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Now that thatâs out of the way, what are you waiting for? After following all of these strategies, all you need to do to begin the battle is jump into it after implementing all the measures listed above. You can contact the companies you have selected via their official websites or career portals once you have shortlisted a few. If you are interested in applying for a job or scheduling an interview, you should be certain that you fit all the requirements and possess all the necessary skills for the job description before submitting your resume. Many large companies are recruiting professionals with a standard salary package and other benefits for cloud computing, such as IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

You can start your career as a cloud computing specialist today! After completing this learning path, youâll have insight into what your next steps should be and guidance as to which Cloud Academy is the learning path you should pursue next. With cloud computing, IT professionals have some opportunities to leverage their existing expertise while also embracing cloud-based technologies.

What Are Cloud Engineering And Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineering is an engineering discipline that combines many different methods and tools in information technology under one roof. The body of this framework consists of various computing infrastructures. Cloud technology is offered to us by the cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services , Google Cloud Platform , and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Engineering is a field of engineering that focuses on cloud services, such as software as a service,platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service.

Cloud Engineering jobs have become very popular in recent years. Nowadays, cloud-based activities are increasing the Internets capacity more than ever before. So, nearly everything in the digital world runs on cloud computing. The cloud providers offer all the services you can think of in software development, computing, storage, web hosting, machine learning, etc.

One of the most important benefits of Cloud Computing is its economy. Cloud computing helps to reduce a significant amount of expenditure in both capital & operational manner. So the most critical task of the Cloud Engineering area is to get the job done with less cost.

A Cloud Engineer is the person responsible for infrastructure regarding cloud computing in a company. An engineer can work in different positions in cloud environments with cloud engineer skills. He might work in planning, management, operation, and support activities in cloud computing.

Will This Cloud Architect Course Help Me To Become A Cloud Architect

Simplilearns cloud architect certification course equips you with the core skill sets required for designing and deploying dynamically scalable, highly available, fault-tolerant, and reliable applications on three of the top Cloud platform providers AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Furthermore, the program will give you an in-depth understanding of cloud services such as AWS Cloud formation, Azure resource manager, EC2, S3, Route53, VPC, Azure App Services, GCP, and more. Youll acquire the required knowledge and skills for passing cloud architect certifications such as AWS Architect and Azure Architect and easily become a cloud architect.

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Here’s My Detailed Answer

If you are not familiar with the word “Cloud Computing”, read below definition on Wikipedia:

“Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user. The term is generally used to describe data centers available to many users over the Internet. Large clouds, predominant today, often have functions distributed over multiple locations from central servers. If the connection to the user is relatively close, it may be designated an edge server.

The availability of high-capacity networks, low-cost computers, and storage devices as well as the widespread adoption of hardware virtualization, service-oriented architecture and autonomic and utility computing has led to growth in cloud computing.”

— Simply it just means you are utilizing another computer connected over the internet , like your computer have CPU, Memory, Storage, Networks, etc, similarly, in Cloud Computing approach you are going to use someone’s else computing resources usually “As needed & pay as you go” model. So again in the simple sense “Cloud Computing” is using such services provided by Cloud Service providers and AWS, GCP& Azure are the Top Cloud Services providers.

Work On Other Required Skills

Cloud Computing Course with Placement and Training Certification

Needless to say, Cloud Computing is a broad field, and to master the Cloud Computing domain, youre also required to work upon several prerequisites skills as well. You cant excel in the cloud technology without looking after these aspects such as you must have a knowledge of Computer Networks for working on centralized computing resources or youre required to be proficient with several programming languages such as SQL, XML, R Language, Python, etc. to build and deploy cloud-based applications or knowledge of Web Services & API for working on Cloud Architectures development. Meanwhile, there are several other skills as well such as Database Management, Operating Systems, Machine Learning, etc. that can be taken into consideration.

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Additional Skills That Bring More Opportunities And Better Pay

Linux Scripting, Terraform, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Serverless Computing and any popular back-end programming language like Python, JavaScript, Go, etc, learn more on how to utilize serverless solutions as more and more people are embracing it.

As already mentioned above, but again, you can learn additional tools/programming languages from free sources like YouTube, just search by the topic and you will get the most viewed resources, or you can find excellent courses in Udemy, Linux Academy or LinkedIn Learning.

How to get Jobs:

Cloud opportunities are huge but if you learn it the right way and right purpose. The more experience you get the more excellent and well-paid opportunities you will get. I know many said that the higher-level certification you get the more salary or promotion you get, but that actually a myth. It’s actually the certification can bring you higher-level opportunities/interview offers but can’t guarantee you a job, it’s your hard-earned skills which you have to demonstrate in front of others, can bring you a high paying job, so don’t just think that you did certification and someone will come to you and give you job. It’s you have to demonstrate and they reach out or you reach out if you are interested to work with them, it’s as straightforward as that.

Do You Provide Any Practice Test As A Part Of This Cloud Architect Master’s Course

Yes, we provide a practice test as part of our Cloud Architect program to help you prepare for the actual certification exam. You can try this free Professional cloud architect Practice Test to understand the type of questions that you would encounter in the actual exam and gain expertise in the concepts that are part of this masters program.

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Everyone Else: The Path To The Cloud

If your role is something else, not to worry. The patterns for getting from traditional IT to cloud It are basically the same for most IT roles: Get smart on specific cloud technology, and do it fast. Take advantage of on-demand training, or spring for the cloud provider-specific certification training.

Whats critical is to reinvent yourself for the cloud. Anyone whos been in IT a log time should already know that, because IT has changed before, and it will change again. That fact will never change.

Cloud Computing Deployment Model Types

How do I get started with a Cloud Computing career?

Cloud computing infrastructure can be deployed in three ways. And as a cloud computing Engineer, you would be working in one of the respective areas. After selecting cloud services , you have to decide, which one of the deployment models I should choose.

That means you need a platform to run your IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services. Therefore you have to use any of the one deployment methods among these three deployment models.

Private : Many companies are building a separate cloud infrastructure by using their own data centers. So this infrastructure is used by a single organization for their internal use.

Public : Use other cloud infrastructure as per the requirements over to the internet.

Hybrid: I think you have guessed, what it will be. Yes, it is a combination of Public + Private.

A Cloud Engineer know what cloud services they should use and where to apply. So to become a Cloud Engineer, you also have to know how to use different cloud services and what are the best practices to deploy these services.

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Cloud Computing Skills Salary Range In India

Industry pioneers and niche experts are saying that in India, a candidate or a working professional who has successfully completed their degree or certification in the niche of cloud computing can start getting around 6 lacs per annum. Now, as their experience and relevant skills will increase with time, their package or CTC will also skyrocket just like any other domain. It is true that it might take some time we just have to be patient, thats it!

Now, with an experience of 6-7 years in the particular niche, the average salary of a cloud engineer skyrockets to 12-18 lacs per annum. Moreover, if you are looking to become a CTO, CIO, or even a senior cloud architect in an organization with an experience of 8+ then your salary will be almost around 16-17 lacs per annum which is great!

Obtain An Itil 4 Certification

The global cloud infrastructure market is $150+ billion, and there is an international skills shortage of certified professionals. With the average UK cloud engineer salary being more than £69,000, its easy to see why a career working in the cloud is becoming increasingly attractive. But these opportunities are not just available to existing IT professionals. So, itâs time to stop making excuses and explore the limitless opportunities in front of you.

Suppose you do not have any technical experience and are looking to enter the IT world for the first time. In that case, your first job is to familiarise yourself with the language and terminology that everyone is using. ITIL® 4, which stands for IT Infrastructure Library, will help you understand the crucial alignment of IT and business strategies across an organisation.

The universal service management framework ensures that everyone speaks the same language in IT. For these reasons alone, ITIL certification should be considered a must for anyone working in a corporate IT environment. So, it would help if you only considered leaping into the cloud only when you fully understand the impact of technology on business and how the framework integrates with Agile DevOps and supports digital transformation.

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Learn About Cloud Technology & Platforms

Building a cloud computing career requires you to complete this step. Cloud technologies and platforms are an important part of the learning process. To understand technology, one needs to know how the technology serves the needs of the organisation. Cloud services can provide many benefits to any organisation that employs them, including reducing IT costs, a flexible approach to implementing remote work practices, scalability, and many more. Using Cloud Technology, data can also be managed and handled more efficiently with various advanced security features. Multiple platforms provide cloud services, including Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and many others.

Aws Training And Certification

The Benefits of Cloud Services ...

Above all, One of the highest-paying skillsets available in the United States, AWS knowledge is your ticket to a rewarding cloud computing career. Weve divided our AWS certification into multiple levels, outfitting you with a comprehensive AWS skillset at a comfortable educational pace. The following AWS certifications are highly recommended:

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How To Transition Into A Cloud Career Without Experience

Ive had the privilege of delivering cloud training to over 300,000 students globally. Along the way, Ive worked with both teams and individuals who are trying to adapt to the modern era of cloud computing. Some of the most common questions Ive found myself answering revolve around transitioning into roles that have never existed before.

How do you get a job in this new world ruled by cloud computing when you dont have experience? The reality is it depends on how far along you are in your journey. For those who are brand new to the industry, it’s an effort that will take some time. However, if youre an existing IT industry professional, youre in a prime position to ramp up and take advantage of the opportunity since you are already in the game. Regardless of your industry knowledge, there are a few things you can do to pick up cloud skills and practical experience that employers desperately need.

Build Open-Source Projects

Your digital assets can be shared and made open-source through a service like GitHub. This practice exercise will get your hands dirty, and it might also help someone else in the community who is just one or two steps behind you. Way too many people are waiting for experience when they can start anytime they want. All you need is an idea.

Teach People What Youre Learning

Find Freelance Work

Work For Free

Start A Business

Get Certified

Features Offered By Cloud Providers

Most people think cloud computing gives the storage space to store the data. But the wording is half correct. Yes! It provides the storage feature for the remote location client , but cloud computing is a lot more than that.

Cloud computing companies offer the following services and solutions

  • Storage Space with backup and recovery option
  • Dedicated servers
  • Application services

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What Skills Do You Need To Pursue A Career In Cloud Computing

  • Knowledge of relevant scripting languages, including but not limited to .NET, J2EE, Python & SQL
  • Extensive knowledge of cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Terraform, and Ansible
  • The ability to handle data and interact with databases is a must
  • Ability to manage projects, which includes managing risks and reviewing service agreements
  • Excellent communication skills both verbally and in writing
  • An ability to adapt and be eager to take on new challenges.

There are limitless career opportunities in the cloud computing industry, with impressive career prospects. In general, cloud technology is being used by many industries, from global banks to military organisations, hospitals, to automobile manufacturers. The Cloud Computing sector also offers niche roles to a range of people, such as Architects, Developers, Data Scientists, Cloud Security Engineers and many more.

Working in any of these roles or industries will allow you to excel in a fast-paced environment, take advantage of endless learning opportunities, and work on ground-breaking projects in a constantly changing environment.

What Kind Of Careers Can You Pursue With The Background Of Cloud Computing

How to Switch Your Career to AWS Cloud in 5 Steps

With a cloud computing background, you can pursue a career as a Cloud administrator, Cloud architect, Cloud automation engineer, Cloud consultant, Cloud engineer, Cloud security analyst, and Cloud software engineer. You can simply opt for a cloud computing course or cloud architect certification, and you are good to pursue a lucrative career in cloud computing.

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Get Some Advanced Training

Okay, now its time to gear up the learning process and go for some advanced learning or training modules. Youre required to dive deeper into the particular field to become more proficient with the technology. There are several advanced Cloud Computing topics that you need to understand such as Load Balancing & Cloud Scalability, Cloud Cryptography, Edge Computing, and various others to enhance your Cloud Computing skills. You can opt for various Training Programs, Online Resources, Books, etc. for effective learning and can make a successful Cloud Career. Also, you are recommended to go through several journals and research papers regarding Cloud Computing and can explore more on these research topics for some better career opportunities.

Skills Required To Start A Career In Cloud Computing

If youre planning to build your career in cloud computing, you might want to find out the skills that are needed to become a successful cloud computing professional. With that said, here are some basic cloud computing skills you need to build a career in cloud computing-

  • The technical skills needed to become a cloud computing expert include computing fundamentals, knowledge of HTML, and relevant scripting languages, such as Java, NET, SQL, and Python.
  • You should have a good hang of business concepts and terminologies, such as ROI, and you should also know about the basics of marketing strategies.
  • Data analysis is also a significant part of cloud computing. Therefore, having the knowledge of handling data and possessing database skills is a basic requisite. Aspirants should also know how to use ERP systems.
  • Cloud computing encompasses cloud data security to keep cloud data and applications secure from threats. Therefore, organizations prefer candidates with working knowledge of network security.
  • Project management, risk management, integration with other processes, and service agreements are also essential to becoming a successful cloud computing engineer.

Cloud Architect Masters Program

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Enterprise Architect: The Path To The Cloud

As an example, the role of an enterprise architect is pretty general in terms of technology and platforms, but companies hiring in anticipation of moving to the cloud are looking for more specific skills.

But look at the career map in the figure below. There are two very good paths to follow: public cloud solutions architect and cloud security architect. In many cases, people who are good enterprise architects, accustomed to quickly picking up different types of technologies, can transition into these roles with little training.

David Linthicum/IDG

There are many paths to cloud jobs from the traditional enterprise architect role.

However, those architecture skills are typically not specific enough for many cloud-based IT shops, and most seek specific subject matter experts familiar with specific cloud brands, such as Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft.

So, if you have held very general roles in IT architecture or security, you now need to now focus on the solution-based use of specific cloud services, including security services. For many enterprise architects, this is a somewhat unnatural act, but its necessary if you want to command higher pay and job security.

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