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How to Transition into Data Science: from Computer Science to Data Science
Programming Fundamentals

Master the underlying principles of your new craft through writing code, researching syntax, and solving complex problems as you would in a real-world job setting.- JavaScript, Node, Git and Github, Command line

Computer Science

Extend your programming skill set with efficient ways to store and search for data. Learn how to develop algorithms to complete difficult tasks.- Sorting algorithms, data structures, OOP, Testing

Web Development Fundamentals

Understand and build with the underlying technologies that make the internet work, then develop front-end and back-end projects and deploy them to the internet to share with friends and family.- HTTP, Servers, HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, Flexbox, Netlify, Heroku

Back-End Engineering

Build on your understanding of back-end development to create robust and modern back-end servers to persist and manipulate data for your web applications.- Express, SQL, Object-relational Mappers

Front-End Engineering

Learn how to use the power and flexibility of a modern front-end framework to create single-page applications for the web.- React, Hooks, Redux, Web Sockets


Discover how to take on any job by applying everything youâve learned to the task of rapidly adopting a new language and new tools.- Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Docker

Career Quest

Important Skills For Computer Engineers

These are some important skills computer engineers may need to be successful:

  • Critical thinking: As a computer engineer, critical thinking allows you to identify problems and propose solutions. For example, a software engineer may need to suggest solutions for fixing an error within a program’s code.

  • Technical knowledge: Computer experts must understand coding languages, specialized computer components, the basics of software development and how to operate various systems and applications. A passion for computers can help you develop the technical knowledge you need for success.

  • Collaboration: It’s likely that you may need to work with other computer professionals when designing and developing projects. Other coders may test your work and provide feedback on how to remove errors, making communication and teamwork important abilities.

  • Organization: Many projects within computer engineering require several tasks and working parts to operate efficiently, making organization skills important. Understanding how to categorize and separate tasks and materials can help a computer expert be successful.


Work In A Team To Build A Real Product

BloomTech Labs is our “secret sauce.” It’s a part of our curriculum that gives you hands-on experience. Just like in a job, you will onboard, meet your team, and work together to build and ship a product.

  • Build a real product
  • Collaborate with students with complementary skills
  • Add real work to your portfolio
  • Participate in stand-ups and code reviews
  • Gain experience: Labs is your first job

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Clarify Your Goals & Start Solving Problems

Programming is all about problem solving, first and foremost.

Experienced programmers can learn any language and solve any problem because they have spent their education and careers finding the best ways to solve problems. Experienced programmers use multiple approaches and processes that theyve developed over years of practice. They can choose from many programming languages, various mathematical concepts and functions in order to find efficient solutions.

But experienced programmers have only gotten to this point of expertise through practice. They try and fail and then try and try again. They ask for help. They search for answers. When confronted with a new problem, they research, make a game plan, and start coding.

When you are starting out, your main goal should be to build a system for yourself to tackle problems. There’s a lot to take in, especially when learning your first programming language, but when learning the basics, you want to find straight forward projects and goals for yourself.

What Do Computer Science Graduates Do

Computer Science

Half of computer science graduates in employment in the UK 15 months after graduation are working as programmers and software development professionals, while 8% were employed as IT and telecommunications professionals. The top five jobs held by graduates are related to computer sciences and include cyber security professionals, IT business analysts, architects and systems designers.


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Put Your Programming Career In Your Hands

Embarking on a new career path can be intimidating, but dont let pursuing an online course or teaching yourself a programming language get you down. The skills youll develop as a programmer will be indispensable as your career progresses and will undoubtedly help put you on the path to success. Think of yourself as a lifelong learner, too. It’s always worth revisiting or taking more advanced online courses to sharpen your skills.

Nows the time to put your dream in your hands and turn it into a career in programming.

Discover Computer Science And Learn The Basics

Before pursuing a formal education or seeking internships, consider discovering computer science and learning the basics on your own. You can find information and educational videos on the internet and watch them learn the fundamentals of computer science. Consider learning code and practising on your own to develop your skills.

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Computer Career Job Growth Prospects And Outlook

Given the integration of the digital world into daily existence, one might think that the market for computer career seekers has become oversaturated. In reality, that saturation point is far from being met. Consider the following:

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, expected job growth for all computer and mathematical occupations between 2012 and 2022 is projected to be 18 percent

Job growth for that same period for Information Security Analysts, a subfield within computers, is expected to be 37 percent

What Is The Best Field In Computer Science

How to switch career to data science from non computer science background

The best field in computer science depends on your interests. Some professionals may prefer cybersecurity because they enjoy working at the crossroads of computer science and criminal justice. Others may find that database management best suits their interests as it allows them to help clients manage data securely and effectively.

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Do You Need A Masters In Computer Science

When considering a career in computer science, its important to note that most jobs in the computer science field require a masters degree in computer science or a related discipline, according to the BLS. Computer scientists work in a diverse range of specialized fields. For example, a computer scientist working on biomedical applications may have a background in biology in addition to a Master of Science in computer science.

An MS in computer science typically requires two to three years of study, after you have earned a bachelors degree in computer science or a related field. While its not always required, a masters in computer science can be a step toward maximizing your career potential and opening doors for new opportunities, such as teaching or managerial positions. A number of masters in computer science programs allow students to tailor their education to specific needs or interests and gain niche skills in subfields, such as artificial intelligence.

Get Your Start In One Of These Entry

Now that you have a better understanding of some common entry-level jobs seeking computer science graduates, perhaps youre starting to identify one or two that would be an ideal fit for you. The good news is there are several options out there for those equipped with a Computer Science degree.

Learn more about how our program can set you up for success in our article 8 Things You Didnt Know About the Rasmussen University Computer Science Program.

1Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Employment Statistics, Information represents national, averaged data for the occupations listed and includes workers at all levels of education and experience. This data does not represent starting salaries. Employment conditions in your area may .EDITORS NOTE: This article was originally published in December 2014. It has since been updated to include information relevant to 2021.

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How To Start A Computer Career

5 Simple Steps to interrupt in to the IT Field. Prepared to become an IT professional? Start here with five simple steps ensure you are on track for your selected IT career.

Like a help-desk specialist, you will be in control of diagnosing technical problems. As a diagnostician, you might be dealing with both company employees and customers. While youll be the main one diagnosing an issue, itll be fixed by another person within the IT department, oftentimes the desktop support specialist.

Step 5: Believe in Yourself & Go For It! The next thing you should do if youre not sure what to specialize in is to check out an IT certification course like CompTIAs IT Fundamentals+ or even better, the A+ Core series. The training for these certifications goes over the different specializations within information technology and development so you get a little sample of what your day-to-day tasks would be like. ITProTVs IT Fundamentals+ course is available for free when you sign up as a free member. See the Ultimate Guide to IT Certifications for everything you need to know about getting certified.

Tying It All Together: So Which Computer Science Career Is Right For Me

Facebook site helps start your programming career ...

Now that youve explored some career opportunities, you might be closer to choosing the answer to Which computer science career is right for me?

Some things to consider as you figure out how to study computer science in a way that will prepare you for your desired career are of course the demand, earning potential, and availability of jobs near where youd like to live. On the more personal side, though, you can look for the computer science options that best fit your interests and skills. For example, if you can see yourself creating solutions or coming up with ideas for programs, those creativity and problem-solving characteristics are ideal for software developers. If you enjoy the idea of keeping companies safe, working in cybersecurity may be for you. If communication and keeping people and systems connected appeals to you, computer networking could be a good fit and if you love data, your analytical skills may lead you to working with database or information management.

As Subramanya explained, the field is constantly evolving which means jobs are too. Whats next? Subramanya says computer science programs will also come to prepare people to work with autonomous cars, smart devices, machine learning, and quantum computing.

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What Is Computer Science

Computer science is the study of computers, but it’s also the study of what you can compute using computers. While computer science itself has a programming component, it’s much more focused on the theory behind it. Software engineering, on the other hand, is focused more on the career of building software.

Computer scientists do not focus on the engineering of computers, but they deal mainly with software and software systems. Subjects include artificial intelligence, security, database systems, graphics, design, and — of course — development.

Develop Your Specialty And Choose A Career Path

Depending on your specialty and computer interests, you may need to pursue an advanced degree before choosing a career path within computer science. To develop your specialty, consider your interests, what you’re best at, where you want to live, and how much you would like to earn in your position. Some careers within computer engineering earn higher salaries than others, and some positions are more in-demand depending on the city you live in.


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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Working In The Computer Science Industry

There are a lot of pros. If you’re a good programmer, it’s very lucrative with lots of excellent perks. These are six-figure jobs, which is nothing to laugh at coming right out of college. Many tech companies also have very large sign-on bonuses, free on-site meals, gyms, daycare, etc.

But it’s also very competitive. If you aren’t super good as a programmer, it’s hard to find a job. It also tends to get a lot harder as you get older. In programming in particular, there is a strong age bias.

Diverse Computer Science Career Paths: Where Can It Take You

Computer Science degree: What you need to know

One of the most popular career choices for computer science graduates is software engineering and other high-demand technical specialties like cloud computing.

“For those looking for the best career paths, it is evident that cloud-native computing, DevOps, Linux, and security hold the most promising opportunities.”

For those looking for the best career paths, it is evident that cloud-native computing, DevOps, Linux, and security hold the most promising opportunities, said Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin.

However, a background in computer science can open doors to many other careers and fields. Some of these careers include data science, product management, quality assurance, project management, and system administration.

For example, edX learner Juan Carlos was able to transition from engineering to product management at Rolls-Royce by gradually building his computer science skills. MITs Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python was just the first of several online courses that eventually enabled me years later to confidently change my career at Rolls-Royce, from an engineering role into product management, said Carlos.

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How To Study Computer Science

If youre wondering how to study computer science, youll be happy to know you have many options for not just types of degrees, but also for when and where you can earn them. For example, National University offers several masters programs in computer science-related fields and all of them are available online.

We have many, many students in our online programs, says Subramanya. Students might be restricted by distance or time. The online option allows students with even the busiest of professional or personal schedules to access the educational training they need to enter or advance in computer-related careers.

The online learning platform does seem particularly fitting for students interested in working with computers. Subramanya says Nationals web-based courses include instructor lectures, chats, discussions, and other easy-to-access assignments and materials.

Our learning management system provides very easy ways to submit homework and graded assignments, he says. And students can have seamless communication with the faculty.

Top 10 Jobs For Computer Science Majors

Want to pursue a job in tech? Here are some job options for you and your computer science degree.

From the newest phone apps to the next hottest tablet or phone, theres no avoiding the buzz that surrounds tech culture. As future-forward as they sound, these advancements come directly from real people who are creating revolutionary, diverse systems.

If you find yourself analyzing the latest and greatest tech releases, dreaming up your own tech creations, or even coming up with solutions to make current products better, then you might want to consider a career in the computer science field. Even if you didnt major in computer science, there are many options that might excite you!

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The Best Computer Science Jobs For Recent Grads

One positive aspect about a computer science degree is its versatility. A computer science education can lay the foundation for pursuing several different technology careers. Were profiling some of the most common opportunities so you can get a better understanding of the job duties, career outlooks and earning potentials. The BLS provides data on median annual earnings for these positions, but keep in mind that computer science starting salaries will likely be less than these benchmarks. Generally speaking, compensation tends to increase along with experience.

With that in mind, lets take a closer look at the roles seeking computer science graduates. We used labor market analysis software to examine more than 135,000 job postings from the past year that were seeking candidates with a computer science degree and zero to two years of experience.2 Read on to learn more about these entry-level computer science jobs.

The Best Computer Science Careers In 2022

Kids get head

A bachelor’s in computer science prepares you to land in-demand tech careers in design and development, analysis, and management.

As large industries use more complex technologies, the number of jobs for computer science majors increases. Graduates can find computer science careers in healthcare, manufacturing, business, and the government.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 13% growth in computer occupations 2020-30, resulting from demands for improved technologies, security, cloud computing infrastructure, and big data applications.

Here, we explore the best careers with an online computer science degree and what skills top candidates need.

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Computer Science Career Salaries

Computer science career salaries tend to have a wide range. The median annual wage for a computer scientist was $126,830 in May 2020, according to BLS pay data. The highest 10% earned more than $194,430, while the lowest 10% earned less than $72,210. A computer science career salary depends on your skill set, specialization and location, among other factors. According to the BLS, top industries for this profession include:

Computer Science Career Salaries


Is It Easy To Get A Job In Computer Science

There is no problem with that answer. The subject is no more difficult than any other one you studied in school. In CS degree programs, students need a relatively high amount of math, statistics, and technology knowledge, but any decent program will provide this knowledge. Work harder, study harder, and network harder.

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Other Computer Science Careers

If none of the above computer science careers suit you, other options with a computer science degree include: working in other areas of development , as an analyst , as an administrator , or in an academic or industrial research capacity, contributing to the ongoing development of computers and related technologies. You could also pursue computer science careers in teaching, IT training, journalism, management or entrepreneurship.

What Can You Do with a Computer Science Degree? is part of our What Can You Do With series. We have also covered art, biology, business, communications, English, engineering, fashion, history, geography, law, , mathematics, performing arts, philosophy, politics, psychology, sociology, chemistry, economics and physics.

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