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Government & Public Administration Career Connection

You probably spend much of every day complaining about things you do not like about school such as unfair grading practices, broken lockers, or gum under the desks. Although some students will just complain, others will try to change these troubling issues. Perhaps you are prepared to speak to the principal, write to school board members, or to just take a putty knife and scrape the gum off the desk yourself. If so, you may have the kind of leadership skills necessary for a career in politics. Though most people form opinions on political issues, some take their civic concerns even further by devoting their lives to government- related careers.

Not all important political decisions and campaigns revolve around Washington, D.C., however. Every state, county, and city has its own unique concerns and issues. And not every person involved in local politics is an elected official. Hired city managers and urban planners gauge the needs of their cities and local communities and propose changes to government officials. Among the responsibilities of managers and planners are the preservation of historic buildings and neighborhoods, the development of affordable housing and efficient public transportation, the building of civic centers and auditoriums, and the design of new parks and recreational areas.

Education After High School

It is fact that young people who have at least one year of post-high school education earn thousands of dollars more a year. So, if you spend even one year at a two- or four-year college, in a certificate program at a technical school, or in an apprenticeship after you graduate from high school, you will very likely earn higher wages all your life. By furthering your education, you will be better-prepared to successfully navigate the world of work.

After taking classes relevant to government and public administration, you could pursue any number of opportunities including:

  • On-the-job training in an administrative role or as a member of the armed forces
  • A two-year college degree in public administration, healthcare administration, human services management or political science
  • A four-year college degree in political science, public administration, national security, public policy or revenue

National Security Career Path

The careers in this pathway are all based in the armed services. Our system of national security is a complex one that demands people with all types of skills, such as business, medical, legal, mechanical, and many more. A career in the army, navy, air force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or National Guard involves rigorous training and a hefty commitment of time and energy. But job satisfaction is often quite high in this field, which presents opportunities for almost every interest. Jobs in this area include cryptographic technicians, intelligence officers, mechanical engineers, and military pilots.

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What Is Public Administration

Public administration is the study of public leadership. The field is interdisciplinary it may incorporate areas such as political science, economics, psychology and more. Public administration majors seek to gain a significant understanding of how policies that affect the public are created, implemented and improved.

Local And State Government

Exploring Careers: Government &  Public Administration

The local and state government sector is like the federal government in its commitment to serving the public. However, the work is more localized. Employees often work to solve problems in their own communities, instead of those that affect the country at large. They must also adhere to stricter legal boundaries, The Balance explains, as they are governed by both state and federal laws.

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Would A Career In Government And Public Administration Be A Good Fit For Me

People who work in public service, from workers in government offices to military service members and legislators, often feel drawn to the opportunity to make a positive difference in people’s lives and to create a better society.

Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Careers in this cluster may offer the opportunity to influence public policy and programs that affect many peoples lives.
  • In general, people who work in government and public administration experience high job satisfaction.
  • Typically, 9-to-5 work schedules , flexible schedules, and part-time opportunities are more common than in private sector jobs.
  • Elected positions require campaigning, public speaking, handling conflict, and maintaining voter support.
  • High-demand fields include government program eligibility interviewers, construction and building inspectors, license clerks, and revenue agents.

Government And Public Administration Career Cluster

Careers in Government and Public Administration relate to planning and performing government functions at the local, state and federal levels, including governance, national security, foreign service, planning, revenue and taxation, and regulations.

A primary goal of virtually all careers in public service is to help improve the quality of life and livelihood for the citizens represented, while supporting the betterment of the overall community.

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Public Management And Administration Career Path

Careers in this pathway deal with the budgeting, management, and staffing of agencies and offices that deal with public resources. There are strict and complex rules that govern this field. Workers here must have a firm grasp on these rules and their own obligations to the public in their work. Jobs in this pathway include city managers, court clerks, and purchasing managers.

What Are Some Careers In Government And Public Administration

TSA Careers: On the Job with a Transportation Security Officer

In addition to many more familiar occupations, this cluster includes some unique career categories: military and elected officials. Military occupations vary tremendously enlisted service members may operate equipment, conduct combat operations, or build airfields, bridges, and water purification systems. Officers typically enter the military with a bachelors degree, and perform duties such as organizing operations, managing enlisted personnel and providing medical, legal, and technical services.

Elected officials are also included in this cluster they create laws and oversee government operations at different levels. Typically, they have at least a bachelors degree and a law degree, though most offices have no formal education requirements.

Explore the list below to learn about government and public administration careers at different levels of education. Click any link to find out more about a career, including typical tasks, average wages, employment projections, training requirements and more.

High school diploma

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Revenue And Taxation Career Path

Revenue and taxation professionals work with taxes and tax laws. They collect and monitor taxes, perform audits, review tax returns, and keep track of fines for overdue taxes. People who work in this pathway must stay up-to-date on tax laws, which change from year to year. Revenue and tax professionals must be good with money and numbers and are responsible for a great deal of private and sensitive information. Examples of careers in the revenue and taxation pathway are auditors, tax attorneys, and employees of the Internal Revenue Service.

Sample Academic And Career Plans Of Study

School divisions are asked to develop sample plans of study based on the courses offered within their schools, the employment needs of the region, and the post-high school educational opportunities needed for these careers. Once these sample plans are developed, they can be customized to the needs of individual students so that all students have the opportunity to have an individualized academic and career plan of study.

Sample Pathway Plans of Study for Government & Public Administration:

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Government And Public Administration

If you are interested in shaping or protecting the future of your city, state and country, the Government and Public Administration Career Cluster may be for you. Though there are some areas that are unique to military service, virtually every occupation can be found within government.

This career cluster is organized into seven career pathways:

  • Public management and administration

Government And Public Administration Occupation List

Answer fast!!!! Match the careers with the career clusters

High school diploma

Experience or associates degree

Most jobs in these careers require community or technical college training, related work experience, or an associates degree.

For information about jobs, training, career resources, or unemployment benefits call: For help using the CareerOneStop website:

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Career & Technical Student Organizations

Career and technical student organizations are much more than clubs. They provide opportunities for hands-on learning, and for applying career, leadership and personal skills in real-world environments. Participants build their skills by developing projects, attending events, and competing regionally and nationally.

The only student organization currently in existence that exists specifically for government and public administration is Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

To view the list of CTSOs.

Government & Public Administration

Jobs in the government and public administration career cluster involve planning, managing, and providing government legislative and administrative and regulatory services and related general purpose government services at the federal, state, and local levels.

This career cluster is divided into seven pathways:

  • Public Management and Administration

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What Is The Role Of Government And Public Administration

  • strengthening the economy
  • determining how natural resources are used
  • establishing and enforcing regulations for many industries and products.

State and local government offices support similar activities at their respective levels, that include:

  • passing laws and ordinances

About 1.6 million people work in civilian occupations in this cluster.

Armed forces careers

There are currently approximately 1.3 million active-duty personnel in the U.S. Armed Forces, who work in more than 800 different occupations.

High demand

Increasing population in many areas, along with growing demand for public services, is fueling higher than average employment growth in this cluster over the next 10 years.

Industry trends

Regulatory and compliance careers are growing within this cluster, and impact large-scale public issues such as lending practices, or anti-corruption work in government.

Foreign Service Career Path

VA Careers – Public Relations

Foreign Service workers serve as representatives of the United States in its embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions around the world. People in Foreign Service positions are not elected, rather, they apply for or are appointed to their posts. Work in Foreign Service is divided into four areas: administration consular affairs economic and commercial affairs and political affairs . Workers in this area, as in many areas of government, are subject to extensive background screening. Jobs in Foreign Service include ambassadors, cultural officers, and Foreign Service officers.

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Your Public Administration Degree

For those interested in using their education to serve the common good, public administration may be a perfect fit. The online bachelors degree in public administration from Point Park University provides a practical, relevant curriculum, helping students find success in todays job market and preparing them for tomorrows challenges. The fully online program offers maximum convenience for those seeking to earn their degree on a schedule that fits their life. Concentrations are available in EMS administrationand fire service administration.

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