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How To Find The Best Career Option For Yourself

How to find the right career for me? (MUST WATCH FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS)

How do you figure out the right career? Probably, you will never know or be sure about it until you step into it and give it a chance.

Undeniably, you can’t give a chance to all the career options you have in your mind and then figure out the right one. Keep reading the article to learn the most rational strategy and figure out the right way to go about it.

If you think you are alone in this journey and everyone else has already figured it out, let us show you some statistics to comfort you.

Follow the steps mentioned below if you are eager to explore a career that is right for you:

What Roles Will Help Me Get Started

From paid internships to entry level full time jobs, youll find a lot of opportunities that are right for you on Handshake. Make sure to add the job roles that interest you on your profile. That way, you get the latest job and internship recommendations and can see what your options are.

Finally, remember that careers arent always linear. You may try one role or industry and in a few years decide you want to make a change. It happens all the time!

Career Overview: User Experience Designer

User experience design considers all the different elements that shape a particular experience from the users perspectivewhether its the layout of a website or the placing of labels and signposts in a department store. Its the UX designers job to design products, services, and experiences that are user-friendly, intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable.

If youre considering UX design as a potential career path, youll want to know what kinds of tasks you can expect on a day-to-day basis, as well as what skills and qualities are typically associated with the field. So lets take a look!

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You Didnt Graduate With A Computer Science Degree

Bet you thought you read that wrong. But you should know this: Just because your studies werent in computer engineering , that doesnt necessarily matter in tech.

In fact, having a background in a non-technical field can be an advantage since it lets you offer a fresh perspective as well as a more diverse skill set. Plus, you can still get the digital skills you need after the fact without taking on mountains of student debt or studying full-time.

Heres just a small sampling of the types of tech jobs available for non-computer science grads:

Office Hours In It Careers

Which Career Is Right For Me

IT professionals typically work a little longer than nine-to-five, but in most cases not massively so. A typical day could be 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. However, as in any career, there will sometimes be busy periods before a deadline when youll need to put in extra hours, and some employers who expect more overtime than others.

If you work in an IT support role there may be shift work involved, depending on how many hours a day support is required by the colleagues/clients/customers you are there to help. Any role that involves creating, updating or maintaining IT systems or websites is likely to involve work outside of standard office hours from time to time if they need to be taken offline for upgrades or maintenance this is typically scheduled for times when users are less likely to need them, such as evenings, overnight or at weekends.

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How To Study Computer Science

If youre wondering how to study computer science, youll be happy to know you have many options for not just types of degrees, but also for when and where you can earn them. For example, National University offers several masters programs in computer science-related fields and all of them are available online.

We have many, many students in our online programs, says Subramanya. Students might be restricted by distance or time. The online option allows students with even the busiest of professional or personal schedules to access the educational training they need to enter or advance in computer-related careers.

The online learning platform does seem particularly fitting for students interested in working with computers. Subramanya says Nationals web-based courses include instructor lectures, chats, discussions, and other easy-to-access assignments and materials.

Our learning management system provides very easy ways to submit homework and graded assignments, he says. And students can have seamless communication with the faculty.

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare Myself For A Career In Tech

At Skillcrush, we can teach you all of the skill sets and programming languages you need to become a web designer or a front end developer. Unlike other coding bootcamps, our classes are fun, self-paced, and come with lifetime support.

With our new Get Hired Track, which includes job search training, career coaching, and our first ever job guarantee, Skillcrush Break Into Tech students can go from having limited to no technical knowledge to securing a full-fledged front end developer or designer in six months to one year.

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You Cant Date A Career

Unlike relationships, however, you cant really date a career. Not yet anyway. Thats in part because it often takes a lot of education or training to even reach the stage where you can evaluate whether you like a career.

When we start dating, we simply rely on trial and error. Very few of us end up with the first person we date. In fact, the first few people we date are often selected based on biases we develop. We think we want this or that type of person based on what television, instagram, or our peers think and less based on who we uniquely are and what we uniquely need. It is only after a few attempts that we begin to understand what we really need.

Career selection is plagued by the same problem of bias. Research shows that early career preferences are largely motivated by exogenous factors like parental influence, peer pressure, status, and media. Many people grow up thinking they want to be lawyers or doctors in part because our culture elevates those careers, in spite of the fact that real doctors and lawyers report some of the lowest career satisfaction scores.

The difference is that once we find ourselves on a certain career path, there accumulates more and more pressure to stay on that path and a higher and higher cost to exiting. Considering this, its helpful to think about career choices more proactively. We cant simply trial and error our way into happiness.

A Doggone Great Career

What Career Is Right For Me?

Veterinary pharmacists compound, dispense, and administer medications to meet the specific needs of sick or injured animals, or to prevent animals from getting sick. Many human illnesses such as cancer, eye problems, heart conditions, asthma, and diabetes can also affect animals. While most patients are traditional pets, veterinary pharmacists may care for a wide variety of animals or choose to specialize in one species . Veterinary pharmacists adjust the dosage, strength, or taste medications to make them easier for animals to take or digest. They may also have research or administrative duties and work with veterinarians and technicians.

  • Practice Setting: You can find them in veterinary hospitals, veterinary schools, zoos, aquariums, pharmaceutical companies, and regulatory agencies .
  • Educational Requirements: Veterinary pharmacists must complete specialized training in veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics after earning a PharmD degree.
  • Patients: Most patients are traditional pets like cats and dogs. But, veterinary pharmacists may also care for a wide variety of animals or choose to specialize in one species .
  • Traits: You love animals or have an interest in veterinary science, are comfortable with both animals and people, and enjoy the idea of creating custom medicines.

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Think About The Impact You Want To Make

Cadence Education has more than 200 private preschools and elementary schools across the United States that are full of people who are passionate about inspiring and educating young children. While many children may grow up aspiring to be a teacher, other career options like preschool director, assistant teacher, or even cook can be options to be involved and make an impact in early education. Weve found that many people working in the Cadence Education Family of Schools found a nice career fit by thinking about the impact they want to make on the world, and finding an outlet to make that dream a reality.


Thank you for all you do! Ive been nine loooong months looking for a full-time position and Career Connectors was a real life-line. I was pretty discouraged by the time I found your organization on-line and first visited. The speaker provided some great information but most importantly, encouragement and hope. The panel discussion on resumes was incredibly helpful! Last month I had the opportunity to sit with Brenda and she suggested I really pare back all but the last 10 years of experience anRead more

Career Overview: Data Analyst

Data analytics is all about collecting, processing, and analyzing data in order to derive meaningful and actionable insights. These insights can then be used to make smart business decisions. With data having overtaken oil as the worlds most valuable commodity, those who can analyze and understand data are in high demand. So what does a data analyst actually do? Lets find out.

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What You Can Do With A Cybersecurity Degree

As Subramanya pointed out, the rise of cyberthreats has resulted in a specialized field of computer science. But, as the internet of things becomes commonplace, smart devices like appliances, lightbulbs, clothing, and other items that you can control with an app and wi-fi access also bring a level of risk.

Everything connected to the internet has a security vulnerability, he says, adding that today there are many more aspects of security to think about than there used to be. For example, he explains how cryptography, or the act of data encryption, was once the big focus of protecting and communicating sensitive information.

This means companies of all sizes need to consider the safety of data, which, for example, often includes personal customer information. When hacks happen, thousands of people worry about their data being compromised or falling into the wrong hands. This has led to a greater need than ever for companies to build trust with consumers and, as a result, the sharp rise in the demand for skilled workers in information security.

Is Tech The Right Career For You

What Career is Right for me?

Is the tech industry right for you? Heres what you need to know before considering this career path.

  • The only constant in the tech industry is change. When you work in tech, you have to be comfortable knowing your expertise may become obsolete in a couple of years. You have to be ready to jump into the next significant shift.
  • The fast pace of a career track in tech means more opportunities for upward mobility. This means lots of opportunity for growth, and higher salaries than most industries.
  • You dont need to be a techie to work in tech. The roles available in tech vary from company to company, but often include marketing, sales, HR, and project managers, as well as roles like data scientists and researchers.
  • You should be comfortable working virtually. Tech employers have historically been more welcoming of remote work arrangements.
  • There is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to diversity. Many tech companies recognize the importance of addressing this issue but vet a company before you apply to make sure its inclusive.
  • It can be about purpose. As a tech expert, you can do so much to give back to society at large you just have to choose the right role.

Where your work meets your life. See more from Ascend here.

Heres what you need to know before considering this career path.

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Career Overview: User Interface Designer

The term user interface is used to describe the space where interactions between humans and machines occurlike the touchscreen on your smartphone, for example. While UX design focuses on optimizing a product for effective and enjoyable use, UI design focuses on the look and feel of the product interface.

UI design is a crucial subset of UX, but its important to be aware that UX and UI design are two different things. UI designer is a job title in its own right, requiring a unique set of skills and qualities. So what does a career as a UI designer entail? Lets find out.

How To Choose The Right Career

Getting a sense of your own personality and source of motivation forms the backbone of making good career decisions. The problem is, our career choices are often affected by bias.

According to research, early-career preferences are predominantly cultivated by extrinsic factors such as parental influence, peer pressure, status, and media. These preferences tend to take a backseat when you actually start thinking responsibly about your career interests.

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What Are The Key Traits Of A Ux Designer

UX designers come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds you dont need a certain degree or experience in a specific field. Its entirely possible to learn UX design from scratch, and because its such a multidisciplinary field, youll find that many of your current skills can be transferred and applied.

To excel as a UX designer, youll need to exhibit the following:

UX designers also need excellent communication skillsits a highly collaborative field, and youll work closely with business stakeholders, fellow designers, product owners, developers, and, of course, real users.

A Career For The Courageous And Caring

What Career is Right For Me?

Oncology pharmacists are experts in the medications used to treat cancer, as well as those used to manage the side effects from cancer treatments.

Oncology pharmacists support all aspects of cancer care, including chemotherapy dosing and mixing, patient counseling, and new drug research.

They work with other health care professionals to maximize the benefits of cancer drugs while minimizing their side effects, such as pain and nausea. And, they also help to identify patients who are candidates for new cancer drug research or suffering from emotional issues that may arise during the cancer treatment.

  • Practice Setting: Oncology pharmacists work in many different settings, such as clinics, hospitals, and cancer centers.
  • Educational Requirements: They generally complete 1-2 years in a residency and/or pass a board certification exam after earning a PharmD degree.
  • Patients: Oncology pharmacists work and build relationships with patients who have cancer. Because of this, they are comfortable with the idea of working with seriously ill patients.
  • Traits: You want to work and build relationships with patients who have cancer, are comfortable with the idea of working with seriously ill patients, and enjoy working as part of a team.

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This Career Gets A Glowing Review

Nuclear pharmacists work to improve health through the safe and effective use of radioactive drugs to diagnose and treat diseases, such as cancer.

Radioactive materials are generally injected into a patients bloodstream or swallowed. Health care professionals can then use the resulting gamma scans to obtain a dynamic views of a patients organ function.

In addition to preparing the radiopharmaceutical agents, nuclear pharmacists are responsible for quality control and reviewing patients charts prior to any testing to ensure proper dosing.

Nuclear pharmacists must have specialized scientific knowledge and training to safely work with radioactive materials. Fortunately, because of strict safety standards, the amount of radiation exposure to pharmacists and others is very low.

  • Practice Setting: They work as part of a health care team in hospitals, imaging centers, or specialized pharmacies authorized to handle radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Educational Requirements: Nuclear pharmacists generally complete 1-2 years in a residency and/or pass a board certification exam after earning a PharmD degree.
  • Patients: Nuclear pharmacists work more closely with other health care providers than they do with patients directly.
  • Traits: You prefer to work in a commercial laboratory environment, and you want to work more closely with other health care providers instead of with patients. Additionally, you are interested in drug discovery and research.

What Career Is Right For Me

Asking “what career is right for me?” is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. The right career brings you success and happiness. But if you make a poor decision, through using information that is too simple or not based on research, it can damage your prospects, relationships and prosperity for many years to come.

This article provides guidance on what makes a good career test, and the various criteria that can influence your career choice. Reading is optional, if you wish you can skip straight to the personality/career test:

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What Is A Career

To understand what career is right for you, you should first differentiate between a career and just a job.Many a times, people take up jobs because they have nothing else on offer or nothing else to do. Some individuals may even take up a job in which they are not at all interested, but wish to have some financial stability in their lives.These kinds of jobs do not provide a secure future, and also the people do not see themselves in that profession for a long time.

The right career pathA proper job is just a part of your career path, which is enhanced by professionalism. Being professional ensures that you achieve all your professional goals quickly and without any hassles. The term career can be said to be a complete term that encompasses your job as wellas your progress in the particular field of interest.

Fulfilling careerThe term fulfilling career is described by many people in different ways. One of the simplest meanings of a fulfilling career is a successful career. This success can be either on a financial basis or on a fame basis.

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