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Prepare To Meet The Growing Demand For Skilled Cybersecurity Analysts

How to Make MyCareer EASY in NBA 2K22

Cybersecurity is a broad and growing discipline that intersects with almost every industry. As digital information exchange increasingly becomes the norm, it is critically important to protect systems, networks, programs, and data from attacks and unauthorized access. As a graduate of Penn States interdisciplinary online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations program, you can enter the workforce prepared to join the rapidly growing cybersecurity industry, which spans organizations of almost every size and mission.

This online program, offered by the College of Information Sciences and Technology in partnership with Penn State World Campus, equips students with the tools needed to become skilled cybersecurity professionals who can recognize, analyze, manage, and eliminate risks related to a wide range of threats. As a student in the program, you can learn to anticipate and identify threats, clearly articulate potential impacts to stakeholders, and ensure the safety of digital information.

How To Make A Career In Politics

This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Amber Crain. Amber Crain has been a member of wikiHows writing staff for the last six years. She graduated from the University of Houston where she majored in Classical Studies and minored in Painting. Before coming to wikiHow, she worked in a variety of industries including marketing, education, and music journalism. She’s been a radio DJ for 10+ years and currently DJs a biweekly music program on the award-winning internet radio station DKFM. Her work at wikiHow supports her lifelong passion for learning and her belief that knowledge belongs to anyone who desires to seek it.There are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, 80% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 148,687 times.Learn more…

Politics can be a challenging and rewarding field for people who want to create a life in service to others. Whether you want to run for office, manage campaigns, or work in a policy environment, politics is stressful, competitive and high energy. In addition to being a skilled communicator, you will need to understand government and the political process. Make a career in politics by studying history and political science, interning and volunteering in the field and getting involved in local campaigns and issues.

Top Positions Makeup Artistry

If youve always loved makeup but are not sure how that passion translates into a career, read on! Makeup can transform, empower, and fill a person with confidence, and your career should do the same thing. At Health and Style Institute, you can prepare for a variety of exciting and fulfilling careers in makeup artistry. Whether you enjoy the glam of Hollywood, or want to introduce new makeup techniques to people shopping in the mall, theres a career path for you. Here are some of the top makeup careers.

Bridal Makeup

Most brides hire makeup artists for their big day. Once youve received training and licensure, you can build your portfolio and begin marketing your services. Bridal websites are a good marketing tool, and word-of-mouth is powerful in the wedding industry. One benefit of this career path is flexibility. You can build your own schedule and choose your own hours, because the majority of bridal artists are self-employed.

Theatrical & Performance Makeup

If you like drama, this is your dream career. Makeup artists in theatre and performance exaggerate and dramatize makeup. You might also apply prostheses, such as noses, or use basic special effects skills to simulate bruises, aging, or scars. This can be exciting, high-skills work with unusual hours, and it allows you to use your skills in an intensified form.

Special Effects

Makeup Product Developer

Beauty Writer

Retail Makeup Artistry

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Youve Become Apathetic To Change

You may be functioning perfectly well at your job but you lack the desire to bring forward new ideas to your manager or instigate innovation at your company.

Perhaps your suggestions have been ignored before or straight-out rejected. Perhaps you work for a company that would rather you just did what you are paid to do rather than suggested improvements in the product or culture.

With this kind of management style its difficult to stay motivated. If you are bursting with great ideas its time to go somewhere that appreciates and embraces them. If that means working for yourself, then do it.


  • You have no interest in the company you work for
  • Youre coasting along, no longer looking for opportunities for promotion or advancement
  • Youre saving all your good ideas for when youve got a job you really enjoy with another company / or for your own company.

Newspaper Journalist Job Profile

Defining your career plan

Discover what it takes to be a Newspaper journalist. Find out expected salary, working hours, qualifications and more.

Career prospects To succeed as a journalist on a local or national newspaper youll need determination and the ability to research and write accurate stories to tight deadlinesNewspaper journalists research and write stories for national, regional and local press. They report on news and politics, as well as on sports, arts and culture, science and business. They also cover national and local events, entertainment and human interest stories. There are a number of roles within newspaper journalism. Junior reporters usually write up stories allocated to them by the news desk, which they then pass to the news editor before theyre handed to sub-editors. Correspondents are specialists in one field or location, while feature writers, who cover topics in greater depth, often use a more personal style. On smaller newspapers journalists have to multitask. They may work on layout, photography and sub-editing, as well as write stories. Newspaper journalism is becoming increasingly multi-platform, making IT, web and broadcast skills highly valuable.

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Network With It Professionals

Before you start on your IT career journey, find opportunities to network with other IT professionals. By attending networking events where you’re likely to meet them, you increase your chances of getting a job referral. These referrals are valuable because they allow you to get special consideration in a competitive field.

You can find IT networking events by checking with your local professional associations, business publications and chambers of commerce. Building relationships through these organizations is a good way to activate your career because you’ll meet people who work locally for IT departments or organizations that may have job openings.

Tech Jobs Are Out There And Waiting For You Check Out This List And Apply Today

Get started on a career in information technology.

A successful career in technology begins with scouting out some awesome entry-level IT jobs. But with a multitude of tech jobs and companies clambering for your talent, it may feel overwhelming to determine a solid starting point.

On the upside, that means odds are in your favor. With more and more people relying on technology in their everyday livesnot to mention the number of industries taking advantage of technologyyou can expect to enjoy a rewarding career path.

To help you decide where you’d like to kick-start your career, Monster rounded up six entry-level IT and technician jobs and the salaries you can expect to make, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and

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Dont Be Afraid Of Email Or Phone Calls

Continuing with the point on networking, an important aspect to pushing your music career forward is keeping up with emails and phone calls. This could be situations where youre approaching people for the first time or just replying to those whove reached out to you.

Unfortunately, a lot of artists have a hard time keeping up with this aspect and the effects can be detrimental. The music industry moves fast and if you dont stay on top of communications people can move on.

This is one of the reasons phone calls are such a powerful tool. You can quickly get the information you need in what would usually take several emails.

Like anything, its a skill that needs to be developed. It can be intimidating at first but emails and phone calls only get easier the more you do it.

Consider How To Order Your Options

How to make FIFA 21 player career mode fun

When doing the above exercise, you might realise its much easier to switch from option X to Y, than from Y to X i.e. that option X is more reversible than Y.

For instance, after completing a PhD, everyone in academia agrees that if you leave, its hard to re-enter. This is because getting a permanent academic position is very competitive, and any sign that youre not committed will rule you out . This means that if youre unsure about continuing with academia after your PhD, its often best to continue.

If you havent started a PhD, and want to try something else, then its best to do that before you start.

It can sometimes be better to enter the more reversible option, even if youre less confident its best. If youre right and it doesnt work out, you can go back to your top option later anyway.

Ask yourself whether thinking about ordering should cause you to rerank your options.

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What Type Of Certifications Do I Need

Even though you may not require formal education for a career in tech, getting certified is practically a must. Certifications relevant to your branch of IT will provide you with a huge career boost and let your hiring managers know that you possess all the necessary knowledge and tech skills to be useful to their company.

Exactly what type of certifications you need depends on the kind of technology job youre after. Do you wish to work in cybersecurity? Software development? Or perhaps youd like to learn from web designers or become a systems administrator?

Here are some of the certifications you could benefit from:

  • Microsoft, for a good foundation in tech knowledge
  • Cisco, for working with Cisco hardware and software
  • CompTIA, for a wide range of training in security, server work, working on networks, etc.
  • EC-Council, for becoming an ethical hacker
  • Linux, for working in Linux, an open-source operating system

This list is by no means comprehensive, and many other certifications could prove to be invaluable in your IT career development. But this will provide you with a good starting point from where you can build your CV and your career step by step.

Consider Getting A Mentor

You can seek out a mentor in your desired career role by joining a professional organization. A mentor can help coach you through doing what you need to do to properly make the switch to your dream career. A mentor can also help you network with the right people and set the right goals for yourself as you acquire skills and look for jobs.

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What Is Travel Photography

Travel Photography is a branch of photography that deals with the travel and tourism industry. A travel photographer is a professional responsible for the photographic documentation of a regions landscape, people, cultures, customs and history. One may call a travel photo an image that expresses the feeling of a time and place which in the truest sense, portrays a land, its people, or a culture.

Pick A Job Role That Aligns With What You Want

Faith Gladmore International

This involves research. Read IT job descriptions and talk to IT professionals to figure out which technology job best meets your needs. Do your due diligence in terms of research. This could entail watching day-in-the-life videos on YouTube and on the CompTIA website, or attending informational webinars about IT careers and technology trends.

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Treat Yourself Like A Business

As an artist working in the industry you are a business and its important not to forget that. Just like someone opening a restaurant or any other physical business, you need an entrepreneurial mind.

Once you begin to approach your music with a business mindset youll start to see opportunities you never noticed when you were merely an artist.

This includes everything from properly marketing yourself, building a team and above all valuing the work you create. More to come on all of this in our next few tips.

Online Education At Penn State

Penn State has a history of 100+ years of distance education and more than a decade of experience in online learning. We create an online learning environment that offers you the same quality education our residential students experience in a face-to-face setting. Learn more about Penn State World Campus.

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Get An It Job Without A Degree

Comparably, a workplace culture and compensation monitoring website, projects 12.4 million net tech employment in the U.S. and about 245,500 projected net new tech jobs in 2021. While a college degree still holds weight among management and executive ranks, a shortage of IT workers is making many firms less choosy over educational formalities.

Good Financial Cents concurs that many IT career paths do not require a degree, such as IT technician. As your skills progress and you get more experience, you can easily make $50,000 to $70,000 per year as you get into systems administration and network engineering, the article said.

Learn About Sql Queries & Databases

How to Make Careers in The Sims 4 (Mod Constructor) Fast and Easy!

Okay, lets move to another prominent technical skill that you need to possess for being a worthwhile Automation Testing Professional an understanding of SQL Queries and Databases. Youre required to be proficient with fundamental Structured Query Language concepts such as Data Manipulation Language , Data Definition Language , Transactional Control Language, Aggregate Functions, etc. along with the Database concepts and operations. Though youre not required to have a deep understanding of all relational databases and you can start with Oracle, MySQL, etc. to understand the database management processes. Moreover, youre also required to have familiarity with several data formats such as XML, JSON, etc to get more exposure in the Testing domain.

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Hire For Your Weaknesses

In the beginning of your music career youll have to do a little bit of everything from booking shows to marketing your music. However, as time goes on and things pick up this can quickly wear you out.

The quicker you can form a team to assist you in certain areas, the better. Start by hiring people to work on the things that you dont enjoy or dont think are your biggest strengths.

Doug Kazé

Although this comes with a financial toll, the impact will end up making you money in the long run.

For example, bringing on an expert to help with booking shows or recording your music may cost you, but it can push your career forward way quicker than if you did everything yourself.

Not only this, but it lets you focus on what you enjoy doing, while giving your music a professional edge over any competition.

Ways To Make A Career In Music

Posted on September 23, 2019by Sundown Sessions

For every amateur musician there will come a time in your life when you consider making music your career. The dream of making a viable living in this profession is one that so many people have and it may be closer in reach than you think.

Although working in the music industry involves a lot more than just playing music, with the right attitude and proper mindset, anyone can do it. However, just because anybody can have a music career doesnt mean theyll enjoy it.

The tips in this article aim to give a clearer picture of what to expect if you want to make music your career. If you decide to give it a shot, this guide serves as a roadmap of whats required to take your music from amateur to pro.

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What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of The Marketing Department

1. Developing marketing strategies that align with the goals of the company.2. Team with other departments to perform effortless and engaging media campaigns.3. Analyze data and reports to improve the results of campaigns.4. Conduct market research on products of the competitors5. Perform market research to identify the demands of the target audience.6. Develop content for blogs and infographics for the different social media platforms.7. Manage budgets of campaigns and advertisements.8. Monitor the visibility and profitability of products.

Can I Get Start A Career In It With Zero Experience

7 steps to creating a career Mind Map

We mentioned how IT companies value experience and practical knowledge. While this is true, it doesnt have to mean that you wont be able to land your first job without any experience. Here are a few tips for starting your way up the IT ladder:

Volunteer work is not ideal, since you are essentially performing a full-time job for no money. However, many IT firms are open to accepting volunteers or interns into their fold and later promoting them to being employees.

If you find a company that youd love to work for one day, dont hesitate to reach out and ask them to volunteer. Unpaid internships are an excellent opportunity to get your foot in the door of your future workplace and learn from your superiors and sharpen your skills. It will provide you with the starting experience you need, and if you prove yourself as a valuable asset to the company, theres no reason why they wouldnt hire you once your internship is up.

  • Entry-level job titles

Career changers need to be okay with people who are starting from the bottom again. If you have no IT experience, you will not likely get hired at your ideal position right away. Look for entry-level jobs that may not be your ultimate goal, but that will lead to it somewhere down the line.

Working hard, getting educated in the field, and showing great enthusiasm for the job will have you reaching for the stars in no time.

  • Emphasize your soft skills

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