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UX Course to UX Designer: Exploring Career Options | Google UX Design Certificate

Google wanted to meet learners where theyâre at and focused on making the program as flexible as possible. People can learn on their own time and at their own pace, balancing working in their current jobs with upleveling their skills. At a suggested pace of 5-10 hours of study per week, itâs possible to complete the program in approximately six months.

âThough the program is self-paced, we also wanted to incorporate peer learning into our training,â Courage explains. âPeer reviews on assignments are a big part of that effort, as is our discussion forum, where learners can connect with each other, ask questions about course material, and share helpful tips. Itâs been great to have a lively forum that empowers learners to say, âHey, I need help with this,â and get the support they need.â

The Google UX Design Certificate also includes free career resources that program graduates can use during their job search.

To ensure the program works for remote learners now and in the future, the team also incorporated feedback from beta testers who worked through the program from their homes.

Course : Responsive Web Design In Adobe Xd

The sixth course youll have to complete is Responsive Website Design in Adobe XD. It will teach you how to design a complete responsive website in Adobe XD.

To take this course its a pre-requisite that you have successfully finished all five previous courses.

In addition to creating a design from scratch, youll also learn how to find entry-level design jobs and how to start building your UX resume.

The total time investment needed to complete this six-week course is 16 hours.


The exams for this course include tasks for creating a website from scratch.

Google Project Management Professional Certificate

This course will be of tremendous help if you consider a career as a project manager in an entry-level position. This course will study how to conceive, strategize, and execute a project effectively, employing both classic and innovative project management techniques.

If you like critical thinking, teamwork, and planning, this is the course for you.

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What Are The Ux Design Courses In The Curriculum

The courses included in the Google UX Design Certificate curriculum are…

  • Foundations of User Experience Design
  • Start the UX Design Process: Empathize, Define, and Ideate
  • Build Wireframes and Low-Fidelity Prototypes
  • Conduct UX Research and Test Early Concepts
  • Create High-Fidelity Designs and Prototypes in Figma
  • Responsive Web Design in Adobe XD
  • Design for Social Good and Prepare for Jobs
  • Google Ux Design Certificate Exams

    Google UX Design Certificate

    To become a Google UX Designer you need to successfully complete all seven courses and pass all exams.

    There is no final exam for this certificate but there are several graded assignments for each of the courses.

    Some of the assignments are in the form of a multiple-choice quiz but most of them are in the form of written assignments and different forms of designs .

    As part of the graded work, youll also have to review and mark other students assignments.

    You can submit all work online without having to attend any classroom-based exams.

    You can see below some samples of what the exam questions look like:

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    Why Start A Career In Ux Design

    As the digital world continues to expand, companies are recognizing that good user experience is a necessity, which has led to UX design being a high-growth and in-demand field. UX designers spend their time making, creating, and organizing the interfaces people interact with daily, like mobile apps, websites, smart watches, and physical products. Their work ensures that these interfaces are easier and more enjoyable to use.

    Benefits Of Google Certifications

    When compared to traditional IT training programs, Google career certifications have a strong value proposition. Key benefits of Google certifications include:

    • Flexibility: Google certificate programs are self-paced and available 100% online. Most Google certs take less than 6 months to complete with 10 hours of weekly study.
    • Affordability: Google certificates cost $39/month by subscription on Coursera, the online learning platform that’s providing the official Google certification training. Scholarships and financial aid are available too.
    • Relevance: The curriculum of each Google IT certificate is well-designed for current and projected market needs in its respective discipline.
    • : Even though these credentials are relatively new on the scene, Googles name lends an air of legitimacy to these certifications.
    • Accessibility: Google career certificates demand no prerequisites, making it easy for almost anybody to begin on the path to a career in IT.
    • Effectiveness: 75% of Google certification holders report a positive impact on their career – such as a raise, promotion or new job – per responses to a 2021 graduate survey from Google.
    • Transferability: The American Council on Education recommends anywhere from 9 to 12 college credits for Google IT certificate holders, depending on the cert. Learn more on the ACE website.

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    How This Google Ux Design Certificate Is Composed

    This professional certificate is made of 7 courses from 3 to 5 weeks each. Coursera call a week what they want you to take your time to realize in 1 week. Its a pace they want to give you with a notification system, etc. Its also, in theory, the time you need to realize the different exercises you will have all along your journey. But Ill get back to it ð

    So you have 7 courses that cover:

  • Foundations of User Experience Design
  • Start the UX Design Process: Empathize, Define, and Ideate
  • Build Wireframes and Low-Fidelity Prototypes
  • Conduct UX Research and Test Early Concepts
  • Create High-Fidelity Designs and Prototypes in Figma
  • Responsive Web Design in Adobe XD
  • Design a User Experience for Social Good & Prepare for Jobs
  • At this point, when you know nothing about the industry, this program feels right. But even there, as a professional, there are a lot of issues and questions already. Ill get there in a moment, but before that, let me explain what to expect in terms of content.

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    What You Will Learn

    Foundations of User Experience | Google UX Design Certificate
    • Follow the design process: empathize with users, define pain points, ideate solutions, create wireframes and prototypes, test and iterate on designs

    • Understand the basics of UX research, like planning research studies, conducting interviews and usability studies, and synthesizing research results

    • Apply foundational UX concepts, like user-centered design, accessibility, and equity-focused design

    • Create a professional UX portfolio that includes 3 end-to-end projects: a mobile app, a responsive website, and a cross-platform experience

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    Earn A Career Credential

    When you complete all of the courses in the program, you’ll earn a Certificate to share with your professional network as well as unlock access to career support resources to help you kickstart your new career. Many Professional Certificates have hiring partners that recognize the Professional Certificate credential and others can help prepare you for a certification exam. You can find more information on individual Professional Certificate pages where it applies.

    Built For The Workplace: Explore The Design Process From Beginning To End

    The Google UX Design Certificate is the product of a massive global collaboration effort across the company, all to create a program that is comprehensive, rigorous, and prepares people for jobs in UX. Spanning a wide range of educational backgrounds and work experiences, more than 35 senior Google employees working in UX â including interaction,visual, and motion design, UX research, management, accessibility, and equity engineering â designed and built the course content and assessments. They also teach it: All of the course instructors are Google employees.

    âIt was crucial to us that we provide a pathway to jobs in the field,â Courage points out. âSo we worked backwards from real job listings and consulted with subject-matter experts at Google and in the industry to ensure we were designing content that teaches job-ready skills people need to succeed in entry-level UX design roles.â

    The training is deliberately rigorous: The Google UX Design Certificate consists of seven practical courses, totalling 200 hours of instruction, plus over 250 hands-on activities and interactive assessments to prove proficiency. Learners develop concrete skills and by the time they graduate, theyâll have designed a professional UX portfolio that they can share with potential employers to showcase the skills they developed.

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    Careerfoundry Certified Ux Designer

    This fully online program from CareerFoundry is designed for beginners looking to make a career change. Students choose a specialtyâvoice design, advanced UI skills, or frontend developmentâand complete a project-based curriculum. Coursework is presented as pre-recorded videos and reading materials.

    Tuition includes day-to-day guidance from a tutor and written, video, and phone feedback on portfolio pieces from an industry expert. The program also includes a job guarantee for students that meet specific requirements.

    • Who its for: Beginners looking for a flexible online-only program that allows them to focus on one specific area of UX design, and who want personalized mentor resources

    • Cost: $7,505 if you pay upfront

    • Length: Six months at 30-40 hours per week or 10 months at 15-20 hours per week

    Tip: If youâre considering CareerFoundry, take their free six-day short course to get a feel for their materials and see if it might be a good fit.

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    Human Factors International Cxa Certification

    Google &  Coursera Launch Career Certificates That Prepare Students for ...

    Human Factors International offers the Certified User Experience Analyst program for professionals looking to enhance their advanced UX design skills.

    There are four basic 2-3 day courses that you can take to gain a solid foundation for the CXA certification. HFI offers the rigorous two-and-a-half-hour online CXA exam several times a year.

    To take the CXA exam, you must have the HFI-Certified Usability Analyst credential first. The CUA certification is an introductory program for the UX career path, while the CXA certification offers advanced design architecture and digital strategy courses.

    Cost: $6,850 for 4 CXA courses and exam, $850 for the exam only

    Duration: 10-20 days

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    Flatiron School Ux/ui Design Course

    The Product Design program from Flatiron School covers fundamental UI/UX skills and the entire product design process as well. It offers individual career coaching, a vast employer network, and a proven job-search framework to help you start your career in UX design. It also features a supportive learning community and experienced UX/UI designers who mentor and support you throughout the learning process.

    You can choose to take the program full-time or at your own pace. The full-time program is best for students who learn best with a structured schedule and live lectures, while the flexible program is ideal for working professionals looking to set their own pace.

    Cost: $16,900 for either live or flexible program

    Duration: 15 weeks , or 20-60 weeks

    Google Ux Design Certificate Curriculum

    Googles UX design professional certificate is divided into 7 consecutive courses. Courses are taught by heavy-hitters in the industry, including current user experience researchers and designers at Google. Here are the course titles and some key skills you will gain in each chapter of the UX design program.

    Just like it sounds, the inaugural course of Googles UX design cert will serve as your introduction to the world of user experience design. Youll learn what user experience is and why its important, as well as a synopsis of what youll cover in the Google UX design certification.

    You will learn:

    • Key UX concepts like user-centered design, accessibility & equity-focused design.
    • What makes user experience design great
    • Potential careers in the field of UX design
    • Essential tools and techniques of UX research

    In this chapter of the Google UX design training, you will begin the process of crafting a user experience. Lessons will focus on empathizing with users and identifying pain points, defining their needs, and coming up with ideas to solve their problems. You’ll also start designing the first project that will go into your professional UX design portfolio – a mobile application.

    You will learn:

    • How to develop problem statements and brainstorm solutions
    • Create empathy maps, personas, user stories and journey maps
    • How to conduct a competitive analysis of the marketplace
    • Start building a mobile app to include in your UX portfolio

    You will learn:

    You will learn:

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    How Much Does The Google Ux Design Certificate Cost

    This certificate comes with Coursera plus a subscription which cost $39 per month. If you complete this course in three months it will cost you $117. You can start with their 7- day free trial. Then finish the Foundations of User Experience Design before the trial ends, but you should learn all the day to do that.

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    Who Can Become A Ux Designer

    Land a Job in UX | Google UX Design Certificate

    Anyone! One of the most appealing features of UX Design is its diversity and flexibility. You do not need to be a born artist or design prodigy to succeed as a UX designer. There are no specific background requirements, professional or educational. The only prerequisite is being passionate about the role and the ability to think both critically and creatively.

    Since youre hereInterested in a career in UX design? Rise to the top of the CV pile when you enroll in our UX Bootcampyoull get a UX job or your tuition money back. Take a look at our student reviews and test out our free UX curriculum to get a feel for our style and results. TL DR: average starting salaries for our students = $85,440. Lets do this.

    About Sakshi Gupta

    Sakshi is a Senior Associate Editor at Springboard. She is a technology enthusiast who loves to read and write about emerging tech. She is a content marketer and has experience working in the Indian and US markets.

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    The Google Data Analytics Certificate

    • This is another one that takes approximately six months to obtain.
    • It is considered entry-level,
    • takes less than six months,
    • and is designed to prepare you for a career as a data analyst.

    Is this better than getting a degree or attending a boot camp? As a comparison, it is apples to oranges. However, with that being said, it is an excellent way to try out data analytics and see if you like it. All that are data analysts agree that it is excellent. It has a very positive reputation, and according to Google,

    • there are 380000 job openings,
    • with a median entry-level salary of $74, 000.

    Is The Google Ux Design Certificate Worth It

    The Google UX Design Certificate is definitely worth it. For starters, its a low-cost certification that you can get for less than $200. Its an accredited program that you can do online from home that will prepare you for getting an entry-level job in UX design.

    UX-design jobs are high in demand with an average salary of $58,600 per year .

    In addition, its a practical that will help you build the skills needed to work with popular design tools like Figma and Adobe.

    So, if you like the idea of working as a UX designer, web developer, or graphic designer, this certification is a great starting point.

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    How Hard Is The Google Ux Design Certificate

    The Google UX Design certificate is not hard to get. Its an entry-level certification aimed at students that have no prior experience with web design.

    The certificate starts from the beginning explaining what UX design is and how it works. It includes a lot of examples and practical assignments to help you understand each topic in detail.

    The most difficult part is not the lessons but having the ability to come up with creative design solutions to solve peoples problems. In the course, youll learn how to do research, usability studies, and prototypes but you wont learn how to come up with the right idea.

    So, if youre a creative person, this course can help you transform your creativity into a mobile or web design. If you feel that youre not as creative, youll have more difficulties finishing this course and making a career as a web designer.

    In this case, you can also consider alternatives like a career in digital marketing. Becoming a digital marketer does not require dealing with designs but its more about using strategies and techniques to promote a product or brand online.

    You can review this post, which explains in detail what it takes to pursue a digital marketing certification and become a professional digital marketer.

    What Is Google Ux Design Certificate

    My First UX Case Study for Google UX Certification

    The Google UX Design Professional Certificate will help you build the skills needed to get an entry-level job in UX design without having prior experience. The program is developed by Google Design Engineers and offered by Coursera.

    The course covers everything from research and strategy to design thinking and prototyping. By the end of this course, youll know how to create effective user interfaces and designs that meet the needs of your users.

    This is suitable for anyone wishing to start a career in web design without having any prior experience. Upon completion of the course, youll be able to work as a User Experience designer, web designer, mobile app designer, and product designer.

    What Youll Learn?

    The Google UX Design Professional Certificate covers a wide range of design-related topics, from creating wireframes and prototypes to conducting interviews and usability studies.

    The following are some of the key areas youll learn about:

    • How to understand your users and their needs
    • Ideation and brainstorming techniques
    • Design principles and how to use them
    • User interface design best practices

    Time Investment and Certification

    The Google UX Design Professional Certificate consists of seven courses, which you can complete in about four months.

    To get certified, you need to complete all courses and pass all graded assignments.

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