How To Pursue An Acting Career


How Well Can You Deal With Instability

What’s the Best Place to Live to Pursue an Acting Career?

So what do I mean by a normal life? In short, I mean economic stability.

Pursuing any creative field carries risks of uncertainties, and thats especially the case with acting. Writers, for example, can secure jobs as copywriters or journalists to bring in money while pursuing their dreams to be a novelist or screenwriter.

Actors dont have that kind of luxury. Instead, they often need to turn to the service industry or gig economy to get by. Balancing these jobs with acting classes and auditions usually leads to an unconventional and unpredictable schedule.

Is this something you can see yourself handling for the long term?

If stability is important to you, then pursuing a career in acting may not be the right choice for you.

If you dont mind being in a non-traditional industry and handling a non-traditional lifestyle for a minimum of five years, then get started with acting and see how it goes.

This is another reason why I say starting younger matters. You have far fewer responsibilities as a 21-year-old than someone older. You can afford to take a huge risk in your life and then correct course if needed. Someone with a stable job or relationship doesnt have that luxury.

Tips On Auditioning For Voice Over Jobs

Finding auditions used to be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but now, finding voice over jobs is much easier. To help voice actors get matched with only the best opportunities for their unique voice and skillset, Voices uses its proprietary JobMatch technology, which uses an algorithm to ensure that voice actors only get jobs theyre suited for and/or interested in.

Here are some time-tested tips on how to nail the voice over audition and set yourself up for landing the job:

1. Audition for jobs youre well-suited for. If the job is for a bilingual actor who can speak fluent Spanish and English, but you have rusty language skills for either option, dont audition. Be selective and audition for voice over jobs that truly match your sound and ability.

At a bare minimum, you should evaluate auditions by paying attention to:

  • The language, accent, and dialect specified in the job posting
  • The rate of pay
  • The deadline to submit auditions
  • How the files should be delivered to the client

2. If the client posted a script, read 10-15 seconds. Nothing will sell your voice better than if the client can hear you audition with their script. However, make the most of your time by only reading for 10-15 seconds. Its just enough for the client to get a taste of what you can do, while still allowing you to be efficient with your time.

Here at Voices, we often refer to the 3-legged stool that is a voice acting career:

  • Business Skills
  • Artistic Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • How To Pursue A Successful Acting Career

    Essay About Acting Career. Free Essay: Probably the most wanted careers these days is acting. Very few possess the skill and drive to attain effective career for the reason that department.

    Probably the most wanted careers these days is acting. Very few possess the skill and drive to attain effective career for the reason that department. Many desire the task for that fame and cash, however, many like it for that pure pleasure of performing. There are lots of appealing facets of the task for example flexible work hrs, recognition through the public, and also the salary should you become big. You have so that you can go ahead and take dedicated time that it requires to perfect the craft. Despite the fact that natural talent is one thing thats usually involved, and could be very useful. Theres many different ways that the amateur may become an expert, and be effective.

    Video advice: Madelaine Petsch

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    The Voice Acting Community And The Amazing Clients

    As you begin to book projects and build a portfolio, youll be connecting with producers and coordinators who can very easily become repeat clients if you employ some simple rapport-building tactics. Before you know it, you can be working with the producers responsible for Coca-Colas international campaigns.

    Networking also extends to fellow voice actors. Its quite important to pursue this particular kind of networking, too. Not only to expose yourself to others who are open to sharing business, technical, and artistic tips, but also because voice actors frequently refer a fellow talent in situations where theyre not quite right for a job.

    Many voice actors report feeling that the voice over community plays a major role in the fulfillment that they experience as a voice actor. Attending VO workshops and other events are great ways to start meeting other VO artists to build your support and referral network.

    To get a sense of what the voice over community feels like, check out our community forum where voice actors regularly celebrate each others highs and support each other through the lows.

    The Impact You Make By Lending Your Voice To Projects Around The World

    After her audition for Eva Le Galliennes acting school they advised ...

    Even small voice over projects can make a big splash. Every client you work for, whether its an international powerhouse or a local small business, is made better by the voice over you provide. It can be extremely fulfilling to witness what success is achieved with your help. Voice actors have expressed this fulfillment time and time again, and its often paired with another benefit of being a voice actor: continuous learning.

    Voice actors commit themselves to understanding the content in a script so they can speak about it from an informed place. Many voice actors love how their career opens the doors to learn about aspects of all kinds of industries they would otherwise never come into contact with. For instance, voicing an elearning module about mechanical presses in the morning, and recording voice over for an online recipe video in the afternoon.

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    Learn As Much About Acting And The Biz As You Possibly Can

    Experts in any field study for years and continue to learn throughout their entire careers, if not their entire lives. Would you really want a doctor with only a few years of schooling? Acting is a highly competitive career so come onto the playing field as well prepared as you can. Be selective in who you study with, but take classes across various areas of the industry scene study, sitcom, spoken level voice, improv and creative workshops. Classes can also be a catalyst for personal growth, or, if youre lucky, a safe place to take risks. You may also discover hidden talents.Classes are also a great way to keep your artistic spirit fuel up and fed while you are developing skills and building your career.

    What Does An Actor Do

    To put it very simply, an actor works to portray a character in a movie, play, television show, theater production or any other variety of performance. But that’s not all there is to this interesting job.

    Actors audition forroles and, if selected, perform those roles to bring the characters to life.Their work might be on a movie or television set, in a theater, during a liveevent or any other place where performance is needed. They might work on anylevel of the profession, from being an extra in a larger cast to appearing instarring roles.

    Much of an actor’s time is spent rehearsing their part, working with directors and producers, meeting with agents or casting directors, reading scripts, attending meetings and otherwise attending to behind-the-scenes necessities. Some might spend grueling hours on set, while others might tour with a group to perform in many different cities. Some might move across the world to film on location. The work is often not steady many actors will perform scores of characters during their careers.

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    Can I Work For Myself

    Hell to the yeah you can! This is the best decision I ever made. I quit my full time job last year and I approached a bunch of places I wanted to work for including StageMilk! Now I work as a writer and coach here, I teach acting to students around Sydney and I shoot self-tapes out of my home studio for actors. So yes you can create a business built around your strengths to support you if you have the skills to offer. Which I am sure you do! Working for yourself is great, tax time however is a headache with a capital H! While this has been great for me, it may not be ideal for you. Each individual situation is different so please keep that in mind.

    How Much Does An Actor Make

    Advice To Actors About Pursuing An Acting Career

    The average salary for an actor is â¹10,11,304 per year. But, the scale of your pay may depend on your experience and reputation in the industry. Actors make more money if their projects consistently make profits for production companies. Actors also get paid well for advertisements and interviews, depending on their popularity and the size of their follower base.


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    Acting Schools & Theater Degrees

    Many different institutions offer actor training and theater degrees. Here are some of them.

    Acting School

    These dedicated schools are designed exclusively to teach aspiring actors. Students work closely with seasoned actors, theater directors, producers and others who can show them the ropes and skills they need to stand out during casting calls.

    Performing Arts Schools

    Performing arts schools are ideal for students who know they want to work in the performing arts, yet haven’t decided how. There are classes for actors, dancers, choreographers, singers, comedians and more.

    Community Colleges & 2-Year Schools

    Some community colleges offer associate degrees in theater, drama and other performing arts fields. Trade schools, meanwhile, tend to offer more specialized diploma or certificate programs in areas like set or costume design.

    Universities & 4-Year Schools

    A large number of colleges and universities offer bachelor’s or master’s degree in acting, theater, drama and similar areas. These programs provide a well-rounded education for students who want to make a lifelong career in the performing arts.

    How To Get Acting Jobs In 5 Simple Steps

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

    Acting careers are unique, requiring professionals to freelance and apply for temporary jobs rather than get full-time employment. If you wish to succeed as an actor and make a steady income, knowing how to freelance and get acting jobs is a crucial skill. This way, you avoid having long periods without any active gigs and maintain a steady income. In this article, we describe what acting jobs are and explain how to get acting jobs, with some useful tips to help you.

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    Start Putting Yourself Out There

    There are plenty of websites dedicated to getting jobs as an actor, including Actors Access, LA Casting, and Now Casting, which all list big projects as well as student films and plays. Sign up for an account, then keep your profile updated with current pictures and any new credits as you book them.

    Once youve done that, get yourself out there as much as possibleand dont be afraid to submit to every project you are right for, no matter how big or small. Small student films can help build your reel and widen your network. Big projects just might be looking for someone like youand you never know when you might be submitting to a casting director who just saw you in a workshop and wants to give you a shot. This truly happens all the time. It might not end up in a booking, but it could end up in a great audition. And making your mark in a big casting office is a milestone.

    And go to every legitimate audition you get, no matter what. Many actors skip auditions because theyre afraid, deep down, that theyre not good enough at their art, but I encourage you to prove yourself wrong. Every auditioning experienceeven one gone terribly wrongis something you will learn from and can use to become a better actor. Show up scared and prepared, if you have to, but just show up. You will be miles ahead of a lot of actors who chicken out.

    Every Year Thousands Of People Decide They Want To Pursue An Acting Career If You’re One Of Them You Better Learn Theses Steps To Starting Your Acting Career

    Pursuing an Acting Career After His MBA: Matthew E. May
    • Knowledge of yourself
    • Knowledge of exactly what you want out of your acting career
    • A solid plan to keep you on track
    • Lots of motivation
    • Business skills
    • A good, solid financial base

    Step 1:Step 2:Step 3:Step 4:Step 5:Step 6:Step 7:Step 8:Step 9:

  • Do a mass TARGETED mailing with regular follow ups. When you do that though, start to understand and learn what the interview/meeting with the agent will be like so you know what to expect!
  • Meets and greets or Schools that hold seminars in which they let you audition. They do charge a fee, however.
  • Forums with casting diretors and agents. Usually last a few hours and give you the chance to audition for and/or have a one to one meeting.
  • Showcases in which you perform. Industry professionals are usually invited to check out the talent.
  • Invite them to a show you are in, to see a televison program or a movie you are in.
  • Step 10:Step 11:

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    Start With Acting In Commercials

    Commercials are an excellent way to break into the biz! Commercials are something you can totally jump into with little to no experience or training because you are basically playing yourself! They can also be highly lucrative, give you good audition and on-camera experience, teach you the basics of contracts and union vs non-union and basically get you working as an actor. At least in the U.S. commercials are a different ballgame from theatrical or film and television acting. There are different casting directors, different agents and different contracts. But they are still part of the overall industry.

    Choosing The Right Recording Software For Voice Acting

    A number of factors need to be taken into consideration as you source the right audio recording program, including cost and compatibility with your computer and equipment.

    Because there are a number of options on the marketranging from free to notably priceywe prepared an article specifically on voice over recording software for those who want to go in-depth.

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    Get Involved With The Community

    Professional actors collaborate with a wide range of talented creatives, including other actors, directors, producers, technicians and stunt performers. Each of these experts can provide valuable insights into how to be a better actor. Develop an inquisitive mindset and active listening skills to make the most of any time you spend on set. There are usually breaks between shoots, and these give you a chance to network and learn from others.

    You can also reach out to experts online, contact people on social media and attend meetup opportunities with other acting professionals in your area. Communicating can provide valuable tips, increase the number of opportunities you have available, teach you ways of making other professionals’ lives easier and provide you with a sense of community.

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    Begin Your Job Search

    How to Become an Actor in Atlanta | My Experience Acting in Georgia

    Once you have your acting portfolio, start your job search. There are three ways to search for jobs as an aspiring actor, which are:

    Get a manager or agent

    Hiring a manager or agent is one of the easiest ways to find acting jobs. Acting managers or agents have experience and connections in the acting and entertainment industry, meaning they have access to various job opportunities. They may also advocate on your behalf, guaranteeing you get jobs frequently and consistently. Find a good manager or agent to source jobs on your behalf and discuss with them the types of acting jobs you’re interested in.

    Research casting calls

    If you prefer to work independently, research casting calls on your own. Casting calls are huge auditions for specific roles or productions. They may be available to the public or certain pre-selected groups or agencies. Find casting calls in industry publications or online.

    Ask your professional network

    Use your professional network to find acting job opportunities. Ask other entertainment professionals or actors in your network to connect you with managers, agents and even auditions. Some performance or audition opportunities spread in close circles before they reach mainstream platforms, so asking people within your professional network may lead to acting jobs before they’re advertised.

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    Tips To Find The Best Voice Over Microphone For Your Voice

  • Try many types and brands of microphones before you settle on one
  • Test out your mic in the space you will be using it
  • Choose one that highlights the great details of your voice
  • Stay away from handheld mics
  • You can also get advice from savvy audio experts who will be able to steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right microphone.

    Go On Auditions For Bigger Productions

    When you start your career in acting, you may require to keep giving auditions for roles in different projects. Auditions help casting directors to gauge your skills accurately before you can establish yourself. It is up to you to showcase your skills to the best of your abilities and leave a lasting impression on the panel.


    • Developing character personas for authenticity

    • Performing for television, theatre, cinema and internet content

    • Modelling for still images, posters, advertisements and other promotional materials

    • Working with sound artists and editors in dubbing activities

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