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Career Coach Vs Life Coach: What Are The Differences

The Truth About Life Coaching

Learn about the two careers and review some of the similarities and differences between them.

A career coach and a life coach are both professionals who help people achieve their goals. Though they share some similarities, there are also several key differences between the two. If youre interested in becoming a coach, its important to understand the different types of coaching and what each entails. In this article, we discuss the differences between a career coach and a life coach, and we provide tips for choosing the right type of coaching for you.

Career Prospects In Life Coaching

The career prospects in life coaching are vast. Individuals seeking life coaching can work with various professionals, including career counselors and trainers, to help them identify and explore their interests and goals. As a life coach, you can offer clients individualized advice and guidance as they develop their careers. Additionally, many life coaches work with businesses to help them assess their strengths and weaknesses as employees. If youre interested in working as a life coach, be sure to research the field before embarking on your career journey.

There are many reasons why people might choose to work with a life coach. For some, it could be because they want someone to help them with specific areas of their life, such as career prospects or personal relationships. Others may feel that they need guidance in order to live a more fulfilling and fulfilling life. Regardless of the reason, having a life coach can provide you with a wealth of information and advice. This is especially useful if youre struggling to progress in your current career or relationship or just want to learn more about yourself and your potential. Overall, having a coach can be an incredibly beneficial investment for your future success.

What Is A Career Coach

A career coach focuses on helping clients achieve their professional goals. People often consult career coaches when they are transitioning in their careers or facing big career decisions. A career coach may help a client:

  • Help them prepare to start their own business

  • Improve their interviewing technique and resume

  • Negotiate for a better salary

  • Set business goals and priorities

  • Become a more motivated and productive employee

  • Transition to a more senior role and gain leadership skills

  • Become happier and more fulfilled in their career

Career coaches are sometimes called business coaches, but these two job titles are different. Business coaches help entrepreneurs build successful companies, while career coaches focus on individual advancement.

Career coaches are also sometimes called career counselors. Unlike the work of a career coach, career counseling usually involves working exclusively with students and recent graduates. Career counselors help entry-level professionals decide which career path might be best. Career coaches help people at all stages of their professional lives.

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Demand For Career Counselors

According to the Bureau of Labor Services , the job outlook for school and career counselors is expected to increase by 11% from 2020 to 2030, for a total of 35,000 new job openings.

The high demand for career counselors is due to the increasing number of enrolled students. Career counselors are needed in academic institutions to set students on the right path to identifying and pursuing their career goals.

Additionally, universities and colleges are expected to hire more career counselors. Career centers are becoming more critical as students build practical resume-writing, interviewing, and job-search skills before leaving college.

Besides schools, career counselors are also in high demand at community resource centers and private practice. Here, career counselors help ex-military personnel switch to civilian careers. They also assist people who find it challenging to land a job and those laid off or looking for alternative career paths.

Find Your True Calling In Life

Life Coaching

The latest research shows that 50% of the Western world is unhappy with their job. It isnt always easy to change careers or to figure out your ideal career path without the support of a career coach or a career counsellor, but you can speed up the process by taking advantage of the best career tests and assessments available in the world.

When you are doing work that you love and are passionate about, you are happy and excited about life, you are full of energy and joy. Whether you are looking to change careers in your 30s, 40s or 50s its never too late.

Now is the perfect time to find the career of your dreams, your true calling in life.

If you feel that you havent tapped into your full potential or that there has to be a more fulfilling and rewarding career out there, you are right. If you find you hit that snooze alarm every morning, or dread Monday mornings then you are definitely ready for a career change. If you arent sure what you want to do when you grow up and you are already grown up, then the Career Change Kit or a Career Coach may be just the thing you need to get the clarity and direction you seek.

We have the most sophisticated career tests and assessments in the world to help you identify the ideal career.

Learn more by watching the video below

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General Questions About Coaching

What is coaching?

According to ICF , coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching is best for those who are well-adjusted and emotionally healthy, yet want to make personal changes and deepen their learning about themselves and their lives. Coaching is not telling clients what to do but rather, motivating clients to evaluate, clarify, pursue, move forward and accomplish their goals, dreams and intentions.

What are the benefits of coaching?

While the benefits of coaching vary from client to client, clients report an overall increase in self-awareness, self-confidence and self-worth. They also commonly experience an increased sense of passion, motivation, and purpose in both life and work. The focus and structure of coaching provides the accountability, clarity, and confidence a client needs to overcome fears and obstacles and ultimately live a life with more purpose and passion. Learn what past clients have to say here.

Whats the difference between coaching and counseling?
How is coaching different from consulting or mentoring?
What does the coaching process look like?
What should someone look for when selecting a coach?
Why is coaching growing so popular?
Can I bill coaching fees to my insurance?
How about confidentiality?

Still Have Questions?

Here’s Everything You Should Know About Career Coaches And When You Should Hire One

  • A career coach is someone experienced in a specific field, or in the general hiring and recruitment process.
  • Finding a career coach will depend on the networks and resources you have at your disposal.
  • Consider the pros and cons of a career coach before hiring one.
  • This article is for professionals who are considering a career change or finding other ways to progress in their careers.

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current role? Have you applied to multiple jobs without success? Are you wondering if you are on the right career path? Do you want to switch industries altogether? If you said yes to any of these questions, consider hiring a career coach.

Career coaches are experts in career planning, resume building, interviewing and negotiating. While you may only search for a new gig or switch careers a handful of times in your life, these professionals are in the know of current hiring practices because theyre constantly helping job seekers.

We asked career experts to share everything you should know about career coaches and when you should hire one.

Key takeaway: If you have spent a long time at a job and are looking for a change, we have outlined how to smoothly transition to a new job mid-career.

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Find Your Career Coach

With your goals and criteria set, youâre ready to start your search. A good place to start is referrals. If you know anyone who has worked with a career coach, ask if they would recommend their coach. Some certification websites, such as ICF, also have search functions allowing you to find a coach based on your criteria. You can also find a coach through a general internet search. To help verify a coachâs offerings, browse their website, social media pages, and reviews of their business.

Regardless of where you find your coach, schedule an introductory session or consultation before committing to any services. You can also ask your prospective coach for references. Itâs important to have confidence that you and your coach will work well together in order to reach your goals.

Determine Your Career Coach Search Criteria

Career and Life Transitions: How A Coach Can Help You-Jennifer Landis -Santos

Once you know more about the support you are looking for, you may have some logistical considerations, including:

  • Certifications: Although career coaches arenât required to hold any specific credential, there are a few different certification options available. If you want some extra reassurance surrounding your coachâs skills and expertise, you may want to consider finding a credentialed or certified coach. Some popular career coaching certifications include Certified Professional Career Coach , International Coaching Federation , or Board Certified Coach .

  • Cost: Career coaching is an investment. Coaches can arrange their own pricing structure, but many will charge between $75 to $150 per session. Depending on their experience and expertise, some coaches may charge much more.

  • Location: Career coaches may work with clients in person, on the phone, or over video chat. Think about the meeting structure that feels most beneficial for you.

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What Is Career Counseling

The big picture in career counseling is helping people make the right decisions to land meaningful, financially rewarding, and satisfying jobs. There are different ways a career counselor can achieve this. They can identify specific pointers through interactions with clients, like interests and strengths. After all of these, a career counselor works with the client to explore opportunities and seek job openings.

Career counseling doesnt end with researching jobs and discovering personality types it goes beyond that. Clients also learn practical resume-building skills, alongside essential tips on professional conduct, cover letter writing, and interviews. In a nutshell, career counselors can be confidants, advisors, instructors, and coaches who offer tailor-made services to help every client reach their dreams.

When To Take The Life Coach Exams

If you want to become a life coach, you need to take the life coach exams. There are two main life coach exams: the International Coach Federation exam and the National Board for Certified Counselors exam.

The ICF exam is more comprehensive and covers a wider range of topics than the NBCC exam. The ICF exam is also more expensive, but it is generally seen as a more valuable credential.

You can take either exam at any time, but most people choose to take the ICF exam first. If you pass the ICF exam, you will automatically meet the requirements to take the NBCC exam.

If you are not sure whether you want to become a life coach or not, you can always take the free practice test offered by the ICF. This will give you a good idea of what the exams are like and whether you are ready to take them.

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How To Become A Career Counselor And A Life Coach

The average human spends around 30% of their life working. Therefore, career satisfaction is a significant issue because it can affect productivity and general well-being. The desire to have a satisfying, engaging career that meets individuals needs explains the rise in the demand for career counselors and career life coaches. Keep on reading as we explore the world of career counseling and life coaching, how to become one, and what salaries to expect.

Article Navigation: What is Career Counseling? | Who Is A Career Counselor? | Duties of A Career Counselor | Types of Career Counselors | Demand for Career Counselors | Skills for Career Counselors and Life Coaches | Importance of Career Counselors and Career Life Coaches | How To Become A Career Counselor | Who Is A Career Life Coach? | Duties of A Career Life Coach | How To Become A Career Life Coach | Differences Between Career Counselor And Career Life Coach | Salary for Career Counselor and Career Life Coach | Should I Become A Career Counselor or A Life Coach? | Begin Your Career Today!

Life Coach Career Outlook: A Coaching Job Description

Training for a career in coaching

Life coach career: Life coaches act as a guide for those who are stuck on what to do in their lives. These professionals support behavior modification, personal growth, and goal-setting of individuals. In addition, they help their clients to achieve some specific goals by targeting their unique skills and improving their actions, essential to take control of their future plans.

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Build A Balanced Lifestyle:

A life coach can help you to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle. By working together, they can identify your goals and help you create a plan that will support those goals. This can include things like developing healthy eating habits, getting enough exercise, and setting realistic expectations for yourself. A life coach can also help you to develop a more manageable schedule so that you are able to achieve your goals in a timely manner. They will work with you to identify the most efficient way to get things done without sacrificing your quality of life.

A life coach can help people to create a balanced lifestyle by suggesting healthy and sustainable habits, as well as providing support through difficult times. By working together, a life coach and their client can develop an effective plan for reaching their goals and improving their overall wellbeing. They can help you create a more balanced lifestyle by helping you identify and address any issues that are preventing you from living a happy and fulfilling life. By working together, a life coach and their client can develop a plan to help the client achieve their goals and live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

What Problems Do Life Coaches Solve

A life coach is a type of professional who helps people manage their lives by providing guidance and support. They can help with a variety of problems, including overcoming challenges, improving relationships, and boosting productivity. A life coach can help solve a variety of other problems, including personal stress, relationship issues, career challenges, and financial difficulties.Most people who seek out life coaching are looking to solve specific problems in their lives. These can range from relationship issues, and career struggles to problems with self-esteem and confidence. A good life coach will help their clients identify the root causes of these problems and develop actionable plans to address them. They will also provide support and encouragement throughout the process, helping their clients stay motivated and on track.

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Leadership + Professional Developmentcoaching

Are you an accomplished professional looking to up your game in preparation for the next job promotion or opportunity? Seeking to hone your effectiveness in your current role? Stepping into a new leadership role and want help cultivating the necessary skills? If so, Wellspace offers leadership and professional development coaching to help you grow into the leader you strive to be.

How Much Do Life Coaches Make

What is a Life Coach? | Brave Thinking Institute – Life Coach Certification

It can be difficult to forecast your salary as a life coach, because publicly available sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics do not record specific salary data for areas of specialization like life coaching. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics does record salary data for school and career counselors, which are considered similar professions to life coaching. These professionals earned a median annual salary of $58,120 as of May 2020. A second resource,, reports that for 2021, life coaches typically earn an average annual salary of $49,871.

Experience, clientele attraction, and time on the job are the biggest factors affecting a life coachs pay, followed by geographic location. Note, though, that because they often start their own businesses, most life coaches must personally finance their benefits and retirement funds. That said, work satisfaction is high, with most life coaches liking their jobs, the flexible hours, the opportunity to work with many different clients from all areas of life.

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Start Working With A Career Coach

Virtual coaching can be the difference between flailing and thriving. In todays workplace, digital coaching has helped unlock the potential of millions of individuals. And with innovations in coaching only expanding, its a great asset to have in your professional development toolkit.

Consider how BetterUp can help you in your professional development journey. Whether youre an employee looking for support or an organization looking for ways to upskill your workforce, BetterUp can help.

Anticipate Discussing Challenges Or Obstacles In Your Current Career

Theres likely some sort of obstacle youre currently facing. It might be an upcoming presentation or a big meeting. Or you might feel like youre in a dead-end job. You might be ready for a career change or know that youre not on the right career path.

Think about your current obstacles. Its likely something that you can expect to discuss in your first career coaching session.

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Youre Not Moving Up In Your Career

Career coaches arent just there to help you find a new job. Many coaches can help you understand why you arent advancing at your current company. Coaches can administer a 360 review or decode your performance feedback to uncover behaviors you need to adjust for continued career growth.

If you decide you need a career coach, there are five things to consider when choosing the right one for you.

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