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Pursue An Hr Internship

How to Start Your HR Career

If you prefer to learn on the job rather than in the classroom, you may want to look for a human resources internship rather than work toward a qualification. Many employers offer internship programmes for HR staff, giving candidates the opportunity to gain valuable real-world work experience. If you are not sure whether human resources is definitely the right career for you, an internship could be the perfect way to make your mind up.

There are no guarantees of turning your internship into a job offer. However, even if your internship does not land you a job directly, the skills you gain will strengthen your CV and help you stand out to other employers.

Research HR internships in your location, or if there are specific companies you would prefer to intern with, try connecting with their HR managers. If you are particularly interested in working in a specific industry or niche, find employers in those areas and reach out to them.

Training And Development Manager

An HR training and development manager is responsible for improving employee productivity. This role often includes an upgrade in pay and allows professionals the opportunity to engage in strategic planning. Training and development managers take on the responsibility of coordinating business training and performance. The average salary for this role is $115K.

Add A Few Certifications

Upon graduating with your associate degree in human resources management, you could begin seeking out employment immediately.

Alternatively, if you want to beef up your resume, even more, you might add a few HR certifications to your list of experiences. Certification proves your mastery in an HR area or concept.

Another HR certification to pursue is the Associate Professional in Human Resources or aPHR, issued through the HR Certification Institute or HRCI.

The aPHR exam tests your abilities in HR-related areas such as talent acquisition, learning and development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, and compliance and risk management.

Bryan University prepares its students for the Society for HR Management, Certified Professional, SHRM-CP, certificate at no extra charge! It will help build your resume and establish your credibility in the marketplace.

Some online universities even offer you the opportunity to earn the aPHR certification while youre still a student in the human resources management program. Youll be able to graduate with your certificate and move right on to hunting for your first HR job.

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What Does It Take To Be A Successful Human Resources Professional

People who are drawn to working in human resources tend to have certain attributes in common. HR careers are very people-focused, so it’s a great fit if you’re a “people-person” who likes to help others and can work comfortably with diverse peers. Continuing down an HR career path requires you to stay on top of your certifications and ever-evolving best practices in the field so it’s best for individuals who like a challenge and enjoy constantly learning and growing.

The tradeoff for working hard is that you get to have a hand in building the culture and shaping the corporate identity of the company or organization where you work. You’ll have a very real impact on the lives of other people, whether you’re running the HR department solo for a small company or part of a team keeping a larger organization running smoothly.1

Who Is An Hr Manager

How to start your career in HR

Human resource managers spearhead the HRM department. They are facilitators who look after the different functions performed by the department. HR managers also oversee functions like recruitment and staff management and act as a link between the companys employees and management. Here are some responsibilities performed by an HR manager:

  • Plan and oversee employee benefits program.
  • Handle staffing issues, compensation, recruitment, and others.
  • Communicate management decisions to the employees.
  • Plan and coordinate a companys workforce to use the employees talent.
  • Evaluate and reveal major setbacks to managers regarding human resource issues, compensation problems, and sexual harassment issues.

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How To Get Into Human Resources

One of the benefits of this profession is the number of career pathways and core HR areas that you can take if you have your heart set on it. So, what qualifications do you need to work in HR in the UK?

Its a common misconception that you need to have a Bachelors Degree to enter Human Resources. But if you dont want to dedicate the time and money it takes to attending University, one of the other great ways of entering this field from an entry level is through a Level 3 or 5 Certificate in HR, which can be attained through online HR courses.

If you want to ensure you get the very best education in this field that will allow you to step into many areas of HR, a CIPD recognised course is a must. Meanwhile, Learning Development courses can also be another way to improve your knowledge in the realm of HR.

This professional association is the most regarded in human resources both in the UK and around the world. CIPD courses offer you a pathway to getting internationally recognised qualifications in Human Resources, so you know that the skills and knowledge you gain align with the skills needed in the industry.

Compensation And Benefits Manager

To assume the role of compensation and benefits manager, its necessary to have a degree in HR as well as a couple of years of experience in HR. Compensation and benefits managers have a strong background in finance and statistical analysis. These skills are crucial when it comes to analyzing data to determine fair pay and benefits for a business’s employees. They are also responsible for monitoring trends affecting benefits to improve their organization’s pay structure. The average salary for a compensation and benefits manager is $125K.

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Get An Hr Certification

As we discussed earlier, getting an online HR certification can be a brilliant way to gain valuable HR skills and knowledge and save money by bypassing expensive degrees. You will develop your skill set and gain credentials and credibility that can help you land a job in HR.

There is a wide range of HR certifications to choose from depending on whether youre interested in becoming an HR generalist or specializing in people analytics, compensation and benefits, or talent acquisition. Look out for certifications suitable for beginners and relevant to the areas you want to focus on.

Most HR certifications allow you to learn entirely from home and at your own pace. That means you can balance learning around your current commitments, save money on travel, and wont have to quit your job until you land a new one.

How To Advance Your Career In Human Resources

EASIEST way to start your HR CAREER

Professionals can advance their careers in human resources by returning to college. Earning an advanced degree looks good on a resume and provides professionals with more skills and deeper knowledge in their field. However, graduate degrees require substantial time and money.

Professionals in human resources can explore other options for career advancement, such as certification, continuing education and free online courseware, and/or networking opportunities. Readers can learn more about these cost-effective and less time-consuming options in the sections below.

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Compensation And Benefits Managers

As a compensation and benefits manager, you might choose and manage benefits vendors, insurance brokers and investment managers, in addition to researching questions around pay and benefits. You could also design compensation plans, including incentive structures and commission rates, and create strategic plans that balance recruitment and retention with a company’s budget requirements.

This management job paid a median salary of $127,530 in 2021, according to BLS.

Compress Your Search Timeline

There are higher chances of landing a job in human resources discipline when you allocate your time effectively. Therefore, the search for HR jobs is successful only when you meritoriously and quickly apportion your time to high-value activities.

Remember to carefully and appropriately outline these activities in your job search plan. At the same time, dont waste time on low-value actions like spamming potential employers with job applications for which you arent qualified.

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What Is Human Resource Management Professionals Salary

Aspirants planning to pursue a career in human resource management must be aware of the salary and career prospects offered by the industry. On an average, HR professionals earn about 5,00,000 annually. Several factors affect human resource management professionals salaries. The job title, work experience, skills, location, etc., all determine ones pay. Furthermore, the job prospects also have a role in deciding a human resource management professionals salary. If you choose to make a career in HRM, here are some career options that might enthrall you.

Engage In Learning Resources

Finding Your Human Resources Career Path

If youve never worked in HR before, try to familiarize yourself with some of its key terms and current trends. Along with soft skills, being able to connect your professional goals at the company with changes occurring in work will demonstrate knowledge of big concepts in HR. There are free resources available, such as podcasts and webinars, to help you catch up on whats happening in the world of work. HRCI®, for example, hosts Inevitable: The Future of Work and Alchemizing HR, both of which are available for free. These shows dive into current topics and issues in HR, helping you remain informed and up to date on HR trends.

Certification, and the coursework youll do to prepare for the exam, is another effective way to learn the basics of HR. The Associate Professional in Human Resources® doesnt require experience, so anyone can apply to sit for the exam. The study materials youd use to prepare will get you up to speed on the basics of HR, especially when it comes to learning about specific employment laws. Earning HR certification demonstrates mastery of core HR concepts and how to apply them in the workplace. The more you know ahead of time, the better youll be set up for success in your entry level HR job and to mitigate the risk of noncompliance with labor laws.

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Do I Need To Be Qualified For A Job In Hr

Having professional training and industry connections under your belt can only help you land a great HR salary.

Most employers consider graduates of any subject for HR jobs. However, a degree in the following subjects may improve your chances of landing a top spot:

  • Business management

No matter your qualifications you can always top up your knowledge or experience with professional courses. There are a huge number of HR courses available online, helping you work towards a professional qualification.

A professional qualification allows for a certain degree of flexibility. If you are already employed, your organisation might already offer professional qualifications, and may give you the chance to transfer over on successful completion of the course.

Professional training and networking is hugely beneficial, and considering a professional level diploma would be extremely helpful to people looking to pursue HR as a career.

A Bachelor’s Degree In Hr

Many companies expect candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in HR as part of their hiring requirements or at least an associate degree. You can find colleges and universities worldwide that offer HR degrees in person and online, or you can get a business degree with an HR emphasis. If you get an online bachelor’s degree, the full cost of tuition will likely fall between $43,000 and $64,000 . Examples of HR degrees you can get and the average completion time include:

  • Associate degree in human resource management: two years to earn

  • Bachelor’s degree in human resource management: four years to earn

  • Master’s degree in human resource management: 16 to 24 months to earn after earning a bachelor’s degree

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Associate Degree In Human Resources

Generally, earning an associate degree in human resources can prepare graduates for entry-level employment as HR assistants, HR associates, or administrative assistants. Many associate degree-holders continue on to pursue bachelor’s degrees, which meet the minimum education requirements for most human resources jobs.

How Do I Get A Graduate Job In Hr And Recruitment

How to start in HR Career | How to get hr job without MBA

If you’re planning on specialising in recruitment, you could send a speculative letter with your CV to local consultancies you’re interested in working for. Visit REC for steps to choosing the right agency.

When looking for work in HR or recruitment, there are dedicated industry jobsites to consider:

  • the ability to work to deadlines and meet targets
  • that you can work as part of a team.

For more information on entry requirements and relevant qualifications for specific HR and recruitment careers, see job profiles.

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Skills Gained With A Human Resources Degree

The field of human resources requires applicants to possess advanced soft skills, such as those related to communication, leadership, and problem-solving. An aspiring HR professional should choose a degree with an emphasis in written and oral communication coursework and try to gain hands-on experience in the field. Job seekers may also pursue specialized training and certification in particular areas of expertise to build professional skills. The following talents are among the most sought after by HR employers.

Can You Get Into Hr With No Experience

What if you dont have any relevant job experience? Can you still begin a career in HR?

Possibly, yes!

If you dont have a degree in HR, then at the very least, you should have a semi-relevant degree such as organizational psychology or business.

Many certifications require applicants to have years of related experience in their field before applying, but the aPHR exam is not one of them. Even if youve never been hired for an HR job before, you can take the exam.

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Ready To Start Your Career In Human Resources

Do you want to kickstart your HR career?

Bryan Universitys Associate Degree in Human Resources Management program is the way to do it.

As a student at Bryan U, youll learn everything from teamwork to ethics to finances and payroll so you can be the most effective HR specialist. Youll also get to use real technologies that HR professionals use every single day.

You have the chance to earn two certifications that will make you a star job candidate as you look for your first HR job. The certifications are Microsoft Excel and the aPHR certification.

The cost to take your exams is covered by Bryan U . With the knowledge you collect in the Associate Degree in Human Resources Management program, youll be ready to pass and earn your certification.

With your degree, your HR career could land you in such esteemed positions as operations manager, administrative services manager, payroll clerk, benefits assistant, assistant recruiter, human resources generalist, or human resources assistant.

Looking to take your education a step further? Keep in mind Bryan Universitys Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a concentration in Human Resources Management for your future endeavors

To learn more about Bryan Universitys Associate Degree in Human Resources Management, request information today!

Hr Career Advice: Choosing A Human Resources Career

Why is Franchising a good career option for Women?

Human resources is responsible for everything including employment, training, payroll, benefits, and employee relations/ethics. As the heart of every successful business, the profession consistently ranks high on lists of best careers. It is a fast-moving field, and there are a lot of options when choosing a human resources career.

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Training And Development Specialists

One specialization for HR professionals with excellent opportunities for career advancement is training and development. The median salary for this role was $61,570 in 2021, and these positions are expected to grow 8% through 2031 faster than the average job.

In this role, you’d work with executives, managers and employees to determine what skills workers need and then design, organize and carry out training programs. You might lead team-building exercises, develop course materials or create videos for training. Online and mobile training programs are a particular area of growing demand.

What Skills Do I Need To Start A Hr Career

Starting a career in human resources begins with assessing your personal skill set to be sure you have what it takes to achieve success.

Soft skills can be especially important for HR professionals. Most notably youll need:

1. Excellent communication skills

As a HR professional it is likely that you will work with all levels of employees. You may also be called on to be an advocate for change especially in todays technology-driven workplaces.

This demands the ability to communicate ideas clearly and effectively, both in writing and verbally, across the entire workforce, from frontline teams right through to senior executives and even the Board of Directors.

2. Strong time management skills

On any working day, your career as a human resources professional will see you engaged in a variety of tasks. You may find yourself working on employees benefits package, developing training programs, or drafting staffing strategies.

However, amid tight deadlines, and in a high pressure environment, you could be juggling multiple projects simultaneously. That calls for strong time management skills to execute the responsibilities effectively.

3. Empathy and interpersonal skills

As a HR professional, its a given that you will be working closely with people. This requires empathy and strong interpersonal skills to manage a variety of different personalities.

4. A collaborative outlook

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Plan Your Hr Job Search

Way before you begin your search for an entry-level position in the HR discipline, its always nice to have a plan. Like every other function of business, even job seekers need to plan their launch in human resources.

An entry-level position is excellent for job searchers who are new graduates and looking for any opportunity to demonstrate their newly learned skills. But due to the immense competition in the industry, sometimes experienced experts may also apply for these positions.

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