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Where Can I File My Borrowers Defense Claim

You can find the official US government application for the Borrowers Defense program here. If you want to read through the application before you start the wizard scroll down and click the View Form button.

A quick word of warning to help keep you safe: do not file your Borrowers Defense claim anywhere else!

Its extremely important that you file it at the official US government website devoted to the program. If you Google around, youll probably find all sorts of people claiming that they can take your Borrowers Defense applications for you, then supply them to the US Government, but this is not a good idea.

Not only do you not need anyone elses help with Borrowers Defense, but you also shouldnt be willing to give out all the details required to complete the application to anyone other than an official US Government entity, or perhaps an attorney.

If youre having trouble filling out the application, ask your questions in the comments section below and Ill give you advice on how to take care of different parts of the process.

Eligibility Requirements For Closed School Discharges

For complete details of everything you could possibly want to know about the Closed School Loan Discharge program, visit my page on it here.

Alternatively, if you just want to know how to take advantage of it, then heres the main details you need to know.

In order to qualify for a Closed School program discharge, you need to have either been still studying at Kaplan at the time it closed, or you need to have left the school no more than 120 days prior to its closing.

But thats not all, because there are two other conditions you need to satisfy as well:

  • You did not transfer your Kaplan University credits to another school which youre currently attending.
  • You did not complete all your coursework at Kaplan University, but failed to receive your diploma prior to the schools closing.
  • If you satisfy these requirements theres a very good chance that youll be able to obtain student loan forgiveness for your Kaplan loans.

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    Which Program Is Better Borrowers Defense Or Closed School Discharges

    Theyre both good programs in that they both have the ability to wipe out your student loans and reimburse you for past payments.

    The main difference between BDAR and Closed School Discharges is that applications for the Borrowers Defense program are taking quite some time to process, with many people reporting waiting over a year to even hear back from the Department of Education.

    So, assuming that you qualify for both programs, I would choose the Closed School program simply because it provides a quicker resolution. However, the choice is ultimately up to you. Read through the details about each program, think about which one will actually work for you, then fill out your application.

    Discharging Kaplan University Loans Via Borrowers Defense Against Repayment

    Alumni US

    The Borrowers Defense to Repayment Program was created to help people get rid of student loans that shouldnt exist in the first place.

    The way it works is that it provides an avenue for you to get your loans legally discharged if you can prove that they were only taken out because the school, student loan lender or servicer did something fraudulent that convinced you it was a good idea to borrow the money for their program in the first place.

    Basically, what you have to do to get a BDAR discharge approved is make a crystal clear argument stating that you never would have thought borrowing money for Kaplans higher education programs was a good idea, had you known the truth about their value.

    Because Kaplan University has been proven to have broken the law in so many serious ways, especially via things like false advertising, making false claims, and lying about the value of their programs, itll be relatively easy for you to prove that you deserve loan forgiveness benefits.

    If youre thinking it sounds too good to be true, then fear not, because as you read this, other former Kaplan students are getting their BDAR applications approved, and having their loans entirely forgiven. To make one thing crystal clear, this is NOT a Student Loan Forgiveness Scam, as the Borrowers Defense program was created by the US Government, and is run by the Department of Education.

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    Kaplan Universitys Illegal Marketing Activities

    In the lawsuit against Kaplan University, several serious accusations were made, and the school was found to have been guilty of the following illegal marketing activities:

    • Misrepresenting their academic programs to make them sound better than they really were
    • Enrolling students that they knew werent qualified for the programs, because they didnt have the right educational background, obviously werent going to be able to complete program requirements,, or something else, in order to get their student loan money
    • Changing the grades of those students so that they would pass their courses and remain in the program, allowing Kaplan to continue collecting student loan benefits

    But probably the worst thing that Kaplan did was falsifying legal documents so that their substandard academic programs would be accredited, which flies in the face of the entire accreditation process, and makes Kaplan one of the worst actors in a very bad industry .

    Did Kaplan lie to you about the prospects or value of their higher education programs? Do you feel that they enrolled you even though you werent qualified? Did they care about your academic performance, or were they only keeping you around to collect your Federal student loan dollars? Did they change your grades to keep you enrolled, even though you should have been dropped for poor performance?

    Do You See Me Now The Need For Narrative Sharing In The Recruitment And Interview Process

    Our race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and expression, socio-economic background, age, nationality or national origin, mental and physical ability, political beliefs, education, and career experience coupled with their values, beliefs and personality will all influence the ways in which the words an employer has written on paper will come to life in practice. So, how do we as a profession move uplift narrative sharing as a vital part of the interview and recruitment process and incorporate it ethically with regards to interview bias?

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    Discharging Kaplan University Loans Via The Closed School Loan Discharge Program

    If you dont qualify for a Borrowers Defense Discharge, then the good news is that you may have another path to forgiveness via the simple fact that Kaplan is no longer operational.

    The closing of Kaplan University, Kaplan College and Kaplan Career Institute entitles former students to use the Closed School Loan Discharge program in order to obtain loan forgiveness, under certain conditions.

    The Closed School program can help anyone who was studying at Kaplan University at the time it closed. or who left the school prior to the time it closed, but within 120 days of the closure.

    And this program is actually the better option for receiving forgiveness benefits because even though its harder to qualify for them, its much easier to actually receive them.

    While BDAR approvals are taking over a year to complete, people submitting Closed School Applications are hearing back far more quickly.

    Closed College Campus Information

    The Case for a Mortgage Advisor

    If you are a former student or graduate of Bauder College or a closed Kaplan Career Institute or Kaplan College location, or any of the locations listed on this page below, please review the information below to access transcripts, payments, and resources.

    Other former Kaplan campuses not listed below, including former Kaplan College and Kaplan Career Institute locations, have been acquired by Education Corporation of America and have been renamed Brightwood College or Brightwood Career Institute. A list of the campuses acquired by ECA is here. These campuses have closed. Please visit www.parchment.com/education-corporation-america to order transcripts. Please visit www.ecacolleges.com for additional information for Brightwood campuses.

    Kaplan University records are with Purdue University Global. Please reach out to or visit www.purdueglobal.edu.

    Former students and graduates of closed institutions listed below can access information via the links below:

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    Tpe Virtual: Expanding Access

    We understand the weight that placement events and choices carry and the pressures that come with them. We have also taken notice of the changing landscape of the workforce and job market in our field. Thats why The Placement Exchange will continue to push forward in its effort to create the definitive student affairs job placement experience by going virtual.

    Checking The Status Of My Application

    Unfortunately, Borrowers Defense claims arent being processed quickly because the Department of Education has been inundated with them over the past couple years, but also because the DOE is outright hostile to the benefit itself.

    In fact, Betsy DeVos, our Education Secretary, has been trying to eliminate the Borrowers Defense program entirely ever since she was appointed by President Donald Trump, who also seems to be against BDARs existence.

    Which leads me to my next important point: if youre eligible for a BDAR discharge, then you need to fill out the application immediately! Why? Because if DeVos successfully cancels it by defunding it or changing the law, then your only hope for receiving the discharge will be to have your application submitted BEFORE its dismantled.

    Theres a very good chance that anyone who applies for BDAR while the program is still in existence will be grandfathered in and allowed to receive loan forgiveness, even if the program gets cut.

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    Will I Owe Taxes On Forgiven Debt

    Yes, unfortunately, you will end up owing taxes on the amount of forgiven student loan debt. This is because the IRS considers the forgiven debt to be taxable income, meaning that you have to claim it as income on your annual IRS tax return.

    Heres how that would work:

    If you have $100,000 forgiven, then the IRS would consider you as having made an extra $100,000 for the year that your debt was forgiven. At an income tax rate of 30%, youd need to pay the IRS $30,000, but the worst part about it is that the IRS typically wants you to pay them in a single, lump-sum payment all at once, unlike student loans which are broken up and stretched out over a period of years.

    Obviously, anyone struggling with student loan debt isnt going to have that kind of cash laying around, which is why I think we all need to be aware of the potential for what I call a student loan forgiveness taxpocalypse coming on the horizon.

    In fact, I think this is going to create such a big problem for so many people that Ive set up a new website called Forget Tax Debt to offer IRS tax-related advice, just like I do here for student loans.

    If youre having any problems with the IRS, or with taxes, then you need to visit Forget Tax Debt, where Ill walk you through things like applying to the IRS Fresh Start Program, negotiating for an IRS Tax Debt Settlement, qualifying for IRS Tax Debt Forgiveness or simply Filing & Paying IRS Back Taxes.

    How To Write Your Borrowers Defense Claim

    Alumni US

    In your Borrowers Defense Application, its very important that you stress the fact that Kaplan University defrauded the US government out of $4 billion dollars, and that part of that defrauding process was directed against YOU, the person who was sold a false bill of goods, promised things that never got delivered.

    You need to really emphasize the point that you would never have taken out a student loan to attend Kaplan University if they hadnt misrepresented the quality of their educational programs to you, and you need to be specific about what things they lied to you about in order to convince you to take out the loan .

    Since the school was found guilty of wrongdoing it will be easy for you to prove that they employed false advertising to mislead you, but remember, you have to have actually experienced something here or you could be putting yourself at legal risk. Do not lie on your BDAR application!

    When you apply for the discharge, make sure that you hiighlight specific details about what Kaplan College enrollment advisors, advertisements or other official information told you in order to entice you take out the student loan.

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    About Kaplan Career Institute

    Kaplan Career Institute is located in Nashville, TN, but also offers classes online. This school offers training in 11 qualifications, with the most reviewed qualifications being Medical Assistant Certification, Paralegal Certificate and Dental Assistant Certification . Time to complete this education training ranges from 3 months to 2 years depending on the qualification, with a median time to complete of 1 year. The cost to attend Kaplan Career Institute ranges from $13,000 to $32,000 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $15,000. When asked how they paid for their training, most reviewers responded, “I received grants and/or scholarship funding”.

    About Kaplan Test Prep

    Kaplan Test Prep is located in Nashville, TN. This school offers training in 2 qualifications, with the most reviewed qualifications being Associate’s Degree in Medical Assistant and Property and Casualty License. Time to complete this education training ranges from 2 years to 2 years depending on the qualification, with a median time to complete of 2 years. The cost to attend Kaplan Test Prep ranges from $2,000 to $20,000 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $20,000. When asked how they paid for their training, most reviewers responded, “I paid for it myself”.

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    About Kaplan Professional Insurance & Securities School

    Kaplan Professional Insurance & Securities School is located in Nashville, TN, but also offers classes online. This school offers training in 18 qualifications, with the most reviewed qualifications being Property and Casualty License, Insurance License and Associate’s Degree in Dental. Time to complete this education training ranges from 20 hours to 9 months depending on the qualification, with a median time to complete of 1 week. The cost to attend Kaplan Professional Insurance & Securities School ranges from $200 to $16,000 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $359. When asked how they paid for their training, most reviewers responded, “My company paid for my training”.

    Kaplan Career Institute Nashville Contact Details Email Login Portal

    West Essex: Decision Day 2021

    Find important information about Kaplan Career Institute Nashville graduate program, Kaplan Career Institute Nashville ranking status, Kaplan Career Institute Nashville acceptance rate, Kaplan Career Institute Nashville majors, Kaplan Career Institute NashvilleTuition for international students, Kaplan Career Institute Nashville login portal, Kaplan Career Institute Nashville students Loan grant opportunities, and more about Kaplan Career Institute Nashville

    About United States Education Commission

    United States Education Commission is an American accreditation and equalization granting body for academic institutes and individuals. United States Education Commissions mission is to ensure that all the accredited institute meets the pre-determined standard of education in the industry. United States Education Commission is thought to be the largest independent accreditation body in the world.

    • Establishing policies for acquiring an academic grants for students
    • Preparing students for future competition and global competitiveness
    • Promoting educational excellence by maintaining standards of education
    • Organizing seminars and conferences that prepares institutes to enhance their academic performance

    STUDENT LOANS- Kaplan Career Institute Nashville

    The biggest concern for students these days is to get financial assistance for their studies. Explore the following:

    ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: Kaplan Career Institute Nashville

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    How Do I Apply For A Closed School Discharge

    To apply for the Closed School Loan Discharge program simply download the official application, fill it out, and submit it to your loan servicer, the company that receives your monthly loan payment.

    Every servicer has a slightly different way of processing these applications, so once youve submitted your paperwork, youll need to listen to them and follow their instructions in order to get the discharge approved.

    What Fraudulent Activity Has Kaplan University Been Accused Of

    Kaplan University has been accused of enrolling unqualified students, changing grades, and falsifying legal documents related to the schools accreditation requirements.

    As I pointed out above, you will need to link your Borrowers Defense claim to the schools legal troubles, pointing out that the school did some or several of the things mentioned in the lawsuit against to you personally, and that it was these illegal behaviors which convinced you to agree to take out a loan for their higher education program.

    If you cant be specific and explain this clearly, then your application will be rejected and youll have to continue paying off that Kaplan debt. If you do a good job and make it crystal clear that you were defrauded by Kaplan, then your loans will be discharged and youll be able to walk away from this without paying Kaplan another cent.

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    Frequently Asked Questions :

    • Where is Kaplan Career Institute?

      Kaplan Career Institute is located at: 750 Envious Ln, Nashville, Tennessee 37217.

    • Want to book a hotel in Tennessee?

      We can surely help you find the best one according to your needs. Compare and book now!

    • What is the phone number of Kaplan Career Institute?

      You can try to dialing this number: 269-9900 – or find more information on their website: www.kaplancareerinstitute.com

    • What is the opening hours of Kaplan Career Institute?

      Monday: 09:00 – 19:00

    Debt Relief For Defrauded Students Is Long Overdue And So Is Accountability For Kaplan

    Alumni US

    Lawyers representing former students of Kaplan Career Institute in Massachusetts have sued the U.S. Department of Education, alleging an unlawful and unconscionable failure of the Department to cancel the students federal loans seven years after the Massachusetts attorney general settled with the school over charges that it deceived and defrauded students. The year after the Massachusetts AG office reached its $1.375 million settlement with Kaplan Career Institute, the state applied to the Department for a group discharge on behalf of the students, alleging they were harmed by systematic deception and deserved to have their loan debt cancelled without individualized showings by every last attendee.

    The Department should act promptly to cancel the loans in response to the lawsuit, which was filed by three non-profit law firms: Student Defense, Project on Predatory Student Lending, and National Consumer Law Center. The former students wasted enough of their time and own money pursuing Kaplan degrees that for many did not yield any career advancement.

    So taxpayers continue to send tens of millions annually to a school run by the same predatory Graham Holdings / Kaplan operation, and people seeking to improve their financial futures through education veterans, single moms, recent immigrants, and others keep enrolling, when they could be getting much better, and more affordable, educations elsewhere.

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