How Do Virtual Career Fairs Work


Practice Your Interview Skills

How the Virtual Career Fair Works

Sending in applications and speaking with employers may lead to an interview. And if so, congrats! To prepare for any short notice interviews, brush up on your skills early. Print out a list of commonly asked interview questions and topics specific to the industry. Consider curating responses to five interview questions each morning. Before you know it, youll be ready for any impromptu interviews that come your way.

Choose The Right Platform

While you are in the research phase, demo several platforms that offer virtual career fairs. Compare all the features, and see what fits within your budget and needs. Keep in mind that cheap doesnt always mean good.

Most platforms will have basic features such as chat rooms, live stream support, on-demand content, and customizable booths. Look for more useful features such as virtual venues, customizations, in-depth analytics, and engagement features.

You also need to consider optimization for other platforms such as mobile, and the ability to pause or resume videos as well on every platform. And of course, great customer support and an easy-to-use interface are crucial!

Get Ready For Your Virtual Interview

Review general video conference/interview tips. Many of these preparation tips will apply to other virtual interviews and conferences that can come from networking with employers.

InterviewStream is a great resource for you to practice common interview questions. You can even record your answers and send them to trusted advisors for feedback.

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Who Owns The Data

Your online career event will likely have a lot of confidential data. This ranges from candidate resumes and profiles to feedback forms and copyrighted videos. Also, it includes other marketing collateral. Because of this, it becomes important to detail who owns everything on the cloud storage platform. So, there should be no ambiguity in this regard.

What Is A Job Fair Like

Virtual Career Fair  Latinx Education Collaborative

Job fairs can be large or small, in person or virtual, broad or industry-specific. But no matter the type, the most striking similarity is the structure. Job fairs typically set up booths for multiple companies or recruiters in one centralized place, which could be a physical venue or a virtual event platform. Employers stay at their booth for the duration of the event, while job seekers go from booth to booth to speak with recruiters. Single employer events also often set up booths, some for different departments or roles, and others based on hiring regions, for example.

Throughout an event, job seekers have the opportunity to ask recruiters about open positions, company culture, and the application process at these booths. At the same time, recruiters can speak with prospective candidates to learn more about their skills and experience, and then determine if theyd like to move the candidate further along in the recruitment pipeline. Some job fairs may offer on-the-spot interviews, while others are designed more for the initial awareness stage of the recruitment funnel.

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Virtual Career Fair Resources

A virtual career fair or virtual job fair is just like an in-person career or job fair except the attendee join online from any location via their browser or mobile device.

Candidates and browser job openings, access content, and chat with recruiters during live days via text or video.

Organizations have shifted towards remote work models the past few years, which means that companies can recruit candidates located in a much wider geographic location.

Virtual career fairs are the best way to recruit across geographic boundaries.

Following has several benefits to virtual career fairs.

  • Easy access: Perhaps the biggest benefit of virtual career fairs vs. in-person fairs is that candidates can join from any geographic location.
  • Cost savings: Virtual career fairs are significantly less expensive than hosting in-person events. They also require less staff to execute.
  • Save time: Virtual career fairs take less time to plan and produce.
  • Promote your brand: Virtual career fairs allow organizations to create custom recruiting experiences for candidates they wish to target. For example, a highly technical recruiting event can be set up with design and graphics that connect with the audience vs. a college recruiting event.
  • Measure ROI: Organizers can search and rate candidates within the platform. Also, a plethora of metrics is available post event in terms of the number of attendees, job and content views, interviews scheduled, etc.
  • Should I Do A Virtual Or In Person Interview

    Obanion said that virtual interviews also allow more of the employer’s stakeholders to sit in on the interview from wherever they are around the world. … “In-person interviews offer a higher level of engagement. You can read body language better and get a better sense of someone’s interpersonal skills.”

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    Ensure Your Attendees Are Prepared

    You can expect both freshers and experienced professionals to sign up for your event. This means that recruiters need to be well-informed about the candidates that they can expect to connect with.

    So how do you make sure that both recruiters and candidates have a seamless experience at your virtual career fair?

    To start with, ensure that the candidates who have signed up for your event are aware of the hiring companies that will be present at your event. Send them notifications, emails and other relevant information that will help them prepare in advance.

    Keeping the candidates well-informed and engaged before your event is a great way for them to have an enriching experience.

    You can also host a micro-event for the candidates in the form of a workshop or a session on how to appear for job interviews, creating an online resume or other topics relevant to them.

    Planning a micro-event before your main event is a great way to engage your event stakeholders and provide maximum value.

    On the other end of the spectrum, you also need to ensure that recruiters at your event have a seamless experience. For this, you can provide them with the necessary information regarding the candidates as it will allow them to get an idea of the candidates they can look forward to. This can mostly be in the form of resumes, portfolios or any other data gathered that the candidates have entered while registering for the event.

    Who Is Five Star Call Centers

    How do the virtual career fairs work

    At Five Star Call Centers, we create extraordinary experiences. For our clients. For their customers. We are outrageously amazing at bringing the best customer service experiences 24/7/365. Why? Because we care about taking care of each of every customer.

    We are a full service contact center with a team that has been living our passion for customer care for nearly 40 years. Whether its through inbound call, email, chat, text, our agents are masters at bringing the best experience every day. We have a history of supporting a variety of industries, including finance, hospitality, retail, product, and technical support.

    We are headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD, with a location in Wichita, KS, and work-from-home agents throughout the U.S.

    Want to learn more? Visit our full website at

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    The Virtual Career Fair On Handshake

    Virtual career fairs on Handshake provide a next-generation engagement experience for schools, students, and employers.

    In March 2020, we refocused our product roadmap to develop features that would help our higher ed partners succeed in a virtual environment. As a major mechanism for facilitating student-employer engagement and driving career center revenue, we knew that building virtual career fair features was key.

    We spent the spring conducting extensive research with our higher ed partners, students, and employers to determine how we could maintain the value of in-person fairs while redefining the experience in a virtual setting.

    Our virtual career fair features will deliver a personal, efficient experience for students and employers while allowing schools to promote, administer, and report on the fair in one place for free this fall.

    Are Virtual Career Fairs Worth It

    First, lets talk about whether online job fairs are worth it still. This is a crucial question to ask and, luckily, the answer is rock solid. Research tells us that candidates prefer the opportunity to talk with recruiters early in the recruiting process before theyve invested a lot of time into filling out an application. Virtual career fairs can be used to directly solve this problem by having hundreds of these conversations with candidates, even before they apply and at the same give candidates what they want, which is a way to talk with your team early in the hiring process.

    Virtual hiring events are also flexible and can be used at any stage of the hiring process, meaning you can give more flexibility to your qualified candidates, you can scale the impact of your programs across regions, and you can tailor them to your needs.

    With the right virtual career fair platform, your online events can help you tap into new talent pools , speed up time to hire , and cut costs associated with in-person career fairs .

    Highlighting the benefits of virtual job fairs to your C-suite can also help you get the support you need, both for budget approval and for smoother adoption. Many of these benefits also help recruiters, by freeing them from tedious manual processes and streamlining the recruiting funnel to give them time back that they can spend on building relationships with candidates.

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    How Do I Stand Out At A Virtual Career Fair

    Before attending a virtual career fair, you should review the companies that are attending and the positions that they are hiring for. That way you can have a strategy prepared of which companies you are most interested in and want to speak to and what times they will be holding chat rooms. Decide which posted positions would be the best fit your background and experience and submit applications to employers posted positions before the fair. During the fair, it is a good idea to prepare well-thought-out and specific questions before joining the employers chat room, as well as your personal elevator pitch that you can send if you are invited to a private chat with an employer. Always try to secure an interview with an employer during or after the online career fair.


    Ask For Email Addresses To Stay In Touch

    Job Fairs In US

    You may consider asking each employer you speak with for their contact information. In most cases, youll get an email address. After the event ends, compile your thoughts. Write a list of your top three employers and reach out directly. Send each an email thanking them for their time and kindly ask about next steps.

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    Where We Are Hiring

    During the 2022 holiday season, we are hiring agents to work onsite in our Sioux Falls, SD, and Wichita, KS, locations, as well as work-at-home with a bring your own device option.

    Onsite Jobs

    Onsite seasonal jobs are available at our office locations in Sioux Falls, SD, and Wichita, KS. After training, you will be provide a desk and all equipment you need to be successful for this onsite position.

    Interested in an onsite position?

    Submit the virtual job fair sign-up form at the bottom of this page and then apply for an open position here. A member of our recruitment team will reach out for an interview during the next virtual job fair. See dates an times below.

    Bring Your Own Device Jobs

    Work-from-home with bring your own device! We have seasonal jobs open in many U.S. states. With bring your own device, you supply the computer and internet, and we provide the software for you to receive calls and place orders. Work-at-home with the equipment your comfortable with!

    We do have limited availability for bring your own device for the Sioux Falls and Wichita locations. Apply early to discuss being hired for this option.

    Meaningful Connections Between Students And Employers Virtually

    In-person career fairs give students the opportunity to learn about new companies and make face-to-face connections with recruiters.

    At a Handshake virtual career fair, students can learn about employers and share their profile in intimate group sessions or get 1:1 facetime with recruitersall from their browser or Handshakes mobile app. Each employer will be able to schedule the following during each virtual career fair:

    • Five 30-minute group meetings that accommodate up to 50 students each. Multiple recruiters can attend, talk with students, and share their screen.
    • 10-minute 1:1 meetings with students hosted by up to 15 recruiters. Each recruiter can set their own schedule and choose qualifications students must meet to attend.

    Employers will be able to see profiles and public resumes, as well as message the students they engage at the fair, making it easy to prepare for and follow up on all of their sessions. You can read more about the employer scheduling process here.

    Students and employers will have access to video, audio, and text-based chat during these meetings, enabling the personal connection of in-person fairs in a virtual, accessible setting.

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    Other News To Help You #gethired:

    The number of people receiving unemployment benefits isnt dropping. New U.S. jobless figures show that continuing claims remained high at 20.5 million for the week ended June 6, down only slightly from 20.6 million a week earlier. The relatively stable number, which reflects the total number of people receiving unemployment, suggests many people have not been called back to work as states start to reopen. In some cases, job losses thought to be temporary may be permanent, reports MarketWatch. The same report also shows 1.5 million Americans filed new jobless claims for the week ended June 13, slightly lower than 1.6 million the week before. Heres what people are saying about the data.

    You should be optimistic in job interviews especially now. Employers are trying to find people who thrive while working remotely. Many may be looking for optimists who know that what they do each day even if theyre stuck at home matters, according to Inc. Job seekers interview answers may show whether they tend to look on the bright side of life. A person who says an approach never works may not fall into that category, for example. Instead, employers may be looking for people who put emphasis on what went right and what they learned. Heres what people are saying about the advice.

    What Is Virtual Recruitment Process

    Virtual Career Fairs Find a Teaching Job

    Virtual recruiting : a talent acquisition process that takes place entirely over the internet, enabling recruiters to attract, meet, vet, and hire candidates without necessarily meeting face to face. Combined with in-person recruiting, virtual recruiting is a major component of a hybrid recruiting strategy.

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    Wear A Professional Outfit

    You can expect to interact with employers at a virtual career fair through chat functions. However, some employers may wish to speak with you in a video call. Make the most out of this opportunity to make a connection by looking professional and presentable.

    If you have an opportunity to get face-to-face with an employer, why wouldnt you want to be ready for that? asks Koltz. If youre going to be on camera, be prepared to look professional from at least the waist up. You can wear your yoga pants, but make sure you have a button-up shirt and suit coat on top.

    What Is A Virtual Job Fair

    Virtual job fairs take place at a designated time and are similar to a webinar. Recruiters and job seekers meet in a virtual space via chat rooms, teleconferencing, webcasts, and/or email to exchange information about job postings.

    Rather than just reviewing resumes,hiring managers will be able to meet candidates face to face, interview them and make offers right on the spot. Virtual hiring takes the hassle, time and expense out of attending a traditional job fair and helps recruiters and employers interact with potential employees from all over the world and a variety of disciplines.

    Employment platform CareerBuilder has been hosting virtual career fairs for universities and companies alike since 2013. However, Chris Salzman, health-care director at CareerBuilder, has found that since the onset of the pandemic, more companies are embracing virtual career fairs as a primary resource rather than a supplementary or creative resource. “It’s become more of the staple, the norm and the necessity,” he said.

    Today the most active sectors in this arena are financial services, health care, nonprofit, internet and software, claims Handshake.

    “This will become the opening for how a university or career center can establish a relationship with some of those employers. … They should be able to attract more employers then they’ve had in the past,” said Christine Cruzvergara, Handshake’s vice president of higher education and student success.

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    How Can Video Make Our Virtual Career Fair Seem More Human

    As mentioned before, most virtual career fair platforms have a mix of text-based chats and audio and video chats. Youll want to be prepared for all three. But lets spend a moment talking about the power of video.

    In-person career fairs have the obvious benefit of genuine face-to-face conversations, but that doesnt mean online job fairs lack human connection, when handled correctly. Video is the best way to humanize the process. Featuring videos of hiring managers at your virtual career fairs is the way to go, especially since job seekers want to see those videos ten times more often than they want to see a recruiter on video.

    Leaning heavily on video in online job fairs gives candidates the next best thing to an in-person conversation, and all types of video can elevate your employer brand. For example, here are 6 ways you can use video in your online job fairs:

  • Promotional videos that are used to market your online job fairs
  • Live videos during your event with hiring managers who can talk specifically about jobs, culture, and the team
  • On-demand employee story videos that can be embedded right in your events
  • Recruiter videos where recruiters can explain specifics of the recruiting process
  • One-to-one video chats where a recruiter and a candidate chat live
  • Post event videos thanking participants for coming and information on next steps
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