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When Changing Careers Isnt A Realistic Option

How to Choose the Right Career Path in 7 Simple Steps

For many of us, career dreams are just that: dreams. The practical realities of paying the bills and putting food on the table and the kids through school mean that you have to spend 40 hours every week doing a job that you dont enjoy. Or maybe you have to juggle multiple jobs, as well as school or family commitments, just to get by in todays economy. The idea of making a career change may seem about as realistic as choosing to become a professional athlete or an astronaut.

Still, getting up every morning dreading the thought of going to work, then staring at the clock all day willing it to be time to leave can take a real toll on your health. It can leave you feeling agitated, irritable, disillusioned, helpless, and completely worn outeven when youre not at work. In fact, having a monotonous or unfulfilling job can leave you just as vulnerable to stress and burnout as having one that keeps you rushed off your feet, and it can be just as harmful to your overall mental health as being unemployed.

Try to find some value in your role. Even in some mundane jobs, you can often focus on how your position helps others, for example, or provides a much needed product or service. Focus on aspects of the job that you do enjoyeven if its just chatting with your coworkers at lunch. Changing your attitude towards your job can help you regain a sense of purpose and control.

How To Find Your Career Path: 11 Tips From Experts

Figuring out your career path can get overwhelming. While you watch others find their way in the world, you continue to wonder for yourself. There are so many options and paths to take that it can feel like youll never find the one thats right for you.

So how can you determine your career path or figure out which direction to head? To help point you on the right track, we asked 11 professionals to share their insights on finding a career path.

How To Choose A Career

  • 4. Set achievable goals
  • If you’re stuck for job ideas and knowing where your skills might best be served, it’s worth taking the time to come up with a career development plan – simply follow these four steps to choosing a career

    A career plan is a strategy you’ll continuously develop to manage your learning and progression throughout your working life. Consisting of four stages, its purpose is to help you visualise the actions you need to take to achieve your career goals, and how to put these actions into practice.

    The four stages of a career plan are:

  • identify your skills and interests
  • explore career ideas
  • make a decision
  • set achievable goals.
  • Career planning is important for a number of reasons – having a career development plan in place reduces the risk of you making impulsive decisions, and it helps you to recognise when you’re ready to look for new opportunities and develop new skills.

    This model can be used by anyone – from school leavers to students, graduates and career changers.

    Learn more about what the process involves and how to map out your career journey.

    Student Career Guide 2021/22

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    How To Select A Career Path

    When you develop your career path, . Use these factors to select the right initial job and make smart decisions at each step as your career advances.

    • Define your career objectives

    • What are my abilities and strengths? Hard or soft skills?

    • Am I interested in a management or technical role?

    The answers to the above questions will help you develop a stronger career path. You should also revisit your career objectives as you advance professionally and personally to ensure they align with your preferences and remain achievable.

    What Are My Skills

    Career Exploration

    Right now, you already possess skills that can help you succeed in the future. Think about your hard skills and soft skills.

    • Hard skills – skills youve acquired through study, such as culinary arts or computer programming.
    • Soft skills – the people and life skills you possess, including empathy, teamwork, problem-solving and time management.

    Remember, skills can be developed and new skills can be learned at any stage of life, so don’t let a lack of skills put you off a certain career path. Let the existing skills you have guide you. Whether you require further skill development or not will be the next challenge.

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    How To Find Your Desired Career Path

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

    Choosing a career path enables you to make informed professional decisions based on your current experience and skills. Think about your career goals, skills and interests to make life choices like the schools to apply for and the right entry job to start with. You can also evaluate whether to obtain specialised certification or a graduate degree. In this article, we provide useful tips to help you to pinpoint your interests and skills and match them to a relevant job field to start off a great career.

    How Do You Find Your Own Career Path And Why Does It Matter

    Principal & Master Life Coach, Executive Coach International Pte Ltd

    How to find your career path is a fascinating topic, because we spend at least one-third of our lives at work, and another third worrying about it. In the last third we are trying to rest up, so that we can go back to those two thirds.

    The most important thing for a person, as far as a career path is concerned, is to understand what careers actually mean. It used to be the case that a career represents how a person moves up an organisation. But these days, the grab for talent is so intense, that career paths no longer are about how you stick in one organisation and grow within it. Nowadays it is about how you chart your movement to do the things that you are best at. This is combined with available opportunities as well as with the rewards that you want to get. To sum up, looking at a career path is about charting an understanding about the things you are best at, and being able to look for and understand the ideal position you are trying to get in to. Would you be happy at the Director level, would you be happy at the CEO level, or would you be open to expand more?

    Does your career path include ownership? Ownership as in you become the owner of an organisation at some point of time or becoming a part-owner? Or does your career path lead you to a lifestyle? It is hard to address the idea of career paths these days, because at the same time there is a lot of lifestyle being tied to the career.

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    Tip : Manage Your Career Transition

    Pace yourself and dont take on too much at once. Career change doesnt happen overnight, and it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the steps to successfully make the transition. However, you will get there with commitment and motivation. Break down large goals into smaller ones, and try to accomplish at least one small thing a day to keep the momentum going.

    Ease slowly into your new career. Take time to network, volunteer, and even work part-time in your new field before committing fully. It will not only make for an easier transition, but you will have time to ensure that you are on the right path and make any necessary changes before working full-time in your new field.

    Take care of yourself. You might be feeling so busy with the career transition that you barely have time to sleep or eat. However, managing stress, eating right, and taking time for sleep, exercise, and loved ones will ensure you have the stamina for the big changes ahead.

    Ignore Hot Jobs Lists

    Finding my career path in my 20s when I have no passion (5 easy steps)

    Job lists can be extremely useful, especially if theyre organized around a specific need. If you love to travel, want to work from home, or need part-time work that fits around your classes or caregiving responsibilities, a list of possibilities can help.

    Hot jobs lists can be particularly helpful. Typically organized around occupational outlook and salary data, these lists aim to tell you which jobs will be hiringand lucrativein the years to come.

    However, theres a danger in taking these lists too much to heart. Just because a job is projected to grow and offers a good salary, doesnt mean that its right for you. Force yourself into a job thats a bad fit, and youll be unhappyand likely, unsuccessful.

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    Learn About Your Type Of Personality

    Find out about your personality type by understanding your traits. This will help you to recognise your interests and build your strengths and objectives based on them, including your career goals. Various tests provide the standard career options for a personality type. If just one or two jobs or careers show up across the multiple tests you take, you can research them. Popular tests for personality type indication include the following:

    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: This is a questionnaire that includes questions to discover your psychological predilections. The indicator system uses this information to categorise users based on four important dichotomies. It enables you to recognise your type of personality from 16 choices.

    • Keirsey Temperament Sorter: The Keirsey test is a self-evaluation questionnaire that is similar to Myers-Briggs. It identifies positions that match each type of temperament. The questionnaire concentrates on temperaments and behaviours and not on preferences.

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    You Need To Decide On Your Career Goals And Desired Jobs

    While coaching and mentoring may help you arrive at several possible career options, completing career exploration is your own task outside of work. You can contact career professionals at your college career services offices, local community colleges, or research online where career information and career tests and quizzes abound.

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    Carry Your Skills With Experience

    Ensure that your skills do not go obsolete and decide a direction where your skills can be continuously utilized in line with your experience. Keep upgrading your skills through learning, reading and trainings as the market is competitive and requires expertise in every niche. Research the market to what are the hot skills in the market inline to your line of work. Y2K gave opportunity to many who had relevant skills necessary to excel in the job to fix the bugs.

    Tip : Consider Starting Your Own Business

    Plan Your Career Path

    If youre getting worn down by a long commute or a difficult boss, the thought of working for yourself can be very appealing. And even in a slower economy, its still possible to find your perfect niche. Depending on the specialty, some companies prefer to streamline their ranks and work with outside vendors. However, it is especially important to do your homework and understand the realities of business ownership before you jump in.

    Make sure you are committed to and passionate about your business idea. You will be spending many long hours getting started, and it may take a while for your business to pay off.

    Research is critical. Take some time to analyze your area of interest. Are you filling an unmet need? Especially if you are considering an online business, how likely is your area to be outsourced? What is your business plan, and who are your potential investors?

    Expect limited or no earnings to start. Especially in the first few months, you are building your base and may have start-up costs that offset any initial profit. Make sure you have a plan on how to cope during this period.

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    My Choice = My Future

    As of today, we offer below :

  • Free personality quiz – One of the world’s most advanced and accurate
  • Personality changes tracking – Find how you are changing with time
  • Choice Rx – Identify what’s impacting you and how to solve issues – 152 issues with over 500+ treatment choices
  • Polls – Learn how you change based on circumstances
  • Find career options that suit your personality
  • Events conducted by verified organizations
  • Compatibility with your family, friends, co-workers
  • Why Is Meaningful Work Important

    Since so much of our time is spent either at work, traveling to and from work, or thinking about work, it inevitably plays a huge role in our lives. If you feel bored or unsatisfied with how you spend large parts of the day, it can take a serious toll on your physical and mental health. You may feel burned out and frustrated, anxious, depressed, or unable to enjoy time at home knowing that another workday lies ahead.

    Having to concentrate for long periods on tasks you find mundane, repetitive, or unsatisfying can cause high levels of stress. Whats more, if you dont find your work meaningful and rewarding, its hard to generate the effort and enthusiasm necessary to advance in your job or career. As well as feeling happy and satisfied, you are far more likely to achieve success in an occupation that you feel passionate about.

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    Find Strength From Within

    Everything you do begins and ends in your mind. A personal development coach is here to help you develop the right mental setting to maximize your progress, no matter what type of goal youre trying to achieve. Our coaching process combines the fundamentals of psychology and behavior change so you can cultivate resilience and grow into your future with confidence.

    S To Choose Your Career

    Your Career Path Doesn’t Have to Be a Straight Line

    How can you make sure youre heading in the right direction? Start by being honest with yourself about what you want in a job, career, and life. Be wide-ranging in the beginningtheres no need to narrow your options until youve had time to consider the possibilities.

    Above all, listen to your gut. Youll get a lot of advice when youre choosing a career. Some of it will be useful and some of it wont. But remember that no one knows your goals, passions, and priorities like you do.

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    Remove Barriers To Self

    Personal development coaching removes life experiences that hold you back and encourages you to take action. A certified coach will help you suspend disbelief and let yourself get in the state where goals are achievable, which is especially important if:

    • You lack the confidence to get where you want
    • You have trouble making decisions
    • You cant identify your strengths and weaknesses
    • You want to develop a positive mindset
    • You cant reach your fullest potential
    • Youre not satisfied with your current life
    • You want to reorganize your thoughts and aspirations
    • You want to set goals and track your achievements

    Combine What You Love And What Youre Good At

    Combine what youre good at with something you love and find a career that utilizes both. Its important that you have both criteria rather than one or the other because possessing just one will only partially satisfy you. Doing something you love wont last long if youre not very good at it, and doing something youre good at will be a bore if you dont love doing it.

    Rex Murphy, American Pipeline Solutions

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    Do An Inventory Of Your Skills

    Sitting around doing your job day in and day out and expecting that your career progression will come naturally will never happen. You will most probably be overlooked for promotion unless you a) make an effort in growing the scope of your core competencies b) get more vocal about your commitment to taking on extra work for the extra credit.

    So have a quick sit-down session and assess your current skill set. Take separate note of your:

    Both are equally important for promotions and new career moves. If you are struggling to identify your main strengths, ask your colleagues for feedback.

    Once youve made a good enough inventory , compare it against:

    Identify the gaps. Which skills are you missing? Then think about ways of acquiring them. Can you get on the job training? Or perhaps take online courses? And apply for new certifications?

    You Own Your Career Path Plan


    You can seek assistance from others, but you are the fundamental recipient of the rewards earned by following a planned career path. You are responsible for seeking a mentor, applying for internal job openings, and developing the skills and experience necessary for you to achieve your goals. Never forget this significant fact: you own your career path plan. No one will ever care as much as you do.

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    Make A List Of Careers To Explore

    You probably have multiple lists of occupations in front of you at this pointone generated by each of the self-assessment tools you used. To keep yourself organized, you should combine them into one master list.

    First, look for careers that appear on multiple lists and copy them onto a blank page. Title it “Occupations to Explore.”

    Create A Detailed Career Map

    The first step to mapping out your career is to create a career roadmap for yourself. Like the examples above, you should start from the top down with your dream job. Make a list of the sequential positions youll need to get there, keeping in mind that opportunities may arise where you can move sideways to expand your expertise.

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