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What Do You Love

6 Journaling Prompts to Reflect & Reset Your Life

Bukowski once said, Find what you love and let it kill you. On the other hand, the principle of Ikigai states that you can find what you love and let it feed you. Further, you can be good at what you do and share your talent with the world. Now, isnt that more ideal?

Empirical evidence shows that intrinsic motivation is important in career development. At this point, you may have childhood dreams you may want to go back to. For instance, your answer to the magic question earlier. Note, however, that to know you love something, you must know it very well. Career exploration can help you manage your expectations. You may think you love something, but experiential knowledge may later prove otherwise, and this can result to a setback.

Over The Past Year Did I Strive To Get Along With And Collaborate With My Team Members

Did you just roll your eyes? Its okay, I wont snitch. Youre probably thinking of that one person in the office that drives you nuts.

Why do they annoy you? To find out, look in the mirror.

Style tip: When you dislike or disapprove of something about someone else, its actually you identifying something about yourself you dont like. They are simply reflecting these qualities back to you to help you see it!

Throughout our careers, it is inevitable we will have to work closely with people we arent particularly fond of.

Instead of listing off all the reasons why you dont care for your coworker and dont click, focus on the things you do admire about them.

Want to take it a step further? Try to find ways to impact their day for the better. Compliment them on their work on a recent project, offer to help them learn a new skill, make a networking connection for them you think would be valuable, or simply treat them to a latte.

Dont feel guilty about buying them that hand-crafted coffee, either. Discover why ditching your latte wont make you wealthy here.

How Journal Prompts Can Help You Find Your Perfect Career

Journaling is an effective self-discovery tool. Through journal writing, you can learn more about yourself and your preferences. Writing can help you clarify your thoughts and achieve deeper self-knowledge. And the more you come to know about yourself, the better able you are to find a career niche you love.

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Want More Journaling Prompts Like This

If youd like more journaling inspiration, I invite you to check out The Year of You: 365 Journal Writing Prompts for Creative Self-Discovery. With a reflective writing prompt for every day of the year, you can take the guess work out of journaling and use your daily prompt to explore and unpack the most important aspects of your life and your being. Each month, youll focus on one important area of your life, including your identity, relationships, money, career, and more.

The Year of You is available in ebook and paperback through Amazon, and in ebook from iBooks, Kobo, Google Play, and Barnes & Noble now.

P.S. The paperback version also makes a great gift to yourself or a loved one

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Tip Sheets Journal Prompts And Worksheets For Career Exploration

Career Exploration Discussion and Writing Prompts for Career Classrooms ...

Our tip sheets, journal prompts, and worksheets for career exploration were made for therapists and career coaches to share with their clients as homework following a session or for use during group sessions.

These tip sheets, journal prompts and worksheets include a wealth of topics including career ambition, ideal jobs, values assessment, using your talents, career fair and exploration tips, work red flags, and more.

You can purchase our Career Tip Sheet Bundle, Career Journal Prompt Bundle, or Career Worksheet Bundle , or our Ultimate Career Bundle that includes two bonus LinkedIn Success Tip Sheets.

How To Access Your Purchase

All of our items our printable PDF downloads. To purchase an item, add to your cart when youre done shopping, complete the checkout process. Youll then be emailed a download link. The link expires 24 hours after the purchase. If you click an expired link, we’ll send a new link to the email address used for the initial purchase. Your purchase is for a personal license. For our different licensing options, .

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Popular Topics For Personal Growth Journal Prompts

Ive already compiled great prompts for several topics on Sassy Sister Stuff and will be writing more articles in the future because journal prompts are becoming so important for personal growth. So be sure to watch for them!

There is no right or wrong kind of journal prompt, as long as you are thinking, reflecting, writing, and growing. Journaling is a very powerful, personal, and purposeful activity!

1. Self Reflection Journal Prompts Ive already written a very thorough article about self reflection journal prompts for personal growth so I wont go into great detail here, but self reflection is one of the most popular topics for journaling. These prompts help you explore your thoughts, values, and attitudes in an effort to make changes or improve some aspect of your life.

  • Example Prompt: What makes you feel calm?

2. Reflective Journal Prompts Reflective journals are used to think about your life experiences, behaviors, impressions, feelings good or bad. This type of journaling is often used in a learning environment and learning process.

  • Example Prompt: What is something you can do to focus more on your health and well-being?

3. Gratitude Journal Prompts Developing a mindset of gratitude is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You can even cultivate your own happiness through a heart of gratitude. Journaling about gratitude is among the most popular kinds of journaling.

  • Example Prompt: Today I am most grateful for ________ because ________.

Journal Prompts To Help You Gain Career Clarity

journal prompts to help you gain career clarity

If youre feeling a little stagnant in your career and are wanting some fresh inspiration and clarity to spark some excitement and forward motion, this is for you! Here are some journal prompts to help jog your brain and get you thinking in new and creative ways about your career. Grab your journal and allow yourself to complete this exercise FREE OF JUDGEMENT! There are no right or wrong answers. I also encourage stream of consciousness writing, which means literally writing WHATEVER comes to mind without any censorship no worries about grammar, spelling, punctuation – just write anything that comes to you down into your journal after reading each of the following questions.

Journal prompts:

-If you could do anything you wanted for work, what would it be?

-Write out your dream work day what would it look like, from waking up until your head hits the pillow at night?

-What are you most passionate about? What fires you up and excites you more than anything?

-What do others say youre good at or come to you for advice for?

-What brought you the most joy as a child, before there were any expectations put on you regarding work/career?

-What, if anything, would you change about your current career?

If you answered no to any of these, lets review:

-If youre wanting to stay in your current role, what are 3 things you can implement starting today to get you more aligned with your authentic career goals?

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The $50 Million Exercise

Congratulations! You just won the lottery. What are you going to do with all of that money? Take 10 minutes to free write.

  • Where would you go?
  • In which causes would you invest?
  • Who would you give money to and for what purpose?
  • What businesses might you start?
  • In which businesses might you invest?
  • How would you spend your time?

This activity helps you uncover motivations and values. It also frees you from worrying about financial constraints at this phase of your exploration process. Plus, you might even uncover a new interest area or business idea or two!

Journal Prompts Are A Way To Get Revolutionary Career Ideas

Journaling to Find Yourself: Prompts for Self Discovery (Interactive)

So many people have amazing careers which arent 9-5.

Maybe your ideal career doesnt conform to traditional ways, either. You may dream of being a painter, musician, writer, or entrepreneur who works odd hours. Or, if youre like I was in my 20s, maybe youre totally clueless!

Well, no worries. There is nothing wrong with you at all if youre feeling lost in your career. Give yourself a hug!

Then get started on these journal prompts to find your purpose and discover your ideal career.

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Journal Prompts Can Be A Tool To Manifest Your Ideal Career

You can work to manifest your career dreams by writing out all the specific aspects of your ideal career.

Writing about specific career aspects allows you to get crystal clear on what you want. That way, you can more mindfully take the actions necessary to discover your purpose and dream job. And because journaling helps clear stagnant emotions, journaling can also help you get on the fresh new energy level needed to manifest your ideal career.

Journal Prompts For Self Discovery

Do you need some inspiration to start journaling? If so, your going to love our list of journal prompts for self discovery. Youve probably read about the benefits of journaling. Or maybe you have a friend who swears by it and promises its life-changing.

If youre anything like me, youve been inspired many times before and purchased notebook after notebook, hoping the next one will be the one that motivates you to start a journaling practice. And then, that notebook sits in your drawer like all of the others, untouched except for when you use it as scrap paper or for a grocery list.

Theres no doubt that a journaling practice is one of the keys to changing your life. A self discovery journal can help you reflect on your goals, hold yourself accountable, and uncover your true self. Who wouldnt want that ?

But not everybody can just sit down with a blank journal, reflect, and pour out thousands of words. If thats you, dont worry weve got you covered. Use these journal prompts for self discovery as a guide whenever you want to dive deeper into self discovery or when you are drawing a blank.

Final Thoughts About Journaling And Journal Prompts

This has been a comprehensive article about the benefits of journaling, how to use journals, topics for personal growth journal prompts, examples of journal prompts in fact, just about everything you need to know to get started with journaling for your personal growth and wellness.

I hope Ive answered all your questions and helped you understand how journaling can help you reach your goals and achieve happiness.

There are many benefits to journaling. It can help you process emotions, reflect on your day, and track your progress. It can also be a great way to document your thoughts and ideas. If youre looking for a way to improve your life, start journaling today!

Journal prompts are a great way to help you know what to put on the paper. They can be used in any setting, from elementary school classrooms to corporate boardrooms. To get the most out of journal prompts, be sure to answer them honestly and thoughtfully. And most importantly, have fun with them!

Love to All! ~ Susan

Journaling Is A Powerful Tool

CAREER EXPLORATION: Daily Writing Prompts (Readiness, Reflection ...

Journaling is not an activity reserved only for teenagers its beneficial for adults, too! I found that journaling can be a powerful aid not only for job seekers, but also for career strategists. Personally, journaling kept me motivated and clarified my decision-making during my own career transition. Its a flexible and effective tool that can be adapted to any topic and purpose, from self-exploration to self-improvement to job search and career transition.

Positivepsychologycom Toolkit And Masterclass Resources

Most efforts to improve self-esteem would benefit from shifting the focus to increasing self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-awareness. Self-esteem is focused on self-evaluation, comparisons, and disconnectedness, and is based on circumstances self-compassion relates to the self without comparisons and focuses on interconnectedness regardless of circumstances.

Our masterclass on the Science of Self-Acceptance focuses on increasing self-acceptance and self-compassion and is a valuable tool in the more holistic approach to healthy self-esteem.

The provides comprehensive training that addresses all facets of self-esteem and compassion that contribute to self-worth. This class is structured into three pillars designed to foster a meaningful life and gain practical guidelines to achieve self-acceptance.

In addition to the masterclass, our Toolkit includes various useful tools both practitioners and clients can use, such as this Self-Acceptance Meditation.

A Letter of Self-Compassion is an excellent writing tool that shows you the many ways in which self-compassion can be cultivated.

Exploring Domains of Self-worth is a 20-minute exercise guiding you through questions, responses, and a final evaluation of yourself. This exercise is well worth the 20 minutes and can open numerous doors with the newly gained insight.

Journal Prompts To Move From Self

By Patricia Bonnard Written on May 27, 2021

Self-discovery journal prompts that stimulate your reflection and creativity can help you transform yourself in sometimes surprising ways.

If you’re already a dedicated journal writer, you might be interested in how you can transform your journaling from recording your experiences to supporting meaningful change.

Self-transformation is about who you become and where you go with what you’ve discovered through self-reflective journal writing.

Provocative journal prompts can stimulate your self-transformation.

Prompts give you suggestions of new things to think about, reflect upon, and write about. They can give you an original challenge one that you haven’t thought of before.

Transformational journal prompts don’t just ask you to list or describe. They invite you to dig and discover causes and alternatives.

Journaling provokes you to see possibilities and options you hadn’t seen before.

Journaling For Job Search Success

Journaling is defined as keeping a regular record of experiences, ideas, or reflections for private use . The act of journaling is often recommended for its many benefits. But in the midst of a stressful job search, how do we persuade our clients that journaling can be an effective job search tool that reaps benefits? And how can we encourage and coach them to give it a try?

In the last two years alone, journaling has been recommended in several articles found on Career Professionals of Canadas News Feed.

Prompts To Deal With Past Events

What to Write About when You Have NO IDEAS… Quick Writing Inspiration!

Ive mentioned that journaling has been successfully used in psychotherapy … and so I chose to include journal topics that help work through a difficult time/set of feelings.


I do suggest that you speak to a therapist before you start journaling on these difficult topics, and use that person for support during this time.

88. Whats the most upsetting thing thats ever happened to you

Remember why it upset you so much. Does it still upset you?

89. Who are the people you have in your life who support you

No matter what youve been through, there are probably people in your life who want to help you through anything. Use this journal space to remind yourself who you have to lean on.

90. Whats the most afraid youve ever been

Recall the worst experience youve had with fear. Are you still afraid?

via: Depositphotos / 6116

91. What things does fear hold you back from doing

What are you not accomplishing, because youre afraid? Ask yourself… how you can work past fear to accomplish those things?

92. Write a letter to someone you love, but cant express

For whatever reason, you may be unable to tell someone you love them. Tell them in your journal, and let those thoughts out.

93. Write a letter to someone you hate, but cant express

This is the reverse of the above prompt: let your thoughts out in your journal.

94. What keeps you up at night worrying

Make a list of worries, and ask yourself: are these good reasons to worry?

96. Whats the biggest guilt you have

When It Comes To Work

This easily ties back to question 1, but with a focus on presence. Even if you left the office on time every day last year, were you really present when you sat down at the dinner table with your family? Or, was your mind still on work problems?

The opposite should be asked as well. When you are at the office, are you able to tune out distractions and noise to be present for the work you are doing in that moment?

With the rise in remote working from home, its now more important than ever to be able to switch gears, create healthy boundaries, and be present and intentional throughout the day.

I dont like to think of this dynamic between career and life as a search for balance.Its all your life including what you do for 8+ hours a day.

Instead, I think we should focus more on our presence and engagement in all the moments of our day whether they are spent at home, at the office, or on a yacht in the Maldives .

Whats A Journal Prompt

A journal prompt is a starting point. It can be a phrase, a question, or an idea you start building on.

When youre experiencing heightened emotions, says Neidich, it is very challenging to know where the entry point is for processing these feelings, and free-write journaling can actually activate the anxiety further.

Journal prompts help to provide a focal point for writing. They can also help make the practice of journaling for emotional health feel safer and secure, says Neidich.

You can reuse these writing prompts for as long as you feel you need to, she adds. If you return to the same answers each time, you may want to move on to other prompts.

You may also consider asking yourself why you are fixated on a particular prompt, which may help you open up further.

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