping Can Make You More Productive

    As we mentioned earlier, you need every edge you can get in your career, and mind mapping can very well be your secret weapon when it comes to getting more done than your peers. According to the above 2017 survey, using mind mapping software has been shown to help executives improve their productivity by up to 30 per cent. Whats more, 30 per cent of respondents from the survey noted that mind mapping helps them save anywhere from three to seven hours each week. Imagine what you could get done with an extra seven hours back in your week.

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    Mind Mapping Can Help Unleash Your Creativity

    Spark your creative side with a mind map. Whether youre stumped or looking for new projects to begin, mind mapping has been shown to promote divergent thinking. Its one of the biggest benefits of mind mapping, according to this study.

    Overall, most careers largely depend on how well you can retain, recall, and organize information, and mind mapping can give you a huge leg up in these areas.

    If you really want to get the most out of your mind mapping practice, you should add some software into the mix as well. The MindMaster Mind Mapping Software takes your mind maps further by giving you access to 12 different map structures, 33 themes, and over 700 clipart assets to craft the perfect mind map for the task at hand. In a matter of clicks, youll have an amazing mind map to guide your thoughts, and you can effortlessly present it to others via a Microsoft PowerPoint file.

    Licenses are on sale now for only $65.

    Prices subject to change.

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