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What Does A Game Developer Do

How to Become a Game Designer

A game developer oversees the developmental process of a video game. Game developers may design games or use already executed designs and write coding that will bring the game environments, characters and other elements to life. They plan the different game levels and how players will advance through these. Generally, game developers work in small or large game studios, but some of them also work as independent developers and create and market their original games.


How To Get A Job As A Game Ux Designer

The Academy explores the routes into an essential but often misunderstood field in the games industry: UX design

Our guides can help you to find the right path to the games industry job of your dreams. You can read our other in-depth guides on how to get a job in the games industry on this page, covering various areas of expertise.

Despite emerging in the games industry since the beginning of the previous decade, with origins in web design and primarily mobile gaming, the role of user experience design in games can still be confused or absent from a development team, and varies wildly from studio to studio.

Some developers might have a role or team wholly dedicated to this area, others may have the role sit between design or art teams, or UX can also be rolled in with the design of the user interface , even though the two are not the same.

But while UI design is concerned with what can be seen on screen, such as menus, buttons or HUD, UX design encompasses the whole player experience.

“I always see it as a glue job, someone who sits between all the departments making a game to get the best experience for the user”Caitlin Goodale

“UX deals with how we teach the player, onboard them in a game, how we present them the various systems and their interaction with them,” says Alex Tokmakchiev, lead UI/UX game designer at Creative Assembly Sofia.

Findings In Research About Altruism

When talking about altruism in multiplayer online games, we shouldnt ignore what scientists have found about it in real life, as human altruism is such an important topic in social psychology. These research findings can help us better understand the altruistic behavior we have seen in Kind Words and Sky and help us to know how we can better encourage altruistic behavior in multiplayer online games.

Research has found that not only do we make decisions that benefit others more than ourselves, but these decisions are also driven by natural preference rather than reciprocity or complying with a social norm . It was shown in the fMRI research by James Rilling etc. that our brains make us feel rewarded when we make altruistic decisions. It suggests that altruism is built in our genes and wired in our brains. And that is the foundation of the common altruistic behavior seen in Kind Words and Sky.

But why don’t we often see altruistic behavior in real life and most multiplayer online games? Daniel Batsons research found that empathy plays a critical role in triggering altruistic behaviors. In the experiment, the observers had to watch the victims receiving painful shocks and decide if they would take their place.

The data show that both altruistic rewarding and reputation-seeking are powerful determinants of donors’ behavior. Donors who cannot acquire a reputation help in 37% of the cases whereas those who can gain a reputation help in 74% of the cases.

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How To Become A Game Designer

The candidates must be aware that if they want to choose career in game designing they need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1 : Qualify 12th from any stream and from a recognised board

The candidate must complete their 10+2 exams from a recognised board with 50% marks.

Step 2: Entrance Exam

There are many universities and colleges that offer game designing courses after conducting an entrance exam. So, the candidates can check the famous entrance exam list mentioned below

  • B.Des in Animation

Step 4: Pursue Post Bachelor

There are various options a candidate can opt after graduation but Post graduation is the best option one can choose if they want to make a career in game designing so that they gain proper knowledge and experience about the course. Doing Masters will help a lot in future.

Step 5: Choose a Best Job in Game Designing

After completing PG the candidate can choose the best job available in the game designing field. They will be recruited by a reputed firm after completing masters in game designing.

PG courses in Game Designing

Listed below are the post graduation courses available in game designing.

  • MA Specializations
  • Problem Solving Aptitude

How To Become A Game Developer

Game Designer Education Requirements

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Video: Becoming an App and Game Developer/Tester

Are you interested in a career as an App and Game Developer/Tester but are not sure how to start preparing for it? We have you covered!

Game developers write software code that translates artistic concepts into playable game features that can work on mobile phones, console systems and computers. Its a competitive industry, but with the right teamwork abilities, professional development and networking, you can become a video game developer.

In this article, we discuss the steps you can take to become a game developer. We also provide salary information and answer other frequently asked questions about this profession.

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Master’s Degree In Game Design

Even if you hold a bachelor’s degree in a different subject, you can still enter the game design field by earning a master’s degree. These two-year programs help learners from diverse academic backgrounds build upon computer science and creative skills. A master’s curriculum can feature courses in game engine design and development, level design, and artificial intelligence for gameplay.

With a master’s, you can explore jobs within and outside of the video game development field. Some of the following careers apply to career opportunities in computer networking, defense, manufacturing, and consulting.

Qualifications For Game Designers

With so many responsibilities, game designers naturally need to prove their abilities. One way of doing this is to present a bachelors degree in video game design or related programs. However, four years of intense studies might not be available for all, especially those working in one field and wanting to make a career change. Here are some other options that you might consider if you’re going to learn how to become a game designer:

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Where To Find Game Design Jobs

Finding job openings in game design is easy. Getting the job is the tricky part. There are several places like job boards and freelance websites to look for employment if you have the experience and education. Below are some search options to consider when looking for your ultimate game designing job.

What Can You Do With A Bachelor’s In Game Design

How I became a Game Developer with ZERO Coding & Design Experience + Tips

Graphic designers use their artistic skills to make a video game visually appealing and engaging to audiences. They collaborate with other design team members to create a game’s artistic style. Graphic designers who work in the video game field also have programming knowledge. These skills allow them to turn concept art into a finished product.

Video game designers take on different responsibilities throughout the development process, including creating a story outline, designing a user interface, and choosing music and sound effects that enhance the gameplay experience. Senior designers have a greater influence on a game’s overall style and direction.

Multimedia artists and animators leverage their artistic abilities to create magnificent settings and characters that look and move realistically. These professionals have in-depth experience with multimedia software suites and can bring a director or writer’s vision to life.

Game programmers create the code that turns a video game’s script, music, and art into a playable product. Job responsibilities include debugging code, creating original code that responds immediately to a player’s actions, and working with game testers to remedy technical flaws. Programmers must also adapt code to one or more game console’s technical limitations.

Median Salary: $56,010

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Video Game Design Vs Game Development

First of all, we need to talk about the difference between game design and game development.

The two are often used interchangeably, but they are two distinct career paths.

Game design often includes the creation of:

  • new game concepts

Game development tends to refer to the making of games, from the animation through to engine programming.

Its a bit like the difference between the driver of a car, and the engineer who builds the car.

Designers and Developers Need Each Other

Without each other, the tasks are useless , so you need both to make a functional vehicle.

In this example, the driver would be the designer, and the engineer would be the developer.

The driver/designers job is pointless if theres no one to engineer the car or develop the game.

And there is no point in the developer/engineer building something that no one is going to use.

You should always bear in mind that both are equally important in the overall process of making games.

However, whilst the two roles are distinct career paths, they feed into each other continuously.

The designer gives input and direction to the developer, and the developer feeds back with their improvements to the game.

They both need each other to develop the best game possible. And for that reason, its good to have a strong understanding of the other career path to the one you choose.

Associate Degree In Game Design

An associate degree in game design teaches fundamental skills that game designers need to succeed in the field.

Many top programs emphasize basic programming, Agile development, and multiple software suites. Graduates often have an academic portfolio they can show prospective employers. Also, some game design degrees do not require general education courses, allowing you to focus on knowledge and skills relevant to your future career.

The following three careers represent entry-level positions you can earn with an associate degree. Use the embedded links to learn more about each position’s salary potential.

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Would You Enjoy Finding Bugs And Glitches


Quality Assurance: A game tester plays a game while it is still in development to make sure everything works as intended.

This includes gameplay elements like character movement as well as the user interface and menus. Testers are tasked with attempting every move or decision possible by the player to discover any bugs that may ruin the experience.

While not the most sought-after role in game development, it is nonetheless very important.

Game testers either work from home or on-site at a game studio and rarely have a set daily schedule. This means that hours can fluctuate dramatically between weeks, especially when the game is nearing release.

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What Experience Do I Need To Get A Job In Game Ux Design


Getting that first job in UX design, which can either be an intern or junior UX position, is as tricky as any first job that requires experience. But it doesn’t mean you need experience in a job in order for that experience to count.

As mentioned previously, your portfolio is the most vital part of why you’ll get hired by a studio, and there are many ways to build that portfolio.

“If you have the free time, with game jams and group projects, you can go and work in a team and practice being a UX designer without necessarily working in a professional job,” says Goodale.

Ahmad concurs: “If you don’t have any experience, you can go to game jams and provide UX/UI support there. Even in a two-day game jam, you can produce some good screens or you can talk about how you helped the design process of the game design. It’s more about, can you show your thought process? When building a good UX portfolio, look at things like system designer portfolios and game designer portfolios which can serve as really good inspiration around how to show how you think about things.”

It’s also possible to transfer over to game UX if you’re already in a UX role or even web design, as the skills involved are very transferable. Nonetheless, demonstrating an interest in games is paramount, not so much whether you’re a hardcore gamer, but whether you have a deep understanding of how they work, which you might not have if you only come from a UX background.

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Leveraging Education To Advance Your Career

The video game industry can be a challenging one to break into for designers and developers. But by choosing the right degree program, preferably one focused on experiential learning, you can build the skills youll need to kickstart your career.

For aspiring video game developers or programmers, a computer science degree can be a great way to gain advanced knowledge of computing and programming. Some universities, like Northeastern, also offer specializations in game design that allow students to tailor their learning to their career aspirations.

Those interested in becoming game designers may also choose to pursue a degree specifically in game design. These specialized programs focus on the science of game development and provide students the skills to launch successful products in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Depending on your goals, earning a degree like a Master of Science in Computer Science or Game Science and Design, can help you lay a solid educational foundation, build a portfolio demonstrable of your skills, and begin establishing a professional network that can be leveraged throughout your career.

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Where Can Game Designers Work

Game designers can work for different companies in the video game, content creation and software design industries. For example, a game designer might seek employment with a tech company to create games for its console. They could also join an independent development team to create a custom game. Some game designers act as freelancers or consultants, providing various services on their own schedule and salary.

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Have An Impressive Portfolio You Can Show Off

So now you know hiring managers at game studios dont really care that much about fancy degrees.

Instead, they want to see a portfolio of projects youve worked on.

Why? Because a degree or certification shows that you MIGHT know about game design. A portfolio shows that you DO know for sure.

Today, certificates and degrees dont hold as much value as they used to in the past. You can learn about any topic you can at a 4-year college online, for much less money and at your own pace.

Believe it or not, some of the best programmers I know dont have computer science degrees, and are 100% self taught through online resources and guides.

One of my good friends is a music producer who learned by watching YouTube tutorials and practiced making beats in his free time. He eventually put out a mixtape of his best tracks and was able to get signed to a record label with no music degree or formal training.

Why? Because he learned how to produce genres that are currently popular. Thats something that university classes cant keep up with! Youre not going to learn how to produce EDM with a traditional music classes.

Now of course, this doesnt apply to all fields. You cant become a doctor by reading books and watching tutorials online. But for fast-evolving industries like game design, self-learning and doing can be more valuable than taking classes.

Now, you might be wondering

Familiarize Yourself With Video Games

How to Get Into the Games Industry – A Recruiter’s Top 5 Tips

The first step in becoming a video game designer is to understand video games. Most video game designers grew up playing video games but it is never too late to find a passion for this form of entertainment. To become a video game designer, you will need to spend some time playing games, critiquing them and talking about them with others.

An effective option for nurturing your skills as a designer is to take note of what you do and do not like about games as you play them. Think critically about why the game designers made certain decisions and if you would have made a different choice. Be sure to play a wide range of games and to talk to your friends to get different perspectives on popular titles.

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Video Game Designer Education Requirements

Video game designer education requirements vary according to your game design job specialty. Game design training programs focus on three main disciplines – design, art, and programming. Your personal interests, passions and employment goals will determine which video game design training program is the best fit to get hired for the job you want. Here is a breakdown of video game designer education requirements by game design specialty:

With video game popularity at an all-time high, schools are evolving their game design education programs with topics like 3D modeling, character animation, world design, storyboarding, simulation programming and more. Research and compare the top-reviewed game design programs in the U.S. and online.

What Traits do Game Design Studios Look for in a New Hire?

Pursue A Relevant Degree

A degree in game design is critical to getting a job as a video game designer. Game design companies value a college degree or a certificate in game design or related fields. The degree wont guarantee you a job, but it can help to get you in the door, especially when combined with your technical skills and experience.

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