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To be a top candidate for executive positions, you need an executive resume that highlights your leadership ability, technical skill, and job fit. What can the best executive resume services do for you?

As a high-level business leader, you should have a high-level, executive resume. Even if you arenât actively looking for a new leadership position, experts recommend that you update your resume periodically so youâre ready for anything. However, an executive resume has a different goal than other resumes. An executive resume needs to convey a stronger message: not only are you the right person for this position, but also the right person to lead this company.

To address that challenge, your resume needs to quickly communicate that you have all the qualities an executive search team is looking for. This includes innate leadership ability and relevant senior leadership skills, plus seeming genuine and invaluable.

ZipJob understands where you’re coming from, and that your time is valuable. Our team of career experts and professional resume writers did the research for you and compiled a list of the top 7 executive resume writing services in the US and Canada. We summarized their strengths, differentials, price range, and general process protocols, so you can be sure you choose the service that is right for you.

How To Make Your First 6

So you’ve been thinking of doing some consultancy on the side because you are great at what you do but you don’t know where to start?The consultancy industry is a $330 Billion dollar industry, who is better equipped to help organizations than someone like yourself.Join us as we talk about how to get started, how to create your offer, generate leads, and convert organizations into paying customers.Also we have a live event on Nov 8th at 7pm EST showing you the 5 Keys To Consultancy you can register here – LIVE Training Is For You If… -You want to keep your job and consult on the side for recurring revenue OR you are looking to add revenue to your existing consultancy -You want to develop the mindset of a true expert in your space while solving bigger challenges for organizations -You don’t know where to start OR you have no business plan -You want to learn how to generate leads for your consultancy and have a clear process to convert them to a client

What Is Top Resume Free Resume Review

Before we analyze a few TopResume reviews, let us begin by describing what this free resume review feature exactly does. There are a number of companies that provide resume reviews for free that look to bolster the resumes of job seekers. However, there is a growing concern regarding their expertise in reviewing resumes and whether or not they are of any real use. is one such company that allegedly provides users with a critique of their resumes. But, to what extent can this company be trusted with its reviews and to what extent should you consider their critique valid? Our own critique of their reviews has informed us that job seekers shouldnt use the free resume review service of TopResume for resume writing.

A lot of their criticism of multiple resumes seems to be auto generated and not done by professionals. There are many artificial algorithms that can be used to generate such reviews. The reason for this is quite clear the company is profit driven, and the more resume reviews they are able to generate, the more customers and subscribers they are likely to attract.

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Career Upgrader Took My 10+ Old Resume

Career Upgrader took my 10+ old resume and gave it life. Neil took the time to understand what I wanted and was able to deliver a resume, elevator speech, cover letter and thank you letter. He also taught me where I make tweaks to my resume as needed, and I appreciated the skills he taught so I could take that with me. I also had 3 coaching sessions with Neil. They were customized, informative and helped me decide, what is it I want to do from here?.I highly recommend if you are looking for someone to upgrade your resume, let Neil and Career Upgrader take care of it.

Date of experience:June 24, 2021

Reply from Career Upgrader

You are truly a treasure. Thank you Amanda! Go get em!

Having Lots Of Interviews & No Offers Here’s Why

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So, you are landing interviews but still havent gotten an offer and youre feeling defeated? Let us tell you exactly why this is happening!You do the work, you find the company, you do the research, you feel qualified but you bomb the interview or dont hear backor worse, you keep getting rejected!We have clients who stay stuck in this cycle for months, some years! Let us help you shed some light on what the REAL problem is, so you dont have to suffer through this.Join us on episode 54 to learn exactly how to navigate this huge conversation about how to land your next job offer!!How to identify the root of what is going wrong!Get clear on how to master the art of interviewing effectively!Learn how your lack of confidence is showing up!

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The Job Search Scam 90% Of Candidates Fall For

There are scams that prey on job seekers everywhere.

There are fake job ads that make you think somebody has a job for you, and end up being ads for background checks or certification programs you don’t need. There are companies that run job ads continuously just to be able to interview candidates and get free advice out of them.

The worst and most common job search scam is the one I call the “basic job search scam.” Way too many employers pull this trick and way too many job candidates fall for it. The basic job search scam is a recruiting process that serves mostly to cow and bully job seekers into thinking that qualified candidates are a dime a dozen, so they had better accept whatever measly job offer they get.

You can tell when you run into the basic job search scam. You feel very honored to have been selected for a phone interview or even better, a face-to-face interview. Everyone is very formal with you, maybe even dismissive. They convey the message, “You are no one special. You’d better step your game up if you want to work for us!”

You realize that you won’t last long in this toxic place. You’ll need to start job hunting again soon. You got scammed! Everyone around you acted like the company was God’s gift to working people so you went along with the charade.

If they did, the scam wouldn’t work anymore. Candidates would feel more at ease and more confident. They would ask more penetrating questions at job interviews. That would be bad!


Master The Art Of Asking Great Questions

On Episode 57 of the Executive Career Upgrades podcast we show you how to ask great questions while interviewing for a new job you love OR asking great interviewing questions to select quality talent. The quality of your questions will determine the quality of your life.So we want to ensure you know ALL the great questions to ask to truly transform your career. Our goal is to make success easy in your career, this is one episode you do not want to miss!

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Scamming Through A Connected Offer

For connected-offer scams, job seekers are targeted by criminals posing as recruiters. In some cases, the fake recruiters will claim to work for an established recruiting firm, often hiring for a well-known company. Thats the lure. The key to making it work is authority and authenticity.

The fake recruiter will research the job seeker fully, including such things as their work history and industry contacts. This information can be found on social media or on professional platforms such as LinkedIn. It doesnt take long to get the basics needed for the scam to develop.

The results of this research are aligned with the pitch used during the initial contact with the victim job seeker. The pitch could include references to previous employers, peers, or desired job options, in order to determine if the victim is interested. If the victim is willing to discuss the job offer, the authenticity element of the scam has succeeded.

Now, the authority aspect kicks in. Since the recruiter has all the power in this dynamic, their authority is rarely questioned. In such cases, job seekers are asked to surrender personal information for background screenings. Sometimes this data is submitted via email or uploaded to a fake recruiting website the criminal has created.

Writer Expertise And Credentials

Eric – Executive Career Upgrades Success Story 2

Before you commit, make sure you have reviewed the actual person that will be helping you with your resume. Beyond standard industry qualifications and history of employment, you will want to know if the resume writer is familiar with your industry and specific positions you are applying for.

Finally, You will want to make sure that you can work well with this person, and that their communication style and cadence matches yours.

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Pros Of Using Capstone Resumes

  • Conversation-First Approach â Capstone Resume services begin with a 15 to 30-minute phone call, instead of the written questionnaire approach most companies use.

  • Certified Writers â The resume writers are introduced with a photo and a certification on the Capstone website. Each member is a Certified Professional Resume Writer with a unique background.

  • Specializations â Certain resumes, like Executive, require specialized formats. Capstone Resumes has different payment options for their resume services, as opposed to the more common tiered pricing approach. With the teamâs combined background in HR, recruitment, and military, it is likely these formats are effective for those seeking more industry-specific documents.

  • Quick Delivery Time â Many positive reviewers mention how they received their resumes with 1 to 3 days of their initial phone consultation.

  • Easy To Contact â Amy, the owner of Capstone Resumes, makes her direct email very easy to find. She appears to be quite responsive and open to revisions to ensure client satisfaction.

Best Executive Resume Writing Services

Here is our list of the best resume writing services in 2022 for executives, which includes C-Suite, board members, vice president, and director-level positions. Job seekers can use this list to navigate this blog post, or scroll down to read all our expert reviews.

This list does not include any affiliate links or paid placements like the majority of articles out there. Youâll find more information about affiliate marketing and fake lists after our service reviews.

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How To Choose An Executive Resume Writing Service

As an executive, the stakes are higher, both for your potential employment, as well the price that goes into enlisting the help of an executive resume writing service. Here are the most important determining factors that should go into the selection process.

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He Will Be In Your Corner

(38) Twitter (With images)

From the first conversation, I knew before he even said it, Neil was “in my corner.” Not only has he been a supportive professional, he’s been creative, empathetic and really hears me. He gives lots of encouragement, but he’s also honest and direct, qualities that are sometimes hard to find. He’s been a strong, staunch advocate for me with potential employers and I feel my needs and concerns are truly heard and he’s working hard to help me craft a professional life I will love and be proud of.

Date of experience:July 02, 2020

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Executive Career Upgrades Offers Coaching Program For Job Seekers

As unemployment cases continue to rise in the country, job seekers struggle to find new work opportunities. Executive Career Upgrades, a career coaching company, understands this difficulty. To help job seekers accelerate their job search and find opportunities to work at the best companies in the world, the company offers powerful strategies and more, for job seekers to achieve success.

Its important to bypass the traditional job search process to land the job you love, said the team at Executive Career Upgrades.

Once signed up, Executive Career Upgrades provides job seekers a 90-day career acceleration program inclusive of one-on-one weekly meetings, two weekly group calls for networking, and a private online community.

The team of expert headhunters turned gurus at Executive Career Upgrades provides the top three tips for job seekers looking for work opportunities today. The first one is to clarify ones job role. According to the team, most people try to be a jack of all trades, master of none. The team recommends job seekers to be very clear on their career goals.

The teams second tip is to build a resume with strong branding. They advise job seekers to create a well-written online resume that highlights their accomplishments to generate that first conversation with their future employers. The Executive Career Upgrades team assists job seekers in polishing their profile messaging so employers will know the value they provide.

Media Contact

Pros Of Using Linkedin Profinder

  • Price â Because you are working with individual writers who are providing you a freelance service, the rates tend to be much lower than the big-name brands. You can also communicate with your writer before committing to your purchase, giving you room to ask questions and perhaps negotiate your price and/or additional services.

  • Global â ProFinder uses the LinkedIn database, so you can find providers across the globe, within your target market, or in your own area.

  • Faster Turnaround Time â Once you make your choice, most writers will have a first draft to you within a few business days. If you are in a time crunch, this can make a big difference to make sure you donât miss out on current job opportunities.

LinkedIn ProFinder offers other services as well, including interview coaches, professional headshot photographers, LinkedIn profile writers, and career coaches.

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When Scammers Hunt The Headhunter

While criminals will impersonate recruiters with no hesitation, they also target them directly because of their access to high-value targets from executives to human resources managers.

Criminals will conduct phishing attacks, posing as a job seeker, against a recruiter and include malicious attachments disguised as résumés. If theyre successful, the malware installed by the criminal gives them access to all the information the recruiter has available, as well as access to corporate contacts and records. This enables the criminal to expand the scam.

In a variation of this tactic, the criminal will pose as an existing client, and either entice the recruiter to disclose corporate authentication credentials via a recruiting portal that was recently launched or again attempt to install malware on the system by offering up malicious attachments.

In the second scenario, the criminal will develop a website that uses the branding of the corporate client, and even register a domain with a familiar naming convention, all in order to offer a sense of false security to the soon-to-be-victimized recruiter. Once the corporate credentials are exposed, the criminal has a foothold on the victims network, and the opportunity to expand their scam further.

Beware Of Executive Job Search Scams

Dani ECU Client Success Story Short

Most of my executive clients have never had to look for a job before at least not since graduating from college or grad school. The prospect of going out and trying to find a job is a bit frightening, and it rapidly becomes frustrating, as the skills needed for being a successful executive and a successful job hunter are very different. This makes executive job hunters the target of scams and highly ineffective methods of finding a job, on which they can waste up to tens of thousands of dollars.

While there are many legitimate firms with great reputations that honestly assist executives in finding the best career positions, there are also some scam artists out there. Today, well look at three of the most common career services and what to watch out for.

Outplacement firmsOutplacement firms perform a valuable service to some degree. There are two kinds of outplacement firms wholesale and retail. The wholesale ones are hired by companies laying off employees and do a fine job, as far as it goes. But theyre not paid a whole lot to help the people theyre working with. They generally provide career advice, résumé assistance and some office help.

There are numerous other career services which I dont have space to examine here. Generally, before you spend money, check things out. If youre getting good value and honest disclosure, hiring some help is very bright. Just watch your wallet and know what youre getting.

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How To Defend Yourself

Recruiters dealing with the second scenario require basic awareness and verification. If youre not expecting résumés, then be suspicious about opening attachments and make sure youre keeping your office and antivirus software up to date to avoid known attack vectors. If the contact comes from an alleged existing client, call and verify the request or the submissions.

Pros Of Using Resume Pilots

  • Ivy League Writers â You can rest assured that your writers understand the nuances of grammar, spelling, and sentence composition while bringing a unique blend of strong vocabularies and industry training to the table.

  • Fast Delivery â The delivery times are between 1 and 5 days, and the revision period is limited to 2 rounds and 1 phone call . You will have a final resume in hand within 1 to 2 weeks and hitting the job market with confidence.

  • Personalized service â Your telephone consultation can be tailored to include interview coaching and/or career growth advice.

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