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Build A Global Network

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International students studying abroad will not only make lifelong friends, but also establish global connections with a wide range of individuals. In addition to professors and other international students, you can also expect to meet academics and professionals in your field of study.

Building a network of global connections has proven to be beneficial for many students after they graduate and join the workforce, so make a conscious effort to network with these individuals in your host country. These connections can offer job opportunities, promotions, references, support, and mentorship down the road. Find meaningful and fun ways to get involved at your university or college and network with as many people as you can while studying abroad.

Tip: Remember, the world is a lot smaller than it may seem, so never burn bridgesyou never know who will be sitting across from you at a job interview.

The Chance To Develop A Global Network Of Connections

The most preferred international universities understand the added value of global contacts in addition to a world-class education. They understand the advantages you get with an active alumni network. These networks comprise high-impact and supportive alumni who work in executive roles throughout the world.

When you study abroad, you will come across a lot of people through your college and also through its partners. The top universities partner with the best universities across all continents in order to offer students a chance to participate in exchange programs easily and obtain qualifications from various affiliated universities.

Many Parents Try To Choose The Career Of Their Children In The Early Childhood The Others Start Preparing Them For The Future Profession When They Pass To The High School

In any case, a good education is a key to a happy and easygoing life. It is the main reason why both parents and their children make this responsible decision together focusing on the skills, talents, and preferences of the child.

Nowadays it is very popular to get a higher education abroad at the best-renowned universities. Thousands of children would like to enter such universities as Harvardor Oxford, but is it the truth that the diploma of such acknowledged universities and colleges paves your way to the successful and well-paid career? Let us find out the reasons to choose education abroad and its influence on the further flow of lives of their graduates.

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Become The Perfect Candidate

International organizations looking to hire workers frequently want proof that potential employees can succeed in a global setting. Studying abroad gives you the ability to highlight important abilities and applicable experience on your resume, such as cross-cultural communication and knowledge of international policy, especially if it is in a field in which you are interested in pursuing a career.

At any point in your academic career, studying abroad has several benefits. Finding a study abroad program that can assist you in achieving your goals is crucial. A short-term program might be a better option for you than a one-or two-semester vacation if you are juggling employment and school, for instance. Finding the greatest study abroad consultants should be the first step to making a great career abroad. Gateways Overseas are your one-stop solution for everything from getting admission into your preferred foreign university to visa assistance to PR and much more. All you have to do is talk to our expert overseas education counselor and start planning your study abroad adventure.

Decreased Cost Of Education

How To Study Abroad For Mba

Of course, not all the countries can boast a lower cost of education, but there are countries where the cost of living and the quality of education are rather liberal for students. These are mainly post-social countries where Americans, for example, will pay four times less than at home. Another opportunity to receive a cheaper education is to win a grant or scholarship.

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Become Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

For many of us, our comfort zone is limited to our hometown, family, and friends. When you choose to study abroad, youre forced out of your comfort zone. International students must learn to adapt to a new environment, culture, and language. Its normal for you to feel uncomfortable. But theres much to gain from these situationsespecially as youre experiencing them on your own. As a result, international students quickly become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Your career will inevitably be filled with similar uncomfortable moments. Having experienced a few of these during their time abroad, international students become better-equipped to respond well. This will give students like you an edge in the workforce, as you may be better prepared to stay calm and collected in high-pressure circumstances. This experience can lead to promotions to higher positions, as these roles usually require employees who can cope with high-stress situations and more responsibility.

Reasons To Choose Foreign Educational Establishments

Education, as a sector, has brought down the walls of geographical confinement that marred the industry as well as the growth of students and academics in general. However, now is the time to consider foreign education, because it opens up the world for you to enjoy the best educational infrastructure and career opportunities. 5 Things To Check Before You Plan To Study Abroad

Different people suggest various reasons why it is worth studying abroad. But you should consider many factors when to talk on this topic. For example, it is obvious that African people do not have reputable universities in their motherland so they have to go to other countries to get an education. But why do Americans, who can boast ones of the best colleges in the world, leave their country and travel abroad to study? Reasons are different and now we will look through them.

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Sell Your International Experience

You invested a lot of money in studying abroad, so find a job that lives up to your potential.

Besides the professional experience, hiring managers value the skills you acquired in an intercultural setting and that can be easily transferred to any work place. These are the so called transversal skills that forecast your potential at any workplace, such as your ability to:

  • quickly integrate into a new environment,
  • apply your host country specific culture knowledge,
  • use your foreign language skills on a professional level,
  • take the initiative when it is needed,
  • learn new things time after time,
  • communicate effectively in an intercultural team,
  • solve unexpected problems.

You may have volunteered at a university department, in a student association, did a consulting project or did an excellent work on a class project. On a job interview you have to be ready to talk about 2-3 major projects from your study abroad program. Any project can be okay, as long as it can be connected to one of the skills listed above. Tell them how you contributed to the success of the project and how your international experience improved your skills that are appreciated at your potential workplace.

Be the one in a million

Higher Acceptance Into Grad School

Work Abroad – Top 8 Courses to get Overseas Jobs | study abroad consultants

90% of IES Abroad alumni continuing on to graduate school earned admission into their 1st or 2nd choice graduate or professional school.

Employers understand the extraordinary benefits of study abroad, and many seek out graduates who made their study abroad dreams a reality. After all, the skills you learn when youre abroadadaptability, global understanding, leadership, and independence, to name a feware directly applicable to finding success in any professional environment. From the boardroom to the classroom and everywhere in-between, changed lives change the world.

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Improved Academic Career Opportunities

As an African studying abroad, there are numerous academic career opportunities for you. After graduation, some universities reserve a few spots in their faculties for students from low-income countries or BIPOCs to fill. Filling these spots will help you if you plan to be an academic. This is because not only will you earn more than your counterparts in Africa, you will carry out research in better conditions, rise the ranks faster, and become a world-beater in your academic field quicker than you expected. Of course, youve got to put in the work.

Besides, when you migrate to study for a postgraduate degree or diploma in a developed country, youre going to be paid as a Research Assistant. This will help prepare you for your academic career. Overall, the earlier you migrate to study abroad, the better for your academic career.

How Will Study Abroad Help My Career

The advantages of Studying Abroad. Do you know the big benefits of studying abroad? Have an inside take a look at how an worldwide business school education may benefit your job.

Furthermore, should you study inside a country by having an emerging economy or challenging business climate, you will gain first-hands experience and discover to reply rapidly and nimbly to unpredictable or uncomfortable situations. This adaptability and contact with different perspectives, enables you to a beautiful candidate helping you differentiate yourself within an more and more crowded employment market. .

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Benefit #3: Gain the competitive advantage By living and studying in a foreign country, you can gain a greater understanding of your personal heritage and values. Exposure to different outlooks, customs, and ways of life means your beliefs will be challenged. Some will change forever, while others will evolve or gain even stronger footing. Interacting with native populations and fellow international students also allow you to develop greater respect for other cultures, values, and norms. With greater perspective, worldviews, and tolerance, you can become a more independent, self-reliant, and confident individual in both your personal and professional life.

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How Can Studying Abroad Experience Help You In Your Career

19 October 2021 landmark
19 October 2021 landmark

Studying abroad is a difficult decision. When you leave India to study abroad, you need to consider a lot of things such as housing, loans, scholarships, cultural shock, social adjustment, and in some cases even sponsorship.

Although this can seem daunting at first, studying abroad can be a life-changing experience. It offers you the chance to enhance your global network, experience a new culture, accelerate your education and benefit your career.

With the multitude of advantages that you open yourself up to, it is no wonder that more and more Indian students opt to study abroad every year. In fact, Indian students are some of the leading undergraduates and graduates who opt to study in foreign institutions.

If you are thinking about getting an education abroad, here are some ways in which you can benefit from the experience.

Where Should I Study Abroad

What are the benefits of studying abroad?

Chances are that youve already thought about a specific place where you would like to move and study. Even if you dont know where to start from, you might want to do some research, checking countries and cities that have the most or all the desired traits, whether its the type of study program, the facilities, the transport, living cost, or weather.

Nevertheless, if one of your main criteria is geography, you should try and narrow it down using other pertinent factors, such as career opportunities, financial options or application requirements. If you havent thought about researching the location, it may be best to effectively reduce the search to a handful of possibilities.

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Avoid The Costs Of A Gap Year

Taking a gap year to get some travelling done before you start your first job might sound appealing, but theres a risk youll be left behind when you try to enter the employment market. Your desirability as a graduate fades the longer you wait before starting your career. You might find that you need to do a masters degree or take a short course just to secure an interview once your gap year is over.

Rather than write off a year of your life and indebt yourself even further, why not kill two birds with one stone by studying abroad? Youll have plenty of opportunities to explore the country and wider region during your weekends and between semesters all the while with a strong support network in place to ensure that you get the most from your time overseas.

Condition Yourself Into Being A Problem Solver

When you live and study abroad, you are bound to learn how to fend for yourself with your family not around to help you.

From making a meal with sometimes unfamiliar ingredients, calling your landlord to fix things in a different language, finding your way around a new city, meeting with a local doctor, signing up for services that seem strange to you, you will be forced to make decisions, take initiatives and constantly solve problems.

Once you hone these skills, you can apply your pragmatic, cool-headed, problem-solving approach in the world for some personal and professional growth.

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Trains You For An International Career

Depending on the country where you study, studying abroad could pave the way for an international career. Most developed nations in Europe, Asia and Central America have programmes and schemes that allow for highly skilled international students to stay back and work after their studies. For instance, the United Kingdom has a Graduate Route policy that encourages international students to stay back and work. Canada also has a similar program a great plus to international study there.

If you migrate to a high-income country from a low-income country , you should seriously consider working there. Not only are the income levels higher, but you also get international exposure through training and other educational expeditions abroad.

Most Africans who go abroad to study understand this, as a large number of Africans who go abroad stay back to work. Many of them eventually return, but they will have gotten some international exposure to help them navigate the global market when they return to their benefit. Very important African entrepreneurs like Aliko Dangote, Strive Masiyiwa, Anna Phosa, and Folorunso Alakija, followed this trend, and you could too.

Improve Your Communication Skills

How upGrad Abroad help to enhance your career in Data Science? || upGrad Abroad

The way we communicate isnt just down to what we say, and one of the most sought after attributes for employers is strong communication skills. By developing friendships and interacting with those from different backgrounds and cultures, youll gain first-class networking and communication skills.

Different countries also approach teaching in different ways – you may experience a completely new way of teaching, which will take some time to get used to. However, youll be developing new ways to learn, communicate, and network – adding to your future employability.Cultural awareness also plays an important role in business, and by learning about the history, art, food and people of a new country youll develop your understanding of others – vital to success in your future career. Taking up the opportunity of a work placement during your studies will further enhance your communication skills. Gain valuable work experience, build connections in relevant industries, and apply your learning in the real world. Explore how the International Study Centre can help you reach your career potential.

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New Experience Culture Skills And Memories

Travelling has always meant a widening of persons horizons and studying abroad is not an exception. A variety of non-customary for your native land hobbies, activities, interaction with completely different nationalities, new friends and even spouses, absolutely unusual delicacies, customs, values, and traditions all this falls to your knees when you start living in another country and creates unforgettable memories.

Learning A New Language

If you are planning on studying abroad in a country in which the native language is not your own, then you will be able to learn a new language in an immersive environment. You will experience situations and scenarios that you probably wouldnt encounter in a normal classroom. While studying a language in class can be rewarding, applying it in real-world situations can give you an entirely different perspective. Socialising with other international students, talking to your lecturers and learning and developing your reading and writing are the perfect way to enhance a second language. Complete immersion into another language often proves the fastest way for students to learn, and through conversations with native speakers, you will be able to pick up accents, colloquialisms and idioms. Students with key language skills are highly desirable to employers, especially those fluent in two or more languages – even more so in ever-internationalising industries. You will also become a more culturally sensitive person. You will gain cultural knowledge of how different countries work, their traditions and the way society runs – this can make you a great forerunner to success.

Explore the different programmes you can study at Durham University International Study Centre – the perfect way to prepare for your undergraduate or masters degree.

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Highly Developed Critical Thinking And Problem

Moving to another country includes leaving your built-in support systems and learning how to solve things independently. Studying abroad can liberate you and help you grow outside your comfort zone.

The maturity you gain from studying abroad will transfer to your career, providing you with the initiative to independently accomplish tasks and give your manager confidence in your abilities, thus demonstrating another career-boosting benefit.

Career Benefits Of Studying Abroad

Students aiming at #studyinginCanada, partner with @CareerAbroad. We ...

Studying abroad provides a variety of personal and educational benefits, but what are the career benefits of studying abroad? Whether you decide to study in Europe, USA or Australia, you will gain a wealth of career-enhancing skills and experiences that employers around the world will recognise and support.

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