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Fulham Head Into The Break In Good Shape Despite Loss

Episode 42 – Level Up your Career – How to Break into IT Service Management

That’s a tough loss for Fulham to take today, but it’s still been a brilliant first half of the season by them:

Fulham finish up for the World Cup on 19 points. They are 9th in the table. Top half. Not the result today but a performance again that shows just how impressive they have been this year. Really outstanding start to this season.#FFC

Peter Rutzler

What Cybersecurity Jobs Are Out There

If youve done any research into cyber security positions, you must have come across something called the cybersecurity talent gap. The cyber security talent gap is the lack of skilled cyber security personnel available to fill much-needed roles in organizations. A recent estimate shows that over 3.5 million cyber security roles will go unfilled in 2021 globally. These are positions that you could already be training to fill!

Furthermore, a PricewaterhouseCoopers report states that less than half of companies worldwide are prepared for a cyberattack. Its a fact that cyberattacks are increasing in regularity and severity, and this points to a serious need for skilled personnel in the cyber security industry. So whats needed to get into cyber security?

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Career Progression For An It Project Manager

At the start of your career, you may be hired as an IT Project Coordinator, IT Project Lead, or IT Project Manager I. As you gain experience, you might then progress to become an IT Project Manager II, III or even a Senior IT Project Manager.

From there, once you have gained more experience and demonstrated a track record as a reliable professional, capable of consistently delivering positive results, you could also choose to become an IT Project Management Consultant or even be offered more opportunities, such as a transition in your career to become an IT Program Manager, Portfolio Manager, or eventually a Chief Information Officer , Chief Information Technology Office or IT Director – here are some job descriptions for these. The IT Project Manager role provides many career path options for those who are interested in this and dedicated to success.

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Network And Computer Systems Administrators

Monitoring an organizations network and communication technologies and ensuring that they are installed and supported properly, network and computer systems administrators are responsible for the everyday operation of computer networks of businesses worldwide.

While most companies expect a bachelors degree in a related subject, some might be open to those with an associates degree or even a post secondary certificate. The role serves as a gateway to a computer systems career.

The median annual income for network and computer systems administrators was $83,510 in 2019. Like we had mentioned earlier, if becoming a computer network architect and landing jobs in the computer networking field is your dream, then this is where you get started.

Computer System Analysts

Studying a companys current computer system and designing ways to improve its efficiency, computer system analysts work full time on most occasions. The median wage for this job profile was $93,730 in May 2020 and the outlook for this position is as good as the national average for all occupations.

Know What You Need To Study

How to Break into a New Industry

Dolce believes that having a strategy for how you will approach earning a certification is the key to success. This starts with knowing what areas of the exam you are weakest in. Start with the exam objectives for CompTIA exams, you can . He also encouraged IT pros to peruse Reddit and other online forums to become aware of what test-takers are saying about specific certification exams.

What areas of the exam are the hardest for most people? Dolce asked. What do you need to focus on? Instead of trying to immediately start studying, I think its valuable to take the time to figure out what it is you may find most challenging and then create a personalized study plan.

Watch out for red flags that could be construed as brain dumps or cheating

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Ready For A Change Here’s How You Can Get Into It With Zero Experience

Whether you’re working a dead-end job or transitioning out of the military, everybody has different reasons to make the jump into the IT industry. And the timing couldn’t be better. The industry is facing a massive shortage of workers plus, it offers great pay, amazing benefits, and lots of employment opportunities.

If you don’t have much experience but are looking to join this thriving industry, don’t worry you’re not the first. Here are seven tips for getting your foot in the door of the IT industry.

Try To Fill Skills Gap In Your Current Company

Make the most of your transferrable skills. Has your company ever had a project that you would like to take on or participate in? If this is the case, talk openly and honestly with your management about your goals. Tell them why youd like to work on particular projects.Switching jobs internally rather than hunting for a new job can be easier if your workplace is receptive . As a starting point, ask yourself, Is there anything more I can accomplish in my current position? Look for a role like a Business Analyst or Software Quality Tester if this is the case. Additionally, working closely with your present companys IT team may help you prepare for a transfer in the future.Use your transferable skills and be prepared to start from scratch if you have to change jobs.

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Promote Your Career By Promoting Yourself

While you’re pivoting toward high-need areas, you can also build yourself up in your chosen niche. Let’s say you want to get an entry-level IT job in the cybersecurity field in Baltimore. You can write a weekly blog centered around IT issues in that area, or post relevant material on LinkedIn or your other professional profiles. Getting involved in the scene in your desired area can help you learn more about the industry and make useful connections.

It’s also a good idea to become an active memberand this means contributing useful contenton popular message boards and groups pertaining to your chosen IT niche. LinkedIn has many professional discussion groups, as do leading professional IT organizations like the Association of Independent Information Professionals, the IEEE Computer Society, the Technology Services Industry Association, the Association of Computer Engineers and Technicians, and the Computing Technology Industry Association. Becoming a member of a governing organization in your field helps show potential employers that you’re invested in your industry. If you’re able, attend conferences led by one of these organizations and use that opportunity to network with future colleagues.

Set Daily Weekly And Monthly Study Goals

How to Get Hired After a Career Break

In addition to knowing what you need to study, having a strategy for your study goals related to tackling your certification exam is also important. Dolce said that if you want to pass an exam, you should have daily, weekly and monthly goals and create deadlines for when you will get things done. View these deadlines as being set-in-stone and stay accountable to yourself for adhering to them.

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Biggest Tip To Get Past The Initial Screening

Alyssa: At Hubspot, we still go through resumes manually. Give the recruiter a clear look at your qualifications: make sure the minimum requirements are there up front. Recruiters dont have a lot of time, so make it easy for them to see youre qualified.

Megan: I like cover letters! Keep it short and sweet , but a personal anecdote really can show your personality and show why youre excited to apply for the job.

Get An It Job Without A Degree

Comparably, a workplace culture and compensation monitoring website, projects 12.4 million net tech employment in the U.S. and about 245,500 projected net new tech jobs in 2021. While a college degree still holds weight among management and executive ranks, a shortage of IT workers is making many firms less choosy over educational formalities.

Good Financial Cents concurs that many IT career paths do not require a degree, such as IT technician. As your skills progress and you get more experience, you can easily make $50,000 to $70,000 per year as you get into systems administration and network engineering, the article said.

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Ten Hag: ‘really Happy With The Resilience We Have’

Erik ten Hag spoke to BBC after the win: “I think in the first half we played quite well and I think we had to score more goals. The difference between us and Fulham had to be bigger after the first half.

“We were only 1-0 up and then a great chance after half-time. And then you see that two halves are never the same and the game changes. Fulham get better and better and more dominant, create chances and get the equaliser.

“The last 10 minutes were then ours. I’m really happy with the resilience we have. Also the composure you can bring in the game then.

“The winning has to do with the belief that you can always score. I’m really happy that a sub came in once again – it’s not only 11 players, you need a squad to win trophies and that is what we want.”

On whether he would have been happy at the start of the season with fifth place at the break: “I think so, yep. Especially with the problems we have faced. One big problem is the front line. We didn’t have many players available in that first part of the season. We have to improve that and if that comes then we can be more consistent.”

Is Tech Right For You Take Our 3

How to break into a career in politics

You Will Learn: If a career in tech is right for you What tech careers fit your strengths What skills you need to reach your goals

If youre like lots of my friends, you might feel like tech is only for high school students Snapchatting and Vine-ing their lives away. Or you might think that only 17-year-old wunderkids can be successful in a startup. But its never too late to get a career in tech. I made the switch in my mid-40s, and Im happier than ever with my career now.

Of course you need specific tech skills to get a career in tech, but you can get those skills faster than you think and you can land plenty of fulfilling, high-paying jobs that dont require a degree in Computer Science.

But what else can you do to get going in tech if youre in your 30s, 40s, or even 90s? Try out these 8 tips to make your way into a career in tech regardless of your birth year. And dont forget to download the free Beginners Guide to Getting A Junior Developer Job to start your job search today.

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What I Bring To The Table

I Have A Unique Perspective Based On Real Life Experience

I have a strong viewpoint developed from creating tech products and businesses, and helping other smart people do the same. I have been published in Forbes, the Financial Times, The Guardian precisely because I have a unique perspective. Being plain vanilla isn’t me.

Yes, I have an MBA from Chicago Booth, but the thing that really sets me apart is that I put that theory into practice, and can tell you what really works, and how long it takes.

Not to mention my happy consulting clients this is why clients hire me.

What I Do Is Not For Everyone

I have a no non-sense and pragmatic approach. I do not believe that everybody has to learn to code. I don’t think learning Python is going to make you a better innovator.

I want to help smart non-technical professionals succeed in the tech world, while using the core competencies they already have.

Attitude is Everything:

Work is much more productive without the somber mood! In a world where everything is overly serious, I approach challenges with a fun, creative and a how can we attitude. Afterall, we should enjoy what we do 🙂

If I get any hint that you will not be fun to work with, will not follow through, or that you are not passionate about what you do, its a hard no for me.

Code of Conduct

Golden Rule of Mutual Respect

Rule of Clarity:

Rule of Phones:

Rule of Value:

Think You Can’t Break Into Tech Think Again

The tech industry might seem like this exclusive club that’s impossible to join, especially if you don’t already have some tech experience under your belt.But, while that perception is pretty common, it’s not totally accurate. The tech industry offers plenty of opportunities in a variety of different roles that could be just the right fit for you.And hey, if you managed to find your locker on the first day of high school , you can do this too.

Kat Boogaard

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Join Our Program For Bootcamp Grads

There are services that provide a career program for bootcamp grads, including our very own. Knowing that many companies love hiring bootcamp grads, our service makes job placement for bootcampstudents easier.

Join Gyfteds new job matching program for bootcamp students now. Enrolling in our service right away allows you to apply just once and be considered for every company out there in the tech world. We have also looked into the question of how to get a job after bootcamp in greater detail in this post, which is a seven minute read.

The Best Tech Jobs With No Experience Needed

Making a Career Shift into Tech

Before career switching, lets debunk some common myths about getting into tech or IT. Dont let these stop you.

First, I have to learn to code before getting a job in tech.

The truth: In an analysis of over 500,000 roles in technology companies, 30% were technical roles. The rest? Non-technical roles like marketing, business development, sales, etc.1

Of course, technology chops help. If you want to be successful, you should have curiosity about the 1s and 0s behind the curtain. But its not a rule. When I started, I didnt know the difference between front-end and back-end, client or server. I learned along the way.

Next, I need 3-5 years experience to get an entry-level tech job.

The truth: X years experience is a wish-list item, not a hard-fast rule. There are ways to bypass this rule with networking, a great interview, and company selection. Well cover some of these strategies further in the article.

I need a Bachelors / Masters degree to apply.

The truth: Degree requirements are another wish-list item. Its becoming more common to land a tech job without a degree if you can add value and youre a good fit for the company. Many of the tech jobs below dont need a degree.

I need X certificate or I should build a portfolio first.

The truth: Every role has some base skills. For example, a content marketer needs to be able to navigate a CMS. As long as you can do the job, a certificate is unnecessary.

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Have The Right Mindset & Attitude

What do we mean by the right mindset and attitude?To know that you can succeed in the tech industry, you need to know that people from various walks of life have done so. As a result, a positive outlook and a strong sense of self-confidence are essential.The journey youre about to embark on may not be as simple as it appears. There will be highs and lows, and you may even question your decision at times.

This is where your frame of mind and disposition come into play. To answer the question, Why do I desire this job?, you need to know what drives you. If you become mired down in doubts and anxieties, your answer to this question will help you keep your eye on the prize and the larger picture.Some people find their journey easy and some find it hard. Regardless, you must accept any setbacks, learn from them, and go on.

It Project Manager Salaries

Now that you have an understanding of the IT Project Managers’ role, some of the challenges, rewards and job growth prospects, it’s important to also know the range of salaries you might expect to see. As with the difference in IT Project Manager roles, salaries will also differ depending on geographic location, industry, level of seniority, experience, whether the individual is certified or not, their specialization, the project type, and other factors. The PMI notes that for those holding the PMP certification, median salaries are 23% higher on average than for those without a PMP certification. According to the Modis 2019 Technology and Engineering salary guide, the median total cash compensation for an IT Project Manager ranges from $83,000 to over $137,000 a year.

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How To Get Into Cyber Security If You Already Work In It

People from IT backgrounds tend to find that a lot of the skills they already have translate well to cyber security. People from software engineering backgrounds, for instance, are used to working with and manipulating data in databases and working with front and backend frameworks. People with IT experience are most times familiar with information systems and networks. They also tend to have been exposed to such fundamentals as configuring and administering systems, coding, database management, IT procedures, and real-world business operations.

Technical skills youll need in cyber security if you already work in IT

Depending on the cyber security role you have in mind, your technical skills from your previous IT role might not translate perfectly. That being said, some IT roles are such a good fit for cyber security that they are called feeder roles. The skills youll need are:

  • Risk assessment and management
  • Soft Skills youll need in cyber security if you already work in IT

    The soft skills you might need include:

  • Verbal and written communication
  • Presentation skills
  • How to acquire these skills and demonstrate your experience

    Keep in mind that cyber security certifications are important to most employers. This is because they announce the skills that you have acquired with the benefit of the backing of the organization issuing it. This gives you a foot in the door at interviews and helps to reputably demonstrate the valuable skills youve recently acquired.

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