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James Carty, Mid-Career Master in Public Administration

Director eMPA |Professor Political Science Founding Director eMPA Program BJML School of Public Affairs Texas Southern University


The eMPA Programs mission is to identify and recruit individuals for executive educational training to meet the growing demand for mid-career professionals in the public sector but wish to pursue an MPA degree, but cannot physically attend classes in person. Through online delivery of advanced skill concepts, offered by a Master of Public Administration program, the eMPA program prepares mid-career professionals and administrators to lead and manage organizations as public servants, allowing professionals and administrators to contribute to grow with their organizations and agencies..

Teaching Methods

The program is delivered primarily online, with the possible exception of an orientation meeting once or twice a semester. The program is administered through the Blackboard Academic Suites and Course Compass e-learning software. These platforms include live chats, online lectures, virtual classrooms and teleconferencing capabilities.

Program Structure

Executive Masters of Public Administration students must complete 36 credit hours for the online Executive Master of Public Administration degree, usually over 16 months of full-time study

Get The Executive Experience

Whether you are a young professional or a leader with an established career, you can gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel with an Executive MPA from the nationally ranked University of Washington Evans School of Public Policy & Governance. This 18-month accelerated program combines theory with practice, allowing you to apply coursework directly to the organizational challenges you face.

The Executive MPA is designed to meet the professional challenges and time constraints of midcareer professionals in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. The program consists of classroom sessions held Friday through Sunday every four to six weeks, as well as distance learning that takes place between weekend sessions. Learn more about our admissions process or sign up for more information below.

Jobs You Can Do With A Master Of Public Administration Degree

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Graduates of Master of Public Administration programs develop key skills in human resources, community organization, grant administration, public policy and financial administration. There are various rewarding career opportunities available to those who earn MPA degrees in both the public and private sector. Whether you’re a recent graduate of an MPA program or a prospective student, it can be helpful to research which employment possibilities may be available to you with such qualifications. In this article, we outline what an MPA is and 17 distinct job opportunities to consider in your search, including respective salary information and primary duties descriptions.

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+collaborative Approach: Cohort Learning Community

The Master of Public Affairs and Certificate in Public Affairs Leadership cohort learning community offers 12 credits of the MPA core courses in an integrated format that combines the best of intensive on-campus and online learning. These 12 credits make up the entire curriculum for the PAL certificate. The program starts with an intensive, introductory three-day session in August, followed by Friday/Saturday gatherings once a month between September and May. This schedule enables students to participate in coursework even if they live far from the Twin Cities and continue full-time employment while enrolled.

Students in the cohort learning community complete the 12 credit requirements with the same peer cohort. Because this learning experience is integrated, students form strong relationships with each other and the faculty, participating in personal growth, creative problem solving, and honed application. Courageous conversations, circle practice, research methods, and policy memo writing are all tools shared with other members of the learning community. Additionally, the cohort enables you to be part of the Humphrey community, even when you’re not physically present. Students benefit from networking opportunities with Humphrey-wide faculty, alumni, MPA and PAL peers, and international fellows full access to support staff in Career and Student Success and access to the School’s website, podcasts, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Deep Connections Online and In Person

Master Of Public Administration

Master of Public Administration Capstone Presentations

Non-thesis: 42 Semester Credit Hours

Program Information:The Master in Public Administration is an online NASPAA-accredited professional degree that prepares students for careers in public and nonprofit sectors. It is useful for both mid-career professionals looking to advance in their organizations and beginning career professionals seeking to develop public service careers. Career Opportunities:Counties, School Districts, State Government, Supreme Court, Charitable Organizations, Trade or Professional Organizations, Business Firms, Contracting and Consulting Firms, Educational Institutions. Program Requirements:

  • Personal Statement: Typed, minimum 300-word personal statement that briefly describes your career goals, aspirations, and timetable for completion of your proposed graduate studies.
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Interview: Must contact Program Advisor.

Degree Plan for curriculum outline and catalog information.

Department Contact:

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What Is An Executive Mpa

An Executive Master of Public Administration is a graduate degree geared toward mid-career professionals who are looking for the knowledge and skills to become innovative and strategic leaders of public organizations and government entities in their communities. Public administration is the field of study and practice of policy analysis, implementation and management in the public sector, including local, state and federal governments as well as nonprofit organizations and private firms who support public sector work.

An Executive MPA degree offers similar skills to that of a Master of Business Administration degree, but is designed for public-sector professionals who have some experience and an interest in advancing the public good, rather than the bottom line. With a curriculum that leverages candidates leadership experience, an executive MPA degree prepares mid-career professionals to pursue managerial roles involving policy development, budget management and more.

A Wide Variety Of Mpa Career Opportunities

Anna Maria’s online MPA offers specializations to prepare you for a variety of career paths in whatever field you choose. Graduates of the online MPA program can pursue a number of roles within government agencies, nonprofit organizations or private corporations, such as:

  • Chief development officer

Continue reading about the career opportunities a Master of Public Administration may help you achieve.

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How Does A Master’s Degree Prepare You For Public Administration Jobs

During the MPAL program, students have the opportunity to address real world problems throughout their course of study. The program integrates a focus on ethical leadership, civic engagement, civic discourse and diversity in each course.

Faculty members of the MPAL program intentionally designed the curriculum by talking to employers directly about what they look for in employees.

They took that employer feedback and created this curriculum to give students real, applicable, hands-on skills, said Niehaus.

Culminating in a capstone experience, MPAL students are challenged to present solutions to relevant problems that were a focus throughout their program. Additionally, students have the opportunity to specialize in an area that addresses workforce needs and builds on the strengths of Glenn faculty. Specializations include:

  • Public Management

  • Criminal Justice Administration and Policy

  • Nonprofit Management

Students of the MPAL program come from diverse backgrounds, allowing students to learn from one another. Current students have occupations ranging from HR Consultant, Outreach Coordinator, Firefighter, Attorney and Research Assistant.

You are able to look at a problem or issue and see it from multiple perspectives, said Niehaus. As opposed to a traditional class where you just learn from the instructor, students are encouraged to bring their experience to class and learn from one another.

Data Analytics For Public Policy Specialization

Bruce Jackson, Mid-Career Master in Public Administration Program

The data analytics specialization is intended for students who will use data analytics and statistics to address policy issues. Policy analysts and researchers who can use sophisticated statistical and computational methods can add insight and value to public policy decision-making by using big data to improve public services in public health, transportation, and law enforcement, predict and avert famine and droughts, and improve city infrastructures.

Please note that students must take the core MPPA 405 Statistics for Research before beginning the specialization.

MSDS 400 Math for Data Scientists

Students learn techniques for building and interpreting mathematical models of real-world phenomena in and across multiple disciplines, including linear algebra, discrete mathematics, probability, and calculus, with an emphasis on applications in data science and data engineering. This is for students who want a firm understanding or review of these fields of mathematics prior to enrolling in courses that assume understanding of mathematical concepts.

MSDS 410 Data Modeling for Supervised Learning

MSDS 420 Database Systems and Data Preparation

Prerequisites: MSDS 402-DL Introduction to Data Science.

MSDS 455 Data Visualization

Prerequisites: MSDS 400-DL Math for Data Scientists and MSDS 401-DL Statistical Analysis.

MSDS 460 Decision Analytics

Prerequisites: MSDS 400-DL Math for Data Scientists and MSDS 401-DL Statistical Analysis.

MSDS 476 Business Process Analytics

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It All Starts With Intensive Summer Sessions

You will begin the Mid-Career MPA Summer Program in July with all of your MC/MPA classmates.

The five-week experience is designed to develop your knowledge of applied economics, quantitative analysis, political institutions, and globalization. The subsequentand specializedMason Fall Launch builds on the orientation and skill-building of the Summer Program. The MFL is an intense in-group experience that provides additional time for you to explore development, democracy, governance, and growth more intensively from a Mason Fellow perspective. Youll explore and collaborate with your classmates on ideas and issues more deeply and prepare for the academic year ahead.

The two-semester curriculum that follows the Summer Program and MFL is largely determined by you. Mason Seminars will be held throughout these semesters to continue conversations from the summer.

Successful Mason Fellows graduate with a Master in Public Administration degree and are awarded the Mason Certificate in Public Policy and Management.

79 John F. Kennedy Street

Cambridge, MA 02138

Types Of Public Policy Careers

Public policy jobs include health services managers, urban and regional planners, , community service managers, government IT managers, emergency management, political science research, and foreign affairs. Many public policy professionals work for the Federal executive branch, helping to shape and implement new policies. Others take a more research-intensive path. Public policy skills and knowledge are also needed in social advocacy organizations, higher education, and local government agencies or offices.

Public policy spans both the private and public sectors with unique and growing opportunities present in both sectors. Whatever focus they choose, MPPA graduates can take satisfaction in helping to shape our lives. In fact, there are few areas of public life that are not affected by public and government affairs.

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Objectives: Developing Multidimensional And Innovative Skills To Solve New Public Policy Issues

The programme focuses on policy design and implementation as well as on the management of public affairs, and introduces participants to real-world policy problems. Graduates will be equipped with new skills to navigate between local and global perspectives, and from public-private partnerships to international organisations and civil society.

In particular, the MPA will:

  • foster your analytical capacity through a multidisciplinary approach
  • develop your managerial skills, with a focus on leadership, negotiation, crisis communication, decision-making and budgeting
  • equip you with a multidimensional and panoramic vision of public affairs that embraces a plurality of values, ethics and cultural contexts.

Join A Diverse Yet Cohesive Cohort Within A Vibrant International School

Kingsley Ezeani

The Sciences Po School of Public Affairs is the largest and one of the main School of Public Affairs in Europe, with the best European expertise but also a global perspective on policy-making. You will join a vibrant international school of 2000 students overall, while studying within a cohesive MPA cohort of around 30 mid-careers professionals from all over the world.

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Expand And Deepen Your Leadership For The Sake Of The Public Good

The Berkeley Master of Public Affairs program is a 30-unit one-year program, designed to benefit mid-career professionals in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. The average MPA is 35 years old with 11 years of work experience. MPA students are seeking advancement in their careers and are poised to take on greater leadership and policy-focused roles in their workplace and professional communities.

Learn the skills to make an impact

The focus of the degree is on policy analysis combined with deep engagement with questions of organizational leadership and ethics, innovation, economic analysis, and strategy. As a student, you undertake individual and group assignments that emphasize both short turnaround analyses and in-depth studies of policy issues. You conclude the program by designing a Capstone project with a real world client. The Capstone is a thorough analysis of a major policy question facing the organization, while applying the interdisciplinary methods, approaches, and perspectives you studied in the MPA curriculum.

Learn from distinguished Goldman School faculty and a global community

Classes are taught by top faculty, researchers and practitioners who are on the leading edge of today’s most pressing public policy issues: energy & climate change, national security & international development, information technology, education, race, equity & social justice and urban policy & labor.

Build Your Public Engagement Portfolio With Flexible Learning

The MPA degree program places a strong emphasis on experiential learning. Real-world consulting opportunities, internships, off-campus study, and Capstone experiences help you develop the skill set you need to be successful in your future careers, and provide relevant material for inclusion in résumés and job interviews.

Our flexible, interdisciplinary curriculum also affords you the opportunity to work with renowned faculty across many different departments, schools and colleges at Cornell as you build this expertise.

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An Extensive Alumni Network

Make and keep connections with thousands of USC Price alumni who benefit from a wide range of career resources, networking opportunities, and alumni events and seminars. Each year the Price Schools annual homecoming event also offers the chance for former students to celebrate and reconnect with fellow alumni, with activities the whole family will enjoy.

USC Price alumni are united for life and stay closely involved with the school long after graduation.

I think it was a really great way, especially when you go through the residency project or the capstone project, to have an opportunity to build strong relationships with your cohort and with folks that you are working so hard with. The program itself is such a unique experience and opportunity.

USC MPA 2021 Graduate, Online Program

If someone in public service wants that spark in their career, the online program is a great path towards new opportunities. The USC network is a very large community that is great in supporting fellow Trojans, regardless of field of study.

Is The Course For You

Marissa Graciosa, Mid-career Master in Public Administration Program

If you are well-established in your career and have always been a top performer but have felt the need to contribute in public service and become more of a leader in the public sector, then yes this is a program that will help you to do it.

For instance, Vinay Nagaraju***** has over 12 years of experience in leadership and strategic management roles in several Social Initiative Enterprises. With an anxiousness to sharpen his skills in certain subjects and an eagerness to complete a course that will propel his career eventually towards public service, he opted for the Edward Mason Program at Harvard. According to the USA news website, the Harvard Mid-Career MPA program ranks No. 3** amongst the Public Administration programs in the US.

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About The Final Project

Students may pursue their capstone experience independently or as part of a team. As their final course, students take either the individual research project in an independent study format or the classroom final project class in which students integrate the knowledge they have gained in the core curriculum in work assigned by the instructor. In both cases students are guided by faculty in exploring the body of knowledge on public policy and administration while contributing research of practical value to the field. The capstone 590 thesis project and 498 capstone class count as one unit of credit each.

MPPA 498 Capstone Project

The capstone project course is the culmination of the MPPA program and demonstrates to faculty a student’s mastery of the curriculum and core competencies in the public policy and administration field. Working both in small groups and individually, students complete a comprehensive project chosen in conjunction with their instructor. Students are individually assessed and graded throughout duration of class. Students should retain all course material from previous classes in the program, including textbooks, to successfully complete assignments.

Students may choose this course or registration in the 590 individual thesis research to fulfill their capstone requirement.

MPPA 590 Thesis Research

What Can You Do With An Executive Masters In Public Administration

Professionals who earn an MPA degree as part of an Executive program have opportunities to work in leadership positions in a variety of government agencies at the local, state and federal levels, or in civil society organizations or public-private partnerships. Other career opportunities for Executive MPA alumni include working in educational policy, economic development, public health, environmental resource management, public relations and research institutions.

Careers for experienced MPA alumni are not just found in the public sector, but professionals also serve as a bridge between private companies and nonprofit organizations such as educational institutions, charities or groups dedicated to advocacy issues.

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What Kinds Of Jobs Can You Get With A Public Administration Master’s Degree

A public administration masters degree offers students the opportunity to advance in their current positions, or obtain the skills necessary to switch fields entirely. Essentially, an MPA is an MBA for the public sector. Current students have ambitions ranging from moving up in their organization to starting their own nonprofit.

Public administration graduates may go on to become:

  • Program Managers

  • Executive Directors

  • Project Managers

Public Administration Vs Public Policy

Nathalie Gazzaneo

Public policy is the legislation passed by government officials, while public administration is the implementation and management of those policies.

Together, policymakers and administrators work to create and maintain systems that shape the ways in which communities are supported and regulated by local, state and federal governments.

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