How To Figure Out My Next Career Move


Top Factors To Consider For The Next Career Move:

Career Change Advice : Figure Out next career move – 2 approaches to AVOID

Use Different Self-Assessment Tools:

The first thing you want to justify your career is assessing your values. Apart from that, skills, personality and interest tests are also an ingredient. A self-assessment comes in many forms. You can analyze the essential abilities you hold for the particular field.

I also admire personality assessment. It helps in identifying whether or not a specific job suits you or not. Value tests can also be a part of this section. You can easily understand what values can help in choosing the right profession. It adds much value to yournext career path journey.

When I started my career journey in the app development company, I followed this strategy. I get to know many things to improve my professional life.

Review Your Work History:

If you are an experienced person then I would recommend you to review your work history. Now you might be curious to know its processing. I found a simple approach for the same. You can ask yourself particular questions based on employment experience, organizations features, and your dislike about the organization and the challenge you faced.

When you review your past work, you easily spot the right path. With this, you can justify what the next step in my career path should be. This is why I recommend looking at the history of your work.

Considering Additional Preparation:

Social Media Use:

Grab New Knowledge:

Ask a Career Professional:

Current Market Need Focus:

Review your Choice once Every Three Years:

Talk To People Who Do What You Think You Want To Do

Don’t make the mistake of assuming you have to know what you want to do when you begin your job search, especially if you want to do something new. Treat your job search like a research project in the beginning. If there is something you are interested in but are unsure whether it is right for you, rather than dismiss your idea as unrealistic or out of your reach, your best next action step is to go talk to people who do what you think you want to do and find out what their experience is like.

A great way to learn about different career options is to set up informational interviews where you can learn about how someone got their job, what they like and don’t like about it, and what they recommend you do if you want to enter this field. This first-hand, insider knowledge is priceless and can save you a lot of time by helping you figure out which career option is right for you.

Figuring Out Your Next Career Move

Are you asking yourself “What should my next career be”or “How to plan my next career move” ? Are you confused thinking about what you should do next?

Making any decision about your career, especially changing your career path can be exhausting. But with a little direction, the process can feel far less daunting and a lot more enjoyable.

It doesnt matter how fast you get there if youre heading the wrong way.

A few days ago I was rushing to meet up with a friend at a hotel in the centre of the city. I realised I was heading in the wrong direction a good 45 minutes into the journey..all because I had selected the wrong address in Google Maps!

Many of us make the same mistake in our careers.

In a terrible rush to find our careers, we land on the wrong one. Once we are there, we spend so much time trying to make it work. We realise we are in a place where our heart doesn’t belong.

We end up staying at the job till its too late to do anything about it.

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Reasons Youre Confused About Your Next Career Move

A lot of women are unhappy at work, and they feel stuck, stagnant, and undervalued. And the main reason they feel stuck is that they dont know what to do next in their career. Does that sound like you? If yes, continue reading to find out the 3 reasons that are most likely causing you to be confused about your next career move.

Listen To Your Inner Voice

How to Figure Out Your Ideal Nursing Job

We each have an inner voice that knows exactly what we want and need at any time. The inner self that has your best interests at heart. Youve had it since birth. But the growing up process teaches you to conform to societal norms.

While this is useful for getting along in the world, it also makes it easy to lose touch with your inner voice. And the better you are at achieving societal definitions of success, the more buried your inner voice can get.

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Figure Out What You Want To Do

The first thing to consider if the job itself. What types of tasks do you want to be doing on a daily basis? What gives you energy and makes you excited? What will help you grow in your career?

For some, this will be constantly interacting with people. For others, this could be writing code or analyzing data or managing large projects from start to finish.

The list could go on forever, but the way you know what gives you the most energy is to draw on your existing experiences and learn about new areas of interest.

Exercise #1 Start/Stop/Continue

Using the worksheet you downloaded above or even a chart you draw on the back of a napkin, take notes in 3 separate columns.

In the start column, jot down things you havent done yet, but are interested in doing or at least learning more about.

In the stop column jot down things youve done that you dont particularly like or want to continue doing.

In the continue column, jot down things youve done in the past or are currently doing that you enjoy and are good at.

Write from your gut, without overthinking it. Most people who I share this exercise with find that its not only easy to do, but actually really illuminating.

Simple Things To Boost Your Confidence And Career In 2023

One of my catchphrases in The Career Elevator issmall steps taken regularly lead to big results.

Thats what its all about. I think we can get caught up in setting big goals and get put off by the idea that they require big action.

So to help you navigate your career, and boost your confidence in 2023 Ive identified SIMPLE steps you can take that will lead to big outcomes.

  • Block out personal development time in your diary and do something for yourself. Take that course, read, plan your career strategy.
  • Dont expect your manager or leadership to be mind-readers, tell them you want a promotion or payrise or to work on something that interests you. Ask what they need to see from you to make it happen.
  • Ask for feedbackdont use those words, think about what you want to know and ask a positive question that will give you advice. Likehow do you see me having impact? What do you think I could do to increase my impact?
  • Journal on what I did well todayit will train your brain to notice the good things you do which builds self-belief. And it will act as a record of your impact. Throw in some things youre grateful for and youll be amazed at how much better you feel about yourself and life.
  • Similarly, keep a weekly record of your workchallenges overcome, learning, successes, feedback. It will build your confidence and make performance reviews and interviews lot easier
  • Before meetings, take time to think about the outcomes you want and why. It will keep you more focused.
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    Am I Headed In The Right Direction

    Day to day and even year to year, it can be hard to tell if you are headed in the right direction if you dont look up periodically and assess where you are. Ive worked with scores of clients who have said some variation of Ive never had to look for new opportunities. They just fell into my lap or came to me. While its nice to have new opportunities come your way and it can be very flattering or even seductive to be recruited for certain roles, it can cloud your judgement and result in a more haphazard versus intentional path. Many of the same people who shared the above-mentioned experience also shared, I dont know how I got here. I just kept taking the next job that came up. Im not sure that this is where I really wanted to be.

    Why Is It Often Hard To Make A Career Move

    3-Step Process for Figuring Out Your Next Career Move

    Well, ask yourself: why am I staying? Perhaps you feel stuck, or you dont know where to start. Youre terrified of the what-ifs: what if you cant find another job? What if the next one is worse?

    Maybe you have imposter syndrome. Youve lost your confidence will anyone want to hire you? Do you have the skills necessary? Perhaps you have been looking, but it all feels daunting and overwhelming.

    These are all real and valid worries. But not something to keep you from making the move you need to make.

    In fact, have you considered the other what-ifs? What impact is your current situation having on your life, health, relationships, and well-being? What if you keep going the way you are going?

    As an executive, career, and leadership coach, Ive worked with many clients who waited until the proverbial straw that broke the camels back to leave. But that straw is often a broken marriage, unbearable stress, or a significant health issue that takes over and forces them to leave. My hope is that the right conversations held BEFORE these drastic measures lead you to a more fulfilled path.

    Dont wait. If youre unhappy, stressed, overwhelmed, unfilled, or working in a toxic, unhealthy work environment, theres no better time to consider a change.

    Now, what that change is may look different to different people. You dont always have to leave your job. Sometimes, you can create change by looking for a new role in the same company, a new challenge, or a new way of working.

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    Talk To People Who Inspire You

    You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Talking to people who inspire you will make you strive to be who you want to be. Surround yourself with whom you aspire to be, who will provide you with insights, and new ideas. If youre considering a career move, there is no doubt that meeting new people can give you access to a better world and help you greatly. The whole process may be scary but will definitely help you move forward with your career change.

    How To Figure Out Your Next Career Move And Make It Happen

    Whats next for you and your career? Is it time for a big leap to a totally different job? Or do you want to move forward within the same company? Are you chasing promotion or daydreaming about a completely different job?

    Career moves can be drastic and life changing. They can also be modest and subtly transformative. Both are valid and exciting! Career moves can also be a source of great confusion. How do you figure out what to do next?

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    How To Assess Value Alignment With Career Opportunities

    Choosing your next career move is an empowering experience once you know exactly what you do and do not want out of your next role. This allows you to align your work with your priorities and values and avoid being swayed by money, titles, or other factors that dont bring satisfaction in and of themselves.

    Whether youre in a formal interview process for a role at a new company or simply doing a value-alignment assessment of your current role, here are some questions to help you measure alignment on values, motivations, and contributions when assessing future opportunities:

    What Relationships Do I Need To Build

    Career Compass

    Relationships are fundamental to career success. You cant do it alone, no matter what the it is. Given your near, mid, and even long-term goals, who are the people who can help you get there? You may know some already and others you may have yet to meet. When youre heads down in work, its easy to neglect your relationships. Take some heads up time to step back and take stock of your network by drawing a rough network map, identifying those you know to varying degrees and mapping them according to the strength of the relationship. Write your name in the center of a blank page. Note down stronger ties closer to you and weaker ties further away.

    Then ask yourself Where am I over-invested? Where am I under-invested? If youre an engineer in the technology sector and your network is mostly other engineers, but you want to pivot from the tech sector to education, who do you need to meet or re-engage from your past to start to make this shift? Likewise, if you are a mid-level finance professional and want to eventually become a CFO, but your network contains very few C-level executives, this will inform the focus of your networking efforts since youll want to have relationships with a variety of CFOs and other senior leaders. What are the relationships that you want to build, maintain and leverage to facilitate achieving your goals?

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    What To Consider When Defining Your Career Path

    Some of us end up looking at old maps that have not been updated to show the new and exciting paths that have been added or the old ones that have been closed down. Were are still headed to some dream place that we picked back in 12th grade or college – when we have changed so much in the meantime. Or we consult the maps given by our parents and family members or our friends gave us. While the map they give you makes sense to them, it may not necessarily make sense to you.

    You need to find a map/path that works for you, for your career. This could mean that you need to create one of your own. Even before that, you need to see who you really are. Thats the only way you can identify where you need to go.

    Stuck In A Job That Isn’t You Ready For A Career Change But Have No Idea What Else You Could Do Or Where To Start Drawing On His Own Story Richard Explains How By Ditching The Conventional Career Rules You’ll Radically Increase Your Chances Of Finding Something You Love

    It was one of the most difficult periods of my life.

    On the surface, I had a good job in a well-known company. I’d been promoted several times. I had a mortgage, I was travelling with work and had great prospects ahead of me.

    Inside though, I was deeply unfulfilled. I wasn’t enjoying my work, I felt like I wasn’t using my full potential, and I longed to wake up feeling like my work was making a difference to someone or something.

    Yet, I didn’t have a clue what else I could do.

    Indeed I’d struggled on and off for years to figure out a way to change, but without making progress.

    Eventually, as you’ll read below, I came out the other side. But it wasn’t an easy journey.

    These are the lessons I learnt along the way.

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    Challenge #: Im Afraid To Ask

    Asking for help is intimidating. Put yourself in the learning mindset and remember that this conversation is going to help you define the path for your career. The key to asking someone to grant you an informational interview is to be polite, prepared, and succinct. Below is a basic script for requesting the interview.

    Am I Doing Meaningful Work

    How To Determine Your Next Best Career Move

    Its no secret that we long to find meaning and fulfillment in our lifes work. I hear from job seekers frequently that one of the reasons theyre making a career move is so that they can contribute, do more meaningful work, or feel like theyre making a difference. Before you make a career move, ask yourself how fulfilled you are in your current role. What would bring more meaning and purpose to your work?

    Are there certain core values that you hold that arent being utilized in your current position? What are they?

    If you know what your core values are and what brings you meaning and fulfillment in your work, then youll know what to look for when evaluating roles that youre considering applying to or offers that you receive.

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    Script : Informational Interviews What To Say To Your Manager

    Hi ,

    I am thinking about my career development. I have noticed that target and are doing some interesting things, and I plan to talk with them about their work.

    Anyone else you can think of that could be good for me to talk to?

    Most of the time, your message will be positively viewed. You are taking a proactive approach to your own career development. The most likely outcome will be a comment like Good idea, let me know if I can help. Unfortunately, this approach is not totally without risk. It is possible that you have a manager who has other ideas about what your career should look like and might bristle at the fact that you are being proactive. I recommend you do it anyway.

    If your boss has trouble with you having a conversation with someone in the organization, they are probably causing you other issues that you will need to deal with in the future. I had a manager tell me that I was being too ambitious thinking that I deserved to be talking to the chief technology officer. I had multiple problems with this person and was eventually able to get out of his organization. Not long after I became the Chief Innovation Officer at a different firm.

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