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In A Nation Of Immigrants Immigration Attorneys Carry On The Tradition Of Freedom And Acceptance

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Immigration technically refers to the process of foreign-born individuals seeking to enter the country with the intention of becoming permanent residents, but the scope of immigration law has long since expanded to handle all categories of legal work dealing with any person entering the country who does not have citizenship. That includes students, tourists, businesspersons, and asylum-seekers, along with the traditional group of foreign-born individuals simply seeking better lives in the land of opportunity.

That group amounts to almost 14 percent of the population as of 2018, nearly 45 million of them according to the Migration Policy Institute. Almost all of them will need legal assistance at some point, dealing with the famously complex Immigration and Nationality Act set down in Title 8 of the United States Code.

That makes all immigration law federal law, which means all immigration lawyers spend the majority of their time dealing with those provisions along with the vast scope of regulations set down by agencies such as:

  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Customs and Border Protection
  • Department of Homeland Security

Responsibilities Of An Immigration Lawyer

Some basic responsibilities that an immigration lawyer must fulfil are as follows.

  • To perform technical tasks such as filing immigration paperwork and motions.

  • To look after client-based tasks, for instance, providing legal counsel and appearing in court.

  • To collect, research and analyze data for each case.

  • To keep a close eye on the demographic sanctity of a country and to keep away unchecked migration from foreign lands.

  • To provide counsel, advice on matters such as visa applications, citizenship, naturalization, employment for non-citizens and deportation issues.

Becoming Certified As An Immigration Lawyer

Certification does not play as big a role in the legal field as in some other professional practices, but some states are now offering pathways to specialization in immigration law as a way to deepen the expertise in the field and assure clients of your capabilities. These include:

Each of them includes requirements that you take and pass a test covering the field of knowledge required in immigration practice, as well as accumulating a certain number of hours of actual practice in the field in recent years. Youll also typically have to take a certain number of hours of dedicated continuing legal education in the field before being considered. And, naturally, youll have to hold your position with the state bar in good standing, and sometimes have fellow attorneys or judges vouch for you.

Exact requirements vary by state consult your local bar for more information.

After the United States experienced the tragedies brought on by 9/11, immigration has become more of a controversial area of concern. Despite this event, the United States still permits 1 million aliens to become Legal Permanent Residents every year and grants more visas to visitors than any other country in the world. In the United States, the Department of Homeland Security oversees immigration law and grants benefits to aliens.

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Immigration Attorney Job Responsibilities:

  • Conduct client intakes and determine eligibility for legal representation.
  • Provide advice and referrals on immigration matters.
  • Analyze case documents, perform legal research, and prepare immigration applications for filing with the appropriate government agency.
  • Maintain confidentiality in communicating with and about clients.
  • Represent clients in immigration matters before USCIS, Board of Immigration Appeals , EOIR and the federal courts, including attendance at immigration interviews and/or hearings.
  • Provide legal services to culturally and linguistically diverse clients in an inclusive and respectful manner.
  • Create and facilitate training and presentations to Multi-Disciplinary Team and partners.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge and skills in immigration law and maintain active, good standing status with state of licensure, including meeting deadlines for completing and reporting on continuing legal education requirements.
  • Perform conflicts checks.
  • Responsible for supervision of UMOS immigration bilingual paralegal.
  • Serve as a resource to UMOS DOJ Partially Accredited Representative.
  • Assist with general administrative tasks and grant reporting as appropriate.
  • Immigration Lawyer Job Profile And Description

    Michelle Soltysiak

    An immigration lawyer is a special lawyer who specialises in procedures and deals with cases related to immigration. His job is to help individuals in attaining citizenship, protect the immigrant rights and look after the other legal issues related to immigration. It is an extremely challenging job and requires thorough knowledge. One also needs appropriate licensures to pursue the profession. Immigration lawyers play a crucial role in understanding and helping different businesses with all immigration issues in a global scenario.

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    Pro Bono Project Coordinator

    The Pro Bono Project Coordinator will work with diverse partners to advance NIJCs pro bono projects. This position will focus primarily on providing pro bono representation to vulnerable young people who are seeking Special Immigrant Juvenile Status . The Pro Bono Coordinator will manage intake and conduct outreach directly to eligible populations. This person will serve as the NIJC representative with pro bono partners, NIJC staff, law students, and other immigrant and human rights organizations to ensure access to justice for immigrants. The Coordinator will work closely with the Managing Attorney to increase capacity among pro bono partners and keep abreast of the most current state and federal developments relating to SIJS. The Coordinator ensures that pro bono partners receive adequate support and training and monitors these placements from initial assignment to the final adjudication of the case. Individual accountabilities and work volume will be established through the development of annual Success Objectives, within the framework outlined below.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


    To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

    Immigration Lawyers In Colorado

    Novo Legal Group is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and represents families and individuals across the nation. The Novo Legal team is passionate about immigration and immigrant rights in the United States. For more information about immigration law, visit our website or contact one of our attorneys today.

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    Where Can You Work As An Immigration Lawyer

    You have several options when it comes to where you can work as an immigration lawyer. You can work in a private practice or at a law firm that specializes in immigration cases. Working for a non-profit organization is another option. There are non-profit organizations dedicated to helping people trying to obtain visas or those facing deportation. As an immigration attorney, you can also work on behalf of the federal government.

    How Do Immigration Lawyers Get Paid

    Immigration lawyer fraud warning in San Diego

    How immigration lawyers get paid depends on the type of case they are handling. Services such as assisting in filing a green card application or family-based immigration petition are often subject to a flat-rate fee. Fees for these types of cases can range anywhere from $800 to $1500. For more complex cases, such as deportation defense, an attorney may charge by the hour. These cases can cost upwards up $10,000.

    It is not uncommon for immigration attorneys to charge an initial consultation fee that ranges from $100 to $400. Many have found that since many immigrants have no steady income source, they cannot continue paying for an attorney beyond the initial consultation.

    Attorneys employed by larger firms often charge a higher rate than those working in a smaller firm. This is due to more overhead expenses that need covered. Those with more experience typically charge steeper fees as well.

    Some lawyers work with pro bono legal organizations to help immigrants in their community who cannot afford representation. Commonly, these organizations only accept a limited number of cases. To qualify for free or reduced fee programs, the client is usually screened to determine if they are qualified for the assistance.

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    Salary & Career Outlook

    Immigration lawyers may be employed by the government, in partnership or solo practice. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage for lawyers in 2011 was around $130,000. As with other lawyer professions, the salary varies depending on location, experience and education. For example, an entry level solo practionner typically begins his practice earning $30,000 while immigration lawyers employed in Washington D.C. earn the top of the pay scale at $161,000.Practicing immigration law is a well-paid profession. Some immigration lawyers offer their services pro bono or at a reduced rate. Interestingly, immigration courts do not provide defendants with an attorney. They are obligated to obtain representation on their own.

    Career prospects in the law profession in general are expected to increase. However, competition for law school placement and job opportunities is intensifying as well. Job prospects may be better in rural communities than in metropolitan cities.

    Mission And Operation Support

    Support USCIS by providing assistance and guidance to agency staff and leaders in a variety of administrative areas.

    • Operations Support Assistant and Mission Support Assistant – Assist agency employees and programs in a wide variety of administrative areas, such as: human resources and employee services training equal employment opportunity facilities, asset, and financial management and security.
    • Operations Support Specialist and Mission Support Specialist – Provide guidance to agency employees and leadership in a wide variety of administrative areas, such as: human resources and employee services training equal employment opportunity facilities, asset, and financial management and security.
    • Staff Assistant – Develop, evaluate, and advise leadership on administrative requirements, policies, guidelines, and processes.

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    How Long Will My Immigration Application Take

    Unfortunately there is not a solid answer to this question. Rather the duration of the case is influenced by a range of factors including: its complexity, the time taken to collect and prepare the documents, and the Home Offices processing time. To minimise the anxieties of this uncertainty our immigration lawyers will ensure that you are kept updated on important changes in your case.

    Immigration Lawyers Pave The Path To Citizenship And Opportunity

    Software Industry Attorneys

    While the INA is the law of the land when it comes to immigration matters, most of the mechanics of pursuing visas or the coveted Green Card for permanent residency and a path to citizenship are set out in regulations and processes set down by the agencies that manage the process.

    That makes administrative law a significant component of most immigration practice. That includes appearing in front of immigration judges and appellate panels such as the Board of Immigration Appeals as well as filing and pursuing cases in the federal court system. Immigration lawyers have to become familiar with the procedures and rules for each system they will be working within.

    They also have to advise clients in their actions and behavior to avoid running afoul of sometimes un-intuitive procedures keeping your card on you at all times, avoiding certain types of foreign transactions, and ensuring that applications are made in the appropriate slot among the fourteen different categories of permanent resident that are allowed. And they have to keep a close eye on the various quotas and trends in the agencies that govern the process, looking for the subtle, unregulated, but absolutely real tendencies that can make acceptance or rejection a lock.

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    What Are 5 Typical Duties Of A Lawyer


    • Advise and represent clients in courts, before government agencies, and in private legal matters.
    • Communicate with their clients, colleagues, judges, and others involved in the case.
    • Conduct research and analysis of legal problems.
    • Interpret laws, rulings, and regulations for individuals and businesses.

    Faqs About Immigration Lawyer

    With globalisation, the world has become a small place. Due to the increase in immigration of individuals from foreign lands to India, it becomes important to impose certain laws that help maintain the conduct and behaviour of people. Immigration Law has a great scope in India as it helps in organising and recording the movement of people from other countries to the nation.

    On average, an immigration officer earns ?5,32,860 per annum.

    No, an immigration lawyer represents the client in the court and also offers immigration-related counsel. However, a legal advisor only offers official advice regarding legal issues, documents, and decisions.

    Yes, LLB can be a great course choice for those who want to be an immigration lawyer.

    Other job profiles that are close to an immigration lawyer are Legal Advisor, Law Clerk, Law Professor, Administrative Law Judge, Corporate Lawyer, Conveyancing Lawyer, Real Estate Lawyer etc.

    No, it is not necessary to have a work experience to be an immigration lawyer. However, students who have gathered some experience through internships or full-time jobs have an advantage.

    To be an immigration lawyer, a candidate must have great observational skills, communication skills, problem-solving ability, critical thinking and perseverance.

    Yes, a six-month-long certificate course in Immigration Law is available.

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    Choosing The Best Resume Format For An Immigration Lawyer

    We suggest using the reverse chronological format for your CV. This format mostly affects your work history section, where you will list your jobs from most recent to earliest. There are two key reasons to use this resume format:

  • Recruiters are partial to this format because it easily allows them to see what you have done most recently and scan for other key information.
  • ATS software is set up to scan the text from your resume from your latest job to your earliest.
  • One of the chronological alternatives or hybrid formats we suggest may be appropriate if you have just passed the bar exam, are a new immigration lawyer or are returning after a gap in employment. For most job hunters, reverse chronological order is the way to go.

    What Are The Duties Of A Council Member

    Canadas Immigration System: An Overview

    The bankruptcy specialist is responsible for filing and documentation loan bankruptcy materials with the appropriate attorneys. They ensure full compliance with loan bankruptcy regulations and monitor accounts throughout the loan bankruptcy process to contact the appropriate party when necessary. A bankruptcy specialist might be an administrator or lawyer in a bankruptcy office and supports bankruptcy law. They are likely to evaluate state declaration and affidavits for legal progression, interact with customers and outside counsel about bankruptcy proceedings through written and verbal communication, and work with local counsel and upper management in effectively reviewing client’s files.

    Next up, we have the council member profession to look over. This career brings along a lower average salary when compared to an immigration attorney annual salary. In fact, council members salary difference is $38,053 lower than the salary of immigration attorneys per year.

    But both careers also use different skills, according to real immigration attorney resumes. While immigration attorney responsibilities can utilize skills like “immigration law,” “business immigration,” “uscis,” and “waiver,” some council members use skills like “public policy,” “finance committee,” “community outreach,” and “alumni.”

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    Program And Project Management

    Plan, execute, analyze, and provide recommendations on programs and projects within USCIS.

    • Business Interface Representative – Manage IT systems that support program operations and liaise with IT professionals in execution of the program requirements.
    • Management & Program Analyst – Implement, coordinate, analyze, and provide recommendations on agency programs.
    • Management & Program Analyst – Identify, design, and implement process improvement projects and analysis.
    • Program Manager – Coordinate, administer, and manage agency programs and projects.
    • Space Management Specialist – Serve as a project manager with the responsibility to develop and implement policies and procedures for the space acquisition, design, and construction for offices within the USCIS portfolio.

    What Do Immigration Lawyers Do

    As an immigration attorney, your job description also entails providing legal advice for individuals looking to obtain work visas. Additionally, an immigration law career entails helping people get citizenship through naturalization or otherwise.

    Individuals pay immigration lawyers consultation fees to get expert advice, as well as, assistance on the quickest and easiest way to legally obtain citizenship. The process is complex and time consuming without the help of a professional who specializes in that field.

    An attorney will help with the handling of appointment letters, as well as, taking English and Civics tests. Another equally important job role immigration attorneys have is assisting individuals to start a business in another country. Your lawyer will ensure all the necessary documents are filed and submitted in time.

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    Quick Facts For Immigration Lawyer

    • Average Salary in India
    • Suitable for

      Male, Female, Others

      A career as immigration lawyer can be opted by any individual of any gender, caste, colour or religion. One must complete the minimum required education for the role and acquire expertise in lawyer skills to opt for the role.

    • Any special needs

      A career as immigration lawyer suits specially-abled candidates. There are desk-based job roles offered in this career. It eliminates the need for frequent travel and movement.

    I Am A Previous Client Of Paragon Laws Am I Able To Have My Previous Immigration Lawyer

    Olena Levytska

    If you are a previous client at Paragon Law then please tell a member of our administrative team at the onset as they will do their best to allocate you to your previous immigration solicitor or lawyer. However, factors such as employee retention, demand, and the capacity of individual lawyers means that we cannot always guarantee that your previous lawyer will be handling your new case. Whilst this may dishearten you, rest be assured that all of our immigration lawyers are experts in their field and compassionate individuals.

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    Popular Courses For Immigration

    The path toward becoming a successful Immigration lawyer requires a lot of effort, but it is a rewarding career option. Given below is a list of programs that will provide a base to meet your licensing requirements:

    • Graduate Diploma in Migration Law
    • LLM in Immigration Law
    • LL.M. in International Human Right Law
    • LL.M. International Migration and Refugee Law
    • M.A. Migration, Society and Policy
    • Certificate in Immigration Studies

    The curriculum of the diploma, bachelors and masters law program include Immigration Law, International Human Rights Law, Refugee and Asylum Law, Labor Law, and Racial and Justice law. Once the law degree has been obtained, the aspirant must give the BAR exam in order to legally practice law in the country.

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