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KGTV-SD: Free Career Training Classes at San Diego College of Continuing Education
  • Find Training Providers in California – The California Eligible Training Provider List is the most comprehensive and only statewide source that lists qualified training providers, including locations, fees, programs, occupations, and apprenticeship programs. Your local AJCC can help you identify potential sources for training such as:
  • Basic Training Obtain a GED or strengthen your basic math, English, or reading skills.
  • Vocational Training Become trained in skills in that are needed for jobs in demand today.
  • On-the-Job Training Become trained by a local employer in skills needed for a particular job through on-the-job training programs or apprenticeship opportunities.
  • If you are receiving or have exhausted your Unemployment Insurance benefits, you may be eligible for Employment Training Panels no fee training. Find out if you qualify for job training opportunities.
  • Your local AJCC offers workshops on interview skills, applying for financial aid, job search techniques, and writing a résumé. Topics vary based on location. Contact your local AJCC for details.
  • Free Welder Training In San Diego Ca

    As a Welder, you can apply for many different positions like working on bridges, power-plants, etc.

    But if you want to work like the one you must go through the Free Welder Training Program and once you have the certificate you can start applying for a job.

    This program lasts 6-8 months and it defiantly worth it because this is a very well paying job.

    But, before you start applying for jobs you need to take the certificate and to have it you must pass the test.

    After passing it you can start applying for jobs.

    Welding is an awesome career.

    If you want to learn more, read our complete guide on how to become a welder.

    Free Computer Training In San Diego Ca

    No matter what job you are applying for the important skill that all jobs require now is computer skills.

    If you dont know how to work with a computer, even the basic things, you need to enroll for Free Computer Training.

    You will learn all the important basic Computer Skills for a very short time and you will a valuable skill to add to your CV.

    With this training, you will have a higher chance to get hired for the job you are applying and fast.

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    Online Career Training Programs

    Your new career is just a click away.

    These fully-online Ed2Go career training programs, offered in cooperation with SDSU Global Campus, can help you build the job-ready skills you need to launch your career on your schedule.

    Online Career Training Programs Video & lt A href=””& gt lt /A& gt

    All courses are 100% online, continuously updated to meet employer demands, and led by expert instructors with years of professional experience. Above all, our career training programs are affordable, fun, fast, convenient, and designed to help you launch your career on your schedule.

    Ready to set your new career in motion? Explore some of our most popular training programs below.

    Paying For Community College


    The cost of career training is nothing compared to the salary and satisfaction you get after graduation. Thats why you should first focus on what it is you want to learn. Well help you take care of the rest.

    It is our philosophy that no student should be denied a college education simply because they lack funds. Whether its scholarships, grants or Financial Aid, were dedicated to assisting you as much as possible.

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    Free Hha Training In San Diego Ca

    Free Home Health Aide Training for all of you who want to help people and at the same time have a good salary.

    This training is a lot shorter compared to the CNA training and you will still get good pay and you can choose from different job opportunities.

    The Training lasts 60 days and it includes classroom lessons and practical training that is supervised by an experienced HHA.

    After the training, and once you get the certificate your responsibilities will be:

  • Help a client get dressed
  • Assist the client with bathing and grooming
  • Help with groceries and doctor visits
  • Administrate prescribed medication
  • Free Phlebotomy Training In San Diego Ca

    Do you want to get better in your medical career?

    Thinking about what new branch to get a certificate for?

    Go for Phlebotomy because Free training is not a long one and yet it will open more opportunities for you.

    However, you need to have the requirements:

  • Application form
  • One or more Recommendation Letters
  • Academic Requirements
  • The best part is that the doctors will not only teach you but when you finish with your training they will help you find a better job.

    Sounds interesting?

    Keep reading: Phlebotomy training in California.

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    Get Back Into The Workforce With Training For In

    Has your employment situationleft you wondering, Whats next?

    The Alamo Colleges District has partnered with the City of San Antonio to launch the Train for Jobs SA Program, a training and education program designed to get people back to work.

    What is Train for Jobs SA?

    Train for Jobs SA offers programs for displaced workers seeking to build new skills in high-demand career areas. This program provides assistance to those in hospitality, food service, and retail which were hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Once admitted, participants will receive free tuition and stipends while participating in approved training programs.

    Additional support programs include skills and career assessments, high school equivalency preparation, short-term and long-term training.

    Bridges To Career Opportunities

    Free training through San Diego College of Continuing Education

    This program helps participants pursue certifications for careers as a Certified Nursing Assistant or in the fields of Customer Service or Information Technology and obtain support, such as financial coaching, to set long-term goals and help manage expenses during training.

    Participants receive three weeks of instruction at the SDHC Achievement Academy on topics such as:

    • Basic Adult Education Services

    This is followed by vocational training in the campus of a specialized educational program partner, including:

    • Tuition-free specialized training
    • Transportation assistance and
    • Help with uniforms and other training supplies.

    Participants who complete the vocational training program receive additional support, which may include assistance with additional certifications and continued job search assistance.

    The SDHC Achievement Academy received a grant of $190,000 over three years from the national Local Initiatives Support Corporation , funded by the Citi Foundation, to provide the Bridges to Career Opportunities program.

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    What Is Noncredit And Why Is It Free

    Noncredit instruction is one of several educational options available at California Community Colleges. You are offered access to a variety of classes at no cost to assist you in reaching your personal, academic, and professional goals.

    Since the beginning of adult education in California, over 150 years ago, exciting noncredit classes and career training programs have been offered at zero cost to students. This tradition continues to help meet the education and training needs of adults throughout the state.


    • FREE – no tuition or enrollment fees
    • Flexible scheduling including some online classes

    How can you benefit from noncredit Classes?

    • No financial aid necessary
    • Learning is hands-on and ready to apply
    • Serves as a gateway to College and Career
    • Repeatable as necessary
    • Small business and entrepreneurial opportunities
    • May earn industry-recognized certificates
    • Computer System and Network Administration
    • Culinary and Bakeshop Academy

    Nami San Diego Presents The Career Pathways In Behavioral Health Training Program

    NAMI San Diego and Imperial Counties presents the Career Pathways 2.0 Peer and Family Support Specialist Training a 40-hour FREE online behavioral health training program with career planning assistance open to San Diego County and Imperial County residents to prepare to work/volunteer in public mental health.

    Would you like to use your personal lived experience of mental health or substance use recovery to help others? Are you a family member with lived experience of helping a loved one with their journey of mental health or substance use recovery? Would you like to use your lived experience to work/volunteer as a Peer or Family Member in the Behavioral Health Field? Are you working as a Peer/Family Specialist or Family Youth Partner and want to enhance your knowledge and learn special skills for your position? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this training may be a good fit for you!

    The Career Pathways 2.0 training topics include:

    The Role of Peers & Family Members Person First Language

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    Are There Special Programs To Help Me

    • If you are out of work, need job training, or need to brush up on your skills, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act program may help you. The WIOA funds a variety of employment and training programs for youth and adults in various levels of services depending on needs and eligibility. Services are offered in AJCCs throughout the state.
    • Collecting Unemployment Insurance benefits? Find out how the California Training Benefits program allows qualified individuals to continue to receive Unemployment Insurance benefits while in approved training.
    • Trade Adjustment Assistance Act – Assists workers who have lost their job or have reduced hours due to increased imports.

    Sdccd Career Education Programs

    Employment â SEACAMP San Diego

    The San Diego Community College District offers more than 300 career education certificate and degree programs across San Diego City, Mesa, and Miramar College, and San Diego Continuing Education.

    These career education programs provide hands-on training while building the comprehensive skillsets needed for success in the jobs of today and well into the future. Informed by discussions between educators, business, and industry, SDCCD career education programs are aligned to meet regional workforce needs, develop talent pipelines, and improve student employment outcomes.

    Explore the following college website to learn more about the career education programs, pathways, and support services available:

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    Free Cpr Training In San Diego Ca

    This is a very important skill and one that many jobs require in order to consider your application, especially those in medical filed.

    The training doesnt take long but you will learn how to provide CPR to someone who has stopped breathing.

    But before you can add this skill to your CV you need to take the exam and pass it.

    Once you have the certificate you will have a better and stronger CV.

    Enroll in this Free CPR Training Program not only to increase the chances to get hired but also you never know when you might need a life-saving skill.

    Free Security Guard Training In San Diego Ca

    If you have always wanted to work as a security guard but didnt know where to start well you know now.

    All you need is to enroll in the Free Security Guard Training Program.

    However, you must be aware that in the 2 months training you will learn many things, such as:

  • Communication Skills
  • Firearm and Crisis Management
  • Almost every store, building, etc., needs a security guard and you will have many places to apply once you get your certificate.

    Plus the payment for a Security Guard is very good.

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    After Creating Your Account

    The training plan will show all courses. Track your progress and earn badges as you go. All your progress will save so you can return to the courses at any time, and complete the training at your own pace! Note only required courses are needed for the $50 incentive. Following completion of all required courses, you will need to confirm eligibility with Program Coordinator Johanna Lara,

    Any questions? Email:

    Join us for a free job and resource fair to find your next opportunity! Well have over 30 local San Diego employers that are actively hiring for a variety of jobs in multiple sectors. This is a family-friendly event and anyone ages 16 and up can find an opportunity and access resources.

    Well also have career navigators onsite to help you sign up for the San Diego Workforce Partnerships member services to access free job and training services.

    Free Cdl Training In San Diego Ca

    Free online classes available to help San Diegans find jobs

    If you love to drive and you are seeking a career as a bus, truck or shuttle driver then you need to apply for CDL training.

    The training will last about 3 to 4 weeks and each student will have one instructor assigned.

    With his/her help you will learn how to drive a truck, bus or/and shuttle driver.

    The training will be held in class and you will drive on real roads.

    After the training you need to take the exam and if you pass you will get your license.

    With the license, you can find many different jobs like:

  • School Bus Driver
  • Keep reading: Learn more about CNA training in California.

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    Orientations Available For Free Career Training In Emerging Cybersecurity Industry

    Cybersecurity is one of the nations fastest growing industries. San Diego residents can enter this exciting career path or advance their existing IT profession through tuition-free training at the San Diego College of Continuing Education .

    Residents interested in learning cybersecurity can prepare to take the Cybersecurity Analyst program that starts in February 2022 by signing up today for a free informational orientation, scheduled throughout the month of November, and ongoing until the Spring 2022 semester.

    Inside SDCCEs IT classrooms, students have access to several different tools, not only in the hands-on portion but also in software simulations that allow practicing technicians to explore and try things out in a way that doesnt hurt the equipment. This gives them the added value of being able to learn by doing, said Don Aragon, SDCCE IT faculty. Graduates are prepared for different types of jobs related to switching, routing, engineering, which allows them to do troubleshooting and actual configurations and set up of networks.

    Both the public and private sectors have a role to play in strengthening cybersecurity, said President Joe Biden in a statement he made during Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October. He signed an Executive Order in May to modernize the nations cybersecurity defenses, creating a rapid increase of IT jobs.

    San Diego Program Giving Free Professional Training To Adults

    SAN DIEGO, Calif. – The San Diego College of Continuing Education offers training and certificate classes to adults as a way to give boosts in careers. The various campuses around the San Diego area offer courses in fields like welding, business, healthcare and more.

    Carrie Lewis is the Interim program Director for Healthcare Careers and said getting a certificate from the school can help increase pay, especially in a time when healthcare professionals are crucial.

    Entry level healthcare Is fairly low payed. Were seeing an increase in pay and were seeing more opportunities, she said.

    She said the different programs can take anywhere from five weeks to five months to complete, then can make a huge difference in pay.

    When instead of 15 dollars an hour they can make 25, its a big change in San Diego where basically you need to be making 36 an hour to be able to afford an apartment, she said.

    One of the best parts: its free. All of the various courses are completely free for everyone.

    I think if you show you work hard and show youre motivated, you can make it, said Sophie Khanna, who now works at a fertility clinic after completing healthcare courses through the school.

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    Free Cnc Training In San Diego Ca

    Do you want to get better in Computer programing?

    Are you searching for training that can help you find a better job in CNC?

    If so, you can start a Free CNC Training Program.

    With this program, you can later apply and get hired for different job fields that require Computer Numerical Control.

    Besides, this job is not only well paid but it is a very interesting career that you will always enjoy working.

    So, attend the training and pass the exam and apply for a job.

    You will be surprised how fast you will get hired.

    Featured Online Career Training Programs

    SDCCD Week

    $2,375 | 6 Months | 100 Course Hours

    Bookkeepers serve on the front lines of a person, company, or organization’s financial health.

    Strong bookkeepers set up, deploy and manage systems that record the flow of funds into and out of an entity’s coffers. Bookkeepers use reporting tools and systems to help individuals and operational managers stay aware of and improve an entity’s financial status and performance.

    $1,895 | 6 Months | 180 Course Hours

    Prepare to launch your career in a growing industry with our online freight broker/agent training program.

    Youll learn everything from earning your broker license to operating your business and will even get to take part in weekly events that will provide you with resources, job opportunities, and important industry contacts upon graduation.

    Entrepreneurship: Start-Up Business Owner Management $2,495 | 6 Months | 200 Course Hours

    It takes more than a great idea to build a successful business. This course will teach you how to open and run a small business or start-up organization.

    Youll learn about communication and leadership skills, management principles, and financial and legal concepts needed to start and operate a new business entity successfully.

    Online Home Inspection Certificate $2,295 | 12 Months | 200 Course Hours

    This online course will teach you everything you need to know to earn your Certificate in Home Inspection.

    $2,495 | 12 Months | 400 Course Hours

    Launch your career as a certified pharmacy technician.

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    Free Emt Training In San Diego Ca

    Have you been thinking about working as an EMT?

    If so did you know that you can be a part of the EMT team just by enrolling in a Free EMT Training Program?

    You dont need a higher education all you need is this 2 years long training program.

    After the training is over you need to apply for the exam and pass it.

    Then you will be awarded a certificate.

    With the certificate, you can apply for the EMT job in any hospital.

    However, here are the requirements you will need:

  • Take a Drug Test and Pass it
  • High School Diploma
  • Free Online Job Training Through Sd Continuing Education

    SAN DIEGO – San Diegans looking to switch careers or get back to work after coronavirus-caused layoffs have a way to get free job training this summer.

    San Diego Continuing Education is offering free classes in 75 different areas, many of which are focused on high-demand jobs.

    “During difficult economic times that we are about to enter, short term intensive career education is the way to get America back to work,” said SDCE President Dr. Carlos Turner Cortez.

    Anyone in San Diego is eligible to take the classes. SDCE offers training certificates in healthcare, welding, information technology, cybersecurity, culinary arts, clothing, automotives, and more.

    For Richard Sanchez, who lost his job during the pandemic, it’s a chance to start over after a layoff.

    “I’m already 38 years old,” Sanchez said. “To have this opportunity helps people out to get a new job and change your career.”

    According to a recent report by SANDAG, around 460,000 people in San Diego have lost their jobs since March 7. The report says unemployment could be as high as 30%.

    Dr. Cortez said people who are looking for a job should look into continuing education first.

    “It’s incumbent on us to make sure that students who are coming through our program are developing the skills necessary to be successful in these career pathways,” he said.

    Classes begin on June 8. The summer session runs through August 22. In many cases, students can get a certificate in as little as 5-10 months.

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