How To Advance My Nursing Career


What Are The Opportunities For Advancement For A Registered Nurse

How to advance your career: For nurse practitioners

RN advancement is not only available, it is highly encouraged.

The following routes are the most common ways to advance your nursing career:

  • Obtain specialty certification in your clinical area, such as TNCC, CCRN or ABLS certification
  • Expand your education by earning your Bachelors in Nursing, MSN or DNP degree
  • Develop your management experience by becoming a charge nurse or preceptor on your unit
  • Enroll in continuing education courses that expand your nursing skill set and knowledge
  • Earn your Post Graduate certificate in a supporting field such as Informatics or Education

Advances in medicine and medical services place a demand for highly educated nurses who are prepared to provide specialized nursing skills in different clinical and service areas. A shortage of primary care physicians also puts pressure on the nursing profession to fill the gap. For these two reasons alone, registered nurse advancement through higher education is not only obtainable, but it may be essential for the continued functioning of our healthcare system.

The cost of maintaining expensive hospital services has spurred efforts to reduce hospital stays, prevent frequent re-hospitalizations, and to shift many of the services to outpatient care settings. These include nurse-managed health centers, primary care clinics, urgent care centers, long term acute care centers, rehabilitation facilities and home healthcare services.

Nursing Career Advancement: Exploring Your Options

In the field of healthcare, you can begin working in a variety of entry-level positions as a nursing professional with just a bachelors degree and appropriate state licensure. However, at some point during your career you may decide that you want to return to school.

Earning an advanced nursing degree can come with many benefits and can allow you to pursue higher-level positions within a healthcare organization and teach you leadership skills and specialized knowledge in the nursing field. Keep reading to learn about why you should advance your nursing career and how to earn your advanced nursing degree.

Pick The Right Specialization

There are so many different advanced nursing careers to choose from, so how do you know which one is right for you?

Of course, there is no simple answer to this, and it can sometimes be a case of trial and error to see what kind of role you are best suited to.

That being said, there are certain areas of nursing that have the ability to transform your professional life into something really special. These are:

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Advancement Opportunities For Nurses With A Dnp Degree

The growing demand for NPs and other APRNs creates diverse nursing career paths for nurses looking to qualify for leadership roles in health care. The BLS forecasts that the number of jobs for NPs, nurse anesthetists and nurse midwives will increase by 45% between 2020 and 2030, which is much faster than the projected average job growth for all occupations.

Several factors contribute to the growing demand for DNP degree holders:

  • Greater emphasis on preventive care
  • The health care demands of an aging population
  • Medical advances that convert formerly deadly diseases into manageable chronic conditions
  • Changes in state laws that allow APRNs to perform a wider range of medical procedures and other health care services

Consider four advancement opportunities for nurses with a DNP degree.

What Job Options Do You Have In Your Advanced Nursing Career Outlook

How to Advance Your Nursing Career in 2021 : Science &  General News ...

Before taking an advanced nursing program such as the BSN or MSN degree, dont be afraid to evaluate your career options and ensure youre making the right choice. The nursing field has a place for every hardworking nurse looking for a rewarding career, at every education level.

Here are some nursing career specialties you should consider when defining your preferred nursing career trajectory:

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Where Do Nurse Practitioners Work

The majority of NPs 69%, according to AANP deliver primary care, but all areas of practice are experiencing a growing need for APRNs.

The BLS reports that 47% of nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, and nurse midwives work in physicians offices. Other NPs provide care in a variety of settings, with some traveling to meet patients where other assistance is not available. In addition to physician practices, APRNs may work in the following kinds of facilities:

  • Birthing centers

Earn A Specialization Certification

After gaining some experience in the field, you may discover that you’re passionate about one area of the practice in particular. If this is the case, you might earn a specialization certification. When you specialize, you have the opportunity to become an expert in that aspect of nursing. Additionally, earning this type of certification can provide you with opportunities to lead other nurses working in the specialty. Some specializations include:

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Advance Your Nursing Career With Emedcert

Advancing your nursing career is a lifelong process that requires dedication, passion, and patience. Education, mentorship, and specialized certifications can help you climb the ladder in your career and in turn, help to positively impact more people.

Electronic Medical Certification provides healthcare professionals with convenient, credible, affordable, and user-friendly online certification courses. eMedCert provides a fully-online alternative to traditional ACLS, PALS, and BLS certifications and recertifications to help you advance your nursing career without inconveniencing your work or lifestyle.

We want to make sure you have the best experience possible with our courses. If you need assistance or have any further questions about online healthcare certifications, connect with our team by sending us a message.


Join A Professional Nursing Organization

How Online Courses Can Help Advance Your Nursing Career

Another way you can advance your nursing career is by joining a professional nursing organization. There are many different organizations you can consider joining. Membership provides you with continual education and certification courses, educational conferences and other professional development opportunities. Additionally, your membership in an organization can help you meet other people in your field and build your professional network.

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Professional And Personal Development

Read nursing journals. Find out what journal your boss is reading and subscribe to it. Stay on top of industry trends and converse about recent topics. Can you answer the following questions?Why is there a focus on preventing hospital readmissions? What is up with observation status in inpatient beds? What does value-based care mean? What are the statistics on Magnet® facilities and who accredits them? What is the trend in new grad residencies?In addition:

  • Attend at least one nursing conference a year. Nursing conferences are an investment in your career. You learn, you network, you are infused with energy, and you remain cutting-edge.
  • Join your specialty nursing organization and obtain your specialty certification.
  • Cultivate curiosity. Insatiable curiosity is a sign of a life-long learner.
  • Seek and accept constructive criticism. Professional development includes self-improvement and personal growth.
  • Study successful role models to become a better communicator and more effective.

Pursuing Leadership Roles In Nursing

Two of the most important aspects of nurses progress toward their nursing goals are their role in mentoring and educating new nurses and their input and influence in shaping local and national health policy. Preparing to apply for a nurse leadership position starts by determining the qualifications for the job and understanding all the responsibilities and duties.

  • Nurse leaders must be able to anticipate and prevent conflict when possible and know techniques for mitigating conflicts when they arise.
  • Nurse leaders need first-rate writing and speaking skills and should be adept at presenting medical information clearly, concisely, and completely.
  • Nurse leaders must commit to their own long-term success in terms of keeping abreast of developments in their field and learning useful new skills.
  • Nurse leaders must be committed to the short- and long-term success of their employees, departments, and organizations.

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Nursing Career Advancement: 8 Ways To Stand Out In Your Scrubs

By Brianna Flavin on 12/16/2019

Youre a nurse because you care about your patients and improving the lives of people around you. You also care about your own career satisfactionyoure committed to moving forward, increasing your earning potential and gaining new skills.

Whether youre a nurse hopeful intent on standing out or a nursing veteran ready to change things up, there are always things you can be doing to progress in your profession.

The one factor that consistently made a difference in my career was my willingness to accept the fear of the unknown and take the leap, says Nicole Nash-Arnold, founder of Nurse Manager HQ. My mantra was, what’s the worst that can happen?

Nursing career advancement can be both thrilling and overwhelming, and it definitely takes courage to decide to make a change. Where do you start? What can you add to your already-pretty-full plate that will make a genuine difference in your career and happiness? We enlisted some veteran nurses to help us identify eight ideas for achieving your nursing advancement goals.

Tips To Advance Nursing Careers In 2019

Nursing Career Advancement Program

Dr. Cheryl Oetjen1. Continue your educationRN to BSN programmasters program2. Pursue a specialtyareas of specializationpsychiatric mental health training3. Find a nursing career mentorviable nursing career goalsmentoring program4. Build a solid networkNotre Dame CollegeNurse Journalprofessional associations5. Practice self-promotionNotre Dame College30 seconds

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Scope Of A Nursing Career

Your nursing career can take you a long way in the next few years if you nurture and tend to it appropriately. The need for well-trained competent nurses is on the rise, and there will always be a need for them. There are many lucrative career opportunities in the nursing landscape, choose a career, depending on your strengths and preferences. By building connections, furthering your education in a specialty, choosing a good mentor, and practicing self-promotion, you can take your nursing career to its highest peak regardless of whether you are a new graduate just starting out or have years of education.

Consider applying to a Nursing/Pre-Nursing Internship abroad with International Medical Aid to gain practical, real-world experience that can help you determine which nursing career path is best for you!

Nursing Career Advancement: Explore Your Options

5 Min Read

Its no secret that nursing is one of the worlds most rewarding careers. From hospitals to rehabilitation facilities to ambulatory clinics and homecare, nursing professionals are always in high demand.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , there were more than three million registered nurses working in the United States in 2018. When looking at registered professionals in all levels of nursing, this figure is rapidly increasing. As medical science progresses and new advancement opportunities for registered nurses become available, the number of nursing positions is expected to increase 12% by 2028, which is much faster than the countrys average industry growth rate.

When considering advancement opportunities for registered nurses, its important to understand where different nursing pathways will lead. Explore your options when it comes to educational degree programs, career possibilities and the future of nursing possibilities before choosing the next step in your career.

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How To Advance Your Nursing Career Path & Create Long

Are you a registered nurse who wants to get better and advance your career? As nursing is a competitive field, basic certifications alone dont really elevate your professional profile anymore.

If youve already mastered your domain, moving forward in your nursing journey is the natural next step and a way to improve your daily processes.

To move up the career ladder, look to further your training and enhance your critical reasoning skills. Education is key, and you should consider it alongside practical experience and networking. There are various ways to achieve that promotion or advance your already acquired nursing skills, and were going to lay some of the paths you can follow.


How To Advance Your Nursing Career

How to succeed in the U.S. with a Green Card and advanced nursing career.

While there are several ways to advance your nursing career, one of the most popular paths is to return to school and earn an advanced nursing degree. If you already possess a BSN degree, earning a Master of Science in Nursing degree would be a beneficial next step. Additionally, there are many options within an MSN degree program if you decide early on what specialty you would like to pursue.

For example, if you decide that you want to pursue career advancement in public health and disease prevention, you could earn an MSN in Public Health. Public health nursing is the practice of identifying and assessing health issues that impact various groups and populations within a community. In this role, while you may not directly provide patient care, you can make a difference knowing that you are working to better the health of entire communities as a public health nurse.

This degree can help you expand your foundational nursing knowledge and additionally advance your knowledge into the specialization that you want to pursue. So, before choosing an MSN degree program, make sure you look into all your options and choose the program that you think would best help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

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What Job Options Do You Have For Your Advanced Nursing Career Outside Hospital Settings

Even though nursing has always been associated with the hospital setting and health care facilities, opportunities can also be found in voluntary organizations, local authorities , schools and higher education institutions, prisons, military forces, leisure cruise companies, and private nursing homes. Lets have a look at some of the job roles which can help you advance your nursing career.

Are There Opportunities For Advancement In Nursing Management

Some nurses are natural leaders and like to organize teams and work effectively with others to enhance efficiency and achieve successful outcomes. A staff nurse with experience and excellent performance who shows this leadership ability may be promoted to positions of shift supervisor or unit manager and eventually to a head nurse position.

Nurses with a BSN are more likely to be considered for management positions such as nurse supervisor or nurse administrator. A BSN registered nurse with two years of administrative experience and 30 hours of continuing education can qualify for a Nurse Executive certification with the American Nurses Credentialing Center .

For nurses without a BSN, there are still options for advancement into management. RNs and LPNs with experience and ability can become directors of assisted living facilities and may excel as leaders in these settings.

RNs with advanced degrees experience greater freedom in the profession and may move more readily into management positions. As an example, the nurse practitioner , with knowledge and training for a particular population of patients, manages patient care by coordinating and supervising nurses and other healthcare professionals in the comprehensive care of a patient. Many nurse-managed centers are directed by NPs.

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Volunteer For Administrative And Leadership Roles

The best way to establish that youre fit for a certain role is by gaining experience.

Actively taking on opportunities that allow you to experience and demonstrate leadership first-hand not only looks good on your resume but also serves as a way to develop critical skills that help prepare you for advancing your nursing career.

Although volunteering wont get you compensated monetarily, it will be highly rewarding in the long run.

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Represent Your Profession Well

This collection of nursing career articles to inspire and support your ...

As a nurse, you take your profession with you everywhere you go. Always represent the profession well, whether youre working or out in the community. Consider lending your talents and skills to organizations in need volunteer or join groups that could benefit from your knowledge. The more experience you have, the better youll position yourself for a future promotion.

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Are There Any Opportunities For Advancement In Nursing Clinical Practice

The field of nursing includes multiple areas of specialization for the care of patients with different illnesses. The following are some of the specialty areas for which registered nurses with BSNs can apply for ANCC certification by meeting experience criteria and taking an examination.

An advanced degree is not needed, but the applicant must have worked two years full-time as a registered nurse, have a minimum of 2,000 hours of clinical practice in the specialty area, and have completed 30 hours of continuing education in the specialty area within the last three years prior to the examination.

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Nursing

Why Should You Advance Your Nursing Career

Perhaps you’ve already earned your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and are a registered nurse . However, now that you have experience in the nursing field, maybe you want to explore your options for advancing your nursing career.

There are many reasons to advance your nursing career. You may want to advance your role, aiming for a leadership position in the field. Or you may want to increase your salary, looking for a way to receive higher compensation for your work. Whatever your ultimate goal may be, advancing your nursing career can come with many benefits, including the following:

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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

As advanced practice registered nurses, certified registered nurse anesthetists practice nursing at high standards, with autonomy, respect, and professionalism.

CRNAs can be found in every setting where anesthesia is needed and are responsible for all anesthetic procedures, including drugs and dosage limits and management as well as monitoring the patients pain levels and vital functions.

This job is categorized as an advanced practice registered nurse role because it requires training at a graduate level and advanced clinical training. CRNAs spend around 2-3 more years in school than many nursing professionals, which bring them that high level of precision and autonomy. Moreover, CRNA positions are among the best paid nursing careers.

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