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Will I Need Further Qualifications

EP189 How to transition out of teaching (with Daphne Williams of Teacher Career Coach)

A teaching qualification is in itself valuable. Depending on the next career steps you choose, you may need to requalify, but it is by no means an obligation.

One huge asset you have as a teacher is holiday breaks. These can be used for free study, career research, and taking on voluntary roles or work experience.

This is a great way to road-test a new career option before investing in further training and will demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to prospective employers.

Before investing in any training, try out options using short free training courses, and make sure any qualification you do decide to study for is accredited and recognized in the industry or sector you want to enter into.

Challenges Faced By Corporate Trainers

Once you establish yourself as a professional trainer, you will clearly realize that you cant simply breeze into a training room and perform a little waltz to impress everyone with your talent. To deliver a session where every participant is engaged with rapt attention requires a lot more of sweat and grime than expected. Hence it is important to know some of the challenges that an aspiring trainer might face in his/ her rookie days

Nonetheless it is all these challenges and initial learning phase that produce fine gold and if taken positively can be professionally rewarding. To quote in the words of the legend

I hated every minute of training, but I said, Dont quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.

Muhammad Ali

Master Of Teaching Entry


This pathway may be right for you if:

  • You are an academic or industry professional with at least 3 years industry experience in the last 10 years
  • You have completed a recognised undergraduate Bachelor degree

Review the frequently asked questions for more information on eligibility, program payments and your appointment as a teacher.

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Jobs For Changing Careers From Teaching

If you believe the time has come for you to move on from teaching, there are plenty of opportunities available. As a teacher, you developed many desirable, transferable skills that employers look favourably upon in your application. Your experience in a teaching role has helped you to develop core skills such as critical thinking, clear articulation, conflict resolution and more. This is not to mention the organisational side to teaching, which includes planning lessons, grading essays and handling a class of 30 kids for hours at a time.

Depending on the level at which you taught and the subject you specialised in, many of the following career opportunities are ideal for you as a former teacher. Some of them remain in the education sector, whilst others branch out into other industries. Here are some examples of careers you can choose from:

The Application And Interview Process

Tips on Career Transition From a Teacher to a Counselor

Like every other part of the job search, there is a process for applying to jobsâand you want to make sure you optimize your process for the best results. After all, the resume might be your sales pitch, but you want to be mindful of the right way to get in that door and get that interview.

We have an online class that covers all the parts of this process, including:

  • Tealâs top tips for getting a foot in the door
  • The best ways to get a referral
  • Understanding the role of a recruiter, and understanding how they work when it comes to cold outreach, and
  • The best way to prepare and apply for jobs online

Head here to catch the full video:

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Prepping For The Interview

The questions youâll be asked in a corporate interview will be very different from an educational interview. We have several great interview resources that can help prepare for every type of question:

  • We looked into the one interview question that hiring managers, recruiters, and leaders of some of our favorite tech companies love to ask. These are great questions to pursue, as theyâre a reminder that interview questions can be as varied as the type of companies that are asking them.
  • Many interviews, especially second ones, will most likely be peppered with behavioral and/or situational interview questions. Behavioral interview questions usually start with, âTell me about a time whenâ¦â They ask about what youâve doneâand youâll need to recall a specific experience or anecdote that actually happened. In contrast, situational interview questions ask about what you would do. They set up a hypothetical situation and require you to explain how youâd react and respond. We break down the differenceâand give examples of eachâin this post.
  • With remote work becoming the norm across a wide range of sectors, more employers are turning to Zoom and other video platforms to conduct interviews online. When youâre accustomed to in-person interviews, the thought of a video interview can be dauntingâhere are a few of our best Zoom interview tips.

You can also check out this TikTok video to get the scoop on three of our go-to free interview resources:

Advantages Of Pursuing A Teaching Career

The rewarding nature of the teaching profession is one reason to pursue this career. Teachers are able to witness their students grow throughout the year, and they play a part in this development. The National Center for Education Statistics , in a 2018 conducted study, found that job satisfaction rates among teachers ranged from 77% to 98% despite long hours worked.

Another benefit teachers receive is comprehensive benefits. Not all careers offer medical coverage and pension plans. However, many teachers have access to medical, dental and other benefits. Teachers must work for a certain amount of years to earn full pension benefits, typically 5 to 10 years, depending on the state.

Job security is an added advantage of the teaching career, as schools across the country are looking for passionate teacher. Teaching demand is expected to increase 5% from 2018 to 2028 as the number of enrolled students is expected to rise.This means that a mid-career change to a teaching career offers stability.

These are just some of the advantages of pursuing teaching as a second career. From serving as role models to offering guidance, teachers are able to change lives through their work.

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Identify Any Gaps In Your Training And Experience

During your career as a teacher, you developed a number of transferable skills and gained ample experience. Whilst all of this proves useful, you’re still likely to have gaps in your training and experience when changing careers. Identifying these gaps allows you to invest time, resources and energy into completing the training necessary for your new career.

Understanding The Interview Process

How to Transition Into Cybersecurity: Teachers, Educators and Instructors

As a teacher, youâre most likely used to having a very specific interview process for teaching and support roles. That process most likely looks very different from a typical corporate interview process.

Itâs called a âprocessâ for a reasonâthere are usually several steps or phases you need to make it through before signing an offer letter. And, it varies by companyâsome will be super simple and streamlined, while others will be lengthy and complex. But, speaking generally, hereâs what you can expect:

  • Application Review: A recruiter or hiring manager will take a look at your cover letter, resume, and whatever other information you were required to submit before deciding how to move forward.
  • Phone Screening or Initial Meeting: This is typically a quick conversation with the recruiter or hiring manager so that they can meet you, confirm your qualifications, cover some basics, and get a gut feel for whether or not you should get a full interview.
  • First Interview: This is a longer conversation done in-person or via video chat where youâll spend an hour or so answering questions about your skills, background, and professional experiences.
  • Second Interview: This is an even more thorough conversation where a potential employer will dig even deeper into whether or not youâre a good fit for the role.
  • Job Offer: Finally, the finish line! You receive an offer from the company.
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    How To Figure Out What Other Jobs Might Be A Good Fit For You

    So how can a teacher figure out what job would be a good fit for them? In other words, how do they translate the things that they love about teaching into another job that allows them to get those same levels of satisfaction or use those same skills?

    This is one of the most common questions I get asked, and I established a framework to help walk teachers through determining what jobs are the best fit for them specifically.

    So one of the first questions to ask is whether or not you want to stay in education. You can stay in education and work for education companies, or you can make a complete pivot into a corporate environment using your skills.

    If youve been a teacher for less than five years, youll be qualified for careers that are higher paying but entry-level, like account manager positions or implementation specialists. And if youve been a teacher longer, youll be looking more for corporate trainer or learning and development manager positions.

    Everyones going to have different qualifications that theyve established with their own job duties as a teacher. So youre also going to have to account for that, and experience from other positions or volunteer work that youve established in your professional life. So some of The Teacher Career Coach members have transitioned into curriculum writing, instructional designer, and office manager positions.

    Yeah, absolutely.

    Start Researching Education Options

    If youre serious about going back to school to become a teacher, youll want to research training options carefully. Adult students often work full time while raising families, and not every program is created with these factors in mind. Getting your teaching credential is a life-changing decision that will require significant time, resources and effort.

    A Master of Arts in Teaching degree is an excellent option for those who already hold a bachelors degree. It is designed specifically for mature students who are making a career change to teaching.

    University of Massachusetts Globals MAT program combines an Elementary, Secondary or Preliminary Education Specialist license with a masters degree. The program focuses on the use of technology in the classroom and the development of 21st-century skills. Advanced courses in research, learning theory and curriculum design prepare candidates to engage in systematic inquiry into their own teachings and enhance their abilities to make sound pedagogical decisions.

    As an MAT student at University of Massachusetts Global, you will also learn to:

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    Organizing Your Job Search

    Planning your job search is one important piece of the puzzle organizing it is the other. Especially as you start applying for multiple roles, there are way too many parts of the job search to keep everything in your headâand a spreadsheet is helpful, but often canât help you account for where you are in the process with specific roles.

    Hereâs how to use Tealâs Job Tracker to organize your job search as you transition:

    Are You Tired Of Seeing Other Teachers And Career Changers Land Your Dream Job That You Are Just As Qualified For

    How to Change Careers to Teaching or Transition Out of Education ...

    Many professionals reach a point in their careers where they dont feel fulfilled. They are looking for a job where they can really feel that they are making a difference in the world. This is why so many professionals decide to change their careers to teaching. Teaching allows you the opportunity to affect change in the lives of the students you teach. Its incredibly rewarding and fulfilling!

    So, if you are one of these professionals who have chosen to make the change, congratulations! You are on your way to fulfilling your professional and personal goals. When it comes to landing that perfect teaching job, however, there are many steps you need to complete to have a successful job search.

    You need to know where to find teaching opportunities, it is CRITICAL to have an excellent resume and other job search marketing documents, you have to know how to ace the interview, and you need to know how to market yourself properly to schools.

    If you slip up on any of these steps…then you are possibly setting yourself up for failure. You wont be able to effectively show potential schools how you are special and unique…you wont be able to grab their attention and get yourself to an interview… and you wont have the ability to land yourself a teaching job.

    If you dont successfully make yourself stand out from the other applicants in a positive way, then you wont stand a chance in securing the position you so desperately want.


    Thats right, we can help you:

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    Follow Other Transitioning Teachers

    A key part of any career pivot is surrounding yourself with others who either have doneâor are in the process of doingâthe same thing. The good news is that youâre not aloneâthere are many others in your shoes figuring out how to transition from teaching, and many of them are documented or have documented that process on social media and through other online channels.

    Hereâs a short list of people we suggest connecting with on Instagram and Facebook:

    Teacher Career CoachDaphne is a former teacher whose passion is supporting others in their own career transitions from the classroom. She talks about lessons she learned in her own career pivot, as well as timely topics like whether a recession may impact transitioning teachers.

    Teacher TransitionAli is a great follow for when youâre job search is getting geared up â she has the scoop on plenty of teacher-friendly jobs. She also posts many jobs on her Instagram feed, as well as experiences like virtual job fairs and summits.

    Send It! To SuccessRebecca and Michael are two former teachers who now help burned-out educators and mission-driven professionals make career changes using the skills they already have. In addition to their social media content, they have plenty of free resources!

    Want to be added to this list? and we’re glad to include you.

    Waitwhat The Heck Is An Ats

    Ah, yesâthe ATS, or Applicant Tracking System. An ATS is software for employers and recruiters that allows them to easily track, organize, and communicate with candidates throughout the recruiting and hiring funnel.

    The software aspect of an ATS is partly why there are so many misconceptions about them. One of the big myths of an applicant tracking system is assuming your resume didnât make it to a human because âbotsâ rejected the resume or that the ATS itself rejected your resume.

    The truth is humans read resumes . The ATS is simply a digital filing cabinetâa way of organizing information and trying to understand the content so it can be easily searched. The most important part of your resume for ATS purposes is that your resume be âparsableâ and the text can be extracted.

    Hereâs more about how to ensure your resume is optimized for the ATS:

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    What And Where Youll Teach

    Corps members are assigned to teach a grade Pre-K through 12th in one of 51 regions across the country.

    When applying, you may already have a place in mind where youd like to teach and a favorite subject or grade level. You may be open to going to any of our regions and teaching any age or subject. Either way, youll have time and resources to help you determine which regions are right for you. Compare regions that interest you.

    If you have a special circumstance, such as a mortgage or a spouse or children who cannot relocate, you may specify this when making your regional preferences. While we cannot guarantee all corps members will receive their top choices, we work to ensure that you receive a placement that is feasible for you.

    How To Successfully Transition To A Teaching Career

    How To Make a Transition Into Analytics? | Data Science Careers | Great Learning

    Maybe youve accomplished everything you set out to do in the corporate world. Or perhaps youre just ready for a fresh start in a new career. Or it could be that teaching is something youve always wanted to do.

    No matter your career scenario, if youre considering a transition to a teaching career, it makes sense to step back and plot your best strategy.

    Theres robust demand for mid-career professionals looking to transition to a teaching career.

    With much real-word experience in their area of expertise, professionals stand to have a lot of knowledge they can share. Here are a few things to think through as you consider making a transition to a teaching career.

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    What The Job Market Is Like Right Now For Teachers Wanting To Transition Into Other Careers

    Let me ask a follow-up question here, because there may be some people who are listening to this and thinking, Well, thats really cool, but Im in a very rural area or a small town, and its hard for people to get work here in general. Theres not a lot of jobs, and I dont know that we have corporate trainers in my town. What would you say to those people?

    Theres a ton of companies out there that will hire for remote opportunities like implementation specialists and instructional designers. Many companies dont mind if you do everything virtually from wherever youre at.

    I went through and found all the education companies that I could, and looked up their Careers pages, and then I also flagged where their headquarter location is and if theyre hiring for remote opportunities, just to help save time for all the members of my course.

    What is the job market really like these days? Im wondering if you can speak to folks whove been teaching for quite a while and they really dont have any idea how the application process has changed, how much competition there is for jobs, what kind of jobs are available, and so on. What things are you seeing right now in terms of trends and peoples ability to get hired?

    Another thing to think about is that because of technology, the majority of resumes are now submitted online, so its so much easier to submit a ton of resumes quickly. But with that, the way that you need to write your resumes needs to change.

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