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Youll Build A Global Perspective

How does an MBA/Postgrad Degree Help Pivot Your Career? | ESSEC Programs

An MBA program with a general management curriculum is designed to prepare you to lead in any function, in any industry, anywhere in the world. Its a distinct benefit to learning about business in an educational setting versus the workplace.

A number of people have a chance to work in one other country or one other global market, but its pretty rare to find a job where you can learn about how business is conducted in every region throughout the world, Bennett says. An MBA program gives you the opportunity to learn that in a classroom and in field-based exercises.

Through access to international research centers, a diverse student body, and immersion programs, an MBA program can present you with numerous resources to expand your knowledge of international businessinstilling the confidence you need to manage people and teams across the globe.

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Its An Investment In Yourself

The path to an MBA is different for everyone. After all, it isnt a required credential to advance and doesnt directly translate to a specific position in the workforce.

Kate Bennett, director of marketing for MBA Admissions at Harvard Business School and a 2009 HBS graduate, says that enrolling in an MBA program is a personal choice that stems from a desire to better yourself and elevate your career.

The purpose of a full-time MBA program is to give students an opportunity to immerse themselves for two years in a period of intense personal and professional development that enables students to really accelerate their career, as well as prepares them to lead organizations, Bennett says.

Its rare to have two years to focus on improving yourself and charting how you want to make an impact,” Bennett says. “The two years allow you to reflect on the difference you want to make in the world.”

Pursuing an MBA can provide you the chance to look inside yourself and determine how you can hone your skills and abilities to pursue your passions and make your career goals a reality.

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Stand Out From Other Candidates

When applying for competitive roles, listing an MBA on your resume is an impressive way to differentiate yourself from others. Seeing an MBA degree on your resume can increase the likelihood that hiring managers will ask you to interview or move you forward in the hiring process. Be sure to use your interview as an opportunity to explain how you can apply the knowledge gained from your degree to bring invaluable results to the company.

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How Does An Mba Fit Into Your Product Management Career

Online Manipal Editorial Team | November 11, 2022

Key takeaways:

  • Product management has evolved as a popular career among the youth.
  • Pursuing an MBA in this domain hones various product management skills.

Whether you are a student or a working professional, pursuing an MBA opens doors to diverse career opportunities, product management being one of them. Today, the success rate of businesses is largely driven by the quality of their product, and its potential to satisfy varied customer needs.

We frequently hear about successful products and those that are not. The latter could be attributed to various factors, including a lack of financing and resources, inadequate supervision, and an absence of team direction. Typically, a product fails because it lacks effective product management. That is why an MBA is important to be able to skillfully manage products.

Product management is the procedure of guiding a product from the outset throughout its lifecycle. To finish a product within the parameters of time, cost, and effectiveness is the primary purpose of product management. It should be kept in mind that since products are not meant to last eternally, they have lifespans.

Ways An Mba Immediately Boosts Your Reputation

Discover how our online MBA program can help prepare you for a ...

An MBA credential will increase your standing in the eyes of current or prospective employers. By completing your MBA, you immediately show an employer that:

  • Youre dedicated to your career path and to becoming a leader in an organization.
  • You have high levels of emotional intelligence and are able to work with a wide variety of people.
  • Youre able to prioritize and manage your timeand your teams timeto increase efficiency and output.
  • You understand the holistic implications of changes to your organizational structure, your competitors and the overall market.
  • Youre a proficient strategic planner who takes all inputs into consideration when addressing challenges or forecasting new opportunities.
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    Capitalize On Career Support From The Start

    Youre employed, balancing work with your education, and looking to advance professionally as soon as possible. Wouldnt it be useful to rely on your university for career guidance long before commencement day?

    Some MBA programs offer career services as soon as you enroll. While still a student, you can work with specialists to define your goals, hone your resume, clarify your job-search strategy, and heighten your networking and interviewing skills. Those new strengths put you in prime position to utilize the professional search services that are also available to you from day one. This helps you build two facets of your education in tandem rather than sequentially, gaining skills through your coursework while preparing to take on the logistics of career progress elsewhere in your program.

    Independent And Team Opportunities

    MBA graduates may either work as part of a team or independently. If you are allocated to work as part of a large team, you are expected to delegate the work responsibly. You must be able to handle conflicts that may arise in your team and listen to any suggestions that your team members make.

    If you work independently, you will be expected to manage your time wisely. One of the main advantages of working on your own is that you can set your own working hours, but still remain productive.

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    Enhances Knowledge And Develops Advanced Business Skills

    Many MBA graduates have found that this postgraduate degree has thoroughly enlightened them on certain aspects of life, especially concerning operations within the business world.

    While those without an MBA could potentially ponder endlessly and wonder how and why a particular business decision is made, an MBA graduate is able to relate, because they would have been taught beforehand. With an MBA, graduates acquire an in-depth view of the business world.An MBA also provides the student with a strong understanding of how to adapt to ever-changing business environments and evolving industries. This is a very important skill thats needed to maintain a successful business.

    Switch Careers With An Mba And Go Further Faster

    What Can You Do with an MBA? 6 Jobs for MBA Graduates

    Armstrongs MBA from the Wisconsin School of Business gave her the skills and credentials to enter her new field, human resources. While in the program she gained experience as an MBA intern with Bank of America and was hired there after graduation as an executive compensation consultant. Three promotions later, Armstrong has advanced to VP, Human Resources Manager of The Chief Financial Group at Bank of America.

    An MBA can be one of the best ways to quickly obtain the expertise and skills you need to switch careers. At the University of WisconsinMadison, the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA Program prepares you to get the exact job you want by offering one-on-one attention, participation in consulting projects, a lifetime professional network of high-achieving peers, and strong career outcomes to guide your entire career.

    The Wisconsin Full-Time MBA helps students transform their careers to follow their dreams. As #1 in ROI, it delivers exceptional value. As the #14 public full-time MBA program, Wisconsin offers a strong reputation. Accelerate your career in a new role or in a new industry. See where a Wisconsin MBA can take you.


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    Why An Mba Is Important For Your Career

    One of the best reasons to get an MBA is that you become more marketable to employers. Just scroll through the job listings on Monster to see how many have an MBA preferred indication.

    It used to be that MBAs were the degree of choice for people going into finance. Today, all types of industries are hiring people with these degrees. Tech companies are getting business school graduates on board in order to stay competitive. Hot jobs for MBA graduates include mid-level management and executive positions.

    Companies prefer hiring people who have earned MBAs because these students are usually better educated and positioned for roles in strategic thinking, problem-solving, and ambiguity management. An MBA program does more than give you specific knowledge it provides experiential learning opportunities to help prepare and train students for the rigors and processes necessary to lead successful businesses.

    How will the MBA help you in developing your skills? When youre working toward this degree, you dont just learn you consistently use your knowledge. This is a vital characteristic of any leader, manager, or entrepreneur. You need to apply and interpret the data analytics in order to quickly transform ideas into profitable action.

    From an employers perspective, an MBA graduate is likely to have the following qualities:

    • Collaboration and a love of learning

    How Are Mba Programs Accredited

    Fortunately, there are empirical external metrics for evaluating online MBAs in Canada. Aston Universitys online MBA has traditionally placed highly in rankings offered by publications such as The Economist , the National Student Survey , CEO Magazine and the QS Distance Online MBA Rankings .

    There are also rigorous formal processes of accreditation that schools can optionally undergo to prove their quality. Accreditation takes into account the schools reputation among employers, students and other institutes of higher learning. Top accreditation bodies include:

    Those seeking the greatest possible benefits of an MBA are advised to seek out programs that offer triple accreditation, as these provide a guarantee that the degree you will eventually earn commands the respect of those making hiring decisions.

    An MBA also helps your business career by making you a smarter, more agile professional. To learn more about Astons curriculum, or to speak with one of our advisors, contact us using the sidebar on this page.

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    Pro : An Mba Is An Essential Career Management Tool

    While an MBA isnt necessarily required to advance an IT career, it can certainly impact an IT professionals employment trajectory. When recruiting for senior-level roles within IT, many organizations are seeking candidates with prior leadership experience and/or advanced business training, Scheible observes. An MBA not only rounds out a technically-savvy candidates broader skill set, it also open doors to positions that prefer and in some instances, require an advanced degree.

    CIO and CTO roles can be obtained without an MBA in startups and smaller firms as long as you have extensive experience, says Nenad uk, co-founder and CEO at CroatiaTech, a technology services firm based in Split, Croatia, and Salt Lake City. But if youre gunning for these positions in established companies, then the bar has been risen, he adds. These days, Ive met CTOs with a PhD, so an MBA in midsize-to-enterprise level companies is just one thing thats needed to even get a call back.

    Move Up The Career Ladder

    Career Support

    Continuing your education after an undergraduate degree prepares you to start at a higher level when you do get a job. MBA graduates often move into more challenging and prominent positions at an accelerated rate.

    At the same time, many MBA programs look at applicants work experience during the admission process. Therefore, you might want to consider getting that entry-level position while youre earning your bachelors degree to gain a competitive advantage.

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    What Matters To Students

    Overall, students seek a career-changing experience that integrates in-depth learning with career management and helps them become the kind of leaders they aspire to be. Students have said that what they value most in the MBA experience are the opportunities to:

  • Learn from faculty experts who challenge them and teach core principals of critical-thinking, strategy, and analytics.
  • Participate in a diverse range of real-world consulting projects with top global companies.
  • Define the kind of leaders they want to be as they interact with diverse people, projects, and organizations.
  • Get exceptional career navigation from successful, highly engaged alumni and influential executive mentors.
  • Gain essential business skills to support success throughout their entire career, like managing change and leading diverse groups.
  • Develop a lifetime network of well-connected, high-achieving professionals that opens doors.
  • The true evidence of what you gain in an MBA program, of course, is when the rigorous training gets you the job you really want.

    Funding Your Mba Program

    MBA programs are a great way to get ahead in the business and managerial world. Postgraduate studies can be expensive and the tuition fees of an MBA can be off putting, however you need to think about the costs associated with studying your MBA as an investment in your future. If you need some help paying for your tuition fees, Prodigy Finance offers tailor-made funding specifically for MBA students. Find out more about Prodigy Finance here.

    Please note that the information here does not constitute financial advice. Prodigy Finance is one of many potential funding options for international postgraduate students. Other student funding options are available and advises you to research all your options thoroughly before making such a commitment. accepts no responsibility for your choice of loan and does not endorse or support Prodigy Finance. Prodigy Finance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and entered on the Financial Services Register under firm registration number 612713.

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    Con : An Mba Is A Major New Expense

    According to the Poets & Quants website, an MBA from a top school can cost upwards of $200,000 over $400,000 if one cares to include lost job income. For most IT professionals who want to continue in IT or an adjacent field, a full-time MBA is not the best use of time and money, Shah cautions. The opportunity cost is too high.

    Online MBA degree programs, while not as prestigious, are more convenient and far less expensive generally in the $35,000 to $50,000 range.

    Anticipated personal ROI must tie back to the program selected, Ramsey says. She notes that a prospective MBA candidate needs to answer three questions: What do you intend to get out of the program? What do you hope to accomplish five years from graduation? What do you hope to accomplish 15 years from graduation? Then determine whether the total cost and effort is worth achieving your personal career goals.

    What Is An Mba

    Know how the dual-degree MBA Tech. program will help your technology management career

    A Master of Business Administration is a type of graduate degree that educates students on general business management processes. When earning your MBA, there are a wide variety of specializations you can choose to focus on, including marketing, relationship management, finance or accounting. You could pursue your MBA as a full-time student, which can take approximately two to three years to earn your degree. This is typically an ideal option for students who recently graduated with their bachelor’s degree and haven’t yet pursued a full-time career.

    For those with their bachelor’s degree who have worked in their role for several years, one of the available part-time MBA programs could be a convenient and effective opportunity. You could pursue an executive MBA, which allows employees currently serving in manager roles around the ages of 32 to 42 to advance their degree while balancing their full-time job. Other full-time employees approximately 24 to 35 years old who aren’t yet in leadership roles can pursue a part-time MBA, where they can take courses in the evenings or over the weekends.

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    Ways Mba Helps In Achieving You Career Goals

    He is a Growth Hacker, Digital Marketer & Blogger. He loves solving problems of scale and long term digital strategy.

    In recent times, an MBA degree has become imperative for aspiring managers to ensure a promising career in the growing competitive and demanding market. For students havingcareer goals for MBA opens them up to a myriad of job opportunities that sometimes goes beyond the technical skills and training of an individual and comes as essential to power up your self-confidence, communications, and decision-making skills. Such all-around growth possibilities have made MBA one of the most prestigious and coveted post-graduate programs recently that is accredited globally.

    However, it is essential to note that having just an MBA can prove to be futile in terms of bringing value into your career. Its necessary to set career goals before pursuing the degree since different purposes can come with its distinct predefined path and honing different skills. With the right set goal, the degree can help you attain credibility in the market, keeping you aware of the relevant industry trends and discerning tasks based on priority. A neat example can be that of:

    Learn MBA Courses from the Worlds top Universities. Earn Masters, Executive PGP, or Advanced Certificate Programs to fast-track your career.

  • Is it worth to do an MBA?
  • Increase Your Communication Abilities

    Since MBA programs consist of collaborating with other classmates on projects or delivering speeches to professors, you gain valuable communication skills. You can use these to increase your collaboration and presentation abilities with employees or supervisors at work. These communication skills can also be beneficial when using them in your personal life to effectively interact with family members, friends or significant others.

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    What Are The Most In

    If youre looking to apply for a specialised MBA program, some of the sectors you can explore include international management, international business, general management, strategy, consulting, finance, leadership, human resource marketing, entrepreneurship, operations marketing, information technology and marketing. If youve already planned which industry you want to start working in once youve completed your course, you should definitely choose an MBA that gives you several elective options. This enhances your internship and placement opportunities and fetches you a higher pay package.

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