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Aims And Values Of Social Work And Social Care

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Social work is a profession with a protected job title, which means that you cannot call yourself a social worker unless you are qualified and registered. The academic discipline of social work provides a base of theoretical knowledge that social workers can draw on when making difficult decisions.

Social workers aim to protect vulnerable people from abuse, neglect or self-harm and to help them take control of and improve their lives. They intervene in private and family life when necessary to prevent harm, for example, in situations where parents or carers are no longer able to look after their children. A non-judgemental approach is essential. Social work draws on a range of values, including the following:

  • The equality and worth of all people, respecting diversity and individual dignity.
  • The importance of personal independence, choice and control.
  • The human and legal rights of adults and children.
  • The need to protect against discrimination and prejudice.

The Social Work Career Path Is Versatile

People pursue social work careers because they want to help others. These professionals do not work merely as government employees. In their day-to-day work, they take on many other roles, too.

“We can be therapists, doulas, policy analysts, community health advocates, diversity trainers and facilitators, juvenile court liaisons, special needs teachers, and more,” White said.

Social workers can also choose the type of work they prefer. “We can work domestically or internationally,” White added. “We can do micro-, mezzo-, or macro-level work. There are so many possibilities that go unnoticed and that’s what makes it amazing.”

Social work offers careers in which professionals can use their interests and strengths to mold their jobs productively.

“No matter your hobbies, interests, and life experiences, each can be used to help deliver unique and effective service to your clients,” Woods said.

Prepare For A Rewarding Social Work Career

It clearly takes a certain type of person to go into social work. If have many of the above qualities, it could be the right path for you.

While continuing to cultivate those qualities is important, you may need to start taking some more concrete steps to prepare for a meaningful social work career. To learn more about what it will take to pursue this career path, visit our article The social worker requirements youll need to meet in order to serve.

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What Type Of Person Is Best Suited For Social Worker

Patient, caring, empathic people are able to take the time to get the communication right. In order to keep up with their caseloads, social workers have to be organised. If you are someone who tackles problems head on, you are likely to succeed as a social worker. One sure way to do this is by keeping accurate records.

How Do I Become An Mhc

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Mental health counselors need state-issued licenses. Eligibility criteria and education requirements vary by state. Some states call for only a bachelor’s degree, while others may require a master’s degree.

Blake Huggins

Blake Huggins is a Boston-based writer and researcher with roots in north Texas and southern Oklahoma. He holds degrees in religion and philosophy and writes widely on higher education, healthcare, and the humanities broadly conceived. He earned a PhD from Boston University and has taught college courses in philosophy, writing, and composition.

Reviewed by: Melissa Russiano, LCSW, LISW

Melissa Russiano is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice who has organically developed a specialty working with helping professionals. Russiano has a proven track record helping professionals avoid burnout by holding clinicians accountable through laughter, tears, blunt feedback, and quirky analogies that are grounded in solid theoretical research. Russiano practices solely in a virtual setting in the states of California, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. In addition, Russiano is a professor, teaching in a graduate program through Simmons University online.

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Opportunity To Affect Change

If you want to pursue a career path where you can affect change in the world, social work is an excellent option. Whether you’re interested in helping individuals, improving the wellbeing of a specific community or advocating for changes in government policy, you can achieve your goals as a social worker. Some social workers focus on research, developing the treatments and therapies of the future.

Why Become A Social Worker

Social work is a rapidly growing field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2030, demand for social workers is expected to increase by 12 percent, which is faster than most other occupations.1 However, the potential availability of jobs is only one of the many reasons to be a social worker. Social workers are instrumental in making a difference in the world, and in advocating for those who cant always advocate for themselves. The field is ideal for someone who wants to be a force for change and empower those who need the most help.

When first entering the field, prospective social workers will find that a bachelors degree in social work is required, but at this level you would not be considered a clinical social worker or a licensed social worker. To become a clinical social worker, you will need a masters degree in social work. All states require clinical social workers to be licensed and have state-specific requirements to be considered a licensed clinical social worker. And, after obtaining a master of social work degree and license, licensed clinical social workers must complete supervised training and experience.

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Probation Officer Or Correctional Treatment Specialist

Degree Required: Bachelor’s

These criminal justice professionals coordinate rehabilitation efforts for legal offenders, including individuals in custody or on probation. They connect clients with social services programs, like job training or group counseling, and report progress to court officials. These professionals may conduct drug screenings or provide substance abuse counseling. They typically work full time in office settings, with extended on-call hours.

Reasons Why A Career In Social Work Might Be Right For You

How to Choose the Right Career Path in 7 Simple Steps

1. Social Work Provides a Way to Connect With Your Community

2. Social Work Allows You to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

3. Social Work is a Relatively Quick Degree to Pursue

4. Social Work Allows You to Pursue a Passion for Advocacy and Social Justice By Working on the Front Lines

5. There Will Always Be a Need for Good Social Workers

This article was written by Social Media Outreach Coordinator Joshua John on behalf of CAREEREALISM-Approved Partner, 2tor an education technology companythat partners with institutions of higher education such as the University of Southern California which provides a Masters in Military Social Workdegree online.Image Credit: Shutterstock

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Signs A Social Work Career Is Your Calling

Youve always been passionate about being a source of support for others when theyre struggling. You see a lot of value in assisting people in overcoming challenges and advocating for those in need. This is why youre considering a career in social work it could allow you to make a tangible difference for many individuals.

But is social work really the best path for you? If youre curious to discover if you could be a natural fit for this field, read on to see if these signs point you towards a social work career.

School And Career Counselors And Advisor

Degree Required: Master’s

These counselors help their clients build the academic and vocational skills they need to succeed. They identify social barriers or behavioral challenges and offer advice to help clients overcome their issues. School counselors work with teachers, families, and other school staff to enhance learning and increase educational outcomes. In nonprofits and social assistance organizations, career counselors help job-seekers select viable professions and develop achievable goals.

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Careers In Social Work

Social work offers a wide array of opportunities in different settings and specialties, especially for graduates who hold a master’s degree. Social workers might occupy positions in schools, hospitals, outpatient services, nursing care facilities, and government agencies. Because they address the specific needs of their clients, social workers provide a variety of services depending on their chosen setting.

In addition, social workers benefit from working in a growing field: the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 13% employment growth rate for all social workers from 2019-29, outpacing the average employment estimates for other fields. Job prospects look particularly good for clinical social workers, as the steadily growing healthcare industry increases demand for social workers qualified to provide treatment services.

Though the field offers access to a variety of opportunities, new master of social work graduates may have difficulty landing their initial position in their preferred specialty. According to a report from the Council on Social Work Education , around 16% of graduates surveyed had trouble finding work in their preferred subfield.

Learn more on this page about social work opportunities, including potential careers, degree paths, and salaries.

Carla Biasi Personal Stylist

What Leadership Means to Me

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I want to find fun ways to engage my followers and bring more of my personality to my communications. It will make me think more out of the box and focus my content. And I’m really looking forward to connecting with viewers.

Carla Biasi is a personal stylist living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She currently has her own business and works part-time at an upscale women’s boutique and as a virtual and kit stylist for a womens specialty brand.

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Reasons Why You Should Study Social Work

In honour of National Social Work Day, we had a chat with BSc Social Work student, Jessica Tout, to find out just 10 of the reasons why you should consider studying Social Work.

1. You will learn how to make a positive impact

Social Work is all about understanding and striving to improve the lives of people in society. Social Workers listen to people’s needs, from young children to people struggling with addictions, and help them to cope and improve their quality of life. This course has enabled me to understand how to make a positive impact in society and has made me aware of how quickly your circumstances in life can change.

2. There are many job options

A degree in Social Work will provide me with the ability to undertake a variety of different professional roles. These roles include working with child protection, older people, in hospitals or in the fostering sector. These are just a few examples of the roles available within this sector.

3. You can gain transferable skills

Skills that I will develop throughout my degree will be valued by many employers. Skills such as how to communicate with a client, problem solving, empathy, team work and time management can be transferred to many different roles within the Social Work sector and other careers.

4. The world needs social workers

5. It will teach you things you never knew about yourself

6. You will meet like-minded people

7. Great opportunities

9. The lectures and lecturers

What Is Social Work And What Do Social Workers Do

Social work is a profession in which trained professionals are devoted to helping vulnerable people and communities work through challenges they face in everyday life. Social workers practice in a wide variety of settings, united in their commitment to advocating for and improving the lives of individuals, families, groups and societies.

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Social Work Careers By Specialty

MSW graduates typically work in specialty fields, such as child and family services, geriatrics, mental health and substance abuse, or education. While most social workers who specialize in specific fields hold an advanced degree, graduates with a bachelor’s degree can also work in niche areas.

Earning the corresponding NASW credential gives a social worker the professional recognition to work in case management, gerontology, hospice and palliative care, or youth and family services. Most NASW certifications require a master’s degree. However, graduates who hold a bachelor’s degree can qualify for certain NASW certifications, such as social work case managers. These credentials let employers know that social workers meet industry standards.

Licensed school social workers often hold a master’s degree, though specific requirements vary by state. The BLS reports that school social workers make a median annual salary of $47,390. Most CSWE-surveyed school social workers work in elementary schools and preschools.

Mental Health Social Worker

When hiring mental health social workers, many employers require a master’s degree and a license. In some states, a bachelor’s degree may suffice, though mental health social workers without licenses and an advanced degree may be limited to performing certain responsibilities.

Substance Abuse Social Worker

Healthcare Social Worker

Clinical Social Worker

Social and Community Service Manager

Social Work Teacher

Best Schools For Social Work Majors

How to Deal with Difficult People | Jay Johnson | TEDxLivoniaCCLibrary

In order for holders of a bachelors in social work to be able to take the ASWB exam and become LSWs, its very important that they enroll in the right social work program. Many colleges and universities suited for degree-seeking students planning on becoming social workers are highly ranked by college ranking sites.

Since your goal is to become a good social worker one day, you should go for a good social work program.

The good news is that its being offered by many academic institutions that graduating high schoolers would be more than happy to add to their college list many of them are the most prestigious in the land.

Without further ado, these are some of the top schools for social work majors, says US News:


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Bachelor’s Degree In Social Work

Professionals with a bachelor’s degree in social work understand social welfare policies, human behavior, social work ethics, and clients with diverse backgrounds. These skill sets prepare social workers for entry-level positions in administrative and counseling roles, including as probation officers, human services specialists, case management aides, and community outreach workers.

With experience, online social work degree holders can move up to managerial positions, increasing their earning potential. Since this degree prepares students for careers in which they work directly with communities and people of all backgrounds, many schools recommend learning a foreign language.

What Can You Do With a Bachelor’s in Social Work?


What Were Some Of The Most Crucial Skills That You Gained In Your Msw Program That Apply To Your Job On A Day

This is a tough question. Thinking back to my time in my MSW program, the first skill that comes to mind is humility.

I learned how to admit I did not know everything, and I needed to work together with other people to achieve the same goal: helping others. I learned how to give myself a break. I have always been someone who found school important and dedicated a lot of time to academic performance.

My MSW program taught me to place more value on the learning experience and to know my personal limits. I would exhaust myself and then be unable to give my best to certain parts of the program.

I gained the skill of validation and affirmation when working with others. We focused a lot on active listening skills, which is crucial in the field of social work where many individuals simply want to be heard.

On a day-to-day basis, I would have to say the skills of validation active listening affirmation normalizing thoughts, feelings, and experiences and asking open-ended questions were all gained from my time in my MSW program and the internship experiences. Making connections also stands out as a crucial skill. Networking is key in the field of social work.

We all have similar goals with a root in wanting to support others in our community. Working together and getting to know people in other agencies and positions has been hands down one of the most important skills I gained. I learned how to search for resources in my community.

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Social Work Career Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 13% job growth for social workers between 2019 and 2029. These professionals earn a median annual salary of $50,470. The following table highlights income for social workers at different career stages.

Average Annual Salary for Social Work Careers

Job Title

Social workers in healthcare offer daily support for patients in recovery who suffer from physical, emotional, or psychological pain. They work with patients’ families to cultivate a stronger support system and collaborate with other healthcare providers to coordinate recovery plans and make referrals for other services.

Ana Smith Talent Architect & Global Learning Strategist

Infographic: The Best Careers For Your Personality Type

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Connection is my development focus for 2023!

Our workplaces play a significant role in our lives. Work affects both our physical and mental well-being in good ways and bad. The COVID-19 pandemic brought the relationship between work and well-being into clearer focus. According to the Surgeon General 2022, Workplace Mental Health and Well-being report, one of the biggest challenges we faced in 2022 is connection and community.

Connection is essential for human well-being. Connection is a basic human need, and people who feel a strong sense of connection to others are happier, healthier, and more resilient!

One of the ways that connection is important is that it helps to combat loneliness and isolation. When we feel connected to others, we feel less alone and more supported. This can be especially important in times of stress or difficulty, as it can provide a sense of security and comfort.

Connectedness also allows us to feel seen, heard, and valued. When we share our thoughts, feelings, and experiences with others, and they respond with understanding and empathy, it can help us to feel understood and accepted. This can be especially important for people who may feel marginalized or excluded in some way.

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